By T Max
and Lolita

October 2005    Issue #255

Cover: Reverend Glasseye

Other Stories: Billy Beard, Harris, the Dimwits, Word on the Street is a column that covers Bleu and Joey Pesce

Bands: The Ferns, Bleu, the Everyday Visuals, Tiger Saw, Faces on Film, Peter Moore, the Gentlemen, the Rudds, Cocked & Loaded, Lincoln Conspiracy, Meat Depressed, the Marvels, the Bon Savants, the Spurs, Presley, the Welch Boys, the Peasants, the Freeze

Gossip & Stuff: This is a totally spooked out Halloween issue. Scary photos and little bats with tiny T Max heads attached to them decorate many of the pages. *** The Big Shot, okay, it was still called the centerfold then, is the dripping bloody skull of Thermos X. Plimington (Voodoo Screw Machine) with plastic babies hanging upside down on industrial-strength chains. *** There’s a column that didn’t last long called Word on the Street that is something like a couple of short stories by Lexi Kahn—she covers Bleu and Joey Pesce. *** Apollo Sunshine’s CD sits on top the Noise’s Top 30 radio chart. *** Rita Flange is starring in Sex Aliens on Uranus, a B-horror film. I know that 45 people saw this masterpiece and it grossed $37.25. And no matter what Rita may have reported, she did not receive an Oscar nomination.
October 2000    Issue #205

Cover: Bentmen, Reverse, the High Ceilings, Bazookgate, Rock School, Election 2000

Bands: Neptune, Muck & the Mires, the Downbeat 5, Classic Ruins, Raging Teens, the Konks, Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Kings of Nothin’, the Naked Sams, Big D & the Kids Table, Kenne Highland, Runner & the Thermodynamics, 13 Ghosts, Francine, the Shods, Baby Strange
Gossip & Stuff
: WMFO officially renames Studio D to Studio Dee in memory of the late Mikey Dee (the Noise/ Planetary Group/ WMFO). *** Winston Brahams (Fuzzy) marries Mike Sveage (Ray Corvair Trio) to Janine with Poundy Venable (Rock City Crimewave) the best man. That would make Winston a Justice of the Peace. That is correct. *** The famous Olympic swimmer Jenny Thompson who has won more Olympic medals than any woman in history is related to Kris Thompson (the Lothars)—she’s his sister. *** The Rock School guitarist gets a wealthy girlfriend who takes him out to fancy restaurants. She buys him an expensive custom-made guitar, but he thinks the instrument is crap. The end result is him going back to a diet of Ramen noodles. *** Not many people realize that the character on the cover is not in the Bentmen. He is Zackery, an old New York TV host for B-horror movies. I think Rita insisted that be put on the cover in hopes that he would run her masterpiece in the making—Sex Aliens on Uranus.
October 1995    Issue #154

Cover: Emergency Broadcasting Network, Crown Electric Company, Butterscott, the Penny Dreadfuls, Turkish Delight, the Weaklings
Bands: Alloy Orchestra, Otis, Trona, Flying Nuns, the Gravel Pit, Dambuilders, Klover, Birdbrain, Lint, Swank, Orbit, Milkmoney
Gossip & Stuff: Boston Rock Opera is performing Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band featuring David Minehan (the Neighborhoods), Bill Goffrier (Big Dipper), Ken Field (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic) and Linda Viens (Crown Electric Company). *** The Borg, my sci-fi performance art band with my son, plays at the Middle East Downstairs. It’s our first performance without our alien headgear so it’s the first time I can see the audience singing along to all our songs. Rita Flange attends the show and insists that the aliens are after her butt. I think she was just subliminally advertising her future film. *** Castle von Buhler plans a double-club CD release party for their double CD compilation—Anon. *** Roger Miller (Mission of Burma, etc.) has 38 releases to his name. Number 38 is Elemental Guitar. *** Morphine, Letters to Cleo, and Tracy Bonham are the most nominated artists in the Boston Music Awards. *** New England Rocks changes its name to aim at a national market. We’ve seen this scenario fail before. *** After Billy Conway gets in trouble for doing the nasty with you, Lolita, he comes on to you with his answer to the Question of the Month. I have to admit—I might have made up that answer to satisfy my ego at the expense of getting him into another whipload of trouble.

October 1990    Issue # 99

: Zug Zug, Peter Choyce, Gingerbutkis
Bands: Willie Alexander, Mighty Mighty Bostones, Anastasia Screamed, Letters to Cleo, Slapshot, the Titanics, Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, Salem 66, Slaughter Shack, Bulkhead
Gossip & Stuff: Willie Alexander’s review says he’s been at it for a while now and is the embodiment of style in this town—a mix of Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Mick Jagger. *** Pat McGrath (owner of Looney Tunes) owns an Oldsmobile Delta 88 that has been broken into four times, stolen and recovered twice, and stolen and destroyed once. Luckily I was not in the back seat when it was destroyed, but I previously had a hard time explaining the same thing to the police twice. *** Ahh hah! There’s a fake review of the Beeheads (they were the band in the Noise comic strip)—writer Paul Austin dreamt up the show or though he’d be clever and see if it helped the band get more popular. So did it work? Didn’t you see them on American Idol? *** In the mail section Miss Xanna Don’t explains how she and 7 or 8 Worm Hearts parted ways. It was because she ran rehearsals like a Hitler. *** GG Allin also writes in from his Michigan prison cell saying he’s going on a hunger strike and has filed a three million dollar lawsuit against the state for an unlawful extension of his sentence. *** Billy Ruane loses his job booking the Middle East. No lawsuit has been filed. As of yet. *** Rita Flange dreams of starring in a B-horror flick. The working title in her dream is Aliens Poke Me From Behind.

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