Mr. Max’s Message 02/11

– February 2011


I've been on a long strange trip this winter. I have shovelled more snow than ever in my whole life. I like feeding the birds and they are eating more than usual. The snow covers up any of the natural food for ground feeders, so they need more of the food I can provide.

Performance wise, I played a half-hour version of Why Do We Go to War along with a half hour of my other material at Norhteastern University. I gave every member of the audience a copy of my "Chop Chop Chop"/ "Gimme Some Coffee" CD. Then I hosted the record release party for Bird Mancini at the Magic Room (I love Bird Mancini).

The Noise 30th anniversary parties continue… I've asked Noise contributers to put together their own 30th anniversary parties. Upcoming is photographer Nicole Tammaro's show at the Middle East on Friday, February 25 featuring Tijuanna Sweethearts, Blow Your Face Out, Jason Bennett & the Resistance, and Mike Savitkas & Mark Lind. Then in March associate editor Kier Byrnes has thown together an Irish Americana night on Saint Paddy's Day (3/17) at Precinct. The show has Three Day Threshold (back from the real Middle East), Comanchero, and the Americana All Stars (playing traditional Irish music).

I’m in the studio again working on songs to go with a wonderfully written fable by Susan Emerson of Gloucester Music. The tale is about how all the elements and animals of earth come together to judge humankind. I'm really having fun being back in the studio with Jason Duguay engineering at Project Sound.

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