As I write this I am totally exhausted. The Noise has found a new home in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I’m very excited because I already know a bunch of wonderful people/musicians who live there and I’m familiar with most of the venues and cool stores. I’m exhausted because at the moment we’re still in the process of moving. And we don’t know exactly when we can move in. Luckily this current issue is a double issue (June/July) so I’ll have a couple of extra weeks to settle in before the August issue goes into production. Georgetown, you were a nice quiet contrast to the 28 years in Jamaica Plain, but Gloucester, I can tell already we are going to have fun together.


My show at the Byfield Community Arts Center went over well and Chris Paglia recorded it for me. I’m hoping to be able to release it because I’d like people to hear the stripped-down one-man folk-rock opera (Why Do We Go to War) on its own without all the studio production I’ve done on the CD.


Well—I sold out of the first pressing of Why Do We Go to War and decided to edit the second pressing. So I added a couple of new tunes, change the ending, took some songs out and shortened some of the songs to make it a compact half-hour disc now titled Why War. This half–hour version is how I prefer to play the show live. So now the CD represents the live show well, but adds a lot of production. That added production is me layering more guitars, me singing all the choir parts (male and female—or should I say bass to soprano), and all fun extra stuff you can do with sound while you’re in the studio. Jason Duguay (at Project Sound) produced this CD with me and Mike Loce once again is the lone extra musician playing the jet engine electric guitar in the opening track. Yes, it’s the only thing I didn’t play on the entire CD. Although you can purchase this CD from me through email, tmax(at)thenoise-boston(dot)com, or at a live show ($10), the disc hasn’t been officially release yet. I may wait ’til September to do that.


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