5/10/15/20 Feb 2010


By T Max and Joe Coughlin

Back 20 years ago we did more than
10 issues a year, so in this 5/10/15/20 I want to catch up on the issues
that always get over looked—the January issues from 1990 and 1995.
They will be mixed in with our regular batch of February issues from
five, 10, 15, and 20 years ago.


Issue #91 January 1990

Cover: Jerry’s Kids

Bands: The Del Fuegos, Lemonheads, Dharma Bums, Sub Skin Cables, Slapshot, Volcano Sounds (an extension
of Volcano Suns), Noise Poll, Lisa Suckdog,
Lisa Crystal Carver, who would go on to tour with Psychodrama and, later,
Costes, publish the great Rollerderby zine, knock out a few fine
books, and (today) remain a popular web presence on sites such as salon.com
with her unique been-there-and-back style of sympathetic writing (yeah,
I’m a fan).

Gossip & Stuff: In the
Poll, Bullet La Volta, Pixies, and the Bags place one, two,
and three in the best-established band category. Think Tree’s “Hire
a Bird” wins best single. Billy Ruane is the personality of the year,
and Peter Prescott is elected into the Noise Hall of Fame.
Ruane’s acceptance, uh, “speech”
at the awards show remains scorched into memory. Words can’t explain
it (perhaps just as well), but let’s just say that some people were
in stitches, some were screaming and running away, and a mop was briefly
deployed afterward.

Issue #92 February 1990

Cover: Birdsongs of the Mesozoic

Bands: The Moving Targets, the
Neighborhoods, Titanics, Volcano Suns, the Bags, the Slaves, All Mod
Cons, No Man’s Band, Dambuilders, Gigolo Aunts, Johnny & the Jumper
Cables, Smack Tan Blue, Tribe

Gossip & Stuff: The Fools
are touring with John Entwistle. *** The Cavedogs are signed to Epic
Records. *** The Channel goes bankrupt.
go out to anyone who checked out the strip club that briefly occupied
the space afterwards.
*** GG Allin
is in jail in Chicago and it looks like he’ll be signing with Enigma
Records when he is released.
signing didn’t happen, but some would argue that none of GG’s
records were ever released—they escaped.


Issue #146 January 1995

Cover: Letters to Cleo, Charlie

Bands: Opium Den, the 360’s,
Holy Cow, Mistle Thrush, Scarce, One of Us, Psycho, the Upper Crust,
Tracy Bonham

Gossip & Stuff: The Question
of the Month is: What experience has changed your life? Jennifer Trynin
tells a tale of a woman trying to pick her up—the woman thought Jenn
was a man; John Eye (One of Us) says he was hit by a car in 1989. While
he mended he lost his woman. Then he discovered he could vent his frustration,
anger, and pain in his music; Mikey Dee (WMFO) had his life change when
he picked up the Neighborhoods’
"Prettiest Girl" single and decided he would become
a drummer; Pat McGrath (Wheelers & Dealers) answer is one word—circumcision.
No truth to the rumor that
he had it reversed to relive the good old days.

Issue #147 February 1995

Cover: Opium Den

Bands: Concussion Ensemble,
Thalia Zedek, Women of Sodom, the Barnies, 6L6, Ken Chambers, Letters
to Cleo, Powerman 5000, Bim Skala Bim, Stompbox, Orbit, Slapshot, the
Flying Nuns, the Nines, Fuzzy

Gossip & Stuff: Matador
Records has picked up the Flying Nuns, Fuzzy, and Come. *** Gigolo Aunts
are on the Dumb & Dumber soundtrack. *** Slide gets a four
star review from Billboard. *** Extreme gets a star on the walk
of fame outside Tower Records in Boston. Are those stars still there?
*** Brett Milano appears in a Women of Sodom show on the receiving end
of an enema.
being in the audience for them was like getting an enema (IMHO).
I’m not up to date on the lingo thing—I
gotta assume that mean “in my humongous orifice.”


Issue #198 February 2000

Cover: Blue Man Group, Godboy,

Bands: Binary System, Lovewhip,
Scissorfight, Slide, All Mod Cons, Cherry 2000, Expanding Man, the Sugar
Twins, the Shods, the Doom Buggies, Half Cocked

Gossip & Stuff: We’ve
got ideas of how to make Valentine’s Day special. Cynthia von Buhler
(Castle von Buhler) says to fill a bathtub with a ton of red Jell-O—then
eat it off her body with a partner; Bruce Allen (Doom Buggies) is breaking
up with his girlfriend (on his wife’s order); Andy Milk (Johnny Wishbone)
says he’d get his partner to find the cheesiest hotel in town and
set up a role-playing game that involved lingerie, bondage equipment,
and other sexual devices; Its says here Joe that you intend to have
your heart removed, stuffed, baked and served to anyone who’d like
a bite.
Did I really
say that? I’d make that offer with a different organ now, but that
there’s no holiday for it. People can call me on Thanksgiving if they’d
like some extra stuffing, though.


Issue #248 February 2005

Cover: Count Zero, Violet Nine,
Taxpayer, Noise Poll Results, Noiser’s Top Ten

Bands: The Rudds, Pixies, Mission
of Burma, Andrea Gillis, the Blackjacks, Scamper, the Ducky Boys, the
Information, the Dents, Tony Goddess, Fluttr, Upper Crust, World’s Greatest
Sinners, the Marvels

Gossip & Stuff: Let’s
see who did well in the poll—Darkbuster wins best live band, the Marvels
CD, Cheat to Win, takes the best CD category (Did they cheat?),
Robbie Roadsteamer wins male personality, Carmelita takes female personality,
and Brett Milano sails into the Noise Hall of Fame. *** Joe,
in this issue your top 10 mentions that Willie Alexander is still at
it. Five years later in 2009 Willie releases four CDs in one year!
As you well know, T, when you
get to be our age, stuff just flies outta ya.

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