Lolita: Witches, pumpkin heads, black cats, scary spooks, and black bats, oh it’s Halloween! Rita: It’s almost here and it is our job to make sure you have time to explore costume possibilities before you dip to the last-minute pathetic get-ups that deserve violation fines from the costume police. Lolita: I will never receive a summons from the costume police. Come see for yourself… we’re continuing our tri-decade festivities (in Worcester this month) with an afternoon 18-plus show! This eight-band punk show is at the Raven in Worcester on Saturday, October 9th (doors at 3:00). Rita: It already sounds awesome. And I mean that. Too many people use awesome to label something great. And although this show IS the greatest, it is awesome because it inspires fear—perfect for October—the month of the Hallowed Ween. Lolita: You mean like the Hall of Weens? Rita: No. Lolita: Oh, you mean like a hollow weenie? Rita: No. Lolita: Oh wait, I remember, it’s All Hallow’s Eve. Rita: Nope, not that either. I break it down like this: hallowed, as in holy, and ween—abbreviating between. To me, Halloween is the holy space between heaven and hell—some call it purgatory. Lolita: Oh yeah, I’ve been there—kinda like waiting for the Green Line at 2:00 AM—one step in the wrong direction and you’re embarrassingly straddling the tracks. Rita: But keep your nose clean and let your higher power steer the train—you’ll soon forget about greasing palms to bypass hell. I’m glad we got that straightened out. Now let’s talk to our friends and find out the scariest thing that ever happened to them. Lolita: Ooo, there’s Duncan. I know just by the name of his bands that he must have something scary to share.


Lolita: Duncan, please tell me about the scariest thing that has ever happened to you. DUNCAN WILDER JOHNSON (Bring the Knife/ Destruct-a-thon): I fell off of a fucking house with my dad, dropped 25 feet, and broke a ton bones! *** KRISTEN MILLER (Kristen Miller): Wow, girls, that’s an easy one. The scariest thing ever? Glenn Beck and his games of telephone logic. And even scarier, all the little sheep that listen and regurgitate the nonsensical sound bytes. And scariest for the future: maybe a Beck and Palin presidential ticket? I think I just threw up a little. Happy Halloween! *** MARK KAYE (Hear Now Live): Last year at Precinct we had our annual Halloween Hangover Show and someone showed up with a real sword. I started speaking with the guy and he was there alone and didn’t know anyone in the bands. He started telling me that if he had to use the sword than he would… he then started following me around all night and when I went to the bathroom I opened up the bathroom stall and there he was sword out of its sheath and doing some kind of prayer… needless to say I ran out of the bathroom and got the security guards to get him the hell out of there. *** DAN KING (KBMG/ Bandit Kings): One snowy winter’s eve I pulled out of my driveway on the top of a hill in East Gloucester and turned downwards toward route 127 by the traffic lights. It didn’t take long before I was sliding out of control picking up speed into traffic coming from both directions. Miraculously I skidded across the street into a parking space missing oncoming traffic on both sides. Timing is everything! I certainly used up a life that day. *** A.J. WACHTEL (the Noise): Long ago, I hung out regularly with many different groups of people, including the Hell’s Angels in Salem/Lynn. One Angel had a girlfriend about a quarter mile away from where I lived and. one night I ran into her at a bar and she was as drunk as I was. I ended up at her house after the bar closed and after screwing her for awhile, I sobered up and figured I’d better get out of there quickly in case he showed up. So I go home about 7:00 am and find my friend IN MY BED sleeping. “Hey A.J. Get lucky?” Momentarily, I thought he somehow knew I screwed his girlfriend just hours earlier and that I was doomed. *** CAPTAIN MUTHERFUCKER (Fog Wizard): The exorcism I saw as a child was terrifying! My parents took me to a tent revival when I was 10. One night a lady there began freaking out. Preacher told us she was possessed and he needed people to help. We circled around her as preacher started the exorcism. As she writhed and moaned, the preacher compelled the demon to leave her. Suddenly, she lurched forward and the Preacher told us to leave for the demon was free and we should pray all the way home. I never prayed so much in my life. *** DJ MATTHEW GRIFFIN (the Noise): In 1985, I was playing with a butcher knife and nearly severed my right index finger off completely. Ever heard of the Six Million Dollar Man? My Father used to call it “the $5,000 dollar finger.” *** BILL GOFFRIER (Big Dipper/ the Embarrassment): Once upon a time I was on the road with Big Dipper and bringing the van in for a landing at Indianapolis or some equally nondescript city-at-night. Suddenly we witnessed a mushroom cloud reaching skyward on the horizon. I tingled all over as I contemplated our last few minutes on this earth. Needless to say the end wasn’t near, and the local news reported the explosion of a power substation. Lolita: That must have been the inspiration for the song, “All Goin’ Out Together.” Bill: No, that song was already in the set, but I think the image figures into a later song of mine, unreleased. Lolita: Wow—inside future information. I bet the song is called is “After the Mushroom Peaks,” or “Indianapolis Mushoom Ignites” or “Big Dipper Explodes”!

Rita: Well, Lolita is continuously looking for a reason to get invited out—whatever the cost. She’s always landing in the back seat of someone’s car. I’m not making this up—check out this month’s 5/10/15/20 column—she outright admits to it. Now, before I get any further off the track, let me share the news with you that you will not hear anyone on TV talking about… In Washington D.C., WOODY GIESSMANN (Right Turn) was presented with the Addiction Professional of the Year Award by the National Association of alcohol and drug addiction counselors (NAADAC). Lolita: That was mentioned on TV. *** Quiet Desperation, the hit online comedy show starring ROB POTYLO (formerly Robby Roadsteamer) will be airing to 2.8 million homes in New England on MyTV at 11PM on Fridays. Eighteen half-hour shows are planned to run, starting Christmas Eve, 2010. Lolita: That obviously will be on TV. *** Okay he’s not a musician, but JIMMY TARANTINO of Gloucester landed on this season of Survivor. Lolita: That too! *** In celebration of Diesel:U:Music’s 10th anniversary, they’ve joined up with Sonicbids and are in search of a band and fan to take the coveted Stupid for Music World Cup title. The competition includes a series of heats and knockout rounds where fans ink a band name on their body, build a band shrine, use their favorite band’s poster as street spam, video tape their reaction if the band were to break up, etc. More info at www.music.diesel.com. Lolita: Sounds like it’s destined to become a reality game show on TV. *** M-Work is re-launching their online newsletter—if you’d like to receive it, go to www.m-works.com. Lolita: As advertised on TV. *** ILYA, a bilingual (Russian/English) Bostonian, has created I Heart Noise—the ultimate music encyclopedia. Check out http://ihrtn.com. Lolita: And thank you Ilya, we love you too. Rita: I wonder when Ilya first read the Noise. T Max: Ilya’s website has nothing to do with loving our magazine. Lolita: But how do you know for sure? T Max: He emphasized it when he was interviewed on TV.


Lolita: I still wonder when a lot of people started reading the Noise. When they started tells a lot about when they were really active in the music scene. Hey Linda! How’s Ruby? And when did you first start reading the Noise—and at that time who was your favorite band? LINDA VIENS (Angeline): I started reading the Noise in 1982 and my favorite band at the time was Robin Lane & the Chartbusters. Almost 30 years later and I still am being inspired by the people who were in that band! *** MICHAEL P. AROIAN (Elsewhere): It’s hard for me to place exactly when I started reading the Noise but I want to say it was around August, 1993, before our first show at T.T. the Bear’s. At that time (or more like a couple years after that), my favorite local bands were Mistle Thrush, Bison, Blau Zur, and Underball… these were mostly bands that had either a progressive leaning or who knew how to rock the fuck out! An honorable mention also goes out to Machinery Hall, who were so capable of taking over a crowd with their simple but majestic songs. *** ERIC BAYLIES (Baylies Band/ Temple of Bon Matin): I started reading the Noise in high school around ’83, though I could not get every issue. Favorite acts then were Throwing Muses, Mission of Burma, Proletariat, Salem 66, Robin Lane, Blue Hollow, Holy Cow, Lyres, Dredd Foole, and Lou Miami. *** MAX BOWEN (Citywide Blackout): Around a year ago, and at the time my favorite local act was Planetoid. I had just gotten their CD, Shadow of the Planetoid, and thought it was fucking awesome! *** DAVID KIRKDORFFER (The Blank Attack/ UNDO): I probably started reading the Noise in 1992 after Womb to Tomb broke up. My favorite local bands at the time would have been Dogzilla, Think Tree, SEKA, Common Ailments of Maturity, and Bullet LaVolta. *** BOBBY GAUDREAU (the Queers/ Bobby Gaudreau & the Blue Spotlight): The year was 1981 or early 1982. My favorite local band was definitely the Outlets. The local music scene was unbelievable then. I was still in high school. I would have been more tired but had a natural high from the previous night’s show at the Rat, Cantones, or the Channel. I played my first two nightclub gigs with the Outlets. There was lot of camaraderie back then so it was the norm to become friends with your fave bands and play shows with them. *** AJDA THE TURKISH QUEEN (Black Fortress of Opium): I began reading the Noise in 1997, and my fave local act at the time was Turkish Delight. I had heard about them all the way back in Texas! *** DAVE DUNCAN (WFNX): I first picked up the Noise somewhere around 1997—my favorite local bands back then included the Gravel Pit, Helicopter Helicopter, and some new band called the Sheila Divine. *** MR. CURT (Mr. C. Ensemble): I’ve been faithfully following the Noise since issue #1. And I truthfully don’t remember if I had a fave band, just a lot of friends making music together in our wonderful music scene, which you have promoted with vigor and wit. Trés bien! *** ERIC WELSH (Chill House Studios): I first started reading the Noise sometime around 1992 and my favorite local act was Concussion Ensemble. I remember going to see them downstairs at the Middle East. Lolita: Oh yeah, I remember all those bass drums lined up at the front of the stage would make body feel like it was in a boxing match when they started to play. *** JOHN POWHIDA (the Rudds): I’ve been reading since June 1st, 2000 the day after I moved to Boston. Ms. Pigeon. Happy birthday Noise! I’ve read every one since that fateful June day! *** WILL DAILEY (Will Dailey): In 1998 I started reading and my favorite band was Expanding Man. *** JON MACEY (Fox Pass/ Boston Acoustic Collective): I started reading the Noise mid-1980s, near the beginning. I had just returned from New York City. My favorite act was Barry Marshall & the Rockin’ Robins. I like girl singers. The Beat was the other big local music mag. Anybody seen Chuck White? Lolita: We haven’t heard anything about Chuck White since dirtywater.com folded. But we do have A.J. Wachtel (Beat writer) on board at the Noise. Rita: That reminds me of a hillbilly song that the two top Noise editors wrote called “If It’s Good, It Can’t Be Beat.” Francis, do you remember any lines from it. Francis DiMenno: Near as I remember, the one of the verses went, “The articles are oh so smart and written up by sages/ I like to use the magazine to line my old bird cages.”


Lolita: Oooo—I saw Francis DiMenno and T Max perform that one live. There might have been camaraderie between bands but the ’zine-folk didn’t cross lines much. Rita: Band members are always crossing lines—and sometimes just staying there. Here is some line crossing that we’ve recorded lately. Members of THE WEISSTRONAUTS, FRANCINE, BABY RAY, THE RUDDS, THE BARNIES, and TWEETY UK have united and hit the big time. They are called HILLBILLY HOLIDAY. Lolita: No, they are not a backwoods hootenanny tribute band to BILLIE HOLIDAY. *** LARRY DERSCH (Binary System/ Angeline) and JIMMY RYAN (… & Hayride) have formed LOWRIDE DUO. *** Drummer NANCY DELANEY (A Confederacy of Dumpsters/ x-Cello Chix) has joined the STEVE WALTHER ORCHESTRA. *** Multi-instrumentalist JOEL SIMCHES has rejoined BLACK FOREST OF OPIUM on bass. Lolita: Did you know that Joel also heads up booking and the engineering of On the Town with Mikey Dee on WMFO? Rita: For any of our new readers, MIKEY DEE does not host that radio show—the name of the show was kept in tact after Mikey passed away. The late Mikey Dee has gone down in history as the most enthusiastic supporter EVER of Boston area music. He dedicated his entire life to promoting bands in every way possible—working at WMFO, the Planetary Group, and the Noise. The word is out that DAVD ACKERMAN is putting together a documentary film on the life of Mikey Dee. It should be very entertaining.

Rita: Like Mikey Dee always did—it is always better to help others before you help yourself. Lolita, let’s find out who our friends help out. Ask them what are their favorite charities. Lolita: Okay—I just happen to have Kier Byrnes of Three Day Threshold with me—and I wasn’t making out with him. Kier, I know that you play a special event every year. Tell me about your favorite charity. KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): My band has been hosting a big concert that has sold out the Paradise the past several years called Rodfest. All profits go to a scholarship named after my cousin Greg “Rodney” Moynahan, who was tragically killed in a car accident just after graduating college. Though Rodney’s death was an undisputable tragedy, Rodfest and the scholarship are our attempt to make the best a tough situation; by bringing friends and family together, helping people in need and supporting local music. So far we have raised over 60K for the cause but we aren’t stopping there. We already have big plans for Rodfest 9! *** JOE CANNATELLI (On the Fringe Studios, Inc): Our favorite charity is Lyrics for Life. It is an outstanding non-profit organization that bring musicians together to help fight the battle against pediatric cancer. Sister Hazel’s front man Ken Block founded it. This charity unites musicians and celebrities for concert events, auctions, and other fundraising efforts to help find a cure. A worthy charity for any musician. *** KENNY LAFLER (the Weisstronauts/ Hillbilly Holiday): Year Up is an intensive job-training program for urban young adults, located in downtown Boston. I’m a mentor, which means I meet regularly with a student in the program to offer advice on navigating the world of work. If you’ve held a job, you can be a mentor too—so do it! *** ANDY MILK (the Vital Might): We lost my mother to breast cancer last year after a brave nine-year battle. Most don’t make it nearly that long. Any charity that supports awareness, early detection, treatment, and research towards a cure for breast cancer are my favorites, including the Dana Farber Cancer Institute which I’ve run the Boston Marathon for twice and the Avon Walk, which my fiancee and family are participating in this year in memory of those we’ve lost. *** KEN FIELD (Agachiko): Tutoring Plus of Cambridge provides free tutoring services to kids in Cambridge’s Area 4. There’s a fundraiser on October 28—info is at http://tutoringplus.org. *** WOODY GIESSMANN (Right Turn): My fave charity is my agency, Right Turn. We provide addiction services to creative people and operate under a 501(c)3. We are always faced with challenges to keep the doors open to so many people that need help. There is not funding at the level of state for our services. The budget has been cut too much. The way we choose to manage our annual budget is with the SuperGroup Annual Concert. This helps us reach our financial goal to stay open. *** ARTHUR NASSON (Arthur Nasson): My favorite charity was spearheaded by Sarah Palin where a group of Alaskans go on self described “crusades” to try and convert gay grizzly bears into becoming straight grizzly bears. They feel that by encouraging them to be “less swish” they will secure a better future for all Americans. Widely known as Alaskans for Twinkie Bear Reform, the A.T.B.R. are not without controversy. In response some have redubbed them Assholes Without Borders. *** SLIMEDOG (the Noise): My favorite charity, along with my associates Mrs. Slimedog, Zortar et cetera, is St. Francis House. It is Boston’s largest homeless shelter and they do lots of great work helping people who really need it. Please give to them if you can. Lolita: Now that I think about it, I wonder why Kier wasn’t making out with me. I heard something about him planning to tie the knot with that Mandy. I will try my hardest not to be jealous of her, because I have to admit that last year when I saw her on stage as a Santa’s Helper, she was absolutely as cute as me.

Rita: While Lolita is stuck staring into her compact and reciting those famous words from Snow White—“Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?,” I’ll let you know about some of the excellent shows this month. PETER LINDBERG is at the Dog Bar in Gloucester every Wednesday night in October. *** Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band plays the Honk Fest in Davis Square, Somerville. The fest runs October 8-10. *** Noise writer DJ MÄTTHEW GRIFFIN put together this month’s Noise 30th Anniversary Party with IRON CROSS, and FOR THE WORSE co-headlining with seven other hardcore punk bands at the Raven (258 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA) on Saturday afternoon, 10/9 (3:00PM doors). *** Later that night T MAX releases Why Do We Go to War? in Lowell at Gallery 119. *** On Sunday, 10/10, at 1:00 PM the School of Rock does an all-ages double header of classic metal and the Police at the Middle East. *** ERIN HARPE plays her delta blues at Johnny D’s on Friday, 10/15. *** Homegrown II is a three-day all-ages festival in Jamaica Plain at the Temple, 10/15 to 10/17. Some highlights are DAMON & NAOMI, DECEMBER SOUND, TUNNEL OF LOVE, and JESSE GALLAGHER (Apollo Sunshine). *** RICK BERLIN’s CD release is at the Lizard Lounge on Saturday, 10/16. *** THE SPOILERS release their CD at the Precinct Bar on Friday, 10/22. *** On Saturday, 10/23, New England Americana presents THE POINTS NORTH at the Midway. *** THE NEIGHBORHOODS release the Last Rat on Sunday, 10/24, at the Paradise. *** On Thursday, 10/28, CAMPAIGN FOR REAL TIME and MEAN CREEK team up to perform a Talking Heads tribute at T.T.’s. *** THE RUDDS reunite for a show at the Rosebud on Friday, 10/29. *** Same night Hear Now Live presents Halloween Hangover with THE ICY MOONS OF JUPITER. *** On Saturday, 10/30, NANCY NEON hosts her Halloween Bash with THE COFFIN LIDS. *** A Halloween extravaganza benefits the Horror Business at Great Scott on Sunday, 10/31. Lolita: I hope that your costumes fit you well. Rita: Lolita’s fits her perfectly—she’ll be a call girl. Lolita: Well, at least I won’t have aliens performing anal probes on me. Rita: You’re just jealous that my film has become a cult classic.

RIP: Gene Gilmartin (drummer of Ball & Pivot) passed away on 9/20/10. He was 55 years old.

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