Mr. Max’s Message 9/09

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE September, 2009
The construction is done and we have a beautiful new room. It amazed me how many small decisions mount up to what the room actually looks like, and how well it functions as a usable space. I never knew the importance of the placement of an interior door—it affects the placement of furniture in both the rooms that it connects. One corner of the room is especially nice with its arched nook (where we display many different ceramic pieces), a propane stove, and an exposed chimney. The half-cathedral ceiling adds classic character to the entire space and the 4’x5’ window next to the doublewide sliding glass door lets a lot of the outside in. And with the construction of this room done, I got one of the older rooms to set up office in. It’s nice to finally have a new office. There are still many boxes to unpack to make the new space as junked up as my old office was. I’ve yet to put anything on the walls, as compared to the constant collage of local music history back in the Jamaica Plain office.

Now that the construction is done and I’m settling in from the move, it’s time to get back to my music. I’m currently looking for someplace on the North Shore to record. I’ve got a bunch of material I feel good about. It ranges from the best of my anti-war songs (“Why Do We Go To War” and “Come on Home”), to some twisted covers (“No Reply,” “Stand," and “Over the Rainbow”), to a couple of food songs (“Chop Chop Chop” and “Gimme Some Coffee”). Who knows how long it will take to actually have a CD of these songs in my hands.


Our 40th anniversary/debut CD release at Che’s Lounge on Saturday, July 18, went over great. TCD played our longest set ever, adding lots of story telling about our 4o years of history. We played a secret song—only three audience members followed us upstairs to see the secret performance while the rest of the crowd listened in (we used wireless mics) and watched a five-foot marionette dance (thanks Noah) to the song. Jesse Gallagher (Apollo Sunshine) also played the show with his new, very cool, acoustic band—the New Black Magic Rainbow Quartet. The TCD 9-song CD, Forty Years and Nights, can be purchased through Audiolutions (PO Box 2018, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568) for a mere $10.


My Sports Bag by T Max
September 29, 2008 (one year ago)

My nice looking Patriots championship sports bag, which held two baseball gloves, two softballs, a pair of cleats, and a full uniform, managed to disappear from my parked car sometime after my weekly romp with the Saturday Morning Softball (No Matter What) guys and gals. The bag was lifted right out of my car either in Harvard Square (during a four-hour peace rally meeting) or later that night on Boylston Street in the Back Bay (where I attended a benefit show to free all political prisoners).

On Sunday night, in the middle of a Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus rehearsal, I got a call from a woman who said she didn't know me, but wanted to know how I got my bag in her trunk. I was confused and needed to figure out where our paths had crossed. She was parked on Saint James Street on Saturday night, a couple of blocks away from where my car was on Boylston Street. Her trunk lock had been tampered with. The only feasible explanation I could come up with was that someone was breaking into cars in the Back Bay on Saturday night. He or she somehow managed to get into my car without damaging a lock and grabbed my sports equipment. He or she carried it for a couple of blocks, decided there was nothing of value in it, and deposited it in another car’s trunk, where there was also nothing of value to steal.

Luckily I always write my name and phone number on my baseball gloves. Julie returned my bag with nothing missing the next day.


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