Top 10 Lists for 2010

Top 10 for 2010

Top Ten Favorite Shows in 2010

1. Alloy Orchestra at ShalinLiu (Rockport, MA) with Kristen Miller opening 10/17/10
2. Random Acts of Harmony at the Byfield (MA) Community Arts Center 4/16/10
3. Barbara & David Koen and Willie Alexander at Blackburn Performing Arts (Gloucester) 9/18/10
4. Chelsea Berry at House of Blues (Boston, MA) with Peter Lindberg opening 6/24/10
5. Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade and Emperor Norton’s Statinary Marching Band featuring the Boston Circus Guild at Salem (MA) Willows 8/21/10
6. Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers at American Legion Park (Georgetown, MA) 8/15/10
7. Los Wunder Twins Del Rap outside Major’s Pub (Lowell, MA) with Leo Blais opening 7/24/10
8. Jenny Dee & the Delinquents at American Legion Park (Georgetown, MA) 8/1/10
9. Peter Moore at Blue Mermaid (Portsmouth, NH) 1/9/10
10. Kate Taylor at Studio 99 (Nashua, NH) with the Double Necks opening 1/10/10
Honorable mention: Willie Alexander, Fly Amero, Allen Estes, Hooglio Bastisto, and Barbara & David Koen at Gloucester (MA) High School 4/10/10; Incredible Casuals at the Beachcomber (Wellfleet, MA) 8/8/10; Al Janik at Polish American Club (Cambridge, MA) 5/22/10; Melvern Taylor at 119 Galley (Lowell, MA) 10/9/10; Bird Mancini at In A Pig’s Eye (Salem, MA) 11/`3/10; Bonnie Barrish & Nancy Williams at U.U. Church (Rockport, MA) 11/6/10; Zoe Lewis & Chandler Travis, and Shaun Wolf Wortis (Christmas Cavalcade) at Johnny D’s (Somerville, MA) 12/15/10; Caroling with Julie Doherty at the Hawthorn Hotel (Salem, MA) 12/24/10

Eclectia: 2010 Top Ten Releases

1. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys–—28 Seeds: The Last Radio
and Steam Ship Killers
2. Mascara—Fountain of Tears
3. The Mitchells—The Secret Sounds
4. Bacchus King—Bacchus King
5. Kenny Chambers—Under the Tracks
6. The Freeways—The Freeways
7. Lovewhip—Love Electric
8. The Salvation Allet String Band—

“The Pioneer Valley Rose” and Other Favorites

9. Symbion Project—Misery in Soliloquy
10. Dan King—Time Move Over

Top Ten Things that happened to my band, Three Day Threshold, in 2010

1. Got a new manager and fiancée.
2. Sold out the Paradise last spring as part of our CD release party for our new album Straight Out of the Barrel.
3. Got to open for country music Artist of the Year and Grammy-winner Zac Brown Band this summer.
4. My parents saw me perform live on FOX TV.
5. Got asked by the Pentagon to do a tour of the Middle East (not the bar in Cambridge) to support the troops.
6. Having some of our songs featured in Brewmasters, a national show about the art of brewing beer on the Discovery channel.
7. Coming home and finding a special case of bourbon on my doorstep as a thank you for the songs we did for Fred Noe, great grandson and master distiller of Jim Beam.
8. Got to play with some of the best musicians around: PJ Aspesi on drums, the newly ordained, Reverend Johnny Stump on bass, David Delaney of the Whiskey Boys on fiddle and Evan Gavry on just about everything else.
9. Played a bunch of cool festivals like Virgo a Go Go, New England Americana Festival, Mass. Brewers Guild Beer Fest and Harpoon Brewery’s Summerfest.
10. Won Best Local Band in Boston Magazine; unfortunately we lost the award at the open bar after the ceremony.

Ten Things that Put a Smile on My Face in 2010, in no particular order:

1. The new sound system at T.T. the Bear’s
2. The renovations to the Paradise.
3. As always, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Hometown Throwdown
4. The Noise’s 30th Anniversary Party at T.T.’s in December. Jason Bennett & the Resistance, The Dirty Truckers, Full Body Anchor, and Brittany Gray all killed it. I can’t stress strongly enough how honored I was to have these great bands on the bill.
5. Amy Griffin’s Pinecone Teeth set at the Lizard Lounge. Amy really, really, really needs to put those songs on a record.
6. Knowing that Harpers Ferry will live on in another form. It’s a totally underappreciated room.
7. Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando at Great Scott. They have such a weird, beautiful connection.
8. Hilken Mancini and Mary Lou Lord starting Girls Rock Camp Boston. Those kids are in some very good hands.
9. The reappearance of Lenny Lashley. It amazes me how powerfully people respond to him. It’s a rare and wonderful thing.
10. All the awesome people I run into at shows around town.

Top Ten_Favorite Local Band Names for 2010

1. TheyWillHateUs
2. Vagiant
3. Necktie Party
4. The Doom Buggies
5. It Will End in Pure Horror
6. Chris Evil & the Taints
7. The Dirty Truckers
8. Eyewitness Deathcount
9. The Blizzard of 78
10. Planetoid

Top Ten Releases of 2010

1. Asa Brebner—Suenos de los Muertos
2. The Doug MacDonald Band—Highway
3. Q Dee’s 7-inch Rock and Soul Series
4. Peter Wolf—Midnight Souvenirs
5. Steve Sadler—Surf Blue
6. Inge Berge—10 True Things & a Filthy, Dirty Lie
7. Rick Berlin—Paper Airplane
8. The Lights Out—Primetime
9. Music from the Agassiz Preschool Community—Working on a Building
10. The Neighborhoods—The Last Rat: The Legendary 1992 Live Recording

Top 10 Musical Moments of 2010

10. Dreamchild dedicating their cover of the Nico classic “Janitor of Lunacy” at Club Bohemia to me.
9. Wormtown’s Minister of Culture, Brian Goslow, continuing to be my mentor and accompanying me on vocals, singing “Sonic Reducer” as well as my performing “No Fun”_with Preston Wayne, “DK” Dave Cah, and Cathy Cah as my back-up band_at_Malonefest_last summer.
8. Interviewing Worcester Art Museum’s Assistant Curator of Education, Katrina Stacy, at the Wormtown Rocks! exhibition opening [June Issue #302] and quoting her saying, “We’ve heard from people time-and-time again ‘Why donch’ya have any Worcester artists in your collection?’”
7. Being asked at Church by Joey “Shithead” Keithley of_the band D.O.A. to announce them (I’ve loved them since 1987).
6. DJ-ing Projekt Records’ 10th annual music festival Projektfest’10 at the Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia and subsequently being added on to DJ the Intimate Stranger/ Black tape For A Blue Girl show at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.
5. Working with Club Hell’s talent buyer Benjamin Tourkantonis, of Ben Turk Entertainment and DJ-ing shows for Chemlab, 16 Volt, Left Spine Down, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Ego Likeness, Spindle Shanks, and Assemblage 23.
4. Continuing to work with buddy and sometimes business partner Anderson Lynn Mar. She’s a professional with integrity, who unlike certain club owners and a certain shady promoter, she does not rip off musicians.
3. Having my life and the life of my cat threatened for reneging on running a feature on a band (though I was able to see my fault in the end of the argument. ha ha).
2. Seeing Midnight Creeps at Hell House in Providence and capturing it on video (check it out on my Youtube channel ivorytower99).
1. Going into my fifth year with the Noise and having my publisher, T Max, continue to put up with me.

Top Ten New England Acts

1. 28 Degrees Taurus (melt your brain)
2. Landed (amazing)
3. Needy Visions (awesome)
4. Tristan Da Cunha (everything was beautiful and nothing hurt)
5. Major Stars (general insanity)
6. Mike Mountain (best Boston frontman EVER EVER EVER)
7. Sunburned Hand of the Man (almost always a different lineup, but always the same result: greatness)
8. Concord Ballet Orchestra Players (improv masters)
9. The High Seas (high art)
10. Judo Heirs (post punk gold)

On One Hand 2010:

5. Black Mosettes reform (as the Opioids), then disband again
4. Abbey Lounge and the Elvis Room are still closed!
3. Brian Mire quits Muck & Mires
2. The Swinedells disband, leaving many a rock ‘n’ roll heart broken
1. Andrea Gillis’s striped halter didn’t appear this year, either. Why should I be paying penance when I haven’t been Catholic in 34 years?
But On the Other 2010:
5. Rosebud is no longer just a sled
4. Totally wowzers new stuff from Triple Thick, Barrence Whitfield, Watts, Penis Flytrap, and Muck
3. New bands the Furiousity and Seven Shades of Grey kept it interesting
2. The Marvels reformed (but didn’t perform nearly enough)
1. Almost enough Jen & JJ bands to keep me satisfied_DB5, Jenny Dee, Cuban Heels (If I keep my good thoughts, can I get a Second Cousins reunion, too???)

Top Ten Local Releases

1. Anais Mitchell—Hadestown (also on my universal list)
2. Rick Berlin—Paper Airplane
3. Bird Mancini—Tuning In/Tuning Out
4. Salvatore Baglio—Bellezza e Disturbo
5. T Max—Why Do We Go To War?
6. Raianne Richards—Simple in This Place
7. Clara Kebabian—Symbiotica
8. The Grownup Noise—Shall We?
9. Air Traffic Controller—The One
10. Mark Mandeville—No Big Plans
Honorable mention: Al Kooper—White Chocolate; Duke Robillard—Passport to the Blues; John Shade—All You Love is Need; Leo Blais—The Free EP; Edward Morneau—Jacquerie; Mr. Sister (Amelia Emmet) —O Sinister Force

Top Ten Bands That Made My Ears Squeal in 2010

10. The Blank Attack
9. Four Point Restraints
8. This Blue Heaven
7. Cropduster
6. Hey Now, Morris Fader
5. Full Body Anchor
4. Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
3. Bury Me Standing
2. A.R.E.
1. Faux Ox

Top Ten for 2010

1. Best New Band: The Dolls Eyes
2. Cutest Guitarist: (tie) Amy Griffin (Full Body
Anchor), Kimi Hendrix (the Killer Abs)
3. Cutest Drummer: (tie) Cindy Spoiler (the Spoilers), Chris Dimwit (By The Throat)
4. Best Publisher of a Boston Local Music Magazine (30 to 100 years category): T Max
5. Best Writer: Mrs. Slimedog
6. Best Club: The Midway
7. Best Cheap Beer: Narragansett
8. Best Photographer: Nicole Tammaro
9. Best Zombie Band (band that is gone but still plays): The Bags
10. Best New Catch Phrase: Bi-stringular (a musician who plays both guitar and bass in several different bands)

Top 10 of 2010

1. The New England Americana Festival: More than a concert, this is a movement unlike any other.
2. Stryk Nine: Pulse-pounding metal that grinds your bones and keeps you wanting more.
3. Alexi Paraschos: A mix of gospel, folk and soul, this guy connects with the audience like no one else I’ve seen.
4. Gram National 2010: A Nashville favorite makes its way to Boston. Please stay here.
5. Highway Ghosts: In just two short years, they’ve received awards and played with the best of Boston, and for a damn good reason.
6. The Voluptuaries: Grooving electronic beats and eye-catching visuals.
7. Avariel: Symphonic metal, blending the best of two genres in an unforgettable way.
8. The Rare Characters: These newcomers to the punk scene rock the stage. Keep an eye out for them in 2011.
9.Autumn Hollow Band: A CD release that caught a lot of ears, and music that keeps them listening.
10. Faces in the Floor: Rock at its best. Stay tuned, these guys are far from done.

Top 10 Malibu “isms”

10. Tad Steaks
9. Ooh ooh ooh
8. Danny the K
7. Shenanigans
6. That’s amazing
5. Jay Bentley
4. Party at Melrose Place
3. Wild Bunch
2. We gotta get pizza pies
1. This is the best____evah!!!!!!! (fill in the blank)

Top 10 Indie/ Rock/ Pop Bands

1. Air Traffic Controller: Flawless indie/rock/pop, and when performing with a string section, they are not to be missed; radio ready and poised for commercial success.
2 The Luxury: Brit-pop with a Boston flavor, rock stars waiting to happen and arguably one of New England’s best live acts.
3. The Alternate Routes: A perfect blend of Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles for the modern age. Ready for a Boston comeback in 2011.
4. Gentlemen Hall: Pure pop from six amazingly talented musicians MTV took notice last year, you should too.
5. Mission Hill: These guys are rock ’n’ pop perfected with a great resume of New England venues played.
6. Mellow Bravo: In your face rock ’n’ roll; front-man Keith Peirce is a cross between David Lee Roth and Joe Cocker… nuff said!
7. Jen Kearney & the Lost Onion: Dubbed “the Soul of Lowell,” Jen takes funk, rock, and soul music to a whole new level.
8. Township: A retro five-man electrical band with a classic rock sound and style all their own.
9. Melvern Taylor & His Fabulous Meltones: Without a doubt the most original act on the list, with no one genre to pigeonhole into, it’s indie/folk/jazz yet it also rocks!
10. Audrey Can’t Die: A post grunge indie rock angst sound and a college crowd favorite.

Top Ten Bands that Always Give a Great Performance

10. Girl Haggard
9. The Snipes
8. The Pity Whores
7. Refuse Resist
6. Violent History
5. The McGunks
4. The Doll Eyes
3. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys
2. Maria Monk
1. Planetoid

Top 10 CDs of 2010

1. Anais Mitchell—Hadestown
2. 27—Brittle Divinty
3. Chandler Travis Philharmonic—Chandler Philharmonic Blows
4. Bird Mancini—Tuning In/ Tuning Out
5. The Bandit Kings—Precious Stones
6. Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents—Keeping Time
7. Jon Waterman—Waterman
8. Asa Brebner—Suenos de los Muertos
9. Three Day Threshold—Straight Out of the Barrel
10. Lovewhip—Love Electric
Honorable mention: ; Salvatore Baglio—Bellezza e Disturbo; Kris Delmhorst—Shotgun Singer; Edward Morneau—Jacquerie; Kenny Chambers—Under the Tracks; Kristen Miller—Walk; Walter Sickert & the Army of Toys—Steam Ship Killers; Tripping Lily—The Day Everything Became Nothing

Top 10 People of 2010

1. Mr. Curt (Mr. Curt Ensemble)
2. Nabil & Joseph Sater (Middle East)
3. Linda Viens (Angeline)
4. Kier Byrnes (Three Day Threshold)
5. Chandler Travis
6. Julie Daugherty
7. Willie Alexander
8. Pat McGrath
(Looney Tunes/Wheelers & Dealers)
9. Chuck U (WMBR/ WMFO)
10. Chelsea Berry
Honorable mention:
Preacher Jack,
Ayal Noir & Maria Christopher (27),
Fred Shrigley (Rhumb Line),
Louise (Noise photographer),
Bonnie Barish & Nancy Williams,
Chris Paglia (Cat & the Cradle Coffee House),
Jason Duguay (Project Sound),
Curtis Haynes (Chicken Slacks),
Meg Rayne
Anne Brown



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