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Written by Paula, on 03-11-2010 13:40
“The songs bleed together, telling tales of isolation and being lost in a big world.”

This is like reading poetry, which is perfect because I feel that’s what music is – poetry in motion.

An absolute pleasure to read.


Written by ayeuser, on 11-10-2010 18:47
Another trend that I see way too often is punks in their girlfriend’s jeans. What is with that?

Ya who do they think they are the NY dolls?

Go to bed old man.


Written by Dibby, on 15-09-2010 16:16
Every Noise mention touts this band as “who’s who” of the Boston music scene, but i think just “who?” might be more apt. I’ve been going to shows in Boston for 10 years and haven’t heard of a single member. Doing a little research tells me that the singer and bass player used to be in bands I have never heard of that haven’t played out regularly in years (if not decades?) and that the guitarist plays in an 80’s cover band in the suburbs. Is that all it takes? SNORE.


Sea Monsters at The Precinct Bar
Written by Luis Rosa, on 04-12-2009 16:29
Always a Great Band at a great Place. Every sunday the Sea Monsters have a great show with alot of different special guests.


Written by Russell Lamoreaux, on 20-07-2009 16:41
The author got it correct… Rock is dead in boston! WBCN is now a talk radio station. WBCN can be blamed for its own demise since it became about the personalities and not the music. You can thank howard stern as much as the station management for ruining the marquee boston rock station.

I laugh when I read this article because it’s how WBCN … Read Moreworks. Personality over performance. Politics over Talent. I thought the winning band was OK and dont blame them. They were doing what they do, and are not bad at it. BUT: The winner was selected because 1) she was the only female performer @ the show. 2) WBCN has “already” played her music on their station.
It leads to the question “where’s the beef?” Unfortunately, WBCN lost it! WBCN is like the great fighter that should have retired ten years ago. It became mildly embarrasing eight years ago, and annoying six years ago. Soon WBCN will be hawking cheap grilling devices to pensioners in a last attempt to bleed some more cash out of what was once a powerful force in Boston.

Russell Lamoreaux


Written by ijam, on 15-12-2008 12:09
Passionate, spot on review by AMANDA MACCHIA—-MORE PLEASE!


Hot Molasses
Written by Sam, on 19-10-2008 13:05
Very unprofessionally written. Comes off way too personal, perhaps Aaron Cohen (bassist of HM) nutted on Ray Padgett’s wife’s face while he was out listening to some shit records.


Middle East Upstairs 6/18/08
Written by Forest Henderson, on 09-09-2008 16:56
Hey Ray Padgett, thanks for the review of the show. You gave us some kind words and its greatly appreciated. Even if they hadn’t been kind, its always important to see some good and honest local reviews. Keep it up.

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