OUR EYES ON YOU: July 2009



Lolita: Hot time, summer in the city. Rita:
Well, I don’t know about this global warming—this spring was the
coolest in the passed 60 years.
Lolita: That only means it will have to get extra
hot this summer to average out the yearly temperature.
Rita: You’re probably right, but I should consult
Farmers’ Almanac. Lolita: Why do we need meteorologists giving weather
reports on TV when we could have some personality read from the
Farmers’ Almanac? Rita: Good question, and just in case your averaging-out
theory holds up, we better look into how we are going to beat the heat.
So Lolita, you know what to do.
Lolita: What? Move to where pigs wear lipstick? Rita:
No, I mean, you know what to do—ask the Question of the Month.
Right, I get it. Oh, excuse me sir, do you know where I can pick up
Farmers’ Almanac? Rita: No! That’s not the right question. Ask
our friends to tell us what they do to beat the heat.
Lolita: All right all ready. But there’s no reason
to make it a violent question. I could ask them how they avoid the heat.
Just go ask. You’re wasting valuable column lines.

{mospagebreak title=Beat the Heat}



Lolita: Hey Willie! I ran all the way to Gloucester
to ask you this question… How do you beat the heat?

(Boom Boom
Band/ Persistence of Memory Orchestra): I love the heat—you can’t
beat it. But if ya do, and I hate air conditioning, you just go to Boise,
Idaho. It’s hot there but ya don’t sweat. Or stay here and jump
off the greasy pole in Gloucester. ***
(Yerby): Just like Aaron
Neville, I constantly lather myself in cocoa butter. ***
the Noise): I’m a swimmer and a figure skater. Conveniently,
I live down the street from the beach. The best way I know to beat the
heat is to go for a nice swim in the cold Atlantic and top it off with
a session at the ice rink. Or, all I have to do is go to work where
the AC is painfully set on “meat locker.” Although it “beats the
heat,” it’s a bit much. I end up wrapped up in polar fleece and
can’t wait to get back out to the 90-degree temperature to defrost.
JOHNNY ARGUEDAS (Arguedas Photography/ the Sneaks): I wear
a merkin stuffed with dry ice. Cool and dry, that’s my motto.
*** IAN ADAMS (Ian
Adams): Honestly, I don’t try to “beat the heat.” I allow myself
to be beaten. I allow myself to be hot, nasty, sweaty, and stinky. I
don’t bitch about it either, I just think about January and how I’ll
eventually be freezing my balls off. A cold beer is a gift from God
on a hot summer night. Can’t wait. ***
(Preacher Jack): I adopted
Salem, Massachusetts as my hometown some 25 years ago, this is my summer
routine. Come June 21 and the unbearable heat that follows I shed my
winter beard and get my hair trimmed. In the cool of the morning I open
my windows and take a refreshing air shower, let the invigorating pre-dawn
breeze wash over my bony body. Next stop, the sitting bench in the tree
lined park to sit under my favorite shady chestnut tree. Midday and
I am off to the climate controlled environment of my beloved Wendy’s
for a hearty summer salad concluding (most) days with a stroll over
to Pickering Wharf to sit quietly next to the cool healing ocean water.
JOE VIGLIONE (Visual Radio): I take T Max on my yacht and
we head to Thailand sipping piña coladas and using old Thrills records
as frisbees to generate a cool splash from the ocean. ***
(Three Day Threshold): My roommates and I usually take off our shirts
or pants (male and female respectively), and sit by the window A/C unit while
our cat lays spread eagle on the floor to air himself out. Fanning and
panting ensues. ***
(Shakyfoot): Move back
to Massachusetts. Lemme tell y’all sumpin. This ain’ heat. I lived
in Atlanta for twelve years. I’m gowna tell ya ’bout some heat, chile. Lawdamercy!
We’re in the arctic up here. My sister lives in the Berkshires and
they use a down comforter all summer. On the Cape you need a sweatshirt
at night in
August. August in Georgia will usually have 20-plus
days where it is 85 degrees by 8:00am. Highs in the high 90’s, 80%
humidity. Oof. Still a great town though. We had such fun. Bars close
at 4:00 y’all. But by Gawd it’s hot! ***
(Myra Flynn): I try to
wear as little clothing as possible on stage without looking like a
hussy. For the most part, it works, save for a few dirty old men. Staying
hydrated with Smart Water and pineapple juice is always a must as well.
Myra, I’ve done everything to upgrade the intelligence of my water,
but I don’t think schooling is paying off. Guess I’ll have to just
stick with impressing those dirty old men.


{mospagebreak title=Non Commercial News}


Rita: While Lolita, barely clothed, draws a crowd
of old guys, I will, totally naked, deliver the news not worthy of major
media outlets. The Noise Board gets plugged in
Desperation Episode Four
. You
can find all episodes of Robby’s TV show on YouTube. *** MUCK &
THE MIRES record their next album in Detroit with garage rock guru
Recorders). Jim is known for saying “I find it interesting that today
most people make records while staring at a computer screen. I make
records while listening to the sound coming out of the speakers.”
BRIAN KING (What Time is it Mr. Fox?) had his song “Cold
Rain” recorded by Grammy winner
FOX is also looking for extras for their summer video. *** Central-Massachusetts
prog/experimental metal band ANOMIA has signed to Hold True Recordings
and is scheduled to release

on July 10th. *** WAR TAPES,
the L.A. band with strong ties to Boston, played two of their songs
on the season finale of ABC Family’s
Greek. You can find the band’s new video “Dreaming
of You” on YouTube. ***
(The New Frustrations)
is now booking Church. Wanna play there? Write tim@chuchofboston.com.
*** Wow, this is confusing. In Boston we have two local icons spinning
tunes under the name WONDERTWINS ACTIVATE. Then we have the Lowell-based
LOS WUNDER TWINS DEL RAP and their new CD entitled
Activate. Maybe these two pairs of twins should play
together. Activate! *** LUCRETIA’S DAGGERS needs interesting-looking
people for their video shoot of “The Horror of Retail” this summer
in Allston. If you’re interested, contact their website of the same
name. *** If you haven’t noticed it yet, the
Noise is moving. Our new address is 24 Beverly Drive,
Georgetown, MA 01833. We now share the same hometown as MassCann.
I guess that makes Georgetown possibly the hippest town in Massachusetts.
Okay, okay, I can already hear the letters being composed—let me rephrase
that—every Noise reader lives in the hippest town in Massachusetts.
Right? It’s gotta be hip if
you live there. Rita: I don’t care about it being hip. I like
it that in Georgetown I can connect with nature. In fact, Lolita, put
on a little more clothes and go ask our friends about how they connect
with nature.

{mospagebreak title=Nature Connection}


Lolita: Okay, I can ask everyone how they connect
with nature, but I think it would make more sense if I did it naked.
Look, there’s Ray playing that old beat up guitar—and he’s in
his bare feet—go ask him the question right now!
Lolita: Ray… Ray… Ray, my eyes are up here. Can
you tell me how you connect with nature?
(Ray Mason Band/ Lonesome
Brothers): Seeing as how I grew up in a housing project on tar and cement
I recently stood outside our house in the lovely Western Mass. countryside,
took off my socks and shoes, looked around at the trees and birds, took
a long deep hit of fresh air and thought to myself “what a lucky bastard
you are”!
(School of Rock/ Sleeprunner): The Polar Caves and the Lost River up
in Northern New Hampshire… it’s like Ewok Village from
Star Wars
in real life.
*** MR. CURT (Urban Caravan/ Mr. Curt Ensemble): Feed the
neighborhood feral cats. Feed the local bird population. Donna and I
plant a bevy of flowers, shrubs, and some veggies and herbs. Water them
frequently. Trim some of the hedges and bushes. Then rest on the back
porch, sipping cocktails and inhaling a major dose of life—and life
only! *** JOHNNY BLACK
(Faster & Louder/ Johnny Black Trio): I fish from April through
early December so I get to see lots of beautiful places from wading
salt ponds on the Cape to kayaking lakes in Maine. My favorite is surf
fishing for striped bass with flies I’ve tied so most weekends you’ll
find me waist deep somewhere along the coast. I knew my fiancée, Karen,
was the woman for me when she bought her own pair of waders about two
months after we met. Now I just need to get her onto some big fish. ***
(Houndstone): I inhaled. ***
(Red Summer Sun): Recently
we had the privilege of playing the Hatch Shell at Radio 92.9’s annual
The event was heavily focused on the importance of environmental sustainability
and the little things that can be done to keep the world running smoothly.
In addition to helping spread the word, we learned a lot about the small
steps available to a band on the rise. Two things we always try to do—refill
the same water bottle instead of just buying a 24 pack, and pack as
carefully as possible to try to make each gig a one car trip. ***
(…& the After Party): I was down at an Environmental Camp in Rhode
Island in April. Between the nature walks, ponding, and sleeping in
cabins I have gotten enough nature for a while. ***
(Jake & the Jakes):
I like to connect with nature by running around the house naked writing
songs on the ol’ guitar. When people start coming home or stopping
by for visits, I make a fast break to the beach—most likely Seabrook
or Salisbury Beach. I love the solitude—the power and the unholy green
glow from the power plant at Seabrook on any given day—winter, spring,
summer and fall. It just doesn’t matter. I love the beach. ***
(… & The SeeKing 7): I sat in my friends front garden in Germany
eating a Big Nuts Ice Cream bar while enjoying the sun and knocking
a spider off her arm! ***
(Fox Pass/ Urban Caravan):
I have silenced the mind by climbing the highest dunes on Cape Cod and
stared into the timeless sea. ***
MATT JATKOLA (the Bynars): I went to the holodeck and loaded
my favorite forest scene. In my solitude, I attempted to whistle (unsuccessfully) for
a few hours, then I saved Wesley from drowning in a shallow brook.
We have a Trekkie among us.
Rita: I think they prefer to be called Trekkers. Lolita:
Matt, is the latest
movie any good? Matt:
I think it’s excellent, but it’s so wide open now. I don’t even
know what they’re gonna do next! It’s good for fans and also for
people who haven’t even seen Star Trek before. I definitely recommend

{mospagebreak title=Musical Chairs}


Rita: Okay, well I have to admit that I’ve seen
all the
Star Trek movies, but I only did it because I had a lovely
nerdy boyfriend, and I’d go with him anywhere, even if he insisted
on dressing up like the Borg.
Lolita: Hey, did he play in a Boston band called
the Borg?
Rita: I’d rather not say that he plays in DEATH
OF THE COOL. But I do have a list of a lot of musicians who are doing
the Musical Chairs dance. Drummer
(Scamper/ Brendan
Boogie Band) has joined his brother
(the Eines), a recent
transplant from Toronto has also joined on bass and vocals. ***
(Jenny Dee & the Deelinquints/ the Rudds) has another band called
TONY GODDESS & THE JOHNS—the three Johns are
POWHIDA (John Powhida International Airport), LYNCH
(the Neighborhoods), and
BROOKHOUSE (the Dirty Truckers). *** 18 WHEELS OF JUSTIC
has added vocalist
to the lineup. Adam
comes from Worcester’s KULTUR, which is on hiatus while they search
for a new drummer and bassist. ***
is playing with MIKE PIEHL
(drums) and
best and only all-female Queen-tribute band. *** STEPHIE PEEKA &
ROSEDEWITT from Germany on operatic Freddie Mercury harmonies.
See them at O’Brien’s on August 2. ***
, the musical director
of the first three years of Boston’s
Christ Superstar
, is now playing
with WILLIE ALEXANDER. *** Providence’s SIX FINGER SATELLITE is back
with a new CD but the members of the group have turned over so much
that they consider themselves a bastardly other brother. The brothers
include singer
JAY RYAN, drummer RICK
, guitarist JOEL KYACK,
and bassist
Brad took almost a decade break from the band.
Lolita: This has nothing to do with Brad, but do
you know that I drink my morning coffee from a heavy-duty York Shire
Rita: No, I didn’t know that (I see Lolita drink
out of it every morning and she also spills coffee on me—every day).
I do like it that the band’s merchandise has paid off with a little
extra promo for them.


{mospagebreak title=Stage Mishaps}


Rita: While Lolita desperately tries to get more
free merch sent to her, I’ll ask the next Question of the Month. And
that question is “What the worst mishap you’ve seen on stage?”
(Los Wunder Twins del Rap): People tell me that I should never repeat
this story but… I was playing a gig at Bill’s Bar. There was this
girl in the front row wearing a pair of those giant, oversized, carnival
sunglasses that covered her entire face. Throughout the set she was causing
a scene, acting like she was going to flash her boobs. As the set went
on she was more and more provocative to the point that she was the show
and we were background music. So I stopped the show, looked at her and
said “we all know you’re gonna whip those bad boys out, let’s
get it over with already.” She lifts up her shirt, the crowd cheers,
and the show continues. After the show she comes up to me and says,
“I wanna make out with you” and plants her mouth on mine. I had
to push her off of me and when I did her glasses fell off, revealing
that she had Down syndrome. My bad. Kept playing though. ***
jimsullivanink.com): Lux Interior at the Channel, pissed off at stage
divers, threatened one particular kid that he’d clock him if he came
up again. Sure enough, the kid jumped up and Lux executed a left-right
KO punch. The kid did not return. I suppose some might not call this
a mishap but rough justice. ***
(Black Fortress
of Opium): I once saw the Archers of Loaf, and one band member fell
offstage onto a trash can. Pretty funny! ***
(What Time Is It, Mr.
Fox?): The onstage mishap that I have unfortunately witnessed time and
time again is hearing a performer tell an audience to be quiet and listen.
This usually results in a bunch of people feeling held captive, and
not in a good way. If they’re not listening, then either you’re
not doing your job or you’re playing to the wrong room. Know your
audience. People are out to have a good time and relate, not indulge
your ego. If your fans can’t hear over the drunken idiots (as at
a recent PJ Harvey concert), it’s up to them to tell their neighbors
to shut the fuck up. ***
(Dark Sky Productions/
Paul Green School of Rock): School of Rock was doing a Summer Camp performance
at the Cambridge YMCA Theatre last August 17th, when suddenly, the pipes
in the sprinkler system above the stage burst and everyone was a deluged
with a torrential shower! Fortunately none of our equipment was damaged,
but I’m now convinced that my life is afflicted by a sprinkler system
curse. First Skybar, and now this! ***
(Woolly Mammoth Sound/
Torey Pines): I have seen Sean Staples (Jabe/ Session Americana) fall
off the stage twice, and take at least three more tumbles on stage without
falling off. ***
(the Daily Pravda):
While playing the opening song of a set, I couldn’t hear my vocals
in the monitors. I signaled frantically to the sound guy for more
vocals, but he just shrugged his shoulders. After we finished
the song he discovered and explained the cause of the problem over the
PA: “Sorry, I had the vocal channel on mute.” ***
(the Shadows Smile):
One of the funniest mishaps on stage occurred when we went to play in
Pennsylvania at the Sterling Hotel in 2007. There was this act from
the Midwest that had a laptop, a singer, and a guy playing with little
puppets on strings. Well, they were in the middle of there set the laptop
was already on the fritz when one of the puppets broke into a million
pieces and fell of the stage. The puppeteer slowly jumped of the stage
and was on the floor on his hands and knees picking up all the body
parts of this puppet. It was sad. ***
(Birdsongs of the
Mesozoic/ Arf Arf Records): I recall playing Cantones in the winter
of 1977 with the Moving Parts, who went under the moniker Space Negros
that night. I had the two back legs of my Fender Rhodes with a Minimoog
supported on two large coffee cans and, well, you can imagine what happened
when I hit the final chord for a big ending of one of our songs. Fortunately
nothing broke and we finished the set after I set up my rig for the
remainder of our set. ***
(the Blackjacks): The
destruction of Johnny Angel’s meniscus cartilege, right knee, onstage
fall, June 1979, Thrills opening for Ramones.
(QRST's): I had gone
to see Aerosmith in Providence on Halloween a long time ago. At one
point during the show, Steve Tyler attempted to do a flip and ended
up flat on his back. All the other guys in Aerosmith played on for about
one or two songs stepping over him—not realizing he was not moving.
They then cancelled the rest of the show and the next day the review
said that Tyler had "food poisoning"—yeah right. ***
Noise): The old Boston band Harlequin actually BROKE
UP onstage, in the middle of a song, at Bunratty’s. Members just unplugged and
walked out the door one by one, and they never played again. I’ve never
seen a soundman (or almost anyone, really) laugh that hard in my life.
Harlequin also holds another Boston distinction—they played in two
Rumbles (1979 and 1980). It must have been before the one Rumble rule
was made.

{mospagebreak title=All Going Out Together}



Rita: Harliquin’s gone, so who’s left to see? Lolita:
I’m glad you asked. I was on my way out and wanted to know if you
would join me.
Rita: Where are we headed? Lolita: Well, here’s where this month…
is at the North Star
Music Cafe in Portland, ME on Saturday, 7/4. ***
’s Rock
’n’ Roll Partents III
exhibit opens on Monday, 7/6 (10pm – 1am) at Zuzu with performances by
Axemunkee and Squareshooter. *** On Thursday, 7/9, photographer
releases a book of photos (with a forward written by
) that covers the last
three years of bands playing the Abbey Lounge. The book signing with
acoustic performances is at Horror Business (77 Harvard Ave., Allston,
MA) 6:00-10:00pm. *** MAMADOU plays West Afrian sounds at Dog Bar in
Gloucester on Friday, 7/10. *** Same night in Cambridge, JENNY DEE &
THE DEELINQUENTS hit the Middle East. *** On Saturday, 7/11 (1pm doors)
JASON BENNETT & THE RESISTANCE raids the Middle East. *** That night
at the Cantab, COROLLA DEVILLE returns. ***
and PAUL
(the Scaredy Cats) are
In A Pig’s Eye (Salem, MA) on Wednesday, 7/15. *** Same night
at Zuzu. *** MR. TIMOTHY CHARLES DUANE celebrates its 40th anniversary
and debut CD release on Saturday, 7/18, on the Vineyard at Che’s Lounge.
*** On that same night
presents Wolf’s
16th Annual (Four Days After) Bastille Day A-Go-Go at the Precinct.
*** On Sunday, 7/19, (1:00 to 6:00 pm) the Aerosmith tribute compilation
Boston Gets A Grip is released at the Wonder Bar (formerly Bunratty’s)—catch
THE BRISTOLS in action. *** DEATH OF THE COOL hits the Cantab on Thursday,
7/23. *** THE AUTUMN HOLLOW BAND plays the Lizard Lounge on Friday,
7/24. *** THE MONTGOMERYS support their
release at Sally O’Brien’s
on Saturday, 7/25. *** THE INCREDIBLE CASUALS are at the Wellfleet Beachcomber
every Sunday from 5pm to 8pm. They have played this slot every summer
since the dawn of man. *** BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC is at Johnny D’s
Thursday, 7/30—
(Mission of Burma) is
with the group on this show and all of their east coast tour dates.
*** On that same night in Gloucester, GARY BACKSTROM BAND (x-member
of the band Jiggle the Handle) plays Latitude 43. *** On Friday, 7/31,
THE CRACKER BROTHERS take over Slainte in Portland, ME.
Have a great summer! If you’d like three more days on me, check out
our summer banner sale—buy a banner ad that runs a week—and get
three free days on me!
Rita: She’ll do anything for attention.

RIP: PAT BRADY (1965-2009):
Pat was the mighty drummer for the Moving Targets. He died on June 10.

RIP: RAPHAEL MABRY (1964-2009): Rafe was the rhythm guitarist
in the Black Jacks. He died in a head on collision on June 15 in Berryville,

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