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Rita: It’s time to support the arts. The arts
embody what this country is in dire need of… some spiritual uplifting.
Music is the easiest way to find peace—whether you’re playing or
listening. Reading the
Noise will let you know what music is available
around New England.
Lolita: In this issue we feature JJ RASSLER &
JJ RASSLER is a forerunner of Boston garage punk back
before the
Noise even existed (over 30 years). He was in DMZ,
the Queers, the Odds and more recently the Downbeat 5.

: And a man who has fronted
one of New England’s most popular bluegrass bands, Northern Lights,
for 28 years, steps into the spotlight—enter the mandolin playin’
TAYLOR ARMERDING. Rita: We’re also checking to see how HENRI SMITH is
spreading New Orleans jazz around Cape Ann.
Lolita: And don’t forget about the extreme punk
band TINSEL TEETH that appears to be led by a female blood and guts
version of GG Allin! There are also feature reviews on
THE CATBIRDS. Go ahead, read the
Noise and improve your local music IQ.



Rita: Now is the time to give a little thought
to how you might want to dress up on Halloween. Or… you can wait to
the last minute, like Lolita does, and go as a streetwalker.
Very funny, but I do more than walk. I jog sometimes.
Rita: Is that what you’re going to wear on Halloween? Lolita:
This? Why of course not. People might get the wrong impression.
Maybe you should tell the readers what you’re wearing.
You know, I think that’s a great Question of the Month. I’ll go
out and ask it right now. Oooo, there’s Michael coming out of
the library looking like he’ll be leading a parade to the moon. Michael,
can you describe what you’re wearing right now?

(the Michael
J. Epstein Memorial Library/ Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling/ Darling
Pet Munkee/ Space Balloons): I’ve got a thrift shop-purchased designer
raver two-piece zippable jumpsuit, a multi-colored cape, a band hat,
and a tie made of plastic grapes. Is it a Space Balloons music video
shoot? Let’s hope so! ***
(Mollycoddle/ the
One Smith): Why, I am wearing my Me shirt of course. The Me shirt is
a line drawing of my face holding something to my eye. It’s an iShirt.
The caption reads: Non é una Kartoshka. If you know what that
means, I will give you a prize. ***
(WFNX): I left the
house at 3:30 this morning wearing a pair of shorts and a black Blackjack’s
T-shirt—the one with the skull and playing cards that says “You
Can’t Kill Rock And Roll.” I’m also wearing a pair of the greatest
shoes in the world. They’re called Sanuk’s and were invented by
a surfer-dude in Southern California. They’re the most comfortable
summer/fall shoes you’ll ever wear—I own four pairs! ***
Star General/ 75orless Records): Day four without electricity has reduced
me to blue flannel pajamas, one gray sock, one black sock, and an old
bleach- damaged Mike Watt tour shirt. ***
(Natalie Flanagan/
Trick Wallace Trio): Why, my
Noise T-shirt of course. Still fits. Kinda.
PETE WEISS (The Weisstronauts/ Sool/ Verdant Studio):
I’m wearing my “morning coffee and email uniform”—cargo shorts,
a Plough & Stars T-shirt, and, yes, furry slippers. Please avert
your eyes for best results. ***
(Nicole Tammaro Photography):
Black ’n’ red Lucero T-shirt, denim jeans, white Cons. The usual
Nicole Tammaro attire. ***
(Down & Derby): Describe what I am wearing right now? Have we met?
I’m the guy in the denim overalls and white dress shirt, with the
Celtic cross adorning his neck. Same as just about any other day of
the week. No frills style. ***
(Makeshift Studio): Right
now I am wearing clean clothes. When I moved to Boston in 1985 (from
Mississippi) my clothes were dirty, thrift store hand-me-downs. I wasn’t
hip enough to realize that all the other folks in town were wearing
new, clean clothes that they were pretending were dirty. Silly me. ***
(Wrong Hero/ the
Noise); Brown moccasins, dress slacks, T-shirt with
a WMRLS logo.
*** A.J.WACHTEL (Almost Jesus): Right now I am wearing white
sneakers, white socks, white shorts, a white T-shirt, and a white Red
Sox cap. If I was standing around and eating lunch at Simco’s on the
hill in Mattapan, junkies would be trying to snort me because I look
like a big white line of coke. ***
(Adam & Eve/ Fox
Pass): Heavy is the head that wears the crown, in this case the crown
of perception. ***
(What Time Is It, Mr.
Fox?): Currently, I’m sporting a three-piece suit I assembled from
Cheerios. I carefully threaded each oat loop with mint-flavored dental
floss. My wig is molded from whole wheat pasta of various shapes and
sizes, spray-painted silver, and topped with a licorice hat. I’ve
accessorized with peanut butter earrings and cinnamon sticky bun brooch.
And of course, my boots are by John Fluevog courtesy of Rachel Jayson
(Army of Toys). ***
EDRIE (Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys):
Gene Dante is that you again? How did you get this number? I told you
not to call me on this line!
Lolita: Sorry to interrupt your conversation. We’ll
get you next time. Some people just can’t get off their cell phone.


Rita: This isn’t the news you get from the big
media or your smaller local papers—it’s music news—only found
in the
Noise. JOE
(the Bandit Kings) are
tying the knot this month. *** In September
(Three Day Threshold)
also became unavailable to anyone besides
. *** The nine- pound
one-ounce Ezekiel Wolf Wortis was born on September 8 to SHAUN WOLF
WORTIS and INGRID. *** LIZZIE BORDEN & THE AXES have their song,
“Where Are You,” in the new movie
, which will be released
Oct. 7. *** Our personal song of the month is 27’s cover of “Goldfinger”—it’s
part of a Japanese release. Hear it at www.27.vg/music. *** The 2011 International Songwriting Competition deadline has been extended until 11/1/11. There have been additional judges added, and this will be the last chance to enter the competition. *** NICK MORSE (STEVE MORSE's son) has an art opening at Club Passim on 10/8/11 (3:00-5:00pm). ***
Now some people may have heard that I purposely changed
name to Julie Two Shoes in last month’s
Noise’s Big Shot centerfold. Well, I’m not sayin’
either way, but I have to admit that there’s only room for one two-time
gal in this town. You see I happen to know that Julie wants to be a
goody two shoes but she just keeps failing. But fail as she may, she’ll
never get it two times as much as I have. Julie you’re going
to have to leg wrestle me for that name. I’m now officially Lolita
Two Times, until someone can flip me off my back with our thighs intertwined.


Rita: Lolita, you’re going to wish you never
said that. So, I finally landed a daytime job. I’m a manager at You
Want It, We’ll Get It. I’m a little busy at the register, so Lolita
can you please help out those two disgruntled customers with what they’re
TIM MUNGENAST (Tim Mungenast & His Preexisting Conditions):
I had to return my Electro-Harmonix Freeze pedal, which takes a split-second
snapshot of your playing and lets it play indefinitely, like holding
a chord forever. It actually sounds kinda like a hurdy gurdy. I loved
it so much I hated to send it back for a busted footswitch. I
hated sending it back the
second time when it started making this “eeeeeeeeee”
sound even when in bypass.
Lolita: Well, we can’t give you another one because
it’s obvious that you stomped on it and broke it. Next in line? ***
(King Jubilee/ Legendary Vudu Krewe): I bought this TV and I started
experiencing weird vision problems and now am reading about all the
issues folks are having with LCD and LCD/LED screens. Headaches, nausea,
blurry vision, light sensitivity, blurring—serious problems associated
with the backlighting of all these devices. Scary shit—especially
if you make your living as a designer like I do. So I’m now looking
for a small plasma monitor, which apparently no one sells in this country
because the market here is for big fat-ass crap. I don’t want big.
We live in a small city apartment. I want small and non-headachy. Maybe
I’ll have to get one shipped from the UK or Japan. Or forgo the World
Series. Crazy.
Lolita: You’re in the right place! I saw a simple
black and white TV in the back. It’s small—I think it’s a six-inch
screen—and I think it’s a plasma screen too, because I had to wash
a lot of blood off it. You can just swap it for that big headache one
you have—just think of how much you’ll save on all those unnecessary
shipping and handling costs!


could probably fill
this section with all the different musicians he’s worked with. His
latest group, ROB POTYLO & THE LONELY PLANETS, uses anybody he can
get. On recordings he’s used
(Campaign for Realtime—the
only band that ever managed to get the
Noise sued!) on bass, NICK
former last name) on keys, and
who’s plays in just
about every band in town that employs a saxophonist. *** Drummer
(Cadillac Heart) is heading to Cincinnati; a victim of the poor economy.
(Reddy Teddy) is replacing Ray. *** MOOSE & THE WORCESTER BOYS include
ED MOOSE SAVAGE (vocals/harmonica/kazoo), IRA CAPLAN
(drums), and BOB FRASIER
(guitar). *** THE BANDIT KINGS have had
(Trey Anastasio Band)
NELSON BRAGG (Brian Wilson Band) in the studio with them.
*** Longtime Boston music vet
(… & the Detour)
has a new band called TABASCO FIASCO.
Lolita: Sounds like they’re hot! Rita: Or maybe they spatter hot sauce on their


Rita: Can you believe that nobody got last month’s
contest question correct? Maybe we have to start making the questions
easier. By the way, the answer was Concussion Ensemble—a band that
had three drummers upfront and a huge percussion setup in the back.
So this month’s prize will be doubled. You can win a banner and a
1/4 page print ad in the November issue of the
Noise. Here’s the question: What three towns has
Noise been based in? The first correct answer to
land at tmax@thenoise-boston.com will be the lucky winner.


Lolita: Talent search time—tell me about a young
performer that has impressed you lately.

(Lucky Dragon/ solo):
I currently keep a close eye on local musician Zepherin Adams…. Okay,
so he’s my son and he just turned three, but dude, he’s showing
amazing ability on guitar, drums, ukulele, and harmonica! Also his vocal
interpretations of Neko Case’s “Maybe Sparrow” and the standard
“Happy Birthday” are
! *** KIER
(Three Day Threshold):
I think two of the most talented people I’ve seen take the stage are
David Delaney and Mark Kilianski, the two young lads that make up the
Whiskey Boys. They are both brilliant musicians who play out relentlessly
and most importantly, have an extremely refined palate for bourbon.
LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Adam & Eve): I know I’m preaching
to the choir here, but my favorite young artist right now is Lady Lamb
the Beekeeper a.k.a. Aly Spaltro, who is a lyrical genius, compassionate
poet, and brilliant singer who gorgeously expresses the pain, hope, and beauty
of our ever human, turbulent times. ***
(Bobb Trimble/ Concord
Ballet Orchestra Players): Rachel Neveu from MMOSS totally rocks the
Farfisa organ and the flute—sometimes at the same time. The band’s
arrangements are great to begin with, but her playing style is far from
typical, getting into some sweet, dark and mesmerizing spaces. ***
(Woolly Mammoth Sound): Jimmy Ryan. I’ve been hearing Jimmy a few
years at this point and of course I’ve known all along what a badass
he is on the mandolin. But lately, I’ve been noticing just how incredibly
deep his playing is… he’s known for his sort of hillbilly type of
thing, but he’s pulling music out of the mandolin that is more than
just that… he may be soloing over a train beat I-IV-V, but he’s
pulling notes and licks from Louis Armstrong to Frank Zappa, with a
bit of punk rock thrown in just for good measure. I didn’t even mention
how great his tunes are. ***
(the Nickel & Dime
Band): Molly Pope. Her band is Malicious Intent. She’s a 15 -years-old
guitar phenom, great voice, great songwriter. She runs her band like
a champ. Takes the stage (most recently at the JP Music Festival) with
ease, poise, and command. She comes from an entire family of musicians.
This girl’s unstoppable. ***
(Girl on Top): I have
the cutest little four-year-old student named Madison. She’s having
fun with drums, guitar, piano, singing, writing songs, harmonica, percussion
instruments, and the computer. She does the sweetest little thing—brings
me homemade cookies and presents. I just let her be herself and she
is with her own unique style. ***
(Revolutionary Snake
Ensemble/ Birdsongs of the Mesozoic): I’ve had a few opps to
sit in with Hayley Jane & the Primates, and they have definitely
got it going on. Great vocals, songs, stage presence, musicianship,
and solid grooves. I think and hope that they will do well. ***
(the Welch Boys/ For the Worse/ Britt Lightning Band): Britt Lightning
has really come into her own with her latest efforts. A lot of folks
have her pegged as an ’80s metal, shredder guitarist, but what they
don’t realize is under the surface she’s a much more complex and
versatile player. I had the privilege of playing drums on Britt’s
forthcoming solo EP, and I must say, you’ll be surprised by the depth
of her musical knowledge and songwriting skills. You can judge a book
by its cover, but you won’t understand it until you read it. Britt’s
onto something you won’t be able to put down. ***
(solo/MC3/Ensemble): Wes
Kaplan (son of Phil Kaplan from Little Bang), whom I’ve known since
he was an infant. He and his brother, Kas, were brought up in a musical
homelife, exposed to influential and provocative artists as youths,
and gradually became musicians themselves. Wes learned to play drums,
keys, and guitar in his teens, and now fronts an incredibly prolific
group, the Craters, who have released a couple of albums. His avante-pop
songwriting has matured (just like his dad’s) and I truly expect further
musical innovation from him. ***
SLIMEDOG (thrashnbang.com): There’s a young guy who’s
a co-worker of mine. He’s Fly Boi Dizzy, a rap artist, a genre I don’t
know much about but I see and admire his dedication and commitment.
He often works 40 hours overtime so he can buy studio- quality equipment.
He reminds me of how musicians, especially young ones, in any genre,
can be so self-sacrificing for their art. ***
(Corin Ashley misses
being in a band): Young is a relative term, but I have to give it up
for Brian King and Oranjuly. His album from last year is great and the
new stuff he’s working on sounds even better. We have written some
songs together, and Brian really has great harmonic instincts, and he’s
a swell cat, too. ***
Improper Bostonian
). Julia
Easterlin. She’s a recent Berklee grad who layers her vocals with
a looping station. She re-imagines Bjork and Pixies songs, though I
most love her original “Go Straightaway,” which slowly builds a
calypso-jazz choir from real-time solo snippets onstage. ***
(Pressure System): I’m blown away by the Sneaky Mister a.k.a. Judith
Shimer. She’s a killer singer and badass uke player. Her recordings
are a little over-produced but her live shows are amazing—catch her
if you can!
Lolita: Well, thank you all for your scouting tips.


Rita: Guys are always asking
us where we’ll be, so try these shows if you’re interested in bumping
Brighton Music Hall as part of Berklee Pulse presents Banded on Thursday,
10/6. *** On Thursday through Saturday, 10/13 – 10/15, JONATHAN RICHMAN
delights the Middle East upstairs. *** Also on Saturday, 10/15, THE
NEW ALIBIS reunite at Great Scott. *** THRU THE KEYHOLE BURLESQUE shows
some skin as part of the No Hipsters Rock
’n’ Roll Revue
at the Cantab on Thursday, 10/20. *** Same night SOUL ROBOT plays Uncle Eddie's Oceanside Tavern. *** On Saturday,
10/22, THEA HOPKINS plays the Dog Bar in Gloucester, MA (sponsored by
the Noise and GimmeSound.com). *** Same night MELT releases their
CD at Rosebud. *** On Friday, 10/28, COUNT ZERO brings their Halloween magic to the Magic Room in Brighton. *** Saturday, 10/29, is a big night to celebrate Halloween:
BOOTY VORTEX gets Johnny D’s up and dancin’; THE LIGHTS OUT perform
as Zombie Michael Jackson at Church; MICHAEL BERNIER & THE UPRISING
rises up at the Middle East Downstairs (presented by HearNowLive); and
THE FULL-TIME DREAMERS play AC/DC at the Midway. *** On actual Halloween, 10/31, DARLING PET MUNKEE plays the Middle East Upstairs. *** Looking ahead to
November. THE BANDIT KINGS record release is at the Rhumb Line on Saturday,
11/5 (sponsored by the Noise
and GimmeSound.com). *** Same night ADVENTURE SET is at the Magic
Room. *** And again on 11/5, FRANC GRAHAM releases her CD, Steady, at
Atwoods. *** On Friday, 11/11, MY OWN WORST ENEMY releases their new
CD, Electric Like the Moon, at Precinct. ***THE NEIGHBORHOODS
play Church on Saturday, 11/12, with THE BAGS opening. *** Same night
DO NOT FORSAKE ME MY DARLING is part of Projektfest ’11 at the Middle
East Downstairs. Lolita: We’ll be the sexiest gals in
the crowd. Rita: Meet us in the back of the room.





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