OUR EYES ON YOU: December 2008


Rita: This year the gift-giving holidays have new creative potential. Lolita: Yeah, with all the financial turmoil that Bush left for Obama to deal with, I’ll be lucky if I give or get one present this year. Rita: But isn’t that normal for you? You’re so friggin’ cheap—the last gift you gave me was those jeans that didn’t fit you anymore. You could have at least washed them. And don’t be whimpering about how many gifts you get—you normally get only one present—and it’s from that stalker who you encourage by leaving underwear in your mailbox. Lolita: I’ve never done that! Oh wait, that was for the new mailman. Rita: Well, even the stalker may not be able to afford a gift for you—it may be a year that you just have to reminisce about past gifts. Lolita: I think we could make a Question of the Month from this subject—like, what’s the best way to encourage a stalker to get you wonderful gifts? Rita: Yeah, that’s perfect for you, Lolita, but let’s amend it slightly to “share with us a memory you have of a holiday celebrated in
December.” There’s Rick. Lolita, go get Rick to start the ball rolling.

{mospagebreak title=HOLIDAY MEMORIES}


Lolita: Okay. Rick, have you seen my underwear? I mean, give me a holiday memory. RICK BERLIN (self): Weatogue, CT, Christmas Eve, hung the balls ’n’ lights. Tip-toed upstairs in my flannel jammies only to hear an explosion. My dad (DICK Kinscherf) collapsed into the tree, hammered after yet another night on the town. The tree hit the floor, shattering lights ’n’ balls. Dad yelling. I smile thinking of it now, maybe I was terrified way back then. *** LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus): For years I have celebrated the winter solstice with Wayne and friends, building a big fire in the fire pit; burning away the “past” by casting something into the fire (cornmeal, glitter, pieces of paper with our words) and heralding the return of the sun, and with it, new beginnings, and new hopes and dreams. *** MR. CURT (Urban Caravan): One Xmas holiday week Ms. Donna and I won a post office trip to Pasadena and the Rose Bowl parade. Totally special and weather was perfect! We decorated a postal float, cruised Los Angeles and Hollywood, visited museums, ate splendid meals, danced/sat on Santa Monica beach watching the sun go down on New Year’s Eve before a huge post office banquet, and spent New Years Day baked and fed with friends on a veranda in the hills above L.A. Phew, a person could get spoiled! *** KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/Birdsongs of the Mesozoic): A few years ago I started playing with my friend, singer/songwriter Julie Dougherty, at her long-running annual free Christmas Eve concert/sing-along at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem. It’s not the kind of music I generally play, but it’s great fun with some great musicians. At the end one year, a somewhat frail and elderly woman came up to the stage and said “You’ve made me so very happy tonight!” I was quite moved. *** AD FRANK (The Fast Easy Women/ Lifestyle): I spent Christmas Eve 2006 at the Glass Slipper. Lolita: Thank you, Ad, for not sharing all those dirty details. I would have been so embarrassed. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): I know it’s not Christmas until the Christmas tree gets knocked over (at least once). This year’s Christmas should be interesting as we are headed out for a European tour the very next day, so we will be celebrating pretty hard. *** STEVE “ACE” McARDLE (Skull Hammer): I remember playing the 2005 Dougman Christmas party at the Framingham space with the Worst and watching our friends jamming until they had sweated out every ounce of booze and energy, and nearly collapsed onstage. Whatta holiday! *** BRIAN KING (What Time Is It Mr. Fox?): The December memory that sticks out most in my head, is when I was six and my mother tried, quite unsuccessfully, to explain why ghosts, witches, and jack o’lanterns were not appropriate Christmas tree decorations. To this day there is always a broom-riding witch hanging from my parents’ tree for the holidays. *** CORIN ASHLEY (The Pills): I spent Christmas of 1984 in Soviet Russia visiting churches and monasteries and other cultural sites popular with 15 year old boys. I remember being in a church for a nighttime Christmas Eve service at a huge cathedral in Zagorsk. It was so packed that one of girls in our party passed out and remained standing. She never fell over—luckily someone noticed that she was out cold. Also on that trip, I made out with a college-aged girl from New Jersey, a major accomplishment that I can only attribute to underage drinking (and it’s noted effects on girls from New Jersey). Mind you, I’m not saying she was pretty, but she was 18. Lolita: What the hell are you saying?! I was 17—and damn fine!!!

{mospagebreak title=NEWS OF ROCK}


Rita: While Lolita continues to lie about her age and other things, I’ll give the news that you just won’t find in other publications. ANDY MILK (The Vital Might) is running the 2009 Boston Marathon for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. He runs the race in honor of his mother, Susan Milk, who is an 8-year breast cancer survivor. To help Andy meet his goal of raising $6000 for cancer research, go to rundfmc.org/andrewm2009. *** The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (Mass Cann/NORML) thanks the people of Massachusetts for voting to eliminate the criminal sanctions against minor marijuana possession. *** APOLLO SUNSHINE hopped the Atlantic to Ireland where JESSE GALLAGHER retraced his family lineage in addition to rocking with the Dirty Pretty Things. *** REVOLUTIONARY SNAKE ENSEMBLE’s second CD release, Forked Tongue, is on the first round ballot Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Instrumental Album and Best Jazz Instrumental Solo. *** JADA (the only Boston band on Motown) performed the National Anthem at the Patriots/Jets game on 11/13/08.

*** CASEY DESMOND has gone all out in her new video, “Tilt Me Back.” Lolita: I swear I see some Bentmen costumes in this cinematic video. Don’t miss it—you can find it on YouTube. *** TWISTED RICO is back in town and is booking some Thursday night shows at the Cantab. His first includes CAGED HEAT’s 10th anniversary show with DANA COLLEY sitting in on sax at the Cantab on 12/18. *** The Abbey Lounge closed its doors for the last time on Wednesday 11/26. *** JEFF ROYDS (Boston Garage Bands) is launching a new Internet radio station that will play local music 24 hours a day. Go to bostongaragebands.com to find out more about this station that plans to go on air on 1/5/09. *** THE HOLLOW SOUND has been nominated for an mtvU Woodie Award: Best Music on Campus 2008, and will be featured on the MTV award show. *** MONGREL has recorded the theme song for PFG-TV (Pretty F’n Good), a weekly television series hosted by SCORCH from Manchester, NH, Rock101. PFG-TV is broadcast online and twice a week on MCAM cable TV in Manchester. *** ALEX MACRIDES, a junior at Boston Latin Academy, played his tenor sax at the White House in November ’08. He was part of the Berklee College City Music All Star Ensemble that won the prestigious Coming Up Taller award sponsored by Laura Bush. *** Big Heavy World of Burlington, VT, is holding a series of concerts to celebrate its website, bigheavyworld.com, that has been rebuilt to be used as a tool for any band interested in touring Vermont. *** Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story (aired on TV’s Frontline on 11/11/08) recently won a Chris Award at the Columbus International Film Festival. Director STEFAN FORBES was honored with the IDA’s Jacqueline Donnet Emerging Filmmaker Award. TIM ROBERT co-wrote the music for the film with Stefan. *** ANNA PRICE and MATT RHODES (both of the Silver Lining) are on their way to creating their second child. *** JOHN POWHIDA (…International Airport/ the Rudds) tied the knot with long-time girlfriend KATHERINE CROOM. They did it in style at the White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on 11/9/08. Lolita: Not only does John pick another woman to marry—when I thought I was his one-and-only—he commits the act on my birthday, just to rub it in. John you’re so mean to me—and… I love every minute of it. I just want to know, why wasn’t I a bridesmaid?

{mospagebreak title=CAPTURING YOU}


Rita: While Lolita pouts over her lost love, I’m going to find out who’s been captured in a song or piece of art. Let’s start with that woman who carries an axe behind her back. LIZ BORDEN (The Liz Borden Band): Having a song written about you is strange but at the same time very flattering. There have been a couple songs but I won’t kiss and tell! Okay, I will tell on one person. Bug Syphlloid/ Doug Quintal wrote a song about me. That is all I’m saying. *** DAVE TREE (SuperPower/ DrugWar): I just had art up in a show in Brooklyn. It was the 400th anniversary of John Milton author of “Paradise Lost” It was at the prestigeous Williamsburg Art and Historicical Center. I was invited to show after one of the shows poets did a piece on my piece, the director liked it and asked me to send the piece a week before the opening. So because some artist did a piece on my piece of art I was invited to show art. *** MONIQUE ORTIZ (A.K.A.C.O.D.): I am “captured” naked in about 60 or so pieces of artwork each week! When I’m not working on my music or my own art, I work as a figure model for art schools and several independent artists. There are few things as liberating and fun as being naked in front of a bunch of overly active creative thinkers! *** BRUCE ALLEN (The Doom Buggies/ Butt’er Crunch): In college, probabaly around 1986 or so, I had my friend, syndicated cartoonist Keith Knight (K Chronicles/ Think) draw me as if I were a character in his comic strip. He drew a band with me playing guitar, our friend Pierre playing bass, and himself with a microphone. About a year later that picture came to life when we all formed Butt’er Crunch, a 7-piece funk band with a DJ, heavy guitars, three rappers (including me on some songs). It was my first band and one of the first rap-rock bands in the Boston area. I still have the picture somewhere. *** SARAH RABDAU (Sarah Rabdau and Self-Employed Assassins/ The Fast Easy Women): Yes. Every song Ad Frank has written since 2005. Lolita: Sarah, were you that “other woman” at the Glass Slipper when I was dating Ad two years ago?

{mospagebreak title=MUSICAL CHAIRS}


Rita: Those in search of the foot that perfectly fits the glass slipper are like those looking for the perfect new member for their band—or a country searching for an inspirational leader. All hail Obama! I can’t believe the situation he’s been voted into—the white man creates a big mess and leaves it for the black man to clean up. Bush—you’re a greedy liar, a truly unpatriotic American in that you have soiled our name around the globe. I hope you serve time for the crimes you have committed against humanity. By the FBI’s definition, you are a terrorist. And when are all Americans going to wake up and realize this financial mess we’re in gets worse every day that the money-sucking war in the Middle East continues. Obama, please stand up to the war machine and correct the United States’ standing in this world. Go back to the days of speaking softly and carrying a big stick. A threat is worse than an execution. Lolita: Whom are you threatening to execute? Rita: I’m sorry; I strayed a little from the subject at hand. I believe I was about to mention the movement of member in bands. Here we go… TIM MADDEN (Desolation Bells) is playing drums with THE FREEWAYS. *** JIM HAGGERTY (x-The Gravy) has a new band with GRAHAM TICHY (guitar), IAN CARLTON (vocals), and JEFF MICHAEL (drums), called Rocky Velvet. *** Drummer JEFF CLARKE has joined THE SUN LEE SUNBEAM. The band is looking for a guitarist now. You can contact them through myspace. *** Members of GATSBY have formed THE LONGWALLS. *** BLACKBOARD NAILS have developed out of BABY STRANGE and have already toured the UK. *** MONIQUE ORTIZ has a fresh band called MONIQUE ORTIZ that enlists help from ROB HULSMAN on drums and STEVE BREMAN on backing vocals, bass, and baritone guitar (x-Shiner Jones). *** ERIC SCHMIDER has a big band now that includes FAITH SOLOWAY on keys, PAUL AHLSTRAND on sax, AARON GELB on sax, MARK BERNEY on trumpet, PETE BOOLOS on guitar, JOE KLUMPUS on bass, and JEFFERSON DAVIS on drums. *** THE ALMIGHTY TERRIBLES include members of THE COFFIN LIDS. *** Not that they joined the band, but WALTER SICKERT and EDRIE (both of Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys) sang on the WHAT TIME IS IT MR FOX? new CD. Lolita: I saw the Mr. Fox band recently and really liked them. I think their leader, BRIAN KING, may have a thing for me. Now, Rita, don’t you go telling him any nasty anecdotes about me.

{mospagebreak title=TELL ME ABOUT BOSTON}


Rita: Lolita, I won’t interfere in your fantasies, but I am going to ask our musical friends to tell me something they’d like to share with a stranger about Boston. Hopefully none of them with bring up Lolita’s good name. Chuck, you’re first. CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMBR/ WMFO): Boston is a unique place. There are the obvious things that bring tourists here, like American history, higher education and Fenway Park. But what would not be obvious to typical tourists (but IS obvious to Noise readers) is that we have a thriving rock scene… in fact, a thriving music scene in all genres! Also, we have one of the most amazing radio dials in the country (dare I say the world). Even without a direct Pacifica affiliate, there’s nearly a dozen non-commercial stations to choose from, thanks largely to those institutions of higher learning. Radio for the community, the students, and the people at large, not for the sponsors. Yay, Boston! *** TJ WELCH (the Welch Boys): Beware of the King of Dorchester, Mark Doherty, especially if he is on a bender. *** RAY MASON (Ray Mason Band/ Lonesome Brothers): That, in the ’60s, two of the most inspiring 45’s ever released came from the Boston area. “Bright Lit Blue Skies” by the Ramrods and “Why Do I Cry” by the Remains were highly influential to a teenager from Holyoke locked in his room listening to records through a Magnavox pullout stereo. And they still are! *** SAMMY MIAMI (HoundStone): Do not under any circumstances wear a Yankees or Giants jersey. If you’re thinking about driving—don’t. And when you run out of gas looking for a place to park and get hit in the face with a snowball, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Welcome to Beantown! *** DIANE ANDRONICA (CCTV): Boston is one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been in. There are so many creative and fun things happening here, like the Honk Fest, Lantern Parade, Wake Up the Earth, and the Boston Marathon. It’s a world-class city with many small town qualities. It’s easy to get around by public transit or bicycle and every year there are parties that the whole city and surrounding areas enjoy like First Night, and July 4th on the Esplanade. The colleges keep the city young and it never ages. Professional sports teams are extremely loved. *** SHADY (The Crushing Low): Boston is cold for six months a year—yet we all rally around our sports teams. The warmth you experience at a packed Fenway Park, even on a cold October night, overshadows any outside temperature. *** MIKE PATTERSON (The Sprained Ankles): Come back in June. *** SHAUN WOLF WORTIS (Gato Malo/ Annual Mardi Gras Ball): That unlike most great cities in the nation, Boston does not have a distinctive and original sandwich. I think a visiting stranger might be surprised by this. New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Cleveland, Charlotte, even Louisville, all have original and distinctive sandwiches. Boston does not. Oh, sure there’s the lobster roll—but, come on, that’s a Maine innovation and anyway how many sub shop or restaurants in Boston actually even carry the lobster roll? You can’t claim a regional sandwich if you can’t find said sandwich, I always say. We need a sandwich! Lolita: I knew something would come out about my past. It was never a secret that Shaun and softball commissioner, RONNIE BROADFOOT, made a sandwich with me many times, and although it tasted really good, they always wanted to keep it a secret. How is Boston supposed to have it’s own sandwich if you keep it a secret? Rita: I always thought that your secret sandwich had too much mayo. On a more serious note, here’s something everyone in Massachusetts should know… the Registry of Motor Vehicles is no longer mailing license renewal notices. When the Noise doesn’t send out subscription renewal reminders, it’s the Noise that suffers. But with the RMV, you will suffer when you get ticketed for forgetting to renew. And that ticket money goes back to the State government that runs the RMV. This is the kind of thing we need to remind our elected officials (public servants) to correct. Lolita: You mean, I can subscribe to the Noise?

{mospagebreak title=STATE OF THE SCENE}


Rita: While Lolita panhandles $22 for a Noise subscription, I’ll pick the best shows coming up. On Thursday, 12/11, TYLER DERRYBERRY(Ho-Ag) has gathered a gigantic band of special guests to play his
birthday party at Great Scott. *** NEON GOD preaches to the converted
at the Midway on Friday, 12/12. *** On Saturday, 12/13, THE
NEIGHBORHOODS headline at the Beachcomber in Quincy. *** Same night the
WEISSTRONAUTS play their Holiday Jubilee at Church. ***CHANDLER TRAVIS throws his Annual Boston Christmas Cavalcade for the Homeless at Johnny D’s on Thursday, 12/18. *** At the Cantab on Saturday, 12/20, URBAN CARAVAN’s Unplugged Christmas includes guests RANDY BLACK, PREACHER JACK, FIRE-DEAN (from NYC), and LIZ BORDEN. *** CLASSIC RUINS destroy the Midway on Friday, 12/26. *** THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES have their annual Hometown Throwdown from Friday, 12/26, through Monday, 12/29, at the Middle East. *** On New Year's Eve THE UPPER CRUST is at Church. *** Same night you can dance to SOUL-LE-LU-JAH with CLAUDE MONEY and PJ GRAY at Zuzu. *** KENNE HIGHLAND returns to rock on Saturday, 1/31/09, with his new act HIGHLAND MOORE at the Cantab. Rita: See you in February! Lolita: Look for our winter morphine drip available with purchase of a banner on our websites!

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