Mr. Max’s Message 05/11



I’m very excited to be playing a live show that will include Why Do We Go to War? (with a new ending). The show is at the Byfield Community Arts Center on Saturday, May 21. And I’m even more exited to report that Jason Duguay of Project Sound has agreed to record the live show for a future live CD.  Anna Dagmar from New York is also on the bill. I’m on at 8:00 and I’ll play for an hour.

Over at Project Sound my focus on recording has changed. I’m now developing an edited version of Why Do We Go to War? that will be more in line with the my live performance of the folk-rock opera. Some songs have been deleted and a couple of new songs have been added. One of those added songs, “Peace Prayer” has become the new ending to the fold-rock opera. I’ve let the story change as new information permeates my life. I share writing credit on “Peace Prayer” with Unity—the spiritual organization that has been adjusting my way of thinking about the outside world.

The Noise is moving again. We’re just trying to average out our 28 year stint in JP.  At the moment I only know that I have to be out of my current home by May 26. I don’t know where I’ll be after that. It’s been very frustrating trying to find a home that will suit Anne and I—we’ve looked at at least 50 places.

Today, walking from my office to the kitchen, I bent down to pick up a tiny piece of cardboard to throw in the trash. On closer inspection this was not a piece of cardboard—it was a little frog that somehow found its way into my house. I gently picked him up and escorted him outside to the strawberry patch in the wayback. There he will have shades supplied by the many strawberry leaves and fertile soil full of rich little thingies frogs eat. Yes, he may also become breakfast for a hungry bird—but that’s nature. I took this surprise finding as a sign that nature will take care of Anne and me. By next month I’ll be telling you where we are living. There may be a break in my Internet communication in late May so hang in there if you’re trying to reach me.

Congratulations to John Powhida International Airport for winning the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble. If you haven’t yet, read our Rumble coverage of all 24 participating bands.

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