Mr. Max’s Message 04/11

– APRIL 2011


I want to share with
you some of the responses I received to Jonathan Perry’s
article in the Boston Globe on the Noise’s 30th anniversary.

Hey T Max,

Great article in the Boston Globe.
When I lived with you in 1982 (boy, were we the odd couple—me going
to work in a suit and tie, dating women that tended to have or pursued
graduate degrees and you getting up at noon and going out at night wearing
sunglasses and bringing home women wearing black leather and purple
hair) I witnessed your passion for the Boston rock scene, your passion
for ensuring that the musicians and their fans receive not only the
attention they deserve, but also the recognition they deserve for making
Boston a better community to live, work, and play. More importantly,
I also know the values that have guided that passion then and now—equality,
justice, fairness, the critical importance of protecting freedom of
expression and a belief that one person can indeed make a huge difference
in this world. You are a top notch individual. Happy 30th
anniversary. I was then a political activist working for
progressive political candidates and now an Assistant United States
Attorney working to achieve fairness and justice in each case I handle.
Actually, we were not that different because our values were the same.

Christopher Alberto
(Assistant U.S. Attorney)

From David Minehan
(the Neighborhoods/
Woolly Mammouth Studios):

Fantastic, Mr. T Maxwell.
You know I’ve got only high praise and respect for the long distance
runners; let’s not forget the wisdom that can be extracted from such
longevity. Now it seems in many cases the very passion we experience
in this music business can turn the best of us into jaded and bitter
cynics, which is the cruelest irony. In your case T, I see a tempered
man at the helm but one in which passion still steers the wheel. Incredibly
I have seen you strapped to this mast for the last 30 years first hand
and can’t believe it can add up to tri-decades just like that. Kudos
and mega congrats—I’d like to celebrate it with you in the
probably too late regarding deadline but let me know, maybe next month.

From Peter C. Johnson:

Happy anniversary!
You’ve really democratized the music scene, and you’ve made a huge
contribution to this wonderful music community. I’m working at Right
Turn now, tending to the casualties!

From David Kirkdoffer (the Blank Attack/ UNDO):

Nice! People underestimate
how Boston’s local music scene would be different if the Noise
didn’t exist. Here’s to the next 30 years!

From Ayal Naor (27/ the Garment District):

Congrats on a great
article, and especially on 30 years! Awesome! Never realized but the
is the same age as Dollar-a-Pound (now called By the Pound)…
the Garment District was born five years later in ’86.

From James Ryan (Hoodoo Barbeque):

Congratulations! I
saw (and read) the piece in Friday’s Globe. Nice work. 30 years
is an estimable span! Quite some time ago another noted journalist,
Horace Greeley, said, “Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches
take wings, those who cheer today will curse tomorrow; only one thing
endures—character.” You, my friend, have character writ large. Hope
you are well, and thanks for allowing me to sometimes put the “ugh”
in laughter in your pages.

From Peter Rinning of QRSTs (an actual comment on the Globe’s…)

T Max has been INCREDIBLE
in documenting the local scene for the past 30 years—NO ONE can do
it like the
Noise. Good, bad or ugly—T Max and the Noise
are usually right on the money. With all the variety that the Boston
music scene offers—you can get a feeling for it every month in the
. My company employs a lot of local musicians and we always
look forward to the day when T Max brings over the new issue! Don’t
forget the editorial section—some of the best reading in the Noise.



I’m very excited
to perform my one-man folk-rock opera Why Do We Go to War?
(with a new ending!). The show is at the
Community Arts Center
starting at 8:00 on the button. The night also includes a performance by Anna Dagmar from New York .

If you need to contact me, email is the best way… try
You can hear a sample of my music at…

T Max/the Noise
PO Box 155
Georgetown, MA 01833


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