Mr. Max’s Message 12/10

– December 2010


On Wednesday, December 15th, at Johnny D's, Chandler Travis will gather a bunch of crazy musicians to raise money for the Somerville Homeless Coalition with his Boston Christmas Cavalcade. (Note: if you're on the Cape, Chandler does a Cape Christmas Cavalcade on Decemver 12 at the Jailhouse Tavern.) Look at the line up he's already assembled by the time I had to write this message—the Chandler Philharmonic & Trombone Shout Band, Zoe Lewis, Alastair Moock, the Ticks, the Downbeat 5, Merrie Amsterberg, 4 Piece Suit, Sarah Swain, Shaun Wortis, the Catbirds, Mike Gent, the Darlings, Boston Tyewriter Orchestra, Sal Baglio, Miriam, Amy Fairchild, T Max (yes, that's me), the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, Kevin Connolly, and the Athol Thingerth. I'm sure this will be a wonderful show and a great way for you to do something good for people who are less fortunate than you.

On Saturday, November 6, Cape Ann legends Bonnie Barrish and Nancy Williams invited me to play a benefit for the homess at the Rockport Unitarian Universalist Church. I was given a 10-minute slot, so I worked out a very abrievated version of the hour-long folk rock opera Why Do We Go to War? Then week before the show I was told that the set times were being shortened to five or six minutes. There were 18 acts that had to fit into the two hours that the church made available. I envisioned it being a logistical mess and I almost decided to drop out. I'm so glad I didn't because the gig turned out to be delightful. There was no PA to deal with—we were all totally acoustic and sang from the altar of the church. My two songs, "Stand" and "Stop Asking Our People to Kill" went over great, the later with the audience joining in on the harmonies. It was such a pleasure to work withsuch a variety of performers for a good cause. A big thank you to Bonnie and Nancy.


I’m in the studio again working on songs to go with a wonderfully written tale by Susan Emerson of Gloucester Music. The fable is about how all the elements and animals of earth come together to judge humankind. The songs sound like they could have come from Harry Nilsson’s The Point. I'm really having fun being back in the studio with Jason Duguay engineering at Project Sound.

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