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By T Max


September 2005
Issue #254

Cover: Waltham, Caspian, Bee’s Knees (inside story
on the last days of Manray)

Bands: The Rudds, Lovewhip, Incredible Casuals,
Tristan da Cunha, the Beatings, Dinosaur Jr., Bleu, Neptune, Ketman,
Scamper, Blue Man Group, Meat Depressed, Scrank Sturgeon, Cyanide Valentine,
Muck & the Mires, the Downbeat 5, Helms, Peter Moore, Doctor Frog,
What Time is It Mr Fox?, the Coffin Lids, Rock City Crimewave, Robby
Roadsteamer, Andrea Gillis

Gossip &
: Isn’t it strange that
Waltham lands on the cover twice—exactly five years apart? (see 10
years ago) ***
mail column leads with a slice of the great Joe Coughlin/Bob Dubrow
debate over the use of the word negresses.
*** There are 14 full-page ads in this issue.
Off hand I would have to say that has to be some kind of record. ***
The Question of the Month has to do with pickup lines:
pretty cute for a short chick”;
“What do you think about gender modification?;
“Hi, my name is William Jefferson Clinton, would you like to give
me a Lewinski
? *** The Marvels and Mr. Airplane Man break
the Vital Might
and the Illegals form
. ***
Casey Desmond, Apollo Sunshine, and Wack Ass Egyptians each release
a CD.



September 2000
Issue 204

Cover: Waltham, Reverend Glasseye & his Wooden
Legs, Nash Satterfield

Bands: Reverse, the Syphlloids, Tugboat Annie, Make
Lisa Rich, the Decals, Duncan Wilder Johnson, C60, the Halogens, the
Buckners, the Gizmos, the Medea Connection, Tricycle, Crash & Burn,
Helms, Victory At Sea, Jill Kurtz, the Red Telephone

Gossip &
: The mail column is filled
with responses to K’s harsh reviews—“
review came off bitter and personal
”; “he’s lowering the quality of the magazine”; the
review is very short on explanation in comparison to the number of insults
”; “as a Cape Cod
resident I was offended.” *** There’s a page of reviews other than
live reviews or CD reviews. Reviewed are: Black & Chrome—a
film by Jeff Hudson, Boston Band 1999 collector card set, and We
Gotta Go Now
—a book about the Mojo Hands by Dennis A. Blackledge.
Shods call it quits after playing for seven years. Their last show is
in their hometown of Lowell
. *** Ken Lafler (Baby Ray) and Aaron Tap (Boy
Joys) join the Weisstronauts. *** Muck & the Mires move from Liverpool
to Boston.
always thought they were a Canadian band before they came here.



September 1995
Issue 153

Cover: Mistle Thrush, Alloy Orchestra, Q Division

Bands: Letters to Cleo, Roadsaw, Poundcake, Buffalo
Tom, Stardarts, the Strangemen, Dambuilders, Cobalt, Combustible Edison,
Little A, Jumbo, Bosley, Otis

Gossip &
: Lolita, in this issue
you make up a story about getting abducted on a beach but eventually
get rescued by Billy Conway (Morphine), who you happen to have a crush
on. In real life Billy’s girlfriend reads Lolita’s story and believes
Billy is actually getting it on with Lolita.
so sorry I put you through that, Billy. Maybe I could give you a massage
to make up for it sometime—better come over to my place for it.
*** Uppercrust signs with Upstart Records.
Jocobono signs with Cherry Disc. Peter Wolf signs with Warner Brothers.
Dirt Merchants sign with Epic. Chainsuck signs with Wax Trax. ***
England Performer changes its name to Northeast
, expanding its regional coverage. *** The Noise’s
14th anniversary party features a triple CD release party
with Trona, the Goblins, and Jules Verdone.


September 1990
Issue 98

Cover: the Voodoo Dolls, 7 or 8 Worm Hearts, Joseph
& Nabil Sater

Bands: The Bosstones, Six Finger Satellite, Anestasia
Screamed, Cxema, Mindgrinder, Big Barn Burning, the Jigsaws, the Exis,
She Cried, Vasco da Gama

Gossip & Stuff: Doug Mellon (Green Street Station) takes
over Bunratty’s but never actually buys the place.
the first week they artistically paint the outside of the club with
a thousand colors—only to have the authorities of Allston tell them
that the paint job goes against city rules. Black paint ends up covering
the entire art project.
*** Oedipus (WBCN) writes the liner notes for
the latest release by the Ramones.
*** Mr. Butch wins money from the lottery three
times in one month. *** After Roseanne Barr destroys the National Anthem
at Fenway Park, WBCN has a contest that invites anyone to come down
to the station to sing it on air.
Thoms, known for his amazing portrayal of Judas in Boston Rock Opera’s
Jesus Christ Superstar, wins the competition easily.

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