OUR EYES ON YOU: Sept 2009




Rita: Lolita,
where is the pencil sharpener? Lolita: I think it’s in the same box as
my paper clips—somewhere lost in the move. Rita: Yes, we’re in our new
office somewhere in Georgetown. Okay, we’re not really in our office
yet; you see our office was rented to a religious artifact collector
and we ended up in this moldy closet. Lolita: I never thought I’d say I
was in the closet. Rita: I hope we get a light installed by next month.
Lolita, call RANDALL GIBSON (Scruffy the Cat), I hear he knows how to
make electricity work. And while you deal with him, I’m going to get
ROCKY MORRISON (Reliable Construction) to put an addition on our
closet. Rocky is single handedly cleaning up the Merrimack River.
Google Clean River Project to see what Rocky has been up to. Lolita:
Did you realize this is our 28th anniversary issue? I guess it’s hard
to convince people we’re still 25-years-old when our column started 28
years ago. Rita: But the Noise is really about the rockers in New
England, not us. So let’s ask a Question of the Month that focuses on

{mospagebreak title=Your Anniversary}



Lolita: Oh I know a good question, how ’bout—if you had a choice,
who would you like to go see a show with, Rita or Lolita?
That’s terrible.
Lolita: Why? Because everyone would pick me? Rita:
Your ego is making this closet feel awfully small. Okay, you can ask
that question—but you have to word it like this: the
Noise celebrates 28 years of covering the music
of New England and
T MAX’s high school band, MR. TIMOTHY CHARLES
DUANE, just celebrated 40 years of adolescence. Tell us about an anniversary
you have celebrated recently. Lolita: Okay, but that doesn’t sound at all like
my question. Hey Mr. Curt! Will you answer that question that Rita just
MR. CURT (Mr. Curt Ensemble): In 2009, Ms. Donna and
I celebrate 40 years as a couple of lovebirds. We had met the previous
year and now the courting began in earnest. One of our first dates (which
her parents had to approve) was taking her to the Boston Tea Party in
May to see one of my favorite bands, the Who (with Rashaan Roland Kirk
opening—whoa!). A few months later, I convinced her to venture to
upstate New York to check out this outdoor festival called Woodstock.
She and some friends had to go with older chaperones on Friday. We met
up at 8:30am Saturday, sat around in the sun and rain, saw a buncha
bands, and then she left because her chums thought there were a bit
too many people there; my friends and I didn’t leave until late Sunday
night. Thus began our life together dedicated to love and music. Yahoo
and hooray for heritage! ***
(Goli/ Fluttr Effect):
In the future (a.k.a. October), I will be celebrating my 20th anniversary
of playing the cello. I’ll probably celebrate by having a beer and
playing the cello. ***
(Revolutionary Snake
Ensemble/ Birdsongs of the Mesozoic): August 19th was the 7th anniversary
of the first broadcast of the New Edge, my weekly radio show of interesting
instrumental music Tuesdays from 2-4pm on WMBR (88.1 fm). ***
JOHNNY ARGUEDAS (Arguedas Photography/ the Sneaks): I am celebrating five years since
I opened my photography business and can’t imagine doing anything
else. Also coming up is the two-year anniversary of my band, the
Sneaks. A new CD is in the works. Life is pretty kickass.
DARRON BURKE (Makeshift Studio): Just yesterday (August
4) I celebrated one year of working for Harvard Audio Preservation Services.
I ate a chocolate bar with sea-salt encrusted almonds. Salty goodness.
Happy 28th to the
Noise! *** TIM
(… & His Preexisting
Conditions): Congrats on 28 years of the
Noise! In June my wife and I celebrated our own
anniversary… 17 years! ***
D-TENSION (Los Wunder Twins del Rap): First of all, congratulations
on 28 years! That has to be a record of some kind. I recently celebrated
the 20th anniversary of my turning 18. Every teenager tells his parents
that he/she will move out and do whatever they want when they turn 18.
They start saying that at around 12 and don’t stop until they’re
18 when they realize they have no money and need to stay at home. But
since my mom decided to raise me in a cult on a David Koresh style compound,
I moved the fuck out minutes after turning 18. While I miss the gorp
and being paddled by my pastor… oh wait, I only miss the gorp. Happy
anniversary to me! 20 years gone! ***
(HUMANWINE): Happy Anniversary!
On May 1st, 2009
M@ (HUMANWINE) and I celebrated six years of
marriage by heading to the middle of the woods just outside of Eugene
Oregon, taking mushroom tea prepared by a bunch of witches (handed out
to about 400 people) for the Maypole ceremony. Luckily we successfully
avoided a disco inferno dance party that was happening in the mess hall
barn and got to spend some real time in the woods during a storm that
was so massive it toppled trees in a neighboring town. ***
(the Slumlords): I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s (gulp!)
40 years ago this year that I started playing guitar (I switched over
to bass the following year). Learned a few things from a songbook by
some new group at the time called the Led Zeppelins (did they ever go
anywhere?) ***
SAMMY MIAMI (Houndstone): 2009 marks my twentieth year
of gigging in Boston. A lot has changed since Tuesday nights at the
Channel, and as far as I’m concerned, not much of that change has
been for the better either. RIP WCOZ and WBCN. But hey, what goes up
must come down, and what comes down must bounce back! “Long live rock,
be it dead or alive.” ***
(QRST’s): When my
wife and I celebrated out 10th anniversary we went to Vegas for a week
and renewed our vows in front of Elvis with our daughter as the flower
girl! It really was Elvis—if you squinted really really hard. ***
(Morphine): It’s been ten years this July since Mark Sandman passed
away in Palestrina, Italy at the Nel Nome Del Rock festival (In the
Name of Rock). Orchestra Morphine toured the U.S. and returned to Italy
to pay homage in 2000. This July we went back as a trio with Jerome
Deupree, Jeremy Lyons, and myself to perform as Members of Morphine.
We were joined by our families: India Colley, Elias Colley, Kate Williams,
Luciana Lyons, Lisa Deupree, Linda Veins, Sabine Hrechdakian, Carolyn
Kaylor, and Mark Hamilton. Two film crews each doing documentaries on
Mark and Morphine were in attendance. We spent the better part of a
week at the festival, set at the base of the ancient town eating and
drinking with our Italian hosts who have in the years following Mark’s
death become our extended family. It is still hard to comprehend the
loss we in Boston have experienced when Mark died. He was at the center
of our musical universe. Much has changed in the world and in our lives
in the past ten years. But what remains crystal clear is that our life
riches are not compiled in dollar amounts. It is in the people who touch
us and bring us closer together. Thank you Mark for the music you left
us and for the relationships brought together by the intangible power
of music.
Lolita: Go to the Mark Sandman Memorial Concert on
Saturday, 9/26 at Mark Sandman Square (on Brookline Ave. between the
Middle East and T.T. the Bear’s)—the concert is free, but consider
donating to the Mark Sandman Project.

{mospagebreak title=News}


As the Noise
was moving, WBCN stopped broadcasting and went on-line only. The
fm frequency 104.1 is bound for sports-talk radio.
(Stompers) was quoted:
Losing WBCN now is like losing a parent who has had Alzheimer’s. You
really lost them a long, long time ago but at one time…
I’m sensing a pre-occupation with radio these days. Four different
bands contacted us that use radio in their name—Radio Control, Radio
Taxi, Gravity Radio, and Radio Riot.
Rita: They must be trying to take the place of
the Rock of Boston. But it seems like WZLX has the jump on them.
Boston Emissions hosted by ANNGELLE
debuted on its new home,
100.7 WZLX, on Sunday 8/16/09. *** To celebrate the opening of their
season, fourteen Boston Symphony Orchestra members ran a 150-mile relay
from Symphony Hall to Tanglewood.

Time” made Amazon.com’s Top 20 Downloaded Songs this past summer.
*** GALAXIE 500 fans are happy to hear that all three of the band’s
records have been remastered and re-issued on vinyl. There will also
be new MP3 versions with bonus tracks. ***
opened for American Idol
DAVID COOK over the summer in Michigan. *** SUPER TIME
PILOT signed with
’s Open E Records.
SHEA ROSE was the Spotlight Artist of the Month on Dallas
Austin’s Rowdy TV. *** THE NEW COLLISIONS toured this summer with
the B-52s and Blondie—pretty cool for such a new band. *** DWIGHT
& NICOLE have positioned themselves for greatness with their debut
recording with
MILT REDER (producer/guitar) and NATE
(engineer) at Rear Window
Studio in Brookline, MA.
*** In the middle of a recorded live performance
by What Time is It Mr. Fox?, the band was ordered by the fire department
to stop playing—something was smoldering in the basement of the First
Congregational Church of Rockport. The unrecorded concert continued
outside the church on the front lawn (totally acoustic). *** Anchor
Brain is a new label in Providence that is planning October releases
for THE CHINESE STARS and SIX FINGER SATELLITE. Then there will be January
2010 releases of SENSITIVE HEARTS (formerly Awesome Brothers) and WHAT
CHEER? BRIGADE. *** Club Bohemia (at the Cantab downstairs) acquired
an Ampeg BA-115 bass amp (100 watts/15” speaker) that can now be used
by all bass players—leaving more space in the club for you. *** Cambridge
Music closed its doors on 7/21/09. They wanted to thank all of the customers
and all my friends who work or came through the store. *** In August
Guitar Center celebrated it’s 45th year in business. ***
(Mr. Curt Ensemble) extended his grandpaship when his daughter, Heather,
gave birth to her second son. *** One time editor of
has released the book Dying Beautifully. It’s the poignant, provocative, sometimes
funny story of her husband
’s death at home, his
last wishes, home funeral, and the trip to the crematory, illuminated
by extraordinary photographs of Chet taken before and after his death
by documentary photographer
. *** BETTY
(Babydolls Burlesque)
badly sprained her ankle while performing martial arts-inspired aerial
kicks during the opening night of the troupe’s show,
(Someone & the Somebodies/
) was one of the 200 guitars
playing “A Crimson Grail for 200 Electric Guitars” at Lincoln Center
in New York City on 8/8/09.
Lolita: Wow, that must be hell when the bandleader
has to divide up the pay at the end of a gig.

{mospagebreak title=Uneconomic Climate}


Rita: Pay is slim when you have 200 guitarists
in a band. But even if you have to split the pay four ways, band members
can barely afford a Happy Meal. Lolita, go ask our rock ’n’ roll
friend what they do differently now that the economic climate is so
Lolita: Yeah, sure. I have noticed that money has
been warmer lately. I didn’t know that global warming would effect
the economic climate.
(Angeline): With less
cash in hand I am spending more time outside. Swimming, biking around
the city, running, playing basketball. Hanging on porches with friends.
Cooking-in more. Relating more. Sitting by fires. Being in the world
and in my home, grateful that there is so much around that is free: conversation,
books to read, films to see. Meditating. Yoga. Love. ***
(herself): Nothing. I still don’t take vacations. I still buy five
for $20 T-shirts at some butt ugly shoe mall. Going out to dinner is
still take out at Food Wall. I still drink the cheapest beer at the
Behan six nights/per. I still hope my cat doesn’t get kidney damage
and have me question whether I should eviscerate my wallet or buy her
six months of diminished kitty life. I still wish I could call my mom
to bail me out when I’m desperate. ***
: I haven’t changed
how I spend my money, but I have changed how I spend my time: I’m
spending much more time at home, working on the new record, doing a
lot more writing, recording, and painting, putting more focus than ever
on staying fit and living as healthy a lifestyle as I can (the raw diet
has proven to be pricey but worth it). ***
(the Peasants/ Beefy
DC): I work in a real estate office and rentals are down
forty percent,
so while we are all grateful to still have jobs, we are working longer
and harder for almost half the money. Also, since the economy has tanked
I don’t tour Europe. Small clubs are closing down or struggling to
stay alive. Therefore they are no longer able to offer guarantees to
touring bands, SO unless you are wealthy and can afford to fly over
to Europe and tour for nothing, there’s no touring. This is what happens
when you invade other people’s countries and slash the taxes of the
wealthiest one percent of the population. We will be paying for GW’s
total failure as a president for many, many years to come. ***
(Superpower/ Drugwar): As a starving artist/musician the economics of
these troubled times don’t really effect me at all, I am used to living
with nothing but hopes and dreams in my pocket, poverty is no stranger
to me or most of my friends. I work for myself by taking nothing and
making something out of it for sale or barter. I laugh at those that
once laughed at me for following my dreams—well whose laughing now?
STUART FREEDMAN (Nuggets): I now realize how exciting eating
a 99-cent meal at McDonalds can be! ***
(Will Dailey): I no
longer go to the dog track and I only smoke a pack a day now. And for
some weird reason I feel like I save money by taking shorter showers.
I still smell the same though. Like a leather-bound book mixed with
warm apple pie. ***
(Temper): Due to a recent
five percent pay cut across the board at my company, I’ve had to scale
back on some of the finer things in life, i.e. booze consumption. Miller
instead of Amstel in the keg… and three-buck chuck from Trader Joe’s
instead of those $20 bottles of Ridge/Geyser Peak luscious reds (sigh).
STEVE PRY (My Own Worst Enemy): Taking advantage of the
downturn in the real estate market, turning a negative into a positive,
we took the plunge and bought a place of our own. Now, My Own Worst
Enemy is headquartered in the Winter Hill section of Somerville.
Okay, we know where the party is and who’s supplying the booze and

{mospagebreak title=Musical Chairs}


Rita: Maybe Steve and Sue of My Own Worst Enemy
can get Tris Lozaw to bring his new 200-guitar band to the party.
Wow, if we had to list the members of that band in our Musical Chairs
section we’d run out of space.
Rita: Okay, you can skip the 200-guitar band, but
who else is breaking in new members? THE VOGON POETS found a new
bassist in
TOMMY CANNON (x-Suk Button). *** MARK
(x-the Schemers/ Raindogs)
has a crazy man band called THE MEN OF GREAT COURAGE. Mark was also
nominated for best vocalist in the
. *** X-members of GANG
GREEN have formed THE SCRAPS. ***
retired from FREEZEPOP
after the band’s tenth anniversary. He’ll continue with SYMBION
GEORGE HALL has added his guitar skills to yet another
band—KINGLEY FLOOD. George is in three or five other bands—he’s
just not sure. ***
(the Outlets) has a
new outfit called THE CONTINENTALS. *** No truth to the rumor that
(the Bristols) goes incognito as
(Tristan da Cunha). *** BOBY BEAR
has hooked up with GREG ALLEN COMPLEX. *** THE CRYBABIES are back—with
on lead vocals, harmonica, and percussion;
on guitar; DANNY McCORMACK
(Lyres/ Mighty Ions) on guitar and background vocals;
(Lucky 57/ Diamond
Platinum Rings) on bass and background vocals; and
(Boize/ Last Ones)
on drums. ***
(Dark Sky Productions)
is taking to the stage with
, and RENEE
to form Sans Nomenclature.
*** O POSITIVE reunited for a benefit for Paula Persechini-Petitti on
August 7 at the Paradise. *** THE KILLER ABS and THE WYNOTTS have lost
their singing rhythm guitarist,
, to her new life in
California. *** Bassist
(Farrenheit) was recruited
to tour with AEROSMITH while
TOM HAMILTON recovered from a medical procedure. Then while
on tour,
STEVEN TYLER fell off a stage resulting in a broken shoulder.
The rest of the tour was cancelled. ***
reunites with all the original members—
Living Witness),
(Roadsaw), ZEPHAN COURTNEY (Stompbox), and both bassists, BOB MALONEY (Slim Jim & the Mad Cows)
on 9/26/09 at the Middle East Downstairs.
(Apollo Sunshine) is sporting a hip new acoustic group with cool tunes
Lolita: I saw NBMRQ down on Martha’s Vineyard playing
with MR.TIMOTHY CHARLES DUANE and they were great.

{mospagebreak title=Premier Instruments}


Rita: MARK
played a two-string
Premier bass, but I’m interested in finding out each musicians’
premier instrument. Lolita, get out there and gather info on the first
instrument that each of our friends owned. Look, there’s Roger,
go grab him quickly before he does another reunion tour without
of Burma/Birdsongs of the Mesozoic).
(Mission of Burma/
Alloy Orchestra): I had a $25 Harmony acoustic guitar in the seventh
grade. The action was so high it’s amazing I didn’t quit playing
guitar then and there. ***
(the New Alibis/
the Marvels): My first drumset was a gorgeous set of trash cans that
my mom gave me when I was about six years old. They didn’t match or
have cases, but they were loud as fuck, easy to tune and a huge influence
on Kurt Konk. ***
(the Boom Boom Band/
the Persistence of Memory Orchestra): I used an old suitcase for a drumset
by standing it up and playing it with one hand, the other hand I used
a clothes brush for cymbal effect and whanged the base of it with my
foot kinda sideways for a bass drum while I held it between my legs.
It worked pretty good. That was in junior high playing along with 45s.
Later in high school I bought a used set of real drums and a conga drum. ***
(Girl on Top): When I was seven I bought a basic Yamaha acoustic guitar
for around $120 with case. I loved my acoustic and would play it all
the time. A year or so later I found a stray dog that I fell in love
with. At first my mother would not let me have a dog in the house so
I kept it in an enclosed kennel outside. I used to bring my guitar out
to play for my newfound friend. One day I couldn’t find my guitar.
Weeks later (we had since brought the dog in the house) I went out to
the kennel and inside was my first Yamaha guitar bent in a semi circle
from warping. ***
(Gato Malo): ’Twas
a mid-’60s (‘65?) Gibson Melody Maker—a double cutaway with one
single-coil pickup. Cherry finish, mostly worn away by the time I got
it in 1976 or so. I eventually traded it in for a Hagstrom big body
jazz guitar, which I later traded in for a Hamer Custom circa 1982.
Years later I ended up removing all the paint from the Hamer and kind
of butchering it, (then gave it to Izzy Maxwell when he was a wee teen).
I sure wish I kept the Hagstrom though—that was a beaut! ***
(WMBR/ WMFO): Well, as I am more of an “audio artist” rather then
a musician, I don’t really play instruments in the traditional sense
any more. But I did take accordion lessons as a kid, and even
had two years of classical training on piano in college. So the short
answer would be an accordion. ***
(Three Day Threshold/
Super Time Pilot): I bought my first guitar in junior high with earnings
from my first job. Problem was, I spent the other half of my paychecks
on beer and other illicit materials. At the end of the summer my parents
wanted to see how much I saved (which was zero). I couldn’t tell them
I had blown it all on booze so I choose the easier route, I told them
I spent it all on the guitar. It was promptly taken away from me, which
ironically only made me want to play music more. ***
(…International Airport):
It was a black Fender Musicmaster short scale bass. (I was still a short
scale fella). It was Christmas 1980, the place: Triads Music in Glens
Falls, NY. This little music shop had an autographed photo of Utopia circa
the RA tour hanging on their wall. Utopia drummer Willie Wilcox hailed
from Glens Falls, N.Y. I was sold. Mom shelled out the cash, which I’m
sure she couldn’t really afford and I started practicin’. Thanks,
Mom. Didn’t get an amp for another coupla years. I used to place the
headstock of the bass against the wall in my room to make it louder.
PAUL PHILLIPS (Paul Phillips Band): I was born into a musical
family and there were always instruments around—a trumpet, two pianos,
a flute, a uke or two, an accordion, etc. The first instrument I called
my own was a knockoff Harmony P-bass I bought at a pawnshop with all
the dough I was able to save up. I took it home and learned Zepp’s
“Ramble On” that night. An ambitious first tune having never played
the bass, but my love for that instrument was instant and my affection
for that specific guitar remains. ***
(Liz Linder Photography):
A small, black plastic Kodak instamatic camera (I don’t count the
flute, as an instrument is only an instrument when it’s properly used).
BRIAN KING (What Time is It, Mr. Fox?): The first instrument
that was truly mine was a mini Yamaha keyboard with 99 voices on which
I wrote my first dance hit “Like A Vampire” (which is probably disintegrating
on a Certon cassette in a landfill somewhere.) ***
(Ray Mason Band/ Lonesome
Brothers): My first “real” instrument (as opposed to a plastic Magnus
Chord Organ, toy snare drum, and the obligatory recorder) was a Sears
Silvertone electric guitar. It was the single pickup model with the
amp in the case. I can still remember how great it smelled! My Grandmother
bought it for me when I graduated from 8th grade in 1964. There’s
a picture of me (from 1964) with it on the cover of my forth CD
You can even see a copy of
(with the Flintstones
on the cover) on a table next to me. Of course now I’ve graduated
to a 1965 Silvertone!
Lolita: Ray has always been connected to that old
blue scratched up guitar.

{mospagebreak title=All Going Out Together}


Rita: Be the first person to email us (tmaxnoise@aol.com)
with the local music reference of the title of our final paragraph and
win a banner for a week on our popular websites, www.thenoise-boston.com
and www.thenoiseboard.com. Now, here’s where we be going in September.
THE CRUSHING LOW release their debut CD on Friday, 9/4 at Precinct.
*** On Friday, 9/11, Uncle Eddie's in Salisbury Beach has HIT ME WITH
YOUR BEST SHOT (a tribute to Pat Benatar). *** The Middle East presents
ME&JOANCOLLINS on Saturday, 9/12. *** ANDREA GILLIS BAND is part
of the Precinct’s Outdoor Music Festival on Sunday, 9/13 (3-9 pm).
*** On Friday, 9/18, DAMON & NAOMI are at the Cambridge Family YWCA
theater. *** THE DOOM BUGGIES rock the Witch City (Salem, MA) on Sunday,
9/20 (6:30-9:30 pm) at Stromberg's Cove. ***
debuts Penguin Night
at Zuzu on Wednesday, 9/23. *** On Thursday, 9/24
plays his folk/blues
at Johnny D’s. *** THE BARNIES reunite on Friday, 9/25 at Church.
*** Same night, THE LIGHTS OUT release their CD at T.T.’s. *** On
Saturday, 9/26, THE JOE HARVARD BAND is at the Cantab.
*** Same night there’s a benefit for the Worcester Artist
Group at the Hotel Vernon Ship Room that features 28 DEGREES TAURUS
DJ MATTHEW GRIFFIN. *** On Sunday, 9/27 (1-7pm) get to the Mark Sandman Memorial Concert at Pacific Park (on Pacific Street—down from T.T. the Bear's). *** DINOSAUR JR. rocks the Middle East Downstairs
on Friday, 10/2 and Saturday, 10/3.
Lolita: Now, everyone be real nice to the returning
students. We hope to see those students in the clubs absorbing some
real Boston culture.
Rita: Show them how to love a local band.

(Johnny Bravo/
Johnnies/ New Frustrations) died in the early morning of 7/22/09.

died of cancer
on 8/25/09.

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