5/10/15/20: February 2009


by T Max and Joe Coughlin

Issue #81   February 1989

Cover: Blood Oranges, Joe Harvard, Common Ailments of Maturity

Bands: Throwing Muses, the Slaves, the Bags, Green Magnet School, the Varmints, Jim Infantino, Talking to Animals, Rash of Stabbings, Big Barn Burning, Titanics, Witch Doctor,

Gossip & Stuff: Interesting, twenty years ago Crispin Wood plays guitar for The Bags—they win Best Established Band in the Noise Poll. Fifteen years ago Crispin wins Best Cartoonist with Rock School. Ten and five years ago Crispin wins Best Website. *** Nat Freedberg (Titanics) talks about his job at the free venereal clinic. He says that Pat McGrath keeps coming in for check ups because he likes his pecker handled. *** We’ve got birthdays—Mike Dreese (Newbury Comics) 2/21, Dave Barton (The Outlets) 2/22, Dave Herlihy (O Positive) 2/29, Sue Safton (WMBR) 3/3, Eric Van (the Noise) 3/8. *** Evan Dando makes a movie called Road to Ruane featuring Billy Ruane throwing temper tantrums. *** WBCN is holding a “Show Off Your WBCN” contest. Display WBCN in some creative way and win $25,000. So Rita and Lolita went into the station and mooned Oedipus. Lolita had WB written on her butt cheeks and Rita had CN written on hers. Oedipus got a great show but the gals won nothing.
I entered that contest too. I also put the call letters on my ass, but they couldn’t read it through all the hair, so I lost.

Issue #136    February 1994

Cover: Sidewalk Gallery, Merang

Bands: Uzi, United States, Heretix, Crazy Alice, Cul de Sac, Doc Hopper, Bim Skala Bim, Willie Alexander & the Persistence of Memory Orchestra, The Dark, Young Snakes, Combustible Edison, The In Out, Roger Miller, Dambuilders, Elevator Drops, Lyres, Incus.

Gossip & Stuff: Chandler Travis is working with comedian George Carlin on his Fox TV show. *** While Boston bands complain about the sleet and snow, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic are playing in Hawaii. *** The booking office of the Middle East transforms into a clothing shop. *** Bill Goffrier (Big Dipper) is recovering from being sliced by a masked man flashing a knife. The masked man made off with a lot of money. Luckily Bill’s insurance company is paying the knife-wielding man. We’re talking about Bill’s surgeon, not a mugger. *** Linda and Wayne Viens put out word that they’re looking to form a ’70s-R&B-party-dance-funk-love-fun thing. That thing becomes Crown Electric Company. *** One of top local LPs of all time is re-released—Sleep Asylum by Uzi (on Matador Records). *** It’s announced that Gary Cherone is flying up from Florida to play the role of Jesus Christ in Boston Rock Opera’s Jesus Christ Superstar. And even though he was the son of God, boy, were his arms tired!

Issue #188    February 1999

Cover: Gigolo Aunts, Honeyglazed, Mishima, Bill T. Miller, Magdelines

Bands: Slide, the Amazing Crowns, the Gravel Pit, Lyres, the Crank-Tones, Lockgroove, Chin Ho!

Gossip & Stuff: The Y2K bug is addressed. And Lolita is worried about people’s predictions of plants growing backwards and fire being the only natural replacement for dish detergent. She is wrapping all her old stuff in protective aluminum foil because she heard that everything made before 1975 will implode at the turning of the century. That was a particularly good year for pot, as I recall. *** Lilli Dennison leaves the Green Street Grill to work on the JP Bowl, now known as the Milky Way. *** At Club Bohemia (at the Kirkland) they are planning to sacrifice the King and Queen of the Mardi Gras. *** Roadsaw signs with MIA and takes their show on the road. *** Noise typist Jeannie Century and producer Sean Slade get hitched in Las Vegas and give birth to their son Kenan.  *** Cynthia von Buhler and Xavier Dietrich II are burying celebrity toilet bowls. Yes, the celebrity excrement is included.
If it wasn’t Elvis’s, it ain’t worth a shit. *** Joe Hernon (owner of the Kirkland) dies of lung cancer. *** Incoming mail complains about Corin Ashley’s review of the band Anodyne’s 7-inch. The entire review is quoted—“Suckodyne.” *** Leah Callahan (Betwixt) gets quoted in Cosmopolitan saying, “Boston guys are great lovers. They know exactly what you want, you don’t have to say a thing, they’re intuitive.” Interestingly enough, she was talking about the guys in this very column! Billy Ruane throwing temper tantrums, Pat McGrath getting his free pecker-handlings, and Robbie Roadsteamer having toot sniffed off his ding-a-ling. What red-blooded woman could resist?

Issue #238    February 2004

Cover: Lilli Dennison, Chauncey, Biopop, Noise Poll Results & Maxie Award Report, Noiser’s Top 10 of 2003, Catherine Carter’s Front Row Material

Bands: Rock E. Rollins, Fooled By April, Valhalla Kittens, Lyres, December Sound, Presley, the Charms, Baby Ray, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Din, Cannibal Kings, Godboxer, Josh Lederman y Los Diabolos, Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women, the Halogens, Johnny & the Jumper Cables, the Irresponsibles, We’re All Gonna Die, the Model Sons, Tristan da Cunha, Bon Savants, the Rudds

Gossip & Stuff: The Dresden Dolls walk away with a pile of Maxie Awards, winning eight of the eleven categories they were nominated in. They send in a little letter thanking us for the nice new decorations for their kitchen windowsill. *** The winner of Best Guitarist, JJ Rassler, thanks the Dresden Dolls for not having a guitar player in their band. *** Robbie Roadsteamer gets the owner of Johnny D’s a bit upset when he starts talking about women meeting him in the bathroom to snort coke off a tubular part of his body. He gets removed from the stage, but is the highlight of the show. *** Mark Kates (Fenway Recordings) organizes an annual compilation and live show that benefits the Jimmy Fund and includes luminaries from the Red Sox. *** Anngelle Wood (then WFNX, now WBCN) marries some guy in Vegas because he held a door open for her. The next day she dumps him. *** Tim Ericsen (Cordelia’s Dad) plays a choirmaster in the film Cold Mountain. He also sings a duet with Jack White (the White Stripes) on the end credit song. *** The Police (the band, not Boston’s finest) thank Oedipus when they’re inducted into the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame. *** Joe, in your Top Ten you mention Mission of Burma, Noise Board hijinks, Burning Sensations, Classic Ruins, Thundertrain, Johnny & the Jumper Cables, GG Allin, the Rat anniversary, Moki, Presley, and winning a Maxie Award (Best Critic). Well, T, you know how it is. With my advancing age and everything, I wanted to make sure to write it down before I forgot it all!

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