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By T Max

November 2005
Issue #256

Cover: Voodoo Screw Machine, the Freeze, Presley

Other Stories: Dresden Dolls, Boston Music Awards, Rosa
Parks, cool stores in the Greater Boston area

Bands: The Rudds, Three Day Threshold, Apollo Sunshine,
Victory at Sea, Wack Ass Egyptians, Crank Sturgen, Taxpayer, Hilken
Mancini, Chris Brokaw, Harris, AM Stereo, Apple Betty, the In Out, Black
Helicopter, Reverse, the Luxury, Aloud, Heavy Stud, the Fools, Scamper,
the Bon Savants, Ketman

Gossip &
: Thermos X. Plimington
had his name spelled wrong in the centerfold (not yet known as the Noise
Big Shot) and I think he’s put a voodoo hex on me. The only way to
protect myself is to keep putting his hoto in the Noise. ***
There’s also a photo of Pete Walsh
(the Gobshites) holding his newborn, Elizabeth.

*** Dropkick Murphys win Act of the Year at the Boston Music Awards.
*** Ahhh, we’ve got the photo of the Scamper fan who wrote her favorite
band’s name across her lovely bosoms and shared it with all.
Are you sure that wasn’t me? Well, we couldn’t see the woman’s face
but it didn’t look like your… handwriting. *** 2,150 people voted
for Apollo Sunshine to win them Artist of the Day on www.spin.com. ***
Casey Desmond wins the first two rounds of the 2005 Global Battle of
the Bands and will fly out to Los Angeles for the national finals.

November 2000
Issue #206

Cover: Heidi, Francine, Ms. Pigeon

Bands: Morphine, Muck & the Mires, Bleu, the
Stompers, the Konks, the Decals, Rock City Crimewave, the Spurs, the
Raging Teens, Mr. Airplane Man, Heavy Stud, the In Out, Julianna Hatfield,
the Brett Rosenberg Problem, the Figgs, Carla Ryder, Crème Brulee

Gossip &
: Who knew that Harvard
Square’s Eight Foot Bride seen a composite photo in this issue would
end up leading the Dresden Dolls and go on to a successful solo career
as Amanda Palmer? *** Darkbuster gets to play “I Hate the Unseen”
on a gig with the Unseen.
*** Chin Ho gets their CD licensed to MTV
and Missing Joe’s CD gets licensed to the WB Network. *** Best supporting
actors in Boston Rock Opera’s
Christ Superstar
are Peter
Moore (Count Zero) as Pilate, Mick Maldonado (Mick Modo) as Caiaphas,
and Pat McGrath (Wheelers & Dealers) as King Herod. The stars of
the show are Gary Cherone (Extreme) as Judas, Valerie Forgione (Mistle
Thrush) as Mary Magdeline, and Chris Mascara (Mascara) as Jesus. ***
Kris Thomson (Nisi Period) writes his diary of the Olympic Games in
Sydney, Austrailia—his sister is Jenny Thompson, the most decorated
Olympic swimmer with eight gold medals and one silver and bronze. ***
There a new column called the Soapbox that invites anyone to send in
a 200-word paragraph about something they want to get off their chest.
Are you talking about Scamper again?

November 1995
Issue #155

Cover: Powerman 5000, Papas Fritas, Little John,
Ruy Lopez, the Nines, Lumen

Bands: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Roger Miller,
Turkish Delight, Buffalo Tom, Mistle Thrush, Mary Lou Lord, Jennifer
Trynin, Miles Dethmuffen, Smackmelon, Doc Hopper, Incredible Casuals,
Ed “Moose” Savage & his Litany of Complaints, Seks Bomba, Little
A, the Vic Morrows

Gossip &
: Boston Rock Opera is
doing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band featuring Dave
Minehan (the Neighborhoods), Randy Black (Limbo Race), Bill Goffrier
(Big Dipper) and Linda Viens (Crown Electric Company).
*** At the time
writers from Billboard, Cream, Rolling Stone, and the New York Times
pay their respects to this very fanzine with an Internet magazine called
Addicted to Noise. *** When answering the question about why women are
shorter than men, Pat McGrath (Wheelers & Dealers) tells us that
he looks for a woman with a proper flatness to her head so he can set
his drink there while he lights his cigar. *** Lolita, it says here
that you were charging bands to show up at their show and appear as
if you were enjoying them.
it was a very profitable business. I made sure the band supplied me
with drinks too. Hey, it was better than being paid to have someone
rest their beer on my head

November 1990
Issue #100

Cover: Billy Ruane, Nisi Period, Joe

Other Columns: Fryin’ With Ryan, Infinity Plus One (by
Joe Bonnie)

Bands: Think Tree, the Trojan Ponies, Ed’s Redeeming
Qualities, Hell Toupee, Gingerbutkis, the Vouts, the Visigoths, Tapeworm,
the Baldinos

Gossip & Stuff: Besides being on the cover (in a straightjacket)
this 100th issue is kinda dedicated to Billy Ruane—every
photo in the gossip column is of Billy.
story on Billy is written by Billy—he’d have it no other way.
The size of the font in his story is eight
points instead of ten because Billy refused to follow the word limit—so
the content is squished into the two-page spread. For those who don’t
know Billy, he’s not a performer.
the extremely excited guy you would see up by the stage holding three
or four beers that would lose their contents when his favorite song
was played.
His legs would
kick up in the air and his body would jerk in ecstasy. He’s the kind
of fan every band would want.
hope he was paid as well as I was.

*** In James Ryan’s column, Fryin’ with Ryan, James realizes that
testicles are not found on an octopus; genitals aren’t people of non-Jewish
origin; and scrotum is not a planet near Uranus.

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