OUR EYES ON YOU: November 2008



Rita: Vote on Tuesday, November 4. Lolita: Vote on Tuesday, November 4. Rita: Whom you vote for is up to you, but make sure you vote for the candidates who will improve the conditions we now have. Don’t ever forget that those we elect are public servants. They are there to follow our lead. Somewhere along the line this has gotten out of whack. Imagine going to a restaurant where the wait staff purposely brought you food you didn’t order. Would you just eat it, or send it back? Too many people have been just chowing down. It’s time to send the unwanted food back and better yet, close down the restaurant. Lolita: What restaurant are we shutting down? I hope it’s not that little crepe place in Allston. Rita: Lolita, it’s just a metaphor. Lolita: Pleeese, don’t take JP Seafood away from me! I’d die without their salmon teriyaki! Rita: Calm down. No one is going to take away your favorite restaurant. But what they will take is your civil liberties, justice, the right to choose, and your money. It’s a sad state of affairs when a political party can run on a platform that promises not to raise or add taxes and then that same party spends billions of your dollars—those dollars are collected through taxes. Lolita: Can we get to the music part of this column? Rita: Sure, go ask this Question of the Month—do you have any plans if one or the other presidential candidate wins the election? Lolita: That’s not very musical. Rita: Look, there’s Roger—you have something to ask him. Lolita: Roger, want to share an order of salmon teriyaki? Rita: She really wants to know if you have any plans in response to who wins the presidential election?

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Lolita: Yeah, Roger, tell me what you think of those two guys who spend more on political ads ($5o million!) than I will make in my entire life (plus the lifetime incomes of the entire staff of the Noise). Maybe you’d like to extrapolate your answer over a delicious plate of salmon with rice and veggies—you’ll get miso soup too! ROGER MILLER (Mission of Burma/ Alloy Orchestra): If Obama wins, I will say to myself (for the first time as a mature adult): “I am proud to be an American.”  If McCain wins, I don’t know what the fuck I’ll do—hopefully nothing really really bad. *** KAREN DeBIASSE (Girl On Top): Whoever becomes president is just a puppet.  The plan is already set for the reason that person will be put in office be it Democrat or Republican.  My plans would be to see what they have planned. *** CORIN ASHLEY (the Pills): If McCain wins, I vow to spend an entire year in a T-shirt that reads “Are you fucking kidding me?” *** TIM EMSWILER (the Noise): I’m not one of those idiots that says, “If McCain gets elected, I’m fucking moving to Canada,” so regardless of who wins, I’m just going to work on polishing my praying skills. *** LIZ BORDEN (Liz Borden Band): It depends who wins. I am afraid McCain will be more of the same, and this war will go on and on. His running mate is cute and all, but I can’t take her seriously. If they win, I may move to a rural area, live off the land, drop out of society and start my own cult. When Obama wins, I will feel like there is hope and will celebrate with my friends with some drinks, music, and a lot of hope for our future. *** EDRIE (Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys): When (not if) Barak wins I plan to Barak and roll all night and party every day. *** SHAWN WOLF WORTIS (Mardi Gras): If Obama wins I will crack a bottle of 19-year-old W.L. Weller (bourbon) and savor each sip, pondering life’s great promise. If McCain wins I will open a bottle of Wild Turkey and drink until I puke. *** DANNY MacLEOD (Loverless):  If McCain wins the election, our drummer Michael will die. Due to a continuation of W’s economic polices, Michael will no longer have food stamps, so he will have to choose between food and whiskey.  He invariably chooses whiskey, and eventually gets scurvy. With no affordable health care, he will have no alternative but to join the Air Force, who have now been deployed to China to insure the “security” of U.S.-owned companies.  While on patrol, Michael’s plane runs out of gas, because the military can no longer afford to fill the tanks of its fighter planes. You can save a drummer’s life.  Vote Obama. *** GARY WALEIK (Big Dipper/AMC Gremlin): WHEN Obama wins, I plan to stay in the States and hope that his administration can right the ship after the conservatives, thugs, and zealots managed to almost sink it. In the unlikely case that McCain wins, I plan to buy Iceland with my Homestead royalties and, from there, send bad mojo to neocons for the rest of my life while enjoying life in an unspoiled country populated by friendly, intelligent, progressive, politically savvy people. *** CARLENE BAROUS (Din/ Temper):  If Obama wins, I’ll write a prelude.  If McCain wins, I’ll write a march. *** SHADY (the Crushing Low/ the Noise): If McCain wins, I’m seriously thinking of moving out of the country. Not so much because of him, but Sarah Palin scares the shit out of me. There is a very real possibility that McCain will be unable to serve out his entire term and I can’t handle the prospect of “that one” running the country. Lolita: But at least Saturday Night Live’s ratings would continue to boom.

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Rita: I prefer the Saturday night live experience in a club—where it’s actually LIVE—not taped! See, I can do “Weekend Update” too—here now, the important news for you to spread around to the people who care about local music. ANGELLE WOOD has taken over as the host of WBCN’s Boston Emissions. *** ALOUD is currently developing a debut multimedia stage show with local filmmaker JONATHAN CARR.  The show is called I Just Want To Witness… and will premiere on Tuesday, 11/18, at 8:00pm at Berklee’s Cafe 939. *** The following Boston performers headed to CMJ this year: VIVIAN DARKBLOOM, JESSE DEE, CHERRY S/T, STEPANIAN. CHRISTOPHER BARNES, VIA AUDIO. All can be found online on Sonicbids. *** JOHN POWHIDA has released a 4-song EP called Dirty Bird and the Funny Bunny on the Camp Street label, produced by PAUL KOLDERIE (Radiohead) and ADAM TAYLOR (Dresden Dolls). *** TWO TON SHOE returned to Seoul, South Korea, for their second visit, this time sharing a bill with Yo La Tengo at the Grand Mint Festival. *** Photographer GAIL RUSH has her work in the book Radio Silence: A Selected Visual History Of American Hardcore. Lolita: It’s funny how the word hardcore in the past only pertained to the more extreme version of porn. Rita: Can we tie that information into the next Question of the Month? Lolita: Oh, that should be no problem. I’ll put my thinking cap on and figure out a smooth segue.

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Lolita: There’s my pal Anngelle with her new ’BCN position. It may be hard for her to tie porn to the next question I came up with. Anngelle, tell me something about your family. ANNGELLE WOOD (WBCN): I’m the youngest of five kids. Insane doesn’t begin to describe our household but had it not been for my older siblings and their music collections rife with big rock (of which I pilfered from regularly), I would not be the person I am today. And we all love dogs; family gatherings are bananas. Lolita: I knew she could do it—a very risqué family with all those bananas. *** TJ (the Welch Boys): My seven year old boy snuck into my upstairs office, turned on my scanner, sat on it, and scanned his balls, then he left the picture on my desk. No Playstation for a month! Lolita: That was even better—hope we get to see the scans online. *** KIER BYRNES (3 Day Threshold): I come from a family with a lot of black sheep. My grandpa Joe played quarterback in semi-pro football league and was a professional singer in the big band circuit. I have an uncle who was ex-communicated from the church. On the other hand, I also have another uncle who had a story printed in the National Enquirer about his involvement in miracle of God.  I have another uncle who has so many degrees that he has more letters after his name than in his name. Lolita: The key “porn” words in Kier’s answer are “black sheep.” *** FRANCIS DiMENNO (Wrong Hero/ the Noise): My Dad, Frank, now retired, was once a deputy sheriff of Allegheny County, an appointive position, and, whenever he spoke of drug addicts, he would say. “Don’t worry—we’ll get ‘em.” One time good old Dad was attending some sort of cop lecture at U Pitt. He insisted I tag along. I had long hair down to my shoulders (it was ca. 1975). Dad, of course, insisted on sitting in the front of the auditorium. So we walked down the aisle from the back to the front. Ever have 200 cops stare at you? Well, I have. Lolita: We know why they were really staring at you, Francis. Those cops have a vivid imagination when I comes to “getting” young long-haired boys. *** LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus): My family is Ruby and Wayne Viens, and my amazing, generous, loving friends—all keep me committed to staying on planet Earth and finding joy and being of service in any ways that I can, and most of all, to having fun, ’cause if we’re not having fun, the bad guys win! Lolita: Okay, before I get any more families pissed off at me, I’ll take a breather. *** KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/ Birdsongs of the Mesozoic): Janis Ian was my step-grandfather’s niece. *** GENE “GENO” JOHNSTON (Dead Friends): My family and I love living, dining, and schooling in the city of Boston.  It is just awesome to see how well rounded my little ones are becoming due to the Beantown neighborhood diversity.  Sheila (the hot wife) as well as the peeps, totally support me with my never ending musical and motocross endeavors.  I honestly go through life feeling like the luckiest man on the planet.  My three year old could tell you the exact model of my motocross bike and his sister could name all of my band mates in both bands. *** BRUCE ALLEN (the Doom Buggies): My two year old daughter, Mae, was just banging on her toy drum with the drumstick in her right hand and keeping pretty good time with the little plastic maraca in her left hand. Even I have trouble doing that. *** RUBY BIRD (Bird Mancini/ Urban Caravan): My (biological) family is about as far removed from Boston as you can get unless you grew up on the Amazon or something. My Dad and two of three sisters are farming in northwest Missouri, bread basket of the world. (Mama passed away last year.)  I grew up with cows, chickens, and was driving tractors by the time I was 10.  Just did a brief visit out there… it’s like being on another planet. *** DJ MATTHEW GRIFFIN (the Noise): I come from a musical family, starting with William C. Rietzel, an original member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Grandmother June played piano; father Jack, brother John, and I sang in a classical men and boy’s choir and toured extensively; cousin Sean, who was well known in the Boston hardcore scene in the mid ’80s,  is an accomplished DJ and musician out west; brother John DJ’ed college radio for years in Ann Arbor, Michigan, interviewing people like Ron Ashton (the Stooges), Wayne Kramer (MC5),  Noam Chomsky; cousin Pat (Politano) is the drummer for Letterday; my late father’s partner was Dave Small, singer/guitarist of Westboro’s the Slugs. *** CLAY N. FERNO (Wild Zero/ Middle East): I notice that T Max does a lot of awareness raising, so let me use this Noise issue to tell you that my niece Darby has Juvenile Diabetes. She is happy, healthy, and awesome, I love her! In her lifetime we can find a cure for this disease. I recently donated to JDRF.org and I think you should too! I’ve been toying with the idea of a benefit show—who is down? Most of you know how to find me! Rita: And if you don’t know how to reach Clay, write to the Noise and we’ll forward it.

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Rita: Musical Chairs is the section of our column where we let you know the latest in who’s playing in what band. If your band has a new member—get us the information. THE RATIONALS have a new bassist—GREG GAGNON. *** JOE KLUMPUS (Tracy Bonham/ Nina Gordon) will take over SCOTT RIEBLING’s bass chores for the LETTERS TO CLEO reunion shows. *** KATYA LANCERO is the latest vocalist to join SGT. MAXWELLL’S PEACE CHORUS. *** ERIC SCHMIDER (Molly Coddle) has put together a new outfit called THE MERKINS. *** I’m not sure if THE MONTGOMERYS ever went away, but they’re back with TONY SAVARINO on guitar. *** SARAH RABDAU has joined forces with drummer MATT GRABER and created SARAH RABDAU & THE SELF EMPLOYED ASSASSIN. Lolita: I guess that makes Matt the assassin. They plan to release their debut self-titled album on 1/20/09. Rita: Isn’t that the date that the new president takes office? I wonder if there’s any connection there. Matt, if you hear any clicks on your phone, it’s not the cockroaches chewing on the wires.

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Lolita: So, I hope Matt gets his beats down perfectly. Rita: What do you mean by that? Lolita: It’s a secret code between me and Matt. And now I will ask the final Question of the Month in our secret code. See if you can decipher what the answers really mean to this simple sounding question. Who’s the best drummer you know, besides the one in your band?  RAY MASON (Ray Mason Band/Lonesome Brothers): The best drummer I know has got to be, hands down, Tom Ardolino from NRBQ. Tom is one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock ’n’ roll period! He swings plus lays it down like no other. He’s rock with the roll! A true inspiration to watch and listen to. It pisses me off that he’s not more known. If you’re a fan you’ll always be listening. If you haven’t heard him then you’re in for the ultimate musical treat! Let’s see, how else can I put this. There’s Ringo, Hal Blaine, the late great Earl Palmer, Levon Helm and Tom Ardolino. Got it?! *** SLIMEDOG (the Noise): I’m sure I’m not the only one to pick Walter Gustafson (Outlets/ Gang Green) but of current drummers my faves are Mike Mahoney (Thunderhog), Cindy Spoiler (the Spoilers), and Chris Dimwit (the Dimwits). *** DAVID KIRKDORFFER (UNDO/ the Blank Attack): I’ve been privileged to play with some of Boston’s most outstanding drummers: Brett Campbell, Jim Doherty, and Danny Lee.  And, once again, I’m looking for a drummer to a join a bass player and myself to start a new band: unstrungone@yahoo.com if you’re interested. *** PETE CASSANI (the Peasants/Beefy DC): Stephen Hart. Hands down. Best I’ve played with. And I’ve played with HUNDREDS!! Not in the Peasants anymore. Now a family man but definitely the guy to call when you are doing a record and laying it down for eternity. He will do it flawlessly in the first take and you can move on. Incredible time too! *** FRANK STROM (the Noise): Jesse Best from Muck & The Mires—she’s a brute! You know that movie Frankenstein Conquers The World? The atomic-mutated Frankenstein is rampaging through Tokyo, Nick Adams and Kumi Mizuno are chasing him, he winds up at Mount Fuji and fights subterranean monster Baragon before a volcanic fissure destroys everything in a fiery holocaust. Jesse’s drumming is just like that. Or am I being too technical here…? Lolita: It’s tough to decipher your secret code, but I think I have it. When Jesse plays a segues where the speed of the following song changes drastically and she turns the tempo on a dime—yes, Frankenstein will out wit Baragon—just because he’s such an American cult hero.

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Rita: And there are a number of American, or at least Bostonian, cult heroes playing out this month. Here are our picks. LEFT HAND DOES opens the show at the Middle East on Saturday, 11/1. *** WIDE IRIS and RICK BERLIN organize an Obama benefit on the day before you vote—Monday, 11/3 at T.T.’s. *** THE SPRAINED ANKLES get cheered on at the Cantab on Friday, 11/7. *** Same night ERNIE & THE AUTOMATICS are at Johnny D’s—come on down! *** APPLE BETTY opens the show at PA’s Lounge on Sunday, 11/9. *** MYSTERY TRAMPS rock Dodge Street on Tuesday, 11/11. *** On Thursday, 11/13, ERIN HARPE plays her authentic delta blues at the Midway. *** INCUS has a big CD release party at Spontaneous Celebrations on Friday, 11/14. *** BRETT ROSENBERG is back in town for his record release party on Monday, 11/17, at Zuzu! *** On Friday, 11/21, THE DOOM BUGGIES kick up the sand at Church. *** JORDAN VALENTINE & THE SUNDAY SAINTS are preachin’ at the Plough & Stars on Saturday, 11/22. *** BOW EVER DOWN arrives from Maine to play Great Scott on Sunday, 11/23. *** Friday and Saturday, 11/28 + 11/29, BEATLE JUICE pleases Johnny D’s. *** LETTERS TO CLEO reunites in Boston on 12/8 and 12/9 at the Paradise. Rita: Let’s make our country feel like paradise again—remember to vote for the right candidate. Lolita: And be kind to your family at Thanksgiving.

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