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By T Max and Lolita


Issue #93 March 1990

: The Titanics, John Orsi, High Risk Group, Bradley J

: Volcano Suns (
favorite band to see back then—they were always on the edge of going
out of control
), DYS, 7 or 8 Worm
Hearts, A.C., the Swinging Steaks, Toecutter, Teresa’s Kryptic Trout,
OBE, the Stand, Sanity Assassins, Who Be Dat

Gossip & Stuff
: Richie Parsons (Unnatural Axe) becomes a dad
and farts in harmony with his daughter. *** The Bloody Young Idiots
get thrown out of church for loud and obscene humming.
do you hum obscenely?
By putting
your head under a nun’s habit. *** Pat McGrath (Looney Tunes) urges
people to boycott digital records because they are an inferior medium.
*** John Soares displays his graphic photos with Famous Tattooed
Men and Children
Bennett (Wrecking Crew) gets the award for best tattoos on the double
page spread.
*** The Slave temporarily
plays under the moniker Masters & Slaves while fighting a battle
over their name with a band from Los Angeles. *** Musicians were so
anxious to be in the Noise and answer the Question of the Month that
they would send in answers before the questions were asked.
Gregg Levins (the Diversions)
offers, “On a Greyhound bus to Providence.”
question is what should you boycott? *** Carnal Carnival is ordered
to cease playing at Sneakers by the Salisbury Board of Selectmen due
to the obscene and vulgar language.
Bonnie legally fights the judgment.
Sorry, I don’t know the outcome
of the trial.


Issue #148 March 1995

: Rattle Heater, Quivvver

: Curtain Society, Sinkhole, Powerman 5000, Groovasaurus, Slush,
Modern Farmer, Jennifer Trynin, Gravel Pit (
Parish would wiggle the mic infront of his face to create a tremolo
on his voice!
), Sirensong, Crown
Electric Company (
Best ever dance party band
), Nisi
Period, Serum, Urban Ambiance, the Exi’s, Sumac, Flycatcher, Happy

Gossip & Stuff: The only band Brett Milano’s mom ever liked
was E.L.O.
Porter’s mom gets giddy over Tony Bennett.

Nat Freedberg’s mom loves the Beatles. *** Dave Gibbs (Gigolo Aunts)
breaks his wrist while snowboarding.
wonder if he was as good as the guys in the Olympics?

*** Lois Caruso (Midgrinder) and Steve Davis (Expando Brain) get married
in a graveyard and start a band called Dog. *** John Damroth (Planet
Records) fathers Amos Damroth. *** Local musicians raise a lot of money
with Safe & Sound, a benefit in response to the shootings by an
anti-abortionist at a Brookline clinic that resulted in the death of
Shannon Lowney and Lee Ann Nichols.
the benefit show, Gigolo Aunt’s cover Big Dipper’s “Ron Klaus
Wrecked His House” and Throwing Muses play Volcano Sun’s “Jak.
” *** Zippah recording studio and WFNX battle
it out on the bowling lanes, though the competition is mild-mannered
and the teams settled on a tie. ***
ad for a night of theatrical bands—Upper Crust, Women of Sodom, One
of Us, and the Borg!
Oh wait—I
must have put that show together.


Issue #199 March 2000

: Purr, John Surette & the Dineros, Planet Queen, Mikey

: Morphine, the Sugar Twins, Quintaine Americana (
I loved the way bassist Marc
Schleicher would drag his leg around the stage
Three Day Threshold, Brett Rosenberg, the Red Telephone (
these guys branch out from
a New Hampshire band called something like Penis Envy
), the Gravy, Edith, Ad Frank, the Figgs, Chandler
Travis Philharmonic, All the Queen’s Men, Ken Field, Meat Depressed,
Mishima, the Swallows, Will Dailey, Violet Tide, Favorite Atomic Hero,
Incus, the Anchormen, Pure Fiction, Ten Star General, Fashioncolt (
actually spelt fa5hioncolt), Kevin MacDonald Band, Nisi Period, Missing

Gossip & Stuff: This issue includes Women Behind the Scenes—20
profiles of the most important women in Boston music. A few that are
still active: Randi Millman (T.T.’s), Laura Wilson (WMBR), Gail Rush
(Curve of the Earth), Juanita (now on WZLX), and Carmelita (WAAF).
Notice that there is no mention
of me or my partner Rita.
*** Nate
Albert, who played with the Bosstones since he was 14, leaves the band.
*** Stacy Jones (Letter to Cleo) steps out from behind the drums and
gets American Hi-Fi rolling.
coming out with a new CD soon.

*** Mikey Dee, Boston’s most enthusiastic music fan and influential
scene booster, suffers a paralyzing stroke that eventually takes his
Mikey was
an editor of the Noise, a DJ on MFO with a great local show,
and the most effective promotion man at Planetary Group.
*** In a carpentry accident, Kevin Devlin,
fractures his wrist and can no longer drum in Helium. *** There’s
a photo of Joe Coughlin (the Noise) running a marathon hand in hand
with WMBR’s Bob Dubrow.
two guys had the longest battle in our mail column over something about
using the word nigress.
*** In
an ad I’m reminded of where Anngelle Wood (WZLX) got her start on
the radio…
know, it was on Shilo McDonald’s local music show on WMWM, the
Nor’ Easter


Issue #249 March 2005

: U.V. Protection, Country Doctors, Tiger Saw, the Spoilers

: Dresden Dolls, the Bags, Mardi Gras, Mission of Burma, the
Dents, Ho-Ag, Lady of Spain, Dreamchild (
use a photo of this band in the ad for your photography—you aught
to give them credit
), the Bon Savants,
Reverse, Sarah Rabdau, the Prime Movers, Din, Andrea Gillis, Muck &
the Mires, World’s Greatest Sinners, Sugabomb, Black Helicopter

Gossip & Stuff
: Ahhh—the infamous colonoscopy spread can be
found in this issue—four big glaring photos of the fleshy tube that
carries the food exiting my digestive system. *** Then we have the sexy
photo of Three Day Threshold’s sexy Gina Rebel in the act of licking
the neck of her stand-up bass. *** In Rock School the band gets a gig
at a daycare center and goes over big singing, “I just peed in my
diaper.” ***
Angel says of the Noise Board, “ Mordant, vicious display of
wit and rancor that remind one of the brilliance that is the Boston
*** Peter Choyce gets
a non-speaking part on CSI NY as a coroner. *** Blowfish (Boston Groupie
News) visits the Stax recording studio in Memphis and runs into Bono
of U2.
Rumors are
that they discussed the plights of living with a single B-name.
*** Dan Bronson (Dr. Frog) smashes his synth
with a hammer after each song—slowly demolishing his instrument during
a set. *** Rich Gilbert, the winner of Best Guitarist in Boston at least
seven times, packs his bags and moves to Nashville. *** John Powhida
announces that his Cheap Trick tribute band, Clock Strikes Ten, is dead.
I bet they’re playing someplace
in March of 2010.

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