Mr. Max’s Message 7/10

– July 2010



The response is already coming in from
the review of Why Do We Go to War? that was published in the
summer double issue of the Noise. Marc “Doc” Levy, a Vietnam
vet, was asked by a friend of mine to review my CD. I have never met
Marc and after reading the review I’m not sure if Marc would ever
want to meet me. The review is in staunch opposition to the take Sally
Applegate (Georgetown Record) had on the CD—“[T Max’s]
songs are haunting, others ominous, others heartbreaking. The vocals
are fascinating.” You can read Sally’s entire story


On Saturday, June 12, I played at the
Byfield Community Arts Center (a.k.a. Cat in the Cradle Coffeehouse).
It may not be the most well known place, yet, but it offers so much
potential. Between the four-foot high stage, a comfortable sitting audience,
a food bar in the basement, a great sounding room coupled with the perfect
PA and an outstanding guy, Chris Paglia, to run it—the place has everything
to make it a big draw in the inland North Shore area. I loved
playing there. The other acts on the night were super talented—Jason
Wilson, Jon Waterman, and Wild Maple. Their performances were all outstanding.
I’m looking forward to playing the room again.

I’m booked in my new hometown of
Georgetown at the local farmers’ market on Saturday, July 31 from
9:30-11:30am. It’s right on Rt. 97 in the Crosby’s Market parking
lot. It will be fun to meet some of the local folks and get to play
some songs for them. I’m sure my song about chopping vegetables (“Chop
Chop Chop”) will go over well.


T Max/the Noise
24 Beverly Drive
Georgetown, MA 01833


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