5/10/15/20 May 2010


By T Max and Lolita


May 2005  
Issue #251

Cover: Reverend Glasseye (Rumble Champ), Big Digits,
Lady of Spain

Other Stories
: Dan Millen, Mark Baxter

Bands: The Konks, Darkbuster, Garage Dogs, Ho-Ag,
U.V. Protection, Ad Frank, Bourbon Princess, Lost City Angels, the Montgomerys,
Humanwine, the Everyday Visuals, the Ducky Boys, Count Zero, the Downbeat
5, the Silver Lining, Tons of Chill, the Queers, Jimmy Ryan & the
Hayride, the Brett Rosenberg Problem, Senator Whatley, the Jumblies,
Aloud, Ultravixen, Aloud, Kevin MacDonald Band

Gossip &
: Wow,
this is one jam-packed issue
. The photos alone are worth commenting on—Lexi
Kahn, who can speak in Klingon, is actually pictured as a Klingon complete
with forehead ridges and a little pointy beard. Next to the photo she
translates her letter written in Klingon from the previous issue. ***
The centerfold (
known as the Big Shot
) is one of
my favorites—it’s of that bootylicious Empress Erin of Lovewhip.
*** How ’bout the shot of Vikki Sixx (Sugabomb) with bombacious rack—three
sizes larger than normal! (it was Photoshopped) *** Or the lovely Valerie
Thompson (Fluttr) having a wonderful time stroking her cello. ***
In the male photo category
we have the ultraglamic Mach Bell in fur coat with flowing headband,
horizontal stripped leggings, and hi-heeled knee boots.

*** Then there’s Space Pussy’s lead singer in tighty whities.
*** And don’t forget
the photo of former president Clinton in conversation with both Rita
and me. Rita may have had better cleavage than me that day, but it was
my eyes that Bill peered into—okay I did catch his eyes wondering
south a few times.


May 2000  
Issue #201

Cover: Tugboat Annie, Jennifer Tefft, Zola Turn—I
always thought the bass player Julia Austin was pretty hot, so I offered
her the centerfold (
known as the Big Shot
) and
what I got back was the how-dare-you-exploit-my-body and why-can’t-you-respect-me-as-a-musician
line, as she turned the offer down.

Bands: Asa Brebner, the Burning Sensations, the
Sterlings, Duncan Wilder Johnson, the Damn Personals, Star Ghost Dog,
the Explosion, Will Dailey, Half Cocked, Pete Weiss & the Rock Band,
Quick Fix, Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Three Day Threshold, Dragstrip
Courage, the Dirty Doctors, Kahoots, Butterscott, Hip Tanaka

Gossip &
: Mikey Dee’s benefit
series is being advertised.
being a Noise editor, Mikey was the biggest fan of local music that
I’ve ever known
. 99 bands are listed in the ad for the benefit
that was held over three days in 16 clubs. *** Al Janik (Plastic Cheese
Band) downs a frosty brew while posing with the Pope.
I think that was the
Polish Pope.
*** This issue has an entertaining story written
by Terry Kitchen about his struggle to get in the Rumble and his failure
to win.
*** Julie Chadwick from
WFNX and Helicopter Helicopter is pictured playing at T.T the Bear’s
. I’ll
always remember that it was Julie’s band that beat mine in the Rumble.
She was always prettier than me.
it be that she was also more talented
? *** Black & Chrome, a film by Jeff Hudson,
includes a sexual scene with Oedipus (WBCN) on top of Cynthia von Buhler
(Countess) with his gun in her mouth. *** Who remembers that the Boston
Music Awards were once the Kahlua Boston Music Awards? *** Hey, this
issue has a crossword puzzle in it by Lexi Kahn. 18 down is “Noise
publisher T Max’s first Boston band ____ Yard. Lolita, do you
know the answer to this? It’s four letters long.
that must be “Barn Yard” since you used to be such an animal.
No, I think it was “Peas Yard” because you were just beginning your
peace projects but couldn’t spell too well.
The first person to email me (tmaxnoise@aol.com) the correct answer will win a banner on the
web sites for a week.
*** T.R.U.E. Facts (They’re Really
ntrue… Ed), or how I learned the tricks of Photoshop,
include Chilly Kurtz with Bob Hope in western garb aiming their six-shooters
at the camera.


May 1995   Issue

Cover: The Curve of the Earth Family

Other Stories
: Tracy Bonham, Mickey
Bliss, the Moors, Resolve, Lateral Drift

Bands: Morphine, Mistle Thrush, Bentmen, Slide,
Dirt Merchants, the Ray Corvair Trio, Crazy Alice, the Derangers, the
Allstonians, Push Kings, the Vehicle Birth, Architectural Metaphor,
Curious Ritual, Grind, Roadsaw, Delta Clutch, the Modniks—hey, that’s
the band of the guy who previously owned Project Sound—where I record
all the time now.

Gossip &
: In celebration of the
150th issue we got five Noise writers to list their top 30 Boston singles.
The top three songs voted for were Big Dipper’s “All Goin’ Out
Together,” Mission of Burma’s “Academy Fight Song,” and Curious
Ritual’s “Flow.”
*** There’s
actually a video column in this issue. The Borg’s “Assimilation”
review includes–“computer generated effects imply that a future
primate-forebrain override will supercede a return to the lizard backbrain.”
*** Ian Clark, Audrey Clark’s son, looking
about 12-years-old has his photo taken with the 360’s—he now plays
in Razors in the Night. *** The huge blond pompadours of the Strangemen,
all in shades and silver suits are captured on film. ***
One of Us—John Eye’s
band is featured at the Noise’s 150th issue party. Fifteen
years later, John graces the cover of our April issue.


May 1990  
Issue #95

Cover: O Positive, Bob Dubrow, the Incredible Casuals

Bands: Heretix, Nisi Period, the Space Negros, Well
Babys, Hellcats from Outerspace, the Eels, Cheater Slicks, Grand Theft
Auto, Hunting Sleeve, We Saw the Wolf, Stormwindow, Medicine Ball

Gossip & Stuff: There is a photo of John Damroth at Planet
Records checking a 12-inch vinyl disc for scratches. This is the same
position I’ve seen him in for the past 20 years. *** Jim Janota (Upper
Crust) poses James Bond style substituting a pricing gun for one that
actually shoots to kill.
but those prices are killing me
! Badoomp. *** Pat McGrath (Looney Tunes) shares
his secret of practicing self abuse just so he can be with Linda Blair.
Isn’t she that one
who can hold down a ton of guacamole and can twist her head around 360
degrees? I still don’t understand why he doesn’t abuse himself over
Maybe you should do something for Pat—his
birthday is coming up—June 8. *** Dambuilders play for 5,000 in Germany.
*** Christmas moves back from Las Vegas to Providence. *** Tommy Wilson
graduates from being a roadie for the Heretix to being a roadie for
Janet Jackson. *** In the Incredible Casuals interview (
I like that—“in”
three times!
), the band gives their answers first and lets
the interviewer figure out the questions—it’s a Jeopardy-style interview.

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