Mr. Max’s Message 11/09

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE November, 2009




Recording continues at Project Sound in Haverhill. Engineer Jason Duguay is a Godsend.
The recordings are coming out terrific and I have fun with Jason while
we’re working. So far we’ve got down “No Reply” for Across
Their Universe –
Does The
Songs Of The Beatles
; and four songs for my first solo CD—“You
Don’t Know Me,” “Come on Home,” “Why Do We Go To War?” and
“Gimme Some Coffee.” The later two included excellent guitar tracks
by Mike Loce. Besides being an amazing guitarist Mike also writes CD
reviews for the Noise. At the moment Jason and I are working
on “Forgive Me” (another song from my concept piece Why Do We
Go To War?
). This song has been the toughest one to crack yet. It’s
the first song we’re recording that I have yet to play out. It will
be a test to see if we can bring life to this one the way we did with
the others.



One of my favorite extra curricular
activities is playing tennis. Anne and I are enrolled in a class that
ends soon, but we’ll be signing up for more lessons soon. I’m an
advanced beginner working to make it to the intermediate stage. My serve
and backhand have both improved a lot this past season, but there is
still a ways to go.  Anyone interested in getting in a game before
it gets too cold out should contact me.


Here’s another excerpt from
a book I’ll publish one day…


by T Max 

Consumer Protest Column at the Weekly

recently bought a new car and felt the need to upgrade my insurance
coverage. I called AAA Insurance and asked them to please add Comprehensive
to my existing policy (which consisted of the minimal compulsory insurance).
It was a pretty simple task for them to make the change, although I
had to wait on hold for the obligatory half hour before I got to talk
to a sales representative. Vickie then asked me to hold on three times
during my simple request conversation (note: I haven’t started complaining
yet). A month later my new policy came in the mail. I might have just
filed it away with my other insurance policies, but decided to take
a look at it. It seemed that Vickie took the liberty of adding Optional
Bodily Injury To Others, Collision, and Bodily Injury Caused By An Uninsured
Auto to my policy, pumping up my bill an extra $968.  These items
were not requested and were not mandatory. And guess what? The Comprehensive
coverage that I asked for was NOT added on.  I was pretty annoyed
that I was going to have to go through telephone torture again. This
time when I got a sales representative, I asked to speak to a supervisor.
Laura Mann took my call, politely listened to MY problem, let me know
that Vickie had already been canned, and put me in touch with her right-hand
woman—Mary Waters. Irene was a pro. She knew the ins and outs of auto
insurance and how to deal with a disgruntled customer. She quickly won
me over. Step-by-step we reconstructed my policy. She even offered me
ways of lowering my payments. Finally she gave me the new yearly figure
I would be paying—$1,422. I liked Mary so much that I wrote a letter
to AAA praising her manner. Less than a week after I mailed the letter,
my new policy landed in my mailbox. I really felt that this time I could
quickly file the policy away. But I glanced at it—and sticking out
like a sore thumb was $89 worth of Optional Bodily Injury To Others.
The total on the bill read $1,511—that’s $89 higher than the figure
that Irene gave me. How, why, and when was this extra coverage added
on?  I can’t believe that wonder-woman Mary would have added
something extra on to my policy. So how did these extras get added to
my policy a second time? How many other people get this same treatment
and never notice it? And why do I have to go through telephone torture
one more time? Instead of shedding my verbal anger on anyone at AAA,
I wrote a simple letter to supervisor Laura Mann asking her to please
correct my policy.

you imagine purchasing a screwdriver at a hardware store, and the clerk
throws an extra wrench in your bag and charges you for it?  It
would never happen. How can an insurance company get away with it?


Timothy Maxwell

PS: I’m also sending this letter
to the Better Business Bureau.

T Max/the Noise
24 Beverly Drive
Georgetown, MA 01833 


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