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A friend advised me I should put more time into this section to tell stories. Well, something interesting happend to me last week, so here’s the first story for Mr Max's Message…


My nice looking Patriots championship sports bag, that held two baseball gloves, two softballs, a pair of cleats, and a full uniform, managed to disappear from my parked car sometime after my weekly romp with the Saturday Morning Softball (No Matter What) guys and gals. The bag was lifted right out of my car either in Harvard Square (during a four-hour peace rally meeting) or later that night on Boylston Street in the Back Bay (where I attended a benefit show to free all political prisoners).

On Sunday night, in the middle of a Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus rehearsal, I got a call from a woman who said she didn't know me, but wanted to know how I got my bag in her trunk. I was confused and needed to figure out where our paths had crossed. She was parked on Saint James Street on Saturday night, a couple of blocks away from where my car was on Boylston Street. Her trunk lock had been tampered with. The only feasible explanation I could come up with was that someone was breaking into cars in the Back Bay on Saturday night. He or she somehow managed to get into my car without damaging a lock and grabbed my sports equipment. He or she carried it for a couple of blocks, decided there was nothing of value in it, and deposited it in another car’s truck, where there was also nothing of value to steal.

Luckily I always write my name and phone number on my baseball gloves. Julie returned my bag with nothing missing the next day.

“Children of America” hits the top of Neil Young’s chart on September 22, 2008. The Military EP includes the number-one hit and is officially released on Saturday, October 4, at the Cantab (Central Square, Cambridge). A week later, October 11, we’ll be on Boston Common performing on the Main Stage at the Anti-War Rally and March . Then after a week of recuperation, on Saturday, October 18, you can see us at a very special place in Sherborn, MA—the Peace Abbey . Come on out and show your support for the band and opposition to the war.

We got a gig at the Clear Conscience Café (Central Square, Cambridge) on Thursday, October 9, and Billy Carl Mancini knew it was Lennon’s birthday, so the gig quickly became a tribute night for the man who was once a Beatle. We’ll be performing some songs together (“I Am the Walrus,” “Power to the People,” and “Instant Karma”) and many more in solo, duet, or trio mode (“Woman,” “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away,” “No Reply,” “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” “Happiness is a Warm Gun,” "Cold Turkey" and many more). Hope to see you there.

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