OUR EYES ON YOU: April 2011



Rita: April
is for fools, like Lolita, who tried to sell the act of thinking about
her. She claims seven guys thought about her without paying $7.50.
: That is a fact, but it’s now a matter for the court to
decide. If April is for fools, let’s do do a retrospect on the Boston-based
band THE FOOLS who had a hit with “Psycho Chicken”—a take off
on TALKING HEADS’ “Psycho Killer.” Or we could skip right to TALKING
HEADS since they’re New England based too. Rita: But then what
is the April connection? Lolita: Does it matter? April is finally
here after the most brutal winter in recent history! Rita: So
maybe nothing matters. We might as well have our Question of the Month
be, how would you repair our economy? Lolita: That sounds fine
with me, but by the time the answers are published maybe the economy
will be fine. Rita: I like that.

Photo: Skye Nace


Rita: We all
DO have influence on what happens in this world. A simple thought between
like-minded people can make all the difference. Peace keeps spreading
with the speed and power of an atomic bomb. Lolita: Let’s get
the economy moving on that same track. Brian, do you have any ideas
on how to turn the economy around? BRIAN KING (What Time Is It,
Mr. Fox?): If the government made enormous investments in public education,
over time our economy would be turned around. The U.S. unfortunately
thinks of education as a service rather than a necessity for financial
stability. People who have been educated in critical thinking tend not
to vote against their own interests. I think this is the only viable
solution. *** SCOTT MATALON (Matalon/ Stingray Body Art): Get
everyone, and I mean everyone, to vote in local civic elections: real
economic development happens at the state and city level and without
your votes our local politicians only cater to the whims of old ladies
and aging residents, not the real working stiffs and creative types
like us. Oh yeah, and put all the Wall Street executives in jail—immediately.
*** LYNNE FALLO (photographer): Get rid of CEOs—co-operatively
owned companies are the only way to go—yes! Because we’re simply
getting robbed. The CEO takes all the money and the workers get nothing.
Our business world is so corrupt it makes the mafia look legal. ***
(Kristen Miller): During the Great Depression, the
U.S. government created the Works Progress Administration. Other than
creating jobs, and distributing food and clothes, a big part of this
was funding arts and literature projects. There are WPA murals all over
the country; these are investments that our government made in the arts
when the country was at its lowest financial point. I am sitting here
trying to figure out when it happened that arts became a non-necessity
to Americans. It’s time for the government to invest in its artists
again. *** STEVE GAETZ (Bedlan Productions): How to turn the
economy around? Kill all the oil speculators. There has been no interruption
of supply and demand is down but price is up. Lynch the bastards.
: I get the feeling that people are mad as hell and are not
going to take it anymore.


Rita: While
Lolita pulls famous quotes from films, I’ll download the news directly
to your memory bank. For those of you who enjoyed DEEK’s Microhouses
last issue, search the Internet for
Yellow House
and watch his
quaint you-build-it show on YouTube. BILLY BRACKEN (Anklelock/
Age Against the Machine) does the soundtrack for the shows. *** You
can also go to YouTube and find Immigration Man by MoG. This local band
video reach 200,000 views in March, 2011. *** Sometime in 2011 CARLY
will have a TV reality show called
Songwriter, co-produced by Rhode Island’s Rick Granoff.
*** THE DOOM BUGGIES are on Sonic Lobotomy for Danvers cable
TV and the Internet. *** Comedian JIMMY TINGLE’s American
was voted Best Documentary in the Independent Film Quarterly
and New Media Festival on Oscar Sunday. *** Local blues legends JAMES
and local
agent BRUCE HOUGHTON all play major roles in the new book,
Raisin’ Cain: The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter
, by
releases her second photo book, Boston Punk, at the Rosebud on
April 16 with THE SPOILERS headlining. *** DROPKICK MURPHYS’ Going
Out In Style
debuted at #6 on Billboard’s Top 200. ***
(Ace of Hearts) is planning The Wasted Years Vol.
to be out by the end of the year. The CD will include unreleased
*** THE FRUSTRATORS, a spinoff from GREEN DAY, have released an EP entitled
that includes a cover of THE NEIGHBORHOODS’ “Prettiest Girl.”
*** Country twangers THE QUAVERS play the first Saturday of every month
at Costello’s in Jamaica Plain. Last gig, original members of Harold
Melvin & the Blue Notes jumped onstage and jammed the night away.
*** THE DARLINGS should be aware of a band from New York called Darlings
who are encroaching into the Massachusetts area. *** KENNE HIGHLAND
recently wrote the song “No Drink No Ink” about our own A.J.
a new open mic starting on April 3rd at the Rockport Unitarian
Universalist Church (4 Cleaves Street) from 4:00 to 6:00 with a featured
performer playing a half hour set at 5:30. Future open mics will held
be on the first Sunday of each month. Email rockportuu@rockportuu.org
for more info. Lolita: I think Bonnie and Nancy are becoming
the Rita and Lolita of Rockport. That port must really rock.


Rita: If that’s
true everything in Jamaica Plain must be plain—or be from Jamaica.
I’m sure Rick knows. Lolita: I already know the answer to that.
I want to know from everyone within 50 feet of me, what material object
that you tossed do you wish you still had? RICK BERLIN (The Nickel
& Dime Band): I throw everything away. If I lose something I really
cared about, I hippie bullshit rationalize that it has found a new home.
Hemingway. says, “Nothing worth remembering is worth writing down.”
Same goes for stuff? *** HEATHER MALONEY (Heather Maloney): I
hocked my father’s wedding ring to pay for studio time. My parents
have been split for like 20 years, and he was the one who suggested
I sell it in the first place… but I still feel a little sting when
I think about it getting melted down. *** LIZ BORDEN (the Liz
Borden Band): A bunch of basses and guitars. My AXE bass for one. Sold
that to a radio station for lots of money. Gene Simmons gave it to me.
My black Kubicki bass. It pains me. My bass player now has my white
one. Oh yeah, my 1965 or 1966 pink Mustang (car not the guitar). The
list goes on and on! *** JON MACEY
(Fox Pass): My first pro electric guitar, a
Gibson ES 335, bought in 1972. Like most musicians, I was always broke
and had to sell one guitar to buy the next one. So, when I became dis-enamored
with the semi-hollow body, I sold it for a crappy solid body Gibson
that was some new trendy model that has since disappeared. Dis-enamored
and dis-appeared, that was me. *** CORIN ASHLEY (Corin Ashley
Rock Band): Personally, I would like to believe that when we die we
got to heaven and get back all the musical gear we got rid of in foolish
moments. I want my old Ibanez George Benson model guitar back that I
traded for a $250 red Destroyer just like the guy in Iron Maiden—and
which is now worth $2,000—and sounded so nice! I want my old 1946
Gibson B-1 amp that I got at a flea market for $100 and lost somewhere
along the way- if someone ever made a cologne that smelled like the
tubes burning in that thing, I’d wear it every day. I miss my old
Rick 330 with the Bigsby that I sold for $500 to cover the rent in 1991.
*** JOHNNY VIRUM (Virus Cycle): When I turned 30 two months ago,
I thought of all the things I had as a child that I wish I still had.
The one thing that I truly wish I never got rid of was my Atari 2600.
I loved that console. I had so many games including Pac-Man, Donkey
Kong, Congo Bongo, Star Wars and E.T. And the joysticks were so retro!
*** CHRISTOPHER BROWN (the Difference Engine): My Commodore 64.
It never stopped working or just being awesome. Stupid shiny and cool
Macs. *** CHRISSY SPOILER (the Spoilers/ the Grinds): As a kid,
during the ’80s, my dad’s friend went to Hawaii and brought me back
this sweet black T-shirt with Hawaii on it. Go figure. Anyway, it was
one of those shirts with the glittery sticker appliqués on it—in
yellow and green. It was too big then, but I’m pretty convinced it
would fit perfectly now and be delectably retro, tight-fitting, and
totally awesome. Well, something bad happened along the way and I’m
pretty sure my mom gave it away after she asked “do you want this?,”
sometime during my high school grunge days. I regret saying no. ***
(Full Body Anchor): I wish I never got rid of all
my tapes, I had two huge bins full of tapes I collected since I was a
kid. I ended up selling them at a yard sale. I swore to myself I would
replace them with CDs over time, but never did. Now I really regret that
decision. *** FRANK STROM
(the Noise): I should say my prospects
in life, but I don’t miss those half as much as my complete collection
of Funny Face mugs. Actually I never threw ’em out—I was a victim
of my mother going on a cleaning spree. Sigh. You know how that
is. I did manage to recover a Goofy Grape mug at a yard sale, though,
so my life isn’t totally sad, empty and meaningless. *** KAREN
(Girl on Top): Over the last few years I have scaled way
down by selling, giving away, or throwing out most of my possessions.
It feels great to have less stuff and I can’t think of one object that
I wish I never got rid of. Rita: Excellent answer. When you lighten
your load, you spend less energy hoading, moving, and polishing your
possessions, resulting in more time for living in the present.


Lolita: Throughout
my childhood I could not understand living in the present, but then
that lawyer gave me a new house for my 21st birthday. I never
thought a present could be big enough to live in. Rita: Don’t
mind my sister. Here are the latest developments in local musical groups.
First on the list is the best rock band name to burn into your hard
drive—INFERNAL OVERDRIVE features MARC SCHLEICHER (x-Cracktorch/
Quintaine Americana/ Liquor Tricks/ Antler/ Coke Dealer), RICH MIELE
and MIKE BENNETT (x-Loud Earth), and Dorchester resident KEITH
(Marc’s little brother on bass). *** HOT MINUTE features
the return of that hot ticket VIKKI SIXX (x-Sugabomb), along
with IVAHNA ROCK (x-Killer Abs/ Vagiant), ALAN LEVESQUE
(Radio Knives/ Young Tremors), and JOSH PICKERING (x-Varsity
Drag/ Pods). *** CARRIAGE HOUSE is a new duet with DAVE WILDMAN
Globe) and CLARA KEBABIAN (Mr. Curt Ensemble).
have formed ADAM & EVE—four songwriters singing each other’s
songs. They debut on Saturday, May 21 as part of Porchfest. It’s actual
porch performances you walk around to see, put together by the Somerville
Arts Council. *** BURY ME STANDING, a self-described gypsy dirge core
group, is led by NATE GREENSLIT (Humanwine/ What Time is it Mr.
Fox?) and VESSELA STOYANOVA (Goli/ Fluttr Effect). *** HEX MAP
AG. *** If you can drum and enjoy XTC, early Floyd, Genesis, Spacemen3,
you could be JOE TURNER & THE SEVEN LEVELS’ new drummer. Write
enoesque@aol.com. *** GERRY BEAUDOIN (Guitar Summit) breaks ranks
with his usual gig with DUKE ROBILLARD and J. GEILS and
plays a Sunday jazz brunch at Cheers in Quincy Market through the end
of May. *** ADVENTURE SET (1985 Rumble finalists) is back with a single,
“Paler Faces” and “Vitamin” available on iTunes. *** Lolita:
We found a local act called MAKING THE NOISE that’s headed by ADAM
, so I asked him if Making the Noise was a documentary on
the magazine you’re holding in your hands (or reading on your screen)
right now. He replied,
No but that’s a good idea.” Will Adam follow
through on this good idea? Rita: I wouldn’t hold my breath.
: I wouldn’t hold
your breath either—I’d probably get garlic
burns on my hand.


Lolita: Okay,
I know this makes no sense… Rita: That’s the first wise introduction
I’ve ever heard you give to something you’re about to say.
I went out on my own, without Rita’s permission, and asked my musician
friends what they were going to do this weekend. Rita: Okay I
see how this makes no sense. By the time these answers are published,
“this weekend” will be history. Lolita: I know. But I did
it anyway. Vikki, what are you up to this weekend?
VIKKI SIXX (Hot Minute): Working all
weekend and after work taking care of my awesome son Nick, doing laundry,
running errands, and spending time with my awesome boyfriend Johnny
Rock! Somewhere in there I’m hoping to get some shower time, food,
and some uninterrupted sleep (or any kind of sleep) would be heaven.
Anyone with a toddler will tell you that! *** CHUCK U. ROSINA
WMFO): This weekend I’m gonna get out of town and visit some friends
in the Berkshires. I was hoping to finally go snowshoeing, but all that
snow seemed to disappear awfully quickly. Is that not a good thing?
*** MICKEY BLISS (Club Bohemia): Friday I work at the Cantab.
Saturday I sleep all day until it’s time to work at the Cantab again.
Then on Sunday I go grocery shopping, bake cookies, and make a pot of
homemade soup. *** MR. CURT (Mr. Curt Ensemble): My weekends
are never long enough, but backtracking… Sunday evening: rehearsal
with group for gig at Precinct on April 4 (come on down!). Sunday afternoon:
visit father-in-law in health care facility (four years now). Saturday
evening: maybe visit Magic Room for big show (go Goli!). Saturday: house
chores and computer chores, also private practice. Phew.
(Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/Birdsongs of the Mesozoic/
Agachiko): Looks like I’ll be continuing this unexpected detour to
Washington, DC, through the weekend, trying to take advantage of the
down-time to work on some new music for the Snake Ensemble. *** ANDY
(the Vital Might): Having our last rehearsal of new material
on Saturday before heading into the studio later this month to start
recording our third full-length album. Getting fitted for a tux on Sunday
for my June wedding. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): Me
and the band are performing a benefit for the Dana Farber Foundation
at the old House of Blues. Afterwards, I hope to hang out, have a few
beers and get my kicks in, enjoying this great country of ours. ***
(COUNT ZERO): Photo shoot with Count Zero Friday night,
’cause we got a CD release in May. Then try to see my friends Bleu
and Tracy Bonham at Brighton Music Hall. Tomorrow practice with John
Powhida and others in a Rundgren tribute band for a show at Church.
Later go to Eksi Ekso CD release (their CD is fab, and the wife sings
on some of it). Sunday’s the wife’s birthday, so brunch with her
and, basically, Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women, in the late morning.
Later Sunday is a birthday date involving a hot tub (wha…?) and an
excellent restaurant. *** NICOLE TAMMARO (Nicole Tammaro Photography):
Friday night, I will be at Precinct to check out Watts and the Figgs.
Sat night, I will be dining with the great Mr. and Mrs. Evan Shore of
Brookline, MA, rock stars and all around good folk. *** MIKE DeANGELIS
Studio 0f Music & Arts): Saturday: Ski Bradford in Haverhill, live
show on their deck 1-3pm. Pre-teen bands Black Diamonds and the Zone
from DeAngelis Studio of Music! Sunday: Hard Rock Cafe Boston, 4pm:
Music is On & Up, 18 and Under Showcase Finale, with Black
Diamonds age 9-12, as one of the finalists. *** SARAH BLACKER
(Sarah Blacker): On Thursday I’m performing at the Stone Church in
Newmarket, NH, for the Ladies Room (all N.E. women musicians who were
invited to play) night in honor of Women’s History month. Friday,
my dog Beasley gets his staples out (ACL operation) and I’m live on
WSCA-fm in Portsmouth, NH, at 4pm. Saturday I play at the Yarmouth House
in Yarmouthport, MA, sharing the night with James Mongomery and Doug
Bell. Awesome. Lolita: Elsewhere in this issue you can see Beasley—he’s
our Pet of the Month! *** DAVID DELUCA (Highway Ghosts): This
weekend I am attending a CD listening party for the New England Americana
project. This CD features new versions of songs that were in danger of
dying, recorded by a slew of the area’s best roots musicians. I am
thrilled to be involved in such an amazing project. *** LINDA VIENS
(Angeline/ Adam & Eve): This weekend I am doing “rock band”
with Ruby’s class Friday afternoon, then Rubes and I are meeting friends
for dinner at Jacob Wirth’s and going to see
. Saturday: early morning
yoga class, then the indoor Somerville farmers market at the Armory.
Later that night: going to see Alloy Orchestra do Metropolis
at the Somerville Theater. Sunday afternoon: rehearsal with new project,
snuggle time with Ruby… reading, chores, mad puttering… I feel beyond
blessed to live in our magnificent city where incredible culture and
beautiful kind people abound. *** SHAUN WOLF WORTIS (Wolf’s
Mardi Gras Ball): I’m putting on the 18th Annual Mardi Gras Ball at
T.T.’s! *** MICHAEL HIBARGER (Sonic Bubblegum Records): Steppin’
out at the Boston Swing Central dance this weekend to Brooklyn’s Baby
Soda! It don’t mean a thing if ain’t got that swing! *** MARK
(Plimro Records): Saturday I need to come up with an excuse
not to go to some stupid boring party I was invited to. Sunday celebrating
Mardi Gras at Rockabilly Brunch in Plymouth! Yeah! *** KEITH SCHLEICHER
(Infernal Overdrive): I will continue my quest to find the white whale:
a case of Natural Light bottles. Lolita: A whale is hidden in
a bottle somewhere? Keith: No, they just don’t seem to have
them around here. It’s my own Moby Dick moment. Lolita:
I’m still confused—how do the bottles relate to the whale? Keith:
In the book
Moby Dick the captain’s search for the white whale
leads to his eventual downfall. I use the term to describe searching
for something that is near impossible to find. I guess it wasn’t as
funny as I thought. Lolita: That book scared me as a young girl.
I really thought you were trying to win some beer cap contest by finding
the white whale. Now I realize your boat is in trouble with the rough
seas and your mast is damaged. Are you the yin to my yang? I’m searching
for the perfect clam inside a fortune cookie.


Rita: That sounds
fishy to me, but Lolita always seems to carry that scent. Here are the
happenings for the month of April. BEAT HAPPENINGS are at Slaint (Portland)
on Saturday, 4/2. *** The
’n’ Roll Rumble
run Sunday, 4/3 through Saturday, 4/9 (with Wednesday a day of rest),
at T.T.’s. *** MIARS brings their experimental funk to the SkyBox
in Tewksbury on Thursday, 4/7. *** We found a star that fell to earth.
Go see HEATHER MALONEY at Plough & Stars on Friday, 4/8.
*** On Thursday THE STOMPERS play Lupo’s (Providence) as part of a
Boston legends tour. *** MR. CURT is crankin’ out the next
amazing Noise 30th anniversary party. He’s got THE
BAND on Saturday, 4/16, at the expanded Midway. *** Same night ROADSAW
has their CD release at the Middle East. *** LENNY LASHLEY’S GANG
OF ONE hits the Midway on Friday, 4/22. *** CHELSEA BERRY
opens for ROGER McGUINN at Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport
on Friday, 4/29. *** On the same night (and the night after) ANDREA
GILLIS BAND throws their CD release party at the Lizard Lounge. ***
At Johnny D’s on Saturday, 4/30, BOOTY VORTEX shakes you places you’ve
never shook before. *** Same date A RAVEN’S SORROW has a free night
of dark visual art for the live preview of Chrysalis at the House
of Blues. Rita: Remember, it’s good karma to support local
musicians. Lolita: See you in the clubs!





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