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by T Max and Lolita Flange



June 2005 
Issue #252

Cover: Mach 5, Certainly Sir, the Everyday Visuals,
Nobody’s Home

Bands: The Rudds, Darkbuster, the Downbeat 5, Ho-Ag,
the In Out, Ad Frank, the Charms, Taxpayer, the Raging Teens, Presure
Cooker, Chicken Slacks, Valhalla Kittens, Midnight Creeps, the Bon Savants,
Scamper, the Clickers, Count Zero, Tanya Donelly, Big Bear, Helms, the
Jody Grind, Doctor X

Gossip &
: Dr. Frog runs a full
page ad and leads with a quote from Northeast Performer—“Downright
Well, they
are the only band I ever saw that would slowly destroy their keyboard
during the show.
*** There’s
a true/false section that states Eric Van (ex-Noise editor) now
runs stats for the Boston Red Sox. …
And? Oh
come on—is it true or false?
at the bottom of Dr. Frog’s it says “From the band: All the other
bands are festering dog crap; we are great.” *** What about Carl Biancucci
getting into hi-tech gadgets? Remember, this is 2005—he thinks he’s
gonna go to Caldors to buy an eight-track cartridge so he can listen
to Grand Funk while cruising down to Paragon Park on Saturday night—he
also wants American troops out of Vietnam NOW!
I saw Carl last week and he had a cell phone—but it was as big as
a case of cigarettes and had a long antenna on it. He was trying to
call in a request to WCOZ.



June 2000  
Issue #202

Cover: Darkbuster (Rumble champs)

Bands: Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Freezepop,
Upper Crust, Scissorfight, Three Day Threshold, the Gentlemen, Mr. Airplane
Man, Heavy Stud, Heidi, Quick Fix, the Damn Personals, the Sheila Divine,
Rock City Crimewave, Quintaine Americana, Lovewhip

Gossip &
: Ahh, the year 2000 when
the money did flow—the issue starts out with four pages of ads! ***
Cynthia von Buhler is having a problem with people using photos of her
without her permission.
these the kind of photos where the body doesn’t exactly match the
*** Darkbuster’s Lenny
Lashley has his guitar stolen right after his band won their first night
of the Rumble.
And somehow
I was a suspect because I opened up a used instrument stand.
*** The band Missing Joe’s career comes
to a screeching halt because in a reviewed I said they were safe. The
almighty T Max has spoken—I’m sure all the band’s fans threw ripe
fruit at them in respect of my all-powerful opinion. *** The gossip
column talks about winning. Bob Dubrow from WMBR at the age of six was
chosen Butch for a Day on the Bozo Show
Imagine being dressed up like a homeless person with a dangling wig
of dreads… I’m not sure if I’d consider that winning
. No, it wasn’t like Mr. Butch. Oh, you mean the other kind of butch? *** Joe Coughlin (the Noise) at different
times has won a Raleigh “Chopper” bicycle, a Denon stereo system,
and an acoustic guitar that he quickly sold for $200.
gotten lucky with me, too



June 1995   Issue #151

Cover: Doc Hopper (Rumble champs), Mark Hamilton
(WZBC DJ), Dana MacDonald (T.T. the Bear’s booker)

Bands: Morphine, Tree, the Moors, One of Us, Opium
Den, Curtain Society, Crown Electric Company, Concussion Ensemble, Slide,
Mistle Thrush, Extreme, Green Magnet School, Laurie Sargent, Powerman
5000, Orbit, Women of Sodom, Gigolo aunts, Bim Skala Bim, Bentmen, Birdsongs
of the Mesozoic

Gossip &
: Ad Frank stars in
Prometheus Bound/ Hercules Unchained
performed by the Acme Theatre.
*** The soundtrack for the movie The Darien Gap features Willie
Alexander, Bim Skala Bim, Fuzzy, Quivver and more local bands. *** Chris
Doherty’s new band, Klover, gets signed before they play their first
gig. *** The Tam shows that it is way ahead of its time by being smokeless
(Massachusetts banned smoking in public places in 2004). *** Writer
Boon Sheridan says that when the Boston Red Sox are on a wining streak
the city of Boston can almost be a happy friendly place.
Is that still true? Well, this came from a time before the Sox
won two World Series, so now it takes a lot more than a inning streak
to change the disposition of the entire town. *** There a photo of John
Eye at one of his early shows when he was into slicing his chest open
with a razor blade.



June 1990  
Issue #96

Cover: Slaughter Shack (Rumble champs)

Bands: Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Volcano Suns, Think
Tree, the Bags, the Zulus, the Cavedogs, Voodoo Dolls, the Titanics,
Condo Pygmies, the Slaves

Gossip & Stuff: I love this photo on the cover of Colin,
the lead singer of Slaughter Shack. He’s bottom-lit and silhouetted
to eliminate the background and the text is flowing off the page.
Everything says this is a big band to see.
I don’t want anyone to forget that I predicted in print that Slaughter
Shack would win the Rumble.
AJ Wachtel (the Beat) lands a job at the New York Times
that he holds onto for a couple of years. *** Eric Martin (the Neats)
builds his own guitar. *** The Bosstones officially change their name
to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and are picked up by Taang! *** Dumptruck
breaks free of their two-year legal battle with Big Time Records. ***
Newbury Comics, Looney Tunes, Nuggets, Planet Records, the Garment District,
and T.T. the Bear’s are all recognized as “best of” by Rolling
*** The Lemonheads and Jerry’s Kids have songs
on the soundtrack of A Matter of Degrees that stars John Doe
(X). *** How the hell did you get away with saying that Michele Haber
(the Bristols) was a transvestite?
she was probably making a joke and I took it out of context to make
it a true fact that everyone should know. Luckily she later got an operation
and is now a complete physical female.

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