Mr. Max’s Message 10/09

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE October, 2009

I’m enjoying being out in the sticks where I can meet new talented music types. My best find so far is Jason Duguay at Project Sound in Haverhill. I decided to go to him to record my dark rendition of “No Reply” for Tim Casey’s Across Their Universe Lowbudget Records Does The Songs Of The Beatles. After one day of recording with Jason, I knew I wanted to record my whole CD with him engineering. He’s quick, smart, and has a great pair of ears. The recording sounds sonically rich for a simple, sparse, guitar-and-voice tune. We did add a Hammond organ courtesy of Nate Zane’s fingers. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the contributions to the Lowbudget Beatle compilation.

Instead of booking gigs for myself, I’ve been exploring the open mic (or mike—I can’t decide which way it should be spelt even after reading Sam Bayer ’s scrutinizing study on the subject) scene north of Boston. One open mike that has stood out is run by Carl Cacho every Thursday night (7:o0-9:00) in Amesbury at the Plum Island Coffee Roasters Café. Carl is a very talented singer/songwriter who graciously runs this open mic with a casual dignity that makes all the performers feel welcome. Besides who ever shows up, Carl books a main act for the night to play a half hour set. The night is short and sweet and always entertaining.

I chose this story because it fits well with Halloween—but there were no treats involved.
July 2001

On Thursday night, 7/19/01, I hosted a show that I booked at the Linwood (Kings of Nuthin', Three Day Threshold, Euphonic). While riding my bike home from the show, a well-dressed black man on the other side of the street (near Beth Israel Hospital) flagged me down to ask me a question. He asked if I could help him. His car had broken down and he needed to get a part for it but he didn't have enough money. He told me his wife and young child were waiting for him in the car. I talked with this guy for a while, joking with him about how this sounded like a rip off scheme. He offered to give me his licensee and cell phone as collateral if I would lend him the $30.95 +tax. I trusted the guy–he really seemed so honest. Even when I said stuff like–yeah, but that licensee could be one you just stole, he laughed. I looked at it–took down his name and phone number and gave him $40. He told me exactly where his car was. I said I'd say hi to his wife (Gloria) and his kid (Elliot) and let them know he was on his way. When I got to where the car should have been I couldn't find it. I rode around for a while. Then decided to go back and look for him. I couldn't find him. When I got home and called the number he gave me–it was someone else's phone #. He ripped me off. This guy was good. I really believed him. Now when I look back on it, I remember little things like how he started sweating a lot when I started asking questions. He also said we could walk to a Store 24 to call his phone # so I would trust him more. But why would we do that if he had a cell phone? I feel pretty dumb now.


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