OUR EYES ON YOU: March 2011



Rita: Wow, what an exciting
winter it’s been! Lolita: Yeah, exciting if you like being
run off the road by snowplows, slipping on ice, or getting frostbitten
toes. Rita: That’s not as bad as throwing your back out from
moving mountains of snow off your driveway with a plastic shovel.
: Why didn’t you just wait for the snow to melt? Rita:
Because in early February I
needed to get the Noise delivered all over New England. You know,
it’s like “the mail must get through”—the Noise needs
to find its readers so they can know the latest CD releases, what New
England acts are drawing crowds, and who are our latest musical discoveries.
: A boyfriend tells me the Noise is the most effective
birdcage liner around. Rita: Have your boyfriend send in a photo
of his bird for our Pet of the Month. It’s great that he recycles
the Noise. Maybe other people have good ideas on how to make
our lives greener. Lolita, hop on it, get out there and retrieve answers
to my inquiries.



Lolita: Yooohooo, Chandler!
Put that shovel down, I have a very important question for you. What
effort have you put into making your life greener? CHANDLER
(…Philharmonic/ Catbirds): Does shoveling snow count? Probably
not—lawn looks like hell anyway. Lolita: You should try this
green spray paint. It really freshens up a lawn. And you might want
to use this white spray paint on those big yellow spots in your snow.
*** MICKEY BLISS (Club Bohemia): I use public transportation
and ride a bike rather than driving an automobile, I recycle as much
as possible, and I don’t turn on the heat in my house unless the temperature
drops to lower than 32 degrees. *** KAREN DeBIASSE (Girl on Top):
It's important to do everything we can to guard against poisons being
put into our land, water and air, which all cause serious health problems.
The only problem is what most people are not aware of is that the "green"
movement has been hijacked and is being used as a way to control the
population and raise taxes (carbon taxes), which we will be seeing in
the near future. So, do everything one can to make the earth a better
place, but be careful not to be duped into becoming a member of the new
age mother earth pagan one world new religion they're trying to indoctrinate
us all into. *** KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/ Alto
Army): There's a lot that's "green" in Cambridge, and
I've done my small part by being a volunteer member of the Cambridge
Bicycle Committee for the past bunch of years, and Chair of the Committee
for many of those. We advise the city on bike lane/ path/ parking
issues, with the overall goal being to encourage people to bike instead
of drive. It's working: since 2002 the number of bicyclists
in Cambridge has doubled! *** WILL DAILEY (Will Dailey): I stopped
buying bottled water. I've cheated a couple times when someone handed
me one or I was in the green room of a show and really thirsty. Other
than that no bottled water is my contribution to the war on plastic. ***
(the Allston Brothers Band): I’m smoking greener
pot in larger quantities. *** KRISTEN MILLER (Kristen Miller):
Greenest thing I ever did was have a kid. I know, you're thinking, but
kids use so much stuff and make such a mess. You're right, of course.
But my son is a fiend about reusing stuff, and will not throw anything
away without first making it into an art project. Or a necklace. Or
a mobile. Or a cape. You get the picture. *** SAMMY MIAMI (the
Welch Boys): I joined a predominantly Irish punk band. *** SIMON
(the Darlings): To make my life greener I removed all the toxic,
mercury filled fluorescent light bulbs (manufactured by communist Chinese
slave labor) from my home. I ended up with a box full of those curly
suckers. Knowing enough not to dispose of them in the regular trash I
mailed them all to the East Anglia University in Norwich, Britain…
let those eggheads figure out what to do with them. *** DREW KAZOO
(the Sprained Ankles): How do I make my life greener? Arts and crafts!
Shredded plastic bags make a great filling for stuffed animals. Cardboard,
tape, and paint can make you a sweet picture frame. You can also draw
pictures on your heavy plastic items… cut them into pieces and BAM!
Instant puzzle! *** LINDA VIENS (Angeline): In our house we recycle
we can, and a couple of years ago we started composting—even
in the city, even if you only have a teeny yard, you can use the beautiful
rich soil that comes out of the composter under bushes, in beds, etc.
or for indoor potted plants. It's reduced our trash by over half! Last
summer I was planting with soil that smelled like coffee and oranges.
: I would have shipped that soil to a poor third world country,
like Argentina, where people are starving. I think those starving Argentineans
would appreciate a handful of coffee/orange dirt to strengthen their
digestive system. Rita: I really don’t think that would work,
Lolita. When Elaine on Seinfeld tried to give away muffin bottoms
to the homeless shelter, the recipients complained about half the muffin
missing. Don’t you think the Argentineans would want to know where
the fruit of the orange was? Lolita: You’re right. I should
ship it to Luxembourg.


Rita: Now that Lolita has solved
that problem, we can move on to the most important information we’ve
gathered over the last month—the news. And first is some news related
to our Question of the Month—the Cape Ann Farmers’ Market is now
accepting applications for its 2011 Backyard Growers Program, which
helps Gloucester residents grow fresh vegetables and save money on their
grocery bills by growing gardens in their own backyards. To download
a 2011 program application, please go to
www.capeannfarmersmarket.org/backyard-growers. The application deadline is March 11 for
a limited number of spots. ***
TIM CASEY’s Transmission Hour
(music/interview BNN-TV show) is cablecast on Channel 23 in Boston every
Sunday at 8:00 pm. *** JULIE DOUGHERTY broke her right wrist
and had to cancel some gigs—and get someone to play guitar for her
on some other gigs. Hope your wrist heals quickly, Julie. *** 11-year-old
Boston-raised blues guitar prodigy QUINN SULLIVAN releases his
first album on Buddy Guy's new label in March. *** Seven acoustic guitarists
play surrounding their audience—that the premise of the GUITAR CIRCLE,
at Spontaneous Celebrations (Jamaica Plain) every Sunday through May
15. *** The grand opening of Aviary (48 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA) on Thursday, March 3, will present Sound on Sight: Photography of Boston Rock, an exhibition of photos taken by local musicians. MILO JONES will provide the live music. *** The new Hard Rock Boston night club (22-24 Clinton St., Boston)
opened on 2/11/11. *** Drummer GERARD BEAUDOIN (the Sounds of
Growing Up) is son of jazz/blues guitarist GERRY BEAUDOIN, who
is a member of GUITAR SUMMIT with DUKE ROBILLARD and J. GEILS.
*** DAN HALLAS is on the road in Japan with ESPERANZA SPAULDING
after being thanked, by name, in her acceptance speech for the best
new artist Grammy. *** DEEK (Age Against the Machine) was the lead story in the New York Times Home and Garden section with his Microhouses. *** DIANE YOUNG (Rock Off Main Street) is
receiving the Natick Education Foundation Harriet F. Siegel Shining
Light Award the enormous value of community service. *** The Passim Iguana
Music Fund awarded grants between $500 and $2,000 totaling $30,000 to
musicians with an affiliation to New England for specific career building
projects. This years winners are ROSE POLENZANI, MARGARET GLASPY,
and ANDY CAMBRIA & SARAH GREEN. Club Passim holds a night
for the winners on April 20, 2011. *** JOHN MESSINA (Michael
Messina) has resurfaced and is preparing for his sixth wedding. ***
The Massachusetts House and Senate have concurred in referring the Cannabis
Regulation and Taxation Act, H01307 to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.
The Committee’s Senate Chair, Cynthia Creem (D-Newton) is on record
as agreeing with her constituents to support regulation
and taxation. Mass Cann’s president, Michael Crawford of Cambridge,
said, “Mass Cann applauds Senator Creem, lead sponsor Representative Ellen
Story (D-Amherst) and co-sponsors Representatives Ruth Balser (D-Newton),
Lori Ehrlich (D-Marblehead), and Anne Gobi (D-Spencer). *** Former frontman
for THE LINES, BOB WHITELOCK, has two country CDs out: This
Time Love's For Real
and Hired Guns. His brand new video
shot in Nashville, "Momma's Going Honky Tonkin', " sports
a cameo by x-SWINGING ERUDITES vocalist SUZIE KERR WRIGHT. ***
The Dog Bar (Gloucester, MA) will re-open (with FUNBUCKET) on March
18. They’ve been closed for renovations. *** On March 26 GARY BACKSTROM’s
ROAD TO UTOPIA (Utopia tribute) and JOHN POWHIDA’s the HERMITS
OF MINK HALLOWEEN (Todd Rundgren tribute) be performing at Church—that’s
the night before the real TODD RUNGREN plays Berklee Performance
Center. *** Moontoast Impulse is a Facebook application that provides
performers social commerce storefronts that give them the ability to
play, share, and sell digital tracks. A recent update lets artists sell
other merchandise, including ticket to their shows. Lolita: Maybe
I could start selling tickets for me. I mean—everyone likes me. Most
guys love me. I’m sure I could sell a few tickets. Rita: What
are you actually selling? Lolita: The thought of me—it’s
gotta be worth something. Maybe $7.50 a thought.


Rita: You can PayPal your $7.50
for a “thought of Lolita™” by following the advertising
link at the bottom of the homepage of the site you’re on right now.
If you haven’t noticed yet, this is our annual March online-only issue.
Every March we emphasize the use of the Internet, how it has made communication
faster, and how it brings New England acts in touch with a wider base
of fans. Lolita: Local people like JEFF ROYDS (
New England Garage Bands), MARK KAYE (Hear Now Live), and PETER & VIKKI VAN NESS (Gimme Sound) are all active web entrepreneurs dealing
with New England music. In today’s world every business has to have
web presence. That is why the Noise advertisers come together
to run their banners in March to show off what they are doing to attract
you to their business.


Rita: Now that we’ve made
it clear that you are not reading a print issue of the Noise,
we can move on to our next very intimate Question of the Month. And
it is—what is the hardest part about an intimate relationship? Lolita,
be my guest and ask every one of the hundred or so that have gathered
in this room. Lolita: Yes, ma’am. Everyone, listen up. What
is the hardest part about an intimate relationship? [Ten-second pause]
That was quick. Here are the answers I got… DAVE DUNCAN
(WFNX): Cleaning up. *** WALTER NOONS (Walter Noons): Being yourself.
*** LEE TODD LACKS (Radio Pü): My part. Rita: Wow—three
male answers and a total of six words. Lolita: Just shows you
that men are not willing to open up and talk about their intimate relationships.
Oh wait… here’s a last minute entry… CHRIS DUDE
(the 3:27s): The hardest part of an intimate relationship… I might
have known you'd ask that. Isn't that just like you? Every time… how
many times have we been over this? No, I can't. I'm sorry, no.
I can't go through all of that again. You know, I told you, it was a
mistake. I know that. I know I screwed… hang on a sec… sorry I had
to put my phone down. I might lose reception in a bit, just a heads
up. No, I know, I'm sorry. Baby, I told you, it’s not like that…
hello? Babe? What about the show tonight? Hello? Lolita: Chris,
I asked you to keep that between us. And no—I’m not going with you
to the show tonight! Get rid of one, and here comes another—Jonathan—no
I don’t want you to answer the question. Okay—but please don’t
say anything about our shared record collection. JONATHAN PERRY
(Boston Globe): Getting her to understand why, even after sharing
so much, you need to keep your record collection separate from hers. (It's
not you, it's me!) And no, a marriage license changes nothing. Lolita:
I asked you nicely not to mention the stupid record collection. And
a marriage license would have made a big difference. My name could have
been Lolita Perry! People could have nicknamed me LP! Rita:
I want to know why none of the fifty women in the room answered our
intimacy question? Lolita: I guess they don’t want their partners
to find out about their intimate relationships.


Rita: I can’t believe it,
but a handful of those fifty gals have tugged Lolita to the back of
the room and are roughing her up. I’m not going to get involved. She
asked for it. I’ll just tell you about the latest situation in the
ever-changing world of bands. LE MISTRAL is MARNIE HALL, DAVE WESTNER,
, and JIMMY RYAN. They started out as a recording
exercise project and now they’re playing live shows. *** MUNK
has a new band called THE RADIO SAYS that features TONY SAVARINO
(guitar), GUILLERMO DEL NOCHE (bass), and either LOU PANICCIA
or MICHAEL CAFASSO (drums). *** TRIPP HELIX (Vega/ Overmind)
is the new vocalist for END OF AGE. *** THE RODS (a Rod Stewart tribute
band) includes TOM and MAUREEN KAVANAUGH LEGER (the Brooklyns),
DEELINQUENTS, THE RUDDS, and of course, PETER MOORE (Count Zero)
sits in on keys when he can. Lolita: Yes, and I understand that
this Hermit band plays all TODD RUNGREN material. And a little
birdie told me that Todd himself might be sitting in when they play
at Church on March 26! Is my fat lip making it hard for you to understand


Rita: When will Lolita learn
to keep her big trap shut? I think someone should invent a lip lock
and Lolita should be forced to use it. Lolita: And if I did shut
up, you’d never get any answers to your never-ending list of silly
questions. Oh yeah, I better ask one more question. How ’bout, how
will that lip lock contraption actually work? Rita: No. Ask all
the people lined up at the bathroom about their most recent technical
gadget purchase. Lolita: Excuse me, I know you’re next in line,
Dave, but can you please hold it a second and tell me about your most
recent gadget purchase? DAVE WESTNER (Woolly Mammoth Sound):
A four-foot by eight-foot piece of cold rolled steel sheet metal to
be used in a new piece of audio equipment that Ed Riemer (the Darlings/
Wheelers & Dealers) is putting together. Lolita: Dave, I’m
beginning to think that you are Ed’s promotional manager. *** JIM
(Boston Herald, jimsullivanink.com): A Sony Walkman.
No more lugging around turntables and LPs for me! I can just pop a cassette
in, affix my headphones and I'm good to go. You can usually get a full
album on one side of a C-90, but the quality's a little poorer than
the C-60s. Excellent for riding on the subway and tuning out that noisy
world. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): Since
my old cell phone didn’t have international calling and data, I just
picked up a Blackberry Bold. As my band is touring northern Africa and
the Middle East for most of February, I’m gonna need that phone to
text Rita and Lolita some hot, Brett Favre-style pics of me in the desert.
: Ooo ooo, I want a photo of you bare-chested in front of
the pyramids. Rita: I heard that Kier inspired the people’s
fight for democracy in Egypt by singing freedom songs though his Blackberry
Bold that were transmitted to the streets of Cairo. *** CLAY N. FERNO
(Middle East/ LeaguePodcast.com): Archos 101 Internet Tablet running
Android. I'll never have the dough to buy an iPad, this guy does the
same at half the cost! Plus I can read comics on it! *** RICK BERLIN
(the Nickel & Dime Band): I spent five hours in the Dedham mall
awaiting installation of remote starter for my new Kia (seizes up in
when it's below 20 and sometimes doors won't open). And yes, malls are,
as advertised, weird, dead-eyed, and of late, empty. But I did get to
see The Fighter (awesome), burn my lips on soup at Au Bon Pain,
have my hair done at Black and White hot chixen salon for the first
time in a year and a half, and read myself to sleep at Borders. I am
being swallowed up by things. *** CORIN ASHLEY (Corin Ashley):
Oh man, I'm totally into the latest gadgets and gizmos, always lusting
after the most current hip new thingy. Check this out: I just got an
MCI 1" 8 track reel-to-reel machine and get this: it's on wheels.
So, you know, you can move it around. That's gonna be the hot new thing
this spring, just wait and see. Lolita: I’m gonna have one
of those thingies custom built into my iPod. Maybe I can have wheels
added too. *** JASON DUNN (the Luxury/ Dirty Bombs): My most
recent acquisition of technology was an iPhone 3G from the Lights
Out's Matty King, who picked up an iPhone 4 to satisfy his $10K annual
Apple product addiction. I hacked it but didn't add a 3G card, so it's
basically a 16GB iPod touch that can go on the Internet if I'm in a
hotspot, like Starbucks or McDonalds. Add Angry Birds and a Zippo app
to that and it's totally fucking sweet. *** CHELSEA BERRY (Chelsea
Berry): My most recent technical gadget purchase? A cheapo car phone
charger that is so crappy I think it drains the juice in my iPhone
rather than replenishing it. Lovely. Best $7.50 I've ever spent.
: I hope Chelsea isn’t comparing her purchase to the “thought
of Lolita™” for $7.50 that has already started raking in more cash
than print advertising for the Noise. *** MR. CURT (Mr.
Curt Ensemble): When is a gadget not just a gimmick? Lolita:
Please don’t insinuate that “thought of Lolita™” is a gimmick.
When it serves to express your conscious desires! [Lolita:
I know men have conscious desires every time they think of me.] I just
got a very light electric piano, a Casio Privia PX-330, for gigs, a
nice diversion from years of guitar slinging. Tried the keyboard approach
once before and it was magical. And, as a bonus, Clara Kebabian (our
violinist) is now also playing acoustic guitar. Changes the entire feel
and scope of the group. Like wow! Lolita: Sounds like a gimmick
to me—now maybe “thought of Clara™” might be more workable.
*** CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMBR/ WMFO): Most recent? The 21st
century, though still young, has seen some amazing inventions. It’s
hard to remember, but less then 10 years ago, there were no iPods or
flash recorders. These devices are my two favorite inventions of this
century thus far. iPad? I haven’t got one yet. Diane (my wife) says
we should wait for the next generation, when they put cameras and mics
on them. Wouldn’t that be a cool invention? (Are you listening, Apple?)
Did I answer the question? Lolita: No, but maybe someone from
Apple is reading and will take credit for your idea. Rita: It’s
more likely that someone at Apple will start selling “thought of Steve
Jobs™” for $29.50.


Lolita: To keep up with the
competition, I’m now offering “two thoughts of Lolita™” for
the same low price of $7.50. The second thought is yours free, because
I care about the people who are willing to spend money on me. And because
this winter I’ve been climbing the walls higher than I have ever before,
I’m rarin’ to get out and see a lot of my favorite entertainers.
: Here’s where you can catch Lolita or me—maybe both of
play an all ages show at the Somerville Theatre on Thursday, 3/3.
*** Same night FOX PASS does Johnny D’s. *** THE BANDIT KINGS are
at the Dolphin Striker (Portsmouth, NH) on Friday, 3/11. *** On Sunday,
3/3 at 5:00pm, the Regent Theatre (Arlington, MA) holds an SOS (save
our soundboard) benefit that includes ERIN HARPE, SARA WHEELER,
and more. *** DIGNEY FIGNUS celebrates his new
CD, Last Planet on the Left, on Tuesday, 3/8, at Scullers. ***
On Friday, 3/5, THE RODS (a Rod Stewart tribute) sing “Maggie May”
and “Shapes of Things” at the Cantab. *** On Friday, 3/11,
SASQUASH & THE SICK-A-BILLYS drop psychobilly sounds on you at the
Midway. *** On Saturday, 3/12, hardcore fans will be at the Middle East
for RAZORS IN THE NIGHT. *** Same night CLASSIC RUINS deliver old school
rock at the Cantab. *** On Wednesday, 3/16, Team Shred presents the death
metal of SCOURGE at Great Scott.
*** Cellist KRISTEN MILLER performs live soundtracks to three of Maya Deren films (from the 1940s) at Cape Ann Community Cinema (Gloucester) on Sunday, 3/13. *** THREE DAY THRESHOLD, straight from
their Spread Democracy tour across North Africa and the Middle East,
party hard on St. Paddy’s Day (3/17) at Precinct—it’s a Noise
30th anniversary party that also includes COMANCHERO and the NEW ENGLAND AMERICANA ALL STARS (performing traditional Irish music). *** One of the semi-finals for the
Rock Showdown at TCAN (Natick, MA) is set for Friday, 3/18.
Over at the Midway, BARRENCE WHITFIELD & THE MONKEY HIPS unleash
some rock ‘n’ roll madness on Saturday, 3/19. ***
Next night, Sunday, 3/20, the ALLSTONIANS lead
the charge with This is New England Not L.A. at Church. *** APACHE
STONE featuring MICHAEL LOMBARDI (Lexi’s brother) of FX's
Rescue Me
is at T.T. the Bear’s on Friday, 3/25. *** Also on that
night Hear Now Live presents HOT MOLASSES at Johnny D’s. *** And still on 3/25 is
HILLBILLY HOLIDAY playing country music at the Cantab. *** THE GROWN
UP NOISE plays their CD release party at the Middle East Downstairs
on Saturday, 3/26. *** Same night AMBER SPYGLASS opens for some heavy
hitters at the Cantab, *** MR. CURT has put together the Noise 30th anniversary for April. He’s got RICK BERLIN's NICKEL & DIME BAND, BIRD MANCINI, THE GROWN UP NOISE, JON MACY & STEVE GILLIGAN, and YANI BATTEAU BAND on Saturday, 4/16 at the Midway. Lolita: I heard that there will be a story on the Midway in our the April print issue too! Rita: And this just in, T MAX has been added to the bill.
*** DAVE SAGS holds a Blues Party every Thursday
night in March at the Rhumb Line (Gloucester). *** The New England Americana
Festival is at Church Boston and runs
from Wednesday, 3/30, through Saturday, 4/2.
*** The Rock ’n’ Roll Rumble is back with ANNGELLE
at the helm of this Boston Emissions’ event. The preliminaries
run Sunday, 4/3 through Saturday, 4/9 (with Wednesday a day of rest).
The semis are set for the following Thursday and Friday (4/14 &
4/15), and the finals are the Friday after that (4/22). The 24 competing
bands will be announced on 3/6 (10:00 pm) on Boston Emissions
(100.7 fm). The speaker slashing, back stabbing, and bribing of
judges all takes place at T.T. the Bear’s. *** Early notice:
THE DEL FUEGOS reunite to support Right Turn addiction services at the
Paradise on June 23. Lolita: But don’t wait ’til then to
purchase your “two thoughts of Lolita™,” because I’m sure this
special item will be sold out long before Dan, Warren, Tom, and Woody
(will Steve be there?) take the stage. Rita: See you in
April when we’re back in print and getting that black ink on your
fingers. Maybe by then I’ll build up my
ego enough to be selling “thought of Rita™.”

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