: Most people know that New Hampshire’s motto is “live free or die,” but do you know that the Massachusetts motto translates (it’s in Latin) to “by the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty”? I have to question the use of the word peace. If one uses a sword to seek peace, he is not acting in peace. I prefer what peace meant to Mahatma Ghandi. Those who kill and maim to achieve peace are not true peacemakers. Lolita: Well, thank you, Mahatma Rita, for that lovely piece of pacifistic cud, but I choose to follow the words and actions of our Nobel Peace Prize-winning president and the armed forces that he controls. Rita: An eye for an eye leaves us all blind. Lolita: I’ll have to talk to Blind Lemon Pledge about that. Rita: On another subject, did you know that Massachusetts is the only state that has two hospitals listed in the top ten best hospitals in the country? And those hospitals are Mass. General and Brigham and Women. I am very thankful for receiving my health care from Brigham and Women. Lolita: Should I worry that I count on Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show to cure what ails me? Rita: No, not at all, Dr. Hook is right up there with Dr. Spock. Lolita: Yes, I know his motto—live long and prosper. I’m still waiting to prosper. Rita: Well, maybe you need to put some pressure on T MAX as to which New England acts are covered in this here rag. Maybe if we wrote about Tufts University’s historic a cappella group Beelzebubs or someone from American Idol (who’s from New England?) we’d have tons of new advertisers clambering to throw money at us and you could do something besides live long. Lolita: You’re right. Hold that call to Dr. Hook, I’m going to ask my favorite local musicians to describe what type of band they’d like to see more of in the Noise.


{mospagebreak title=Who Should We Cover?}


Rita: Go for it, girl. Lolita: Kier! Stop right there and tell me what type of band we should be covering in the Noise. KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): I would like to see more coverage of Americana bands in the Noise. While roots rock has traditionally taken a back seat to all the other different genres of rock in this town, art, prog, punk, emo, metal and even ska, it recently has established a solid foothold in the scene thanks to places like Atwoods, Toad, Precinct, Passim, Plough & Stars and Church. Those interested in hearing some great country, bluegrass and folk rock should come check out the fourh Annual New England Americana Festival at Church February 25-27. *** AJ WACHTEL (Boston Gets a Grip): There are three types of acts I would like to see the Noise cover. They are: doo-wop, southern rock, and German Octoberfest polka bands. For too long the Noise has ignored the growing multitudes of long-time Dion & the Belmonts, Marshall Tucker, and wrestler Freddie Blassie (“Pencil Neck Geek”) fans who tremble with the latest gossip from their long-dead idols. *** ERIC WELSH (Chill House Studios/ Eman Music): I would like to see more about this modern reggae style movement in the New England area. We have been recording a lot of it. *** GENO JOHNSTON (Dead Friends): Personally, I’d like to see more features on acts that are excelling in the all-ages scene. I don’t feel it is terribly important for the members of bands themselves to be under 21 but, I think it’s important that we pay heed to acts that are tapping into the local under-21 crowd. These bands are helping to expose new, younger audiences to our local music media and venues because when the rest of us retire from the scene (rehab, wither away in strip bars, get fat), these bands will hopefully carry the torch for us and keep the Boston music scene loud and proud! *** AL SHEINFELD (Roy Sludge) I’d like to see more coverage on mine. But I’m being sarcastic. I like to read about Ray Neades (R.I.P.). Ray was a great guy, an amazing singer with a heart of gold. The last time I talked to Ray was about doing some show together and we got off-subject and wound up talking for, like a pricey hour and a half (him in L.A.). Sandy is an old friend of mine, and Sandy, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry. Lolita: We have a story online about Ray Neades. Just look him up under previous cover stories on thenoise-boston.com.

{mospagebreak title=News of Rock}


Rita: Did you hear about ROGER MILLER’s Exquisit Corpse games? He’s gathering people to play riotous mind-bending games that were developed by Andre Breton and his co-conspirators during the 1920s and ’30s heyday of surrealism. Lolita: Yes, I did hear about it. The first one was held at Joseph and Nabil’s Amory’s Café. I hope he does it again. *** OEDIPUS returned to the radio waves on Christmas Eve 2009—but wait—WBCN is off the air—that’s right, OEDIPUS went right over to his former rival—WFNX! *** The Midway got its permit for expansion that will up the capacity to 99. Expect to see grand re-openings in May 2010—that’s how long it will take to expand and add sprinklers and electronic fire prevention equipment. Congratulations to owners DAVE and JAY BALERNA. *** AJ WACHTEL (the Man who speaks) now has a monthly column in the Boston Blues Society Newsletter (online at bostonbluessociety.com) that will be connecting long time blues and rock stars (local and national) with today’s entertainment scene. *** NESN moved SCOTT MATALON’s Boston Boxing TV show up to six times a week. *** ADAM LEWIS’s Planetary Group has expanded, taking up office in L.A. They are now a true bi-coastal promotional organization. *** CORIN ASHLEY has decided that his backing group’s name will change for every gig they play. Lolita: Great! We can make up new names for Corin’s band and the public will never know. He-he. I’m going to see Corin & the Cobs! No—Corin & the Peas Activists! Corin & Harrison’s Uncles! Rita: Please stop. *** During THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES annual Hometown Throwdown, DICKY BARRETT invited a seven-year-old boy in Bosstones plaid on stage to sing “The Impression That I Get.” The crowd loved the young singer’s effort. *** In ROB POTYLO’s Quiet Desparation episode 19, the highly educated CHIPPAH from the Noise Board gets in his two cents. *** KENNE HIGHLAND gets a nod from STEVEN KING in his latest book, Under the Dome—“the memorable New Year’s Eve show in 2009 featuring the Vatican Sex Kittens” on page 337. *** In 2009 ERIC LAW (photographer) saw over 255 different bands play over 425 sets in 58 different places. Do we have any challengers for the biggest live music fan? *** How ’bout the Foxwoods contest? Have you checked out bethewonder.com? Hear T MAX and JASON DUGUAY’s old school R&B version and LOS WONDER TWINS DEL RAP’s cool rap version. There are other interesteing versions too. Vote for your favorite. *** MARK DOHERTY and GENO JOHNSTON (both of Dead Friends) contributed their talents on GANG GREEN’s latest upcoming CD on Taang! Records. *** THE TOKYO TRAMPS went home for the holidays—that means the costly trip of flying to Japan. The New Year is the most important time in Japanese tradition. *** In a classic CEO move, GAIL RUSH (the brains of Curve of the Earth) slipped and broke her arm with no health insurance. DES (the Magic Room) offered his room for a benefit. Catch MELLO BRAVO and BACCUS KING on Wednesday, February 3. *** On March 2, Rounder Records will release Rounder Records’ 40th Anniversary Concert to celebrate the label’s 40 years in the music industry. The live concert was recorded in October 2009 at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry and will be presented as a PBS television special and released on DVD in May. *** X (Penis Fly Trap) had his amp head stolen. It’s a Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series 2210 100W head, serial number S/A -V06536. Write x-O-x@earthlink.net or call 617-787-6227. Lolita: Better yet, deliver the amp head and get a $200 reward! *** ASA BREBNER (Family Jewels) had his artwork hanging on the walls of Passim throughout January. Among other pieces was a painting made specifically for Noise publisher T MAX’s three-year audio project Why Do We Go To War? Asa sold one of his art guitars to PETER WOLF (J. Geils Band), who then took it and presented it to KEITH RICHARDS (the Rolling Stones) as a birthday present. *** NICK MORSE (son of journalist Steve Morse) had his paintings hang in Zuzu for the month of January. Lolita: We’ll be focusing more on the art and music connection in the pages of the Noise. So, if you’re a musician doing art that deserves attention, let us know about it.

{mospagebreak title=Mass Health}


: Did you know that Massachusetts is one of the healthiest states to live in? In fact, only Minnesota rates higher. This rating reflects access to health care providers, affordability of health care, and the general health of a state’s population. Lolita: Did someone give you a book on facts about Massachusetts? Rita: No, this is just information I’ve picked up while studying for the State Bar exam. Lolita: I never knew you were interested in becoming a bartender. Maybe we should ask a question about what you’d like to be when you grow up. Rita: Oh come on, musicians never grow up. Let’s just ask them if they have any hopes or wishes for 2010. Lolita: Okay, there’s Ajda eating figs. Let’s see what she’s hoping for… AJDA THE TURKISH QUEEN (Black Fortress of Opium): I hope to make it over to Europe to play shows after we put out our new album! *** CORIN ASHLEY (Corin Ashley & the Shy Five): It is my fervent hope that Scott Janovitz finishes and releases the Russians album he has been working on since the Clinton administration. I predict massive critical acclaim in the Noise and other publications. *** KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/Birdsongs of the Mesozoic): I wish everyone happiness, health, and success in the coming year. I hope to have the good sense to appreciate whatever level of these things I myself end up with. *** KAREN DeBIASSE (Girl On Top): My wish would be that we all have no fear and only positive thoughts for 2010 and beyond. Happy New Year everyone! *** DAVE BALERNA (the Midway): My wishes and hopes are that our dedication and commitment to the live music scene invades people’s spirit like the H1N1 virus and that the stewards of the scene can give there bodies a break and let the young and strong livers carry the ball. I want to say in 2020, “Remember when in 2010.” Lolita: Whose dedication and commitment? Dave: “Our,” meaning us old fucks—the dues payers. Ha-ha. *** DAVE TREE (SuperPower/ Drug WAR): My hopes for 2010 are we get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan, shut down Blackwater and put the guilty in jail, the passage of heath care bill so every American is covered, Rush Limbaugh has a heart attack on crack and dies a disgrace, and peace love and happiness for the world. *** JON MACEY (Fox Pass): I will be entering my fifth decade as a recording and performing artist. Yes, I started young. My wish is to continue to make music and to reach an audience. I also wish to continue seeing my long-term musical friends out there on the path, doing the same. On a larger scale, I hope LPs come back big and the Beatles get the whole top five on the charts again. *** FRANCIS DiMENNO (the Noise/the Wrong Hero): My hopes for 2010: That Democrats will realize that their obsession with fairness is every bit as oppressive as the injustices they’re supposedly attempting to ameliorate. That Republicans will realize that their fondness for unjust market forces is every bit as oppressive as the collectivism they’re blatantly attempting to suppress. And that Libertarians will get the help they so desperately need. *** SHADY (the Crushing Low/ the Noise): Wishes for 2010: Wars ending in Afghanistan and Iraq. Health and prosperity for the Noise readers and staff, and a shiny new Ferrari Italia 458 in my garage. Did I go too far on that last one? Lolita: I think there’s as good a chance that the Ferrari ends up in your garage as the war ending. *** ANDERSON MAR (Dark Sky Productions/ Sans Nomenclature): I’d like to see a repeal on the ban on all-ages shows. Which politician in this town do I need to sleep with to make that happen? *** BUBBA GRIMM (Danse of the Macabre): I hope that the economy gets better in 2010. Its decline over the past few years was a drastic blow to both musicians and the Boston music scene. Bar, club, and music venue closings have been very frequent. It has become a reality that musicians and bands do not have enough money to produce independent music, which has stifled the Boston underground. These problems affect everyone from studio owners to local fans who appreciate musical diversity within the local scene. *** SAMMY MIAMI (Houndstone): I wish WZLX would play the new Houndstone record. Is “hope” still a word? I think “cope” replaced it. *** CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMBR/WMFO): More justice, less war. It would be nice if the Democrats can develop a spine and stand up for our interests rather then caving to medical insurance companies and minority obstructionists (nothing personal, Mike Capuano). Is it just a pipe dream to imagine a better world is possible? I hope 2010 brings us a step closer to that. Lolita: Life is what you make it. And from what I can see, Chuck, you’re making this world a little better for all of us.

{mospagebreak title=Musical Chairs}


Lolita: Rita, I heard you picked up another job. Someone told me you’re a receptionist. Rita: No, you misheard. I’m a receptarist. Lolita: Yeah, that’s what I said; only I took the cake out of my mouth before I spoke. Rita: A receptarist is a collector of recipes. I happen to know that KELLY DAVIDSON (photographer) and ERIC SCHMIDER (Mollycoddle) are also receptarists because they are gathering recipes for a Boston rock ’n’ roll cookbook. Lolita: Wait a second. Back in 1987 we were in MONIKA BOLINO’s Boston Rock ’n’ Roll Cookbook. Rita: Well, good recipes need to be recycles—just like good musicians switching bands. Now let's get to our little game of musical chairs—whose been fiddlin' with who… KARA TROTT (x-Fluttr Effect) has hooked up with INCUS. *** BRIAN VIGLIONE (Dresden Dolls) is hammering the drums in THE CLIKS from Ontario, Canada. *** With the departure of the Duke in FREEZEPOP, ROBERT JOHN “BANANAS” FOSTER (aka Seth Damascus-Kennedy) and MARIE SAGAN have joined Boston’s long running electronic pop group. *** MIKE LOCE (the Noise) and JAMES GAUDETTE (Johnny Carlevale & the Rollin’ Pins) have formed THE DOUBLENECKS. No, they don’t play doublenecks. *** STEVE FARMER and JEFF DiBIASE of DRUNKS DON’T LIE have a new band called BLACKBELT DYNAMITE. *** GENO JOHNSTON (Dead Friends) has been wielding the axe in REFUSE RESIST. *** MATTY SANDONATO (Scrapes) is playing guitar in the new line-up of GANG GREEN. *** JJ & THEE CUBAN HEELS are JJ RASSLER (guitar/ vocals), MIKE YOCCO (bass/ vocals), JEFF NORCROSS (drums) and JULIAN HAMMOND (guitar/ vocals). *** PETE WEISS (Weisstronauts) played GEORGE HALL's twangy guitar lines on EDDIE JAPAN's latest CD. George couldn't make it to the session so Pete pinch hit. *** BILL HINKLEY (Tree) is playing with NEVER GOT CAUGHT. *** THE STONE STRANGERS are BOBY BEAR on drums, GERRY BELLEGRADE on bass, BOB METZGER on guitar, and KENNY CHAMBERS singing and playing guitar. Lolita: So they’re a new band? Rita: Well, they’ve been around for three years, but we just noticed.

{mospagebreak title=Three Cents}


Lolita: In this issue our contributors list their top ten for any and everything having to do with local music. We’d like you to add your two cents to this list, or in this case, your three cents. Rita: Ahh, William, that’s a nice haircut. Give me your top three in any category having to do with music in New England. WILLIAM DWYER (Neon God): My top three favorite local guitarists are Sarah Cronin (Drug Rug), Mike Baldino (66 Breakout) and Elias Carlston (66 Breakout). *** MONIQUE ORTIZ (A.K.A.C.O.D./ Monique Ortiz): Best guitarists: (1) Jim Moran (Bourbon Princess/ Monique Ortiz), (2) Milo Jones, (3) David Champagne (Treat Her Right). *** GLENN MATTO (All Mod Cons): Top three local beers? Oh, local bands. Of all time or current? How about this… I’ll do my top three still active local bands. Number one I’d have to give to Vivian Darkbloom for overall strength of material and musicianship. Two, I’ll say the Mystery Tramps who have been around for a few years yet are barely out of high school—a lot of upside there if they can keep it together. Gotta give kudos to the kids. And third I’ll say Gibby & the Buzzkills because their first CD was a pleasant surprise and they are darn good people. *** JJ RASSLER (the Downbeat 5/ thee Cuban Heels): The most influential person, place, or thing in on the Boston music scene is DJ Maxanne Sartori, midwife to Boston rock ’n’ roll. *** CHRIS PEARSON (Ekranoplan/ x-Green Magnet School): My top three local CDs are Caspian—Tertia, the Beatings—Late Season Kids, and Junius—the Martyrdom of a Catastrophist. *** ERIC LAW (photographer): We lost a couple of very very dear friends—Ray Neades and Michael Scagliarini (New Frustrations) this past year. A day has not passed that I don’t think of you. Here is my list of people I miss a lot. Your music lives on forever in my heart and soul. Alpo, Barb Kitson, Matthew Mackenzie, Lou Miami, Ray Neades, Hugh O’Neil, Ben Orr, Jimmy Reject, Michael Scagliarini, and B. Wilkerson. *** JIM GERDEMAN (Mercy James): My top three full-length local CDs of 2009: (1) Sidewalk Driver—For All the Boys and Girls. (2) Logan 5 & the Runners—Featurette. (3) ME and JOAN COLLINS—Love. Trust. Faith. Lust. *** MARK LIND (Mark Lind & the Unloved/ Ducky Boys): Best bands: (1) Death & Taxes; (2) Far From Finished; (3) The version of the Shods that played at Amy Archer’s wedding. *** JOHN POWHIDA (the John Powhida International Airport/ the Rudds): Best karma, gig enhancer: Wayne Viens. Best $2 pints plus Police box set on jukebox: Punters Pub. Best houseguest: Nash Kato. Lolita: Now John, we asked for local music subjects and you’re talking about some dude from Chicago known for crooning Neil Diamond’s “Girl You’ll be a Woman Soon”—did you have some crazy gender bending sex with him? John: Lolita, I am surprised at you! Nash simply needed a pad to crash after our most fun Toad gig. I must admit that I am always a bit awestruck in Mr. Kato’s presence and enjoyed my brief platonic bromance that included smokes and late night drinks on my porch.

{mospagebreak title=All Goin’ Out Together}


Rita: While Lolita fantasizes about Powhida’s bromance, I’ll fill you in on what’s happening in February. The benefit for GAIL RUSH (Curve of the Earth) is at the Magic Room on Wednesday, 2/3. *** Boston’s number one garage band (so says Little Steven Van Zandt), MUCK & THE MIRES, play Church on Saturday, 2/6. *** Same night EMMY CERRA celebrates the release of Tinderbox at All Asia. *** Thursday, 2/11 is the date for the V-66 reunion party at Boston’s House of Blues. *** On Saturday 2/13, Shaun Wolf Wortis’s 17th Annual Mardi Gras Ball will feature the Vudu Krewe Allstar Mardi Gras Band and loads of special guests at T.T. the Bear’s. *** Same night ASA BREBNER releases his new CD at Precinct. *** Again on that same night JEDDO STARS are at the Baseball Tavern. *** JONATHAN RICHMAN has announced a new run of 27 shows with drummer TOMMY LARKINS—including three nights (2/16 to 2/18) at the Middle East upstairs! *** The 17th Annual Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball & Zulu Parade of the Golden Blade is at Johnny D’s on Friday, 2/19. The Ball is headlined by the CHICKEN SLACKS and hosted by the Great Mardi Gras Maggid, MICKEY BLISS. *** On Saturday, 2/20, GRAND EVOLUTION headlines Boston Garage Night at Unle Eddie's. *** THE VARMINTS bring old school rock back to the Cantab on Saturday, 2/27. Lolita: Remember, next month we do our annual online-only issue. Rita: That’s right, every March we save a tree by reaching out to you digitally. Hope to see you in the flesh before then.

RIP: PHIL HAYNEN (the Dawgs) died of cancer on 11/19/09.

RIP: RAY NEADES (Beefy DC/ Lard Zeppelin) died in his sleep on 12/14/09.

RIP: DAN SALZMANN (the Maps/ Art Yard/ Flies/ Christmas/ the Binoculars) died of a heart attack on 12/16/09.


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