5/10/15/20 Dec 2009


By T Max and Joe Coughlin


December 1989 – Issue

Cover: Mr. Butch

Bands: The Titanics, Hell Toupee,
Hovorka, Mikey Dee, Cluster, the Stains, Cxema, Red Bliss, Raging Lemmings,
Medicine Ball, the Pact, the Five
singer Reid Paley is still at it in New York)
the Unattached
had something to do with selling a song to Alice Cooper)
, Buffalo Tom (who
is playing the Orpheum with Lyres, and a Neats reunion, for First Night
this New Year’s Eve—2009).

Inside: Rita and Lolita ask
who is the couple of the decade—some answers are George Bush &
Dan Quayle, Kenne Highland & Miss Lyn, Gene Simmons & Liza Minelli,
John Lennon & Yoko Ono, and Enderby’s balls.
was in the running for this until I broke up with myself.
*** There’s a double page spread Beehead
comic that is set in 2024 AD with the band reminiscing about their worst
gig ever at the Guillotine club. 2024 doesn’t seem so far away now.
*** Molly’s in Allston has to pay off a lawsuit ($190,000) where one
of their customers had their lip bit off by another costumer.
No truth to the rumor that
it was T Max trying to get some tonsil-hockey action from a local floozie.
*** Other clubs are being fined for illegal
postering—so The Noise offers bands half price ads to
try to help the situation. That was one of the best business decisions
I ever made in The Noise.
and the naked French girls (see 10 Years Ago, below).


December 1994 – Issue

Cover: Velvet Crush, Kruller

Bands: Upper Crust, Aimee Mann,
the Nines, Letters to Cleo, Mistle Thrush, Jennifer Trynin, Dinosaur
Jr., Cobalt 60, Expanding Man, Rippopotamus, Emergency Broadcast Network,
Sirensong, Pie, the Exis
relation to the Exes, subject of a Boston-based novel by Pagan Kennedy
in which the big local fanzine is The Sound, wink wink.)

Gossip & Stuff: Oona’s
Boston location moves in with its Harvard Square location. *** There’s
one ad that lists all the local music shows. Maybe that should come
Yes. Why’d
it stop?
Too many unreported changes
left it inaccurate. *** Jonathan Richman unveils his star in front of
Tower Records. What store is there now?
sex toy shop called Jiffy Lube. Lawsuits pending.
Videos by both Letters to Cleo and Aimee Mann are aired on Melrose
. *** Boston Rock Opera is doing a benefit that features a
performance of the Who’s “A Quick One”—a self-contained 11-minute
rock opera. *** Matt Ashare (Boston Phoenix) marries Kristen Day (Ultraviolet)
in Las Vegas. *** George Hall (Cxema/ Dogzilla) forms a band called
Seks Bomba.
they fucking rule.
*** Buffalo
Tom shows up on TV in My So-Called Life. Bill Janovitz even gets
a line. *** Modern Farmer lays down tracks with David Bowie in New York.
*** The Dambuilders release a video with a recreation of Ted Kennedy’s
Chappaquiddick incident.
asked about pre-production snafus, a band member is quoted, “We’ll
drive off that bridge when we come to it.”


December 1999 – Issue

Cover: The Gravy, Betwixt, Helicopter
Helicopter, Boston Rock Opera’s S.F. Sorrow

Bands: The Shods, Neptune, Mistle
Thrush, Willie Alexander, Jed Parish, Boy Wonder, Meat Depressed, Victory
at Sea, Nancy Mroczek PhD

Gossip & Stuff: The centerfold
is one of my first Photoshop jobs where I put Kevin Stevenson (the Shods)
in the ring with Al Janik (Plastic Cheese Band)—it’s the beginning
of a Photoshop series called T.R.U.E. Facts (They’re Really Untrue…Ed.).
*** Bleu releases a Christmas compilation, Big Bang Holidang,
which includes Dickie Barrett, Bill Janovitz, Kay Hanley, and many more.
*** Not to be undone, Q Division celebrates Christmas with songs from
the Sheila Divine, Jen Trynin, Aimee Mann, the Gravel Pit, and more
on their own compilation.
made a Christmas compilation too. I had a barbeque with all the coal
I got.
*** Chandler Travis announces
his plan to release 26 CDs within the next year—he falls short by
only four CDs. *** The Countess is created by Cynthia von Buhler and
Adam Buhler and they perform a mini rock opera about the music business
for their set.
truth to the rumor that their next project, “Tommy,” is about Mumbles
prevents me from elaborating on the deaf, dumb, and blind part.
*** The Upper Crust runs a full-page ad that
features the band hanging out with a few beautiful bare-breasted French
Ah, the
French. Should we love them for French fries, or hate them for liking
Jerry Lewis?
What's wrong with Jerry Lewis? Exactly. *** Jeff Hudson’s
film Black & Chrome includes a sex scene between Oedipus,
Cynthia von Buhler, and a gun.
truth to the rumor that Oedipus shoots blanks.


December 2004 – Issue

Cover: 27, Scamper, Passenger,
Winifred Chane, Rock ’n’ Roll Library, Count Zero’s tour diary,
Christmas discs reviews

Bands: Bleu, Dropkick Murphys,
Muck & the Mires, Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women, Caged Heat,
Dear Leader, Taxpayer, the Buckners, Mach V, Dresden Dolls, Garage Dogs,
Skating Club, Mollycoddle, the Charms, the Marvels, Sugabomb, Lyres,
Black Helicopter

Gossip & Stuff: This issue
has a review of the 2004 Boston Music Awards that includes a tribute
to Mark Sandman. *** Little Steven produces the Charms’ version of
“Frosty the Snowman.”
truth to the rumor that Steven waxed the carrot for the cover shot.
*** Robby Roadsteamer wins a raffle at New
Alliance and receives 20 hours of recording time, 100 CDRs, a mastering
session, and hoodies for the band. *** All Mod Cons get a verbal endorsement
from Rick Buckler (the Jam). *** Martin Doyle is booking the Overdraft.
What’s the over/ under that he’ll drink all the draft? *** The WBCN Rumble plans to shift the event to April in 2005. *** Doubting
Tom gets on the ballot for eight Grammy awards.
truth to the rumor that they were later invited to pose with the Upper
Crust as a booby prize.
*** The
Rudds swing out their Cheap Trick tribute band—Clock Strikes Ten.
*** Rock School deals with the band selling out to gimmickry
when they all dress as Santa with beach apparel and call themselves
Sandy Claus.
ensues when band members try to pull their sacks over their shoulders.

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