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April 1989, Issue #83
Cover: The Zulus
Bands: Raging Lemmings, Meltdown, Christmas, Lemonheads, Blood Oranges, the Bags, Volcano Suns.
The Suns’ first two records, The Bright Orange Years and All Night Lotus Party finally came out on CD from Merge Records this past January. Good stuff, and about time! Unfortunately, the band has refused to do any reunion shows.
Gossip and Stuff: Rita and Lolita go to Washington, DC to support the Pro-choice abortion rally. *** Comedian David Cross answers the Question of the Month with "I have a birthmark which is a replica of a map of Nancy Drew's hometown city in Ohio. *** David Minehan’s birthday is reported to be 4/21. Everyone attending a Neighborhoods show or recording at Woolly Mammoth Sound should remember this. *** Erik Lindgren (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic) is swimming a mile three times a week. *** Evan Shore (Voodoo Dolls/now Muck & the Mires) has his wisdom teeth in a jar. I carry moonbeams home in a jar, but I’d rather be a pig. Five bucks to anyone under 35 who knows what the fuck I’m talking about. *** Butch and Brenda's Audiodoodahday column writes about a T.T.'s show thusly: "How satisfying it was to see the headshorn, boyish die-girl Thalia Zedek spitting and howling like a pale, hunchbacked monkey-demon impaled on a smoldering stick, hollering out prickly vocal phlegm fronting Live Skull's frenzied rotgut guitar roar in a room teeming with the hip cognoscenti and all their acolytes." I’ll have what they’re smoking, thanks. *** Kenne Highland claims to have total recall back to when he was three years old. *** James Ryan's "Fryin' With Ryan" column is about how he's become the overnight janitor at the Rat.

April/May 1994, Issue #138
Cover: (Mick) Mondo
Bands: Green Magnet School, Miles Dethmuffen, Merang, Dirt Merchants, Xixxo, Vision Thing, Flying Nuns, the Barnies, Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, Concussion Ensemble, Powerman 5000, Holy Cow
Gossip & Stuff: Notice that this is a double issue? Combining April and May into one issue only happened this one time. We still do double issues in July/August and December/January. *** Rita and Lolita ask a "who were you in a past life?" for the Question of the Month and Mike Higgins of the Middle East answers by saying that he used to be able to shoot squirrels from a hundred yards. *** Trojan Ponies break up. I went out with their first lead singer who sometimes insulted other bands she was playing with because she didn’t realize the person she was talking to played previously in the night. *** The WBCN Rock 'n' Roll Rumble bands are chosen. Notables are: Cold Water Flat, Gingerbutkis, Kudgel, Merang, Mung, Opium Den, 6L6, Slughog, Smackmelon, Tackle Box, and the Jennifer Trynin Band, with Dirt Merchants taking the crown. *** The Causeway closes with no warning, leaving lots of bands stranded without a venue. Not to mention an outbreak of malnutrition among musicians and fans due to the loss of the peanut machine. *** Roger Miller (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic/ Mission of Burma) leads a band called Exquisite Corpse. Among other things, Exquisite Corpse is a cool drawing game where you pass the canvas around to create a surrealist collective collage. Roger likes to play it.

April 1999, Issue #190
Cover: Half-Cocked
Bands: Cheerleadr, Little A, Cathode, the Red Telephone, Caged Heat, Roma, Common Thrill, Science Park, Driveway, Ape Hangers, Garage Dogs, the Gravel Pit, Mistle Thrush, Fuzzy, Voodoo Dolls, Monsters of Id, Ramona Silver, Al Janek's Plastic Cheese, Two Ton Shoe, Slide, Star Ghost Dog, and Crackpipe Wisconsin (who won Conan O'Brien's best unsigned band search), Random Road Mother, who had one of the great local song titles of all time with “Yousuck.com.”
Gossip & Stuff: The Milky Way (JP’s bowling/ rock club) opens (they’re closing now). Actually, they’re moving this April (along with the adjoining Bella Luna restaurant) to The Brewery at 284 Amory Street in JP. Their site says they’ll have skee-ball, DJs and dancing, plus a “dramatic” outdoor patio. No mention of bowling or bands, though. *** Sir Morgan’s Cove is sold and becomes the Lucky Dog Music Hall. *** Kenne Highland gives up partying and becomes a sequestered recluse refusing to attend his own birthday bash. He was havng another flashback to age three and didn’t know he was a singer yet. *** Dave Herlihy (O Positive/ Toyboat) becomes a dad with the arrival of Bennet Evan. Bob Dubrow (WMBR) accomplishes the same feat with the birth of Nathan Albert. *** Kier Byrnes (Three Day Threshold) runs down Newbury Street naked. Kier’s getting up there in years. That birthday suit needs ironing now. *** Ian Adams (ex-8 Ball Shifter) and Kev O Matic (x-Otis) join forces with Rock City Crimewave. *** Susan Lutin (x-3 1/2 Girls/ Boxcar Betty) joins Driveway. *** Permafrost goes on permanent hiatus. You mean “permahaitus?” *** Nate Rostance joins Helicopter Helicopter. *** Rick Berlin's new band is called Pregnancy in Progress. At the 1999 Mardi Gras Rick had enormous watermelon-sized boobs bursting out of his dress. *** Eric Donohue joins Den Mothers. *** Johnny Rock joins Half Cocked. *** Splashdown seeks a drummer for live shows, and has a song on the TV show Charmed. Joel Simches fills in the drummer slot, and boy, is he charmed.

April 2004, Issue #240
Cover: the Marvels, the Lot Six, Seekonk, the Boston Rising, the Coffin Lids, the only band in the world that I’m aware of with the nerve and ability to pull off an annual Halloween tribute to the Mummies, a wild and legendary act from San Francisco who play classic garage trash and perform fully bandaged.
Bands: the Electras, Wheat, Valhalla Kittens, Apollo Sunshine, Ho-Ag, Darkbuster, Dresden Dolls, Peter C. Johnson, Lars Vegas, Voodoo Screw Machine, the Pills, Rocket Science, the Rudds, Andrea Gillis Band, Peter Moore, Girl on Top, Tristan da Cunha, Men & Volts, the Real Kids, Caged Heat, Bourbon Princess
Gossip & Stuff: The Incoming Mail column features A.J. Wachtel’s correspondence that admits he had been putting us on about being related to Waddy Wachtel (Steely Dan). He also admits that the two bare-breasted women (who led the camel on which he was smoking Moroccan hash) were only 10 or 11 years old, or they might have been little boys (the hash haze has clouded A.J.’s memory). *** Jeff Conolly is pissed about what was written about him in the previous issue: an ex-girlfriend made some harsh accusations in a letter and Jeff feels like the letter shouldn’t have run. That’s what happens when you open for Trojan Ponies. *** Jeff Creep (Midnight Creeps) offers to be Rita and Lolita’s sex slave. Who paid who in this deal? *** Tim Eriksen and Peter Irvine (Cordella’s Dad) sing on Academy Awards broadcast. *** Dr. Nancy Mroczek’s TV show Towards a Quality of Life is airing regularly in Boston. *** Lexi Kahn puts together Larry Banilow’s Boob Tube Revue, a night of songs from TV land by local musicians impersonating TV personalities, not including Willie Whistle, Major Mudd, or Dr. Nancy Mroczek. *** When asked who would they like to be for a day, both Mark Kates and Carl Biancucci choose to be Grady Little so they could take Pedro off the mound earlier than what played out on a specific day in history.

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