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By T Max and Lolita Flange


July/August 2005   
Issue #253

Cover: Bronson Arroyo, Dropkick
Murphys, Valhalla Kittens, the Rudds, December Sound

Bands: Asa Brebner, Emily Grogan,
Fluttr Effect, Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women, Count Zero, Worlds
Greatest Sinners, Humanwine, Three Day Threshold, Jimmy Ryan & Hayride,
Tristan Da Cunha, La Peste, Unnatural Axe, American Hi Fi, the Cautions,
Stump the Undertaker’s Organ
a challenge to stump Allan Sheinfeld—you have to yell out a TV theme
song that he doesn’t know!)

Gossip & Stuff:
There’s a full-page live review of the Dresden Dolls DVD filming party
at the Paradise. ***
still another story on Forgiving Buckner, a CD released by Slide
in 1996 that entered the Baseball Hall of Fame collection in 1998.
*** Wow—another story on Orpheus Reborn—the
band that had a hit with “Can’t Find the Time to Tell You” in
Joe Coughlin
wrote that one and managed to include a mention of Red Peter’s “Blow
*** But count them—there
are eight stories in this baseball theme issue. *** The baseball on
the cover is mine and it’s autographed by Bronson Arroyo. I
didn’t meet him during the interview. I met him by chance while I
was distributing this issue to WAAF. *** Oh wait—there’s another
story in the back of the issue about other baseball players who release
albums, including Don Drysdale, Dizzy Dean, Stan Musial, and Maury Wills.
And it’s written by someone
who doesn’t admit he’s Phil Milstein.

*** Johnny Damon, David Ortiz, and Edgar Renteria tie for most popular
Red Sox in a poll of Noise writers.


July/August 2000   
Issue #203

Cover: Merrie
Amsterburg, the Mockingbirds, Suzi Lee, Dave Aaronoff, Jed Parish

Bands: Scissorfight,
Willard Grant Conspiracy, the In/Out, Caged Heat, Godboy, the Wicked
Farleys, the Damn Personals, Kings of Nothing, Brett Rosenberg, Lyres,
Classic Ruins, Zola Turn, Dennis Brennan, Deb Pasternak, Lint, the Spurs

Gossip & Stuff:
This is the first issue that Joe Coughlin is listed as an editor. ***
Ten years ago bands were making cassette tapes—and we have a whole
column of reviews dedicated to only cassette tapes. *** Lilli’s, named
after one of the owners, Lilli Dennison, opens
That place was wonderful and it didn’t last long enough.
*** Ahhh, the Noise Dictionary of Slang!
I hate it when the pincushion meatmen do nothing about the lip bricks
because they’re busy hitting on the role mannequins.
Huh? *** The incoming mail section starts with
a Rumble aftermath concerned about moshing at clubs. The Rumble finals
paired off Waltham and Darkbuster—
one person almost died at the show.
Wow, five pages of mail. The last letter is kinda like an advice column
question. *** Lexi writes a story called “Jumping Off the Band Wagon,”
about local musicians who broke away from their bands to go solo—
Suzi Lee, Paula Kelley, Dave
Aaronoff, Carla Ryder, Jed Parish, and Jill “Chilly” Kurtz are included.


July 1995
Issue #152

Cover: Pooka
Stew, Jules Verdone, Six Finger Satellite, Trona, the Goblins

Bands: Scarce,
Sam Black Church, El Dopa, Brian Stevens, Curtain Society, Weeping in
Fits & Starts, Cold Water Flats, Tomato Monkee, Dennis Brennan,
Scatterfield, Happy the Clown, Tulips

Gossip & Stuff:
This issue includes a cool weekend story of a father and son attending
a couple of outdoor rock festivals—the Tremont Ale First Anniversary
Festival and the Central Square World’s Fair. *** There’s an S.A.S.
Profile page—that’s a column that featured three different local
What did
S.A.S. stand for
? *** 15 years
ago and some of the same advertisers were around—Looney Tunes, the
Middle East, Club Bohemia, Planet Records.
there’s no full-page ad on the back of the issue—three band ads
shared the page—Stardarts, Roadsaw/Swank, and the non-local Circle
*** Here’s another interesting
time related ad—a phone number to call to hear clips of sounds from
a lot of local bands—
of a pre-Internet way of getting to hear bands before you see them without
buying their recordings.
*** Chick
Graning (Scarce) is hospitalized on June 12 with an arterial Venious
malformation which caused a sever brain hemorrhage. He’s reportedly
in stable condition awaiting surgery.


July 1990 Issue

Cover: Miles
Dethmuffen, Sob Story, Chris Porter

Bands: O Positive,
Moving Targets, Zug Zug, Common Ailments of Maturity, Birdsongs of the
Mesozoic, Dambuilders, Willie Loco Alexander, Sebadoh, John Lincoln
Wright, GG Allin

Gossip & Stuff:
If this cover photo was handed in today it would be rejected. It looks
like Miles Dethmuffin did not want to be recognized. *** Mr. Butch reports
that he is looking to get a new girlfriend with some money.
Does that mean he’s going
to attract a girl by flashing his money, or the girl is the one with
some money?
*** Xanna Don’t,
Boston’s country rock gal with a huge beehive hairdo is threatening
to cut her hair. *** Scott Lerner (Heavy Head) says he’s going to
find a cure for AIDS.
is now known as Shady and writes for the Noise and plays with
the Crushing Low, but never came up with a cure.

*** How the hell did I get Paul Mitchell hair products to take a full-page
ad in the Noise? *** 20 years ago and the Middle East and Looney
Tunes are still hanging on as regular advertisers. *** Allston Beat
is the back page advertiser—
always had a new sexy gal selling something from their hip clothing
store that started in Allston and graduated to Newbury Street and Harvard

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