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Response to both Walter Noons CD reviews
Written by Walter Noons, on 01-04-2011 15:24
I appreciate your comments. I will work to improve my mixes. I’d love you use real drums, however I record in my apartment in the Fenway and I don’t think my neighbors would tolerate it. Thanks.


Switchblade Suicide
Written by Switchblade, on 01-10-2010 20:51
Tony…Hello? McFly…? The title is a joke. “Japanese Release” is a goof on the whole Japanese Release thing.


The Usual Suspects “Old Fat And Bitter
Written by Joe Suspect, on 01-10-2010 20:51
Thanks for the great review of our CD. This reviewer really “gets it” when it comes to how we intended the CD to come across, and how we genuinely feel. Readers that want to get a copy can via either our myspace page

OR come see us live!! We’ll be in the Boston area on Dec 2nd opening for Boston HC legends The FU’s


Lesser Knowns “Get Famous.”
Written by Lesser Knowns, on 13-07-2010 20:48
Thanks for reviewing our CD, check our website for local shows. We’re glad you dug the album (we think?). Cheers.


Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin – But
Written by Daniel, on 06-07-2010 22:22
Cheers Tony and the Noise,

Thank you greatly for divine the review. It pleases us so that you enjoyed our CD. I hope more will give it a listen!

PS I have never seen Silence of the Lambs… so I had to look that up on Youtube. And don’t be ashamed to like the music… that is what it is made for… Maybe we will see you at a performance.
: )


Sam Calef
Written by Sam, on 03-05-2010 00:14
Thanks Emsterly (whoever you are) – I love you too!


Ten Foot Pole Cats
Written by Joanne, on 01-05-2010 17:04
I love the CD. Thirteen songs? The way I see it the more the better. I always end up playing it over and over again any way. I am curious as to your comment of (and there are a few instances in which the band sounds like it’s playing dress up.) What are they? I have followed this band around for quite sometime now. The energy, passion, style and the appreciation they give is a massive magnet. No way can I sit still when I hear them. For a fact they play all over the map at many music venues not all of them are bars. Yes, Jim is a force( just watch those fingers go) along with Jay and Dave. I highly recommend seeing these guys live anytime.


Saliva Slingers
Written by Erin, on 07-04-2010 23:30
Very strange review, Slimedog! I checked out the album, and it is awesome. It’s a name ur price download FYI at


Prodigal Father
Written by Walter Noons, on 01-04-2010 08:48
In addition to writing and performing all the songs on the disc, I play all of the instruments except the bongos played by my friend, Judd on two tracks.


Prodigal Father
Written by Walter Noons, on 01-04-2010 08:02
Thank you for the review. To answer the questions of the reviewer, I am a songwritier, I have lived in Boston my entire life, “Prodigal Father” refers to my relationship with my children, I prefer eclectic rather than hodgepodge, but I appreciated the review very much.


Written by Bob McArthur, on 17-12-2009 15:12
They give it away because it is terrible.


Written by superfan, on 21-09-2009 21:19
TERRIBLE REVIEW!!!! Did this guy even listen to the whole album?! Or the first minute of each song? Supervolcano is an INCREDIBLE fresh sound. Take this dude Kevin Finn’s review with a grain of salt. Although, he was right about one thing–the rhythm section is pretty damn impressive.


50% of all reviews
Written by Slimey, on 06-07-2009 01:04
I’m starting to wonder if you guys know anything about music whatsoever.

“Ah yes Slimedog here…”

“Greetings, Zortar here from another planet…”

“Ah yes, Mrs. Slimedog here, top reviewer of the Noise…”

These are not music reviews. This is gibberish/ inside jokes for your friends.

Maybe go to college, or at least read how literate people write about music.

Maybe then your magazine will be successful enough to have the money to print in color.



Written by James, on 09-06-2009 01:42
I really enjoyed this record, very dynamic, these guys definitely can jam. I wonder if the reviewer actually listened to the whole record….


MaryBeth Maes- Just Like Me
Written by Terri, on 05-04-2009 01:35
MaryBeth Maes – What can I say? She is one of THE BEST original female artists around. I didn’t exactly care for the beginning tone of the review, but you redeemed yourself at the end – kudos to you for realizing you judged a bit too quickly. As you listen to her songs it is easy to visualize the story they tell and her amazing voice, an absolute gift from above, makes you forget all that may be happening around you. If you are lucky enough to catch a gig – you will find yourself transfixed not only by her powerful voice but by her unassuming, humble presence – void of the large LOOK AT ME egos that often accompany artists with the amount of talent that MaryBeth Maes possesses.
Thank you for listening!


The Under-Mercurial
Written by Dan-The Under, on 05-04-2009 01:37
I would summarize this review as: “I could say this is a good band, but since I don’t like metal, I won’t.” So metal is not your bag, I can certainly appreciate the sentiment. But to use our album as a chance to decry a specific brand of music makes the review a bit more about the reviewer than about the music. Instead of a critique we end up with little more than an outright condemnation of a musical style which seems a bit out of step with the purpose of a review (unless you happen to be reviewing metal in general). I acknowledge there is some sort of attempt to judge the music based on its merits which is appreciated. However, I would suggest that the next time an anti-metal reviewer ends up with a CD that’s a bit on the heavy side, if possible, consider passing it along to someone who might have a bit more of an objective approach. It would benefit the bands a bit more and that’s what The Noise is here for right? Thanks for listening/reading!

The Under


The Loups – Holding Hands with the Crook
Written by Justin Graves, on 05-04-2009 01:39
Man I love this review, it’s not often when the person writing the review actually seems to get the message or style the band is trying to achieve, but Joel nailed it. We hope to make it down to Boston by this summer. For now come see us in Maine. Thanks again, we love The Noise!!! Keeping local music in spotlight



Written by Jimi, on 22-03-2009 19:31
I saw these guys a couple of weeks ago with the Real Kids, and you can tell that they have been playing for a while. Very good musicians.

I read your review of their EP, but they struck me as more of straight ahead Boston Punk band. I’ll have to check out their CD.


Written by Michael B, on 10-03-2009 16:07
Hi Joel,

Thanks for reviewing our EP. I’d say that your overview of the entire work is pretty accurate. It is what it is, which is basically a document of our first few months together, and our first attempts at trying to make a recording on our own in the face of not having tons of cash to blow at a really nice studio. It’s definitely a criticism well taken and we’re hoping that next time around we’ll have learned from our mistakes and will only get better from there.

To be perfectly honest I wouldn’t mind sending you some recordings of the next round of stuff we record. You seem to have a pretty discerning ear and pointed out exactly the same things I personally found as shortcomings on the EP as well.

Let me know. I thought it was a pretty good, accurate review.



mercyjames & the microbatz
Written by mercyjames, on 11-12-2008 15:34
Thanks for reviewing the single!

It’s free for the taking on the front page of


The Mesmerines
Written by Roman Bornski, on 10-12-2008 21:00
I think you spelled the name of the band wrong. No problem tho’. I saw these guys at NEIA doing an internet broadcast and they were not only great musicians funny fuckers. Just picked up their CD and it is one of those things really hard to describe. Their sound is very unique. Thanks for introducing us to this great music.


the i.z.a. (leonid)
Written by tommy the jew, on 08-11-2008 23:09
Sounds like you didnt even listen to the CD! And a couple of nasty grammatical gaffs as well. damn


Written by Andy, on 05-11-2008 12:36
Glad you enjoyed the album Francis! I can’t say we were desperate or trying to impress anyone, we just love the idea of a recurring theme throughout an album.



northern pike
Written by haha, on 30-10-2008 15:33
joel you sh*t on every band u review. u pick out all the bad things but rarely point out the good stuff. very few of these bands are signed and very few can afford the “big time” producers and studio time. Lemme ask you something… what is the name of your band? I promise I’ll tell you what I think. Peace out man,
maybe you should start pointing out the good stuff.


The I.Z.A.
Written by Dan the butcha!!, on 30-10-2008 00:46
Hey thanks for the review! You might want to keep away from punk bands in the future tho.. you know, that three chord thing and all..!


Left Hand Does
Written by Luke Sullivan, on 13-10-2008 23:16
Yeah, you know what? Kevin Finn has no idea what he’s talking about and obviously didn’t actually listen to the whole record. I’ll be the first to admit that I consistently try to hit notes that aren’t in my range even as I continue to stretch it (because it’s fun), but what he said about Jean’s vocals, doesn’t really apply at all. Listen to her saying “calm down” in “No More Nightmares.” Ooh… that’s no good, somehow. (??) Wait… how about the first track on the damn CD?? I can’t really imagine that he listened to Airplanes if he says that there’s a problem every time she comes in.

Also, why do people keep comparing us to the Pixies? We sound NOTHING like them. Oh, it’s because there’s a girl in the band. Does anyone realize what they’re implying when they suggest that we’re influenced by them? The only way that could possibly be true is if Jean was a guy, listened to a lot of Pixies, and eventually got a sex change. Not that there isn’t enough irony there, but also, Jean is a huge Toadies fan – again, listen to her backing vox in No More Nightmares and tell me she didn’t learn from Todd Lewis how to rock like a male singer.

Looking at his other reviews, it seems that Kevin Finn consistently discourages people from listening to local music. There’s no extra need for that considering that there are a ton of bands out there and only some of them are putting out consistently engaging and fresh material.

I’ll take the Elliot Smith comparison though, I do listen to a crapload of Elliot Smith. Thanks!!


Left Hand Does
Written by LHD Fan, on 11-10-2008 19:17
Top 10 Reasons “Yeckum Checkum” is a brilliant record (or) Ten Ways to Say “Ignore this Review and Take a Listen to Left Hand Does for Yourself.”

1) These guys have rock songwriting DOWN. Look no further than “No Medicine For Me” or “Airplanes.”

2) The vocal interplay between Luke and Jean is captivating and fresh.

3) The drumming support of Josh Kiggans is tasty, nuanced, and it GROOVES.

4) The production is not only perfectly polished and balanced, but it is creative and serves each song well.

5) The first 30 seconds of track 1 are guaranteed to get you moving.

6) Luke takes one of the best guitar solos you’ll hear this year on “Valerie.” Come to think of it, all of the guitar solos on this record are memorable.

7) “Against You Both” with headphones on will make you feel like you’re bathing in sound. Try it.

8) Every instrument added changes the song’s character in a positive way, from creative and solid bass lines to textural pads to backing vocals.

9) “No More Nightmares” is a great ride! I dare you to not sing along with “How was I supposed to know that they were shitty friends?”

10) It doesn’t sound like any other band in Boston right now. These guys do their own thing, and it WORKS.


Left Hand Does
Written by Luke Sullivan, on 10-10-2008 01:37
Hi Kevin, thanks for taking the time to check out our CD. We understand you had some problems with it, but we also understand that if you’re going to make good rock’n’roll, somebody’s going to have a problem. So we’re going to be that guy (and girl) and be inspired by your negative review. Jean is going to continue to sing inappropriately and I’m going to continue singing out of my range.
All facetiousness aside, I really do appreciate that you took the time to listen to the whole thing – far as i know there’s no rule saying any reviewer has to do that. Sorry you didn’t like parts of it.


Pariah Beat
Written by nick, on 07-10-2008 16:28
I’m Nick, I play guitar for Pariah Beat. I wanted to thank Francis DiMenno for his thoughtful review, and also Joel Smiches for the one a few months ago. I appreciate you putting some substance behind your comments, ie I felt like you gave a shit about the music. It means a lot to me and helps us out as a band here in Boston. Please introduce yourselves if you make it to one of our shows and I’ll buy you a drink.


Conservative Man
Written by Ian, on 02-10-2008 11:25
Thanks for the review Mike, hopefully i’ll get ya next time!


Walter Noons, Visions and Hallucinations
Written by Walter Noons, on 02-10-2008 08:00
I am really glad that you enjoyed the music and I’m sorry that my homegrown production caused you difficulty – I would’ve gladly sent you another disc had I known that you wee having trouble listening to it. Regarding the art – what you see is what I got. Again, I’m glad you liked the music.


Written by Joel Simches, on 21-09-2008 17:01
Hey.. I said if you like good, mindless rocking, then Ghosthunter is your band. If you saw them and liked them, that’s wonderful for you. I thought they were pretty silly and the lyrics were laughably chliched and stupid. Does my opinion make me an ass or does your name calling and insinuations make you one? I’m going with the latter. Anyone who spells rules with a “z” will probably love listening to this band. It is most certainly up your alley. I would rather listen to a “shitty pretentious” Boston band. I’ve travelled around the world, playing with and working with plenty. I would rather enjoy something of musical substance than listen to a generic bar band from Maine any day of the week. That’s my opinion. Take it or leave it. I’m not really inclined to care either way.


Written by Rain on Tin, on 20-09-2008 17:28
The person who reviewed this CD seems like a real ass to me. There is no mention of any pertinent info as to the sound quality or musicianship. I bought some tracks from the album and I liked it. I think it’s fun and energetic. I would love to see these guys play live. I bet the reviewer is in some shitty pretentious boston band.


Written by Tony Roberts, on 20-09-2008 09:07
I’ve seen Ghosthunter at a Conifer show in Portland,Me. & they destroyed! A very intense live show. Bought thier record & I think it rulz. I’m from Mass. & so far have been very impressed with alot of bands I’ve seen in Maine. This guys out of his mind.


Written by Jack Tors, on 18-09-2008 17:43
And you didn’t even mention Billy Anderson’s involvement.


Written by Jack Tors, on 18-09-2008 17:39
I bought this CD. It’s good. I don’t know what he’s singing about but it’s not that funny to me. I’ve definitely heard worse. From Boston bands.


The Sneaks
Written by Joel Simches, on 04-08-2008 13:11
I told Robert Johnson to stop making music and helped him fake his own death. Look where he is today. You’re welcome!!


The Sneaks
Written by The Sneaks, on 01-08-2008 16:19
Our disdain for bunnies, kangaroos, unicorns, Canadians, etc. is well documented. Nobody told Robert Johnson not to make music. But then he died.


The Sneaks
Written by Joel Simches, on 17-07-2008 21:03
It means what it says. Happy to oblige.

Please don’t make any more music. How many more innocent bunnies need to be killed in the name of satisfying your artistic needs??


The Horse You Rode In On
Written by Lance McVickar (producer+guita, on 09-07-2008 15:21
Thanks for the great review, the full 15 song cd will be out we hope by October/November 08.
You can check us out at


The Sneaks
Written by The Sneaks, on 07-07-2008 15:32
Wow, what a review. We have no idea what it means… but it seems positive, we think. Uhh… yeah.


Chainsaws & Cheerleaders
Written by Sarah K, on 13-05-2008 18:10
band name and title should be switched. ZEBU! makes we wet every time.


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