OUR EYES ON YOU: October 2008



OCT 11 at 11:00am

Lolita: It’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. Rita: But before you do that, remember that there’s still a war going on—if you care about bringing the war to an end, attend the rally and march for peace on Boston Common on Saturday, October 11, at 11:00am. Lolita: While you march, keep your eyes out for street treats. Rita: Street treats? Lolita: The free things that you find on the ground—they’re valuable and create personal satisfaction. Rita: Lolita, you’re a freak. But between Halloween, politics, and your street treat things, we have enough subjects to talk about with our musician friends. Lolita: Let’s ask them about the presidential election. Rita: Yeah, like will either major party candidate bring the war to an end? Lolita: That answer is too easy. Rita: Okay, let’s keep the question simple and open: what are your thoughts on the election? Lolita: Okay, but only if I get to make up the next question. Rita: Go for it, girl. Lolita: Hey, there’s Mike from MassCann—I bet he’ll have something to say about the election…

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Lolita: Okay Mike, what gives, what will happen in this election? MIKE C (MassCann/NORML Freedom Rally): Since my vote in Massachusetts doesn’t seem to matter with the electoral college giving the winner all the delegates and not being happy with either major candidate, I’m stuck on whether I should vote None of the Above or write-in Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is clearly the best and most qualified Fortune 500-backed candidate out there today. *** LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus): Barack, Barack, Barack! If we all gather together, work hard, and stand strong, consciousness and humanism will win the day! *** JIM SULLIVAN (Boston Phoenix): You have to feel good about the Republicans this time. A veep candidate who’s a gun-toting governor of Alaska—that’s in the U.S, right?—who doesn’t want sex education in the schools and has a pregnant teenage daughter, who, praise Jesus, will get married to her boyfriend. That should work. And McCain, well, rumor is he was once a P.O.W. and that’s all I need to know. That, and he supports Bush 90 percent of the time. America’s been headed for glory for eight years. Why stop now? Put McCain and Palin in power and the joyride continues. If McCain’s 72-year-old ticker gives out, Sarah’s got the kind of hockey mom experience America needs as commander-in-chief. She says the difference between hockey moms and pit bulls is the lipstick. That’s funny! *** KAREN DE BIASSE (Girl On Top): I try not to pay attention to it.  I know it’s a big show to make us feel we live in a democracy; purely a distraction.  The “money” men in charge will prop up and put in who best will fit their agenda.  The knight in shining armor, Obama, may be put in to take away our gun rights for instance.  I know he is CFR, Bilderberg, Freemason, which puts him in with the gang just as much if not more than McCain.  There’s always the possibility that the one who gets elected has no fear and goes against his bosses, but then they will probably end up assassinated like Kennedy. *** ANDE MOTTA (Tunnlvision): Obama.  I have heard many times that people think Obama is going to be elected then assassinated.  Who wants him dead and why? Lolita: Ande, are you too young to remember what happened to John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bobby Kennedy? *** BRIAN O’CONNELL (Brian O’Connell/ Stop the Wars Coalition): Although a McCain presidency would be catastrophic, the idea that Obama is going to usher in a new era of progressive politics is just plain wrong. Barack Obama stands for the corporations that run this country. He is fully behind our criminal wars in the Middle East. An Obama administration will continue to fully support the military industrial complex. Real change will only come from grassroots activism on behalf of regular citizens, not disingenuous politicians. *** JEFFREY SIMMONS (Jeffrey Simmons): Just before election day, in a very Scooby-Doo like fashion, McCain will pull back his mask to reveal he is actually… Dick Cheney. *** MATT KING (the Lights Out): I predict a hotly contested race complete with over-the-top spin, scandals and Republican dirty tricks. I predict that e-voting problems will come back into the headlines due to, well, e-voting problems. I predict that Obama will trounce McCain in the debates causing people to go for McCain even more. Oh, and I predict that we’ll find out that Sarah Palin is actually a polar bear. Lolita: I think that’s just her Halloween costume—complete with lipstick.

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Rita: I’m sure the presidential candidates’ Halloween costumes will make it into the news, but right now let’s see what else is going on around Boston.  The world premiere of the documentary about the REMAINS, America’s Lost Band, took place at the Boston Film Festival (Sept 12-17). *** Tufts University composition teacher TJ ANDERSON composed a work “Bird Songs” for Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. The group will premier the five-movement work on Sunday, 10/5 (3:00 pm) at Tufts University’s Distler Hall. *** Spin magazine named THE MOTION SICK band of the month for their first release, Her Brilliant Fifteen. *** New England bands BANG CAMARO, ANARCHY CLUB, THAT HANDSOME DEVIL, THE STERNS, MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES, DINOSAUR JR., and NORMAN GREENBAUM each have a song included in the popular video game Rock Band 2. *** Newbury Comics has opened a new mega store—12,000 square feet—twice as big as their other stores, in Norwood (859 Providence Highway). *** The Abbey Lounge is facing eviction. The place owes back taxes and has been shut off from the beer companies. In mid-September bands threw a series of benefits at the club to help it get back on its feet.*** MassCann has had to sue the City of Boston three times (1997, 1998, and 2008) over food vending at their annual Freedom Fest. The City of Boston wrote into the permit, “Vendor food carts are prohibited unless the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston are providing the food vending services.” This condition aims to deny MassCann donations from food vendors, which cuts back on the funding of the rally. This year, as in the past, the court overturned the city’s limitation on the permit two days before the event. *** The Music Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire has been redesigned with a new Beaux Arts lobby. DAN ZANES (x-Del Fuegos, who is now a popular family entertainer) is there on Sunday, 10/12. *** In case you missed it in the first paragraph, a major peace rally and march converges on Boston Common at 11:00am on Saturday 10/11. Lots of bands and political speakers. Lolita: Okay, I’ll be there—I hear it will be a good area for street treats. Now let’s get on to my Question of the Month…

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Rita: Okay Lolita, what is your question? Lolita: I want to find out who’s thinking about their Halloween costume. So I’ll ask, are you going to dress up to look like me—Lolita Flange? Rita: No, you can’t ask that. Lolita: But it’s my turn to make up the question. But you’re right, if everyone got dressed up like me, there would be too much sex going on during the night. Okay, I’ll ask people to tell us about their favorite or least favorite costume. Rita: That’s more on the right track.  ERIC WELSH (Chillhouse Studios): My least favorite costume is when a guy dresses up like a girl or a girl dresses up like a guy… I don’t find anything funny about this and it is very scary. *** SCOTT MARUCCI  (The Autumn Hollow Band): People wearing cereal boxes all over themselves.  It’s been done—be a little bit more original. *** SHEA ROSE (Shea Rose): My least favorite Halloween costume is Catwoman mainly because of Halle Berry’s “interesting” performance… and well I’ll admit, I’ve worn it three years in a row (boring)—it’s so easy–too easy—played out in fact. Black sock. Wire hanger. Four-dollar cat ears.  Black eyeliner—ninety cents at CVS if you’re planning on it. Viola! Catwoman in under $10.00.  It’s time to step it up though, and no, not into cowgirl boots and a cowboy hat. Wayyyy over done.  Now dressing up and impersonating the real Eartha Kitt… that’s fabulous! She rocks! *** MARK BRYANT (Lonesome Jukebox/ Plimro Records): My favorite costume of all time was when I went to a private party dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange complete with fake eyelash and athletic cup! While I was at the party a woman said, “I like your outfit.” I said, “Thanks, do you know what I am?” She looks at my crotch, complete with athletic supporter and answered, “I’d say a medium.” My least favorite costume is anything relating a female to a male. I think it should be a law that all women must be cats for Halloween! Lolita: Looks like we should introduce Mark to Shea. Rita: That’s funny—touché! Lolita: I don’t get it. *** BRIAN RUSNICA (the New Dumb): My favorite costume was definitely my poor imitation of Mike Myers’ Middle-Aged Man from Saturday night live.  Anything that includes an excuse to be crass all night and wear a fake mustache is all right with me. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): I don’t believe you should dress up only one day a year.  That’s lame. If you feel like it, I say dress up and be different every day.  With that being said, last year I dressed up as an accountant for Halloween as a switch. Rita: Is that it for answers? Lolita: Well, everyone just kept staring at my costume, kinda speechless.  Rita: What was your costume? Lolita: Well, I hadn’t prepared anything, so I left the canvas blank.

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Rita: Okay, so while Lolita wears her favorite non-costume, I’ll do the research to provide us with the movement of musicians from one band to another.  THE RATIONALS’ bassist, JOHN MALONEY has relocated to San Francisco and GREG GAGNON is stepping up to fill John’s shoes. *** THE BLEEDIN BLEEDINS became MIDATLANTIC and released The Longest Silence. *** SGT. MAXWELL’S PEACE CHORUS rolls out the carpet for special guests at the Noise 27th anniversary party (and the band’s CD release party) at the Cantab on Saturday, 10/4. Besides the artful, well-named 27, and the amazing ANGELINE, expect to see JOHN POWHIDA (the Rudds), FRANK ROWE (Classic Ruins), RANDY BLACK (Limbo Race), KELLY KNAPP & SIMON RITT (the Darlings), and DAVID MIRABELLA (the Rationals). *** THE NEW ALIBIS is made up of DREW SUXX (x-Lost City Angles/Ducky Boys) on lead vocals/guitar, JULIE TWO TIMES (x-Three Sheets) on vocals/bass, PAUL C. (x-Far From Finished) on vocals/guitar, and JESSE VON KENMORE (x-Marvels, Shake The Faith) crackin’ the drums open. Watch for these punks to emerge in November. *** ADAM ABRAMS (Aeolian Race/ Sick Room) and JIM LEVIN (Comanchero) have created a new group called BLUE ASIDE. *** JAKE BRENNAN has a new outfit called BODEGAGIRLS. *** Drummer MORGAN joined BLACKTAIL after his old band, BURY THE NEEDLE, broke up. *** CRAIG SILVERMAN (Only Living Witness/ the Shods) has joined BORN OF THUNDER on lead guitar. Craig’s first Boston show with this line up will be 10/17 at the Middle East upstairs. *** TYLER HOLLIS DERRYBERRY (Ho-Ag) played a Zoig-Ma-Noig GameBoy set (many Game Boys running through a PA) almost every night of September. *** CORTEZ has replaced their original vocalist and rhythm guitarist with MARC “GAFF” GAFFNEY and DOUG SHERMAN (both formerly of Boston’s Gozu). *** The sexy rockers who make up JADED are looking for a new lead singer. Interested? Email booking@jadedrockers.com. *** 18 WHEELS OF JUSTICE has picked up MATT TOMASZ (x-the Worst) as their new lead singer. Lolita: I hope Matt has improved since being part of the Worst. *** CAROL NAMKOONG (Take You Higher/Boston Rock Opera) is an honorary Birdsong (member of Birdsongs of the Mesozoic)—she’s sitting in on synthesizer for RICK SCOTT. *** And what’s this? The same Carol Namkoong is sitting in with URBAN CARAVAN on their John Lennon Birthday Night at the Clear Conscience Cafe. Lolita: Am I supposed to know when John Lennon’s birthday is? Rita: It’s Thursday, 10/9. Carol will be adding piano and synth to Beatles and Lennon compositions. And to top it off, ADAM SHERMAN (the Souls/C3 booker) will also join Urban Caravan for the Lennon night. Rita: Well, we certainly have treats to pick from.

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Lolita: Did I ever tell you about the time I went down to Connecticut—this is when I used to smoke—I didn’t want to carry a purse so I just shoved my money into my cigarette pack. It was only one bill—a crisp new $100 bill. Throughout the whole night at this little pub a cool looking guy was plying me with drinks. I didn’t pay for a single stiff one the whole night and at the end when he convinced me to follow him, I sucked off my last Marlboro Light and dropped the empty pack on the street. Sometimes I can be such a jerk. Rita: Litterbug. How ’bout we turn your situation around and ask everyone, what’s the best thing they ever found on the street? Lolita: Is that a trick question. Rita: No, it’s a street treat question. There’s Adam, go find out about his best street treat ever.  ADAM PAYNE (2ADAM12): I used to live in Orlando, and one day while walking around in Downtown Disney, I found a really sharp looking watch lying on the ground. I picked it up, and turned it in to the lost and found.  They took my name and contact info, and said that if no one claimed it, it would be mine.  About seven weeks later, I got a call from the lost and found.  Nobody claimed the watch so I went and picked it up.  Long story short, the watch was very valuable, so I sold it, and it ended up pretty much paying for my first semester of grad school in North Carolina the following year.  I called it the Disney watch scholarship! *** ERIK LINDGREN (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic/Arf Arf Records): In 1978, I miraculously found a small Fender tweed amp from the ’50s sitting on the top of a big garbage heap on Ashford Street in Allston. The speaker and grill cloth were destroyed but I repaired them, put in a new fuse, and it still works like a charm. It’s the ultimate amp for recording electrified harmonica. *** CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMBR/ WMFO): One day a couple of years ago, I was peddling down Mass. Ave. in Cambridge, and rolled over a folded up green bill.  I recognized it as money, so I stopped to pick it up. It was $100!  Wow!  I took my wife out to dinner with it. Lolita: I dropped my $100 in Connecticut—do you think it could have blown up to Cambridge? *** JOE COUGHLIN (the Noise): (a) A big red metal sign (a foot tall by four feet across) that says “Long Gone Records,” (b) a big plastic Lowenbrau sign with a picture of a big roast beef, which still lights up, and (c) twenty bucks, which I actually spotted from a moving car at night. Jesus loves me. *** PETE WEISS (Weisstronauts/ Sool): A few years ago I was walking to Zippah Studio from home, running late for a session, feeling stressed and rushed.  About a block from my house I saw a woman loading a lot of “stuff” onto the curb, presumably for trash pickup.  From a distance I saw her put some drums out and thought well, they’re probably crappy student drums, but maybe I should take a look.  It turned out to be a pair of ’60s Slingerland toms (huge floor and rack) and—unbelievably—a ’40s-era Radio King snare in beautiful condition.  I asked the woman if she was tossing these. She said, “Please, take whatever you want.  I’m only here for 24 hours settling my parents’ estate; I’ve gotta clear all the junk out of the house before the closing and then fly back to California…” Okay, good enough for me.  One of the most sought-after and sweet-sounding snare drums for free…  I was pretty late for the session though. *** MR. CURT (Mr. Curt Ensemble/ Urban Caravan): One day I was driving my school bus, sitting at a traffic light, when I looked out and saw a shiny piece of crushed metal on the street—perhaps a piece of muffler—perfectly flattened! Absolutely captivated, I jumped out of that bus and snatched it away. My kids thought I was kooky, but they at least accepted it. So when it ended up as the cover art to The EXI’s third album, they decided to be impressed. The eye of the beholder—nothing like it! *** PETE CASSANI (the Peasants/Beefy DC): Another lonely solo tour. Bridgeport, CT. Depressing town. Depressing non-gig—an open mic at the Acoustic Cafe. My hip is killing me. Surgery looms in the future—me and Eddie Van Halen… and Paul Stanley. Anyway I’m walking down the street. Kinda hungry. Trying not to feel as rotten as I do. See a pack of Marlboro Lights on the ground. I don’t smoke anymore but I pick them up. Box is empty but shoved inside the cellophane is a crisp one hundred dollar bill! I keep walking casually glancing around! I can’t believe it! There’s nobody else on the street. I step into a nearby pub. Dinnertime! Lolita: THAT WAS MINE!! I was in Bridgeport! Pete, you owe me big time. Rita: Calm down Lolita. You know the old saying—finders keepers, losers weepers. Lolita: Screw that—I’m gonna go kick Pete in the hip until he gives me my $100 back!!

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Rita: Cool it on PETE CASSANI—he’s the first performer on Saturday, 10/11, at the anti-war rally on Boston Common at 11:00am. *** On Monday, 10/13, RYAN LEE CROSBY releases both an EP and a book at Zuzu! *** THE CHICKEN SLACKS bring their soul to Johnny D’s on Friday, 10/17. *** On Saturday, 10/18, THREE DAY THRESHOLD leads the charge in celebrating CCTV’s 20th anniversary at the Middle East. *** THE SPURS kick it up at the Midway on Friday, 10/24. *** The fifth annual Mass. Morgue Halloween party returns to the Cantab downstairs on Sunday, 10/26. Participate in the grab cauldron, raffle, and midnight costume contest. *** BILL T MILLER’s ORGY OF NOISE is at T.T.’s on Thursday, 10/30. *** Same night APOLLO SUNSHINE rolls downstairs at the Middle East. *** Halloween night, Friday, 10/31, features HORSES IN THE SEA at the Cantab, BIG D & THE KIDS TABLE at the Middle East Downstairs, BOOTY VORTEX at Johnny D’s, and REDRUM & DIE YOUNG at Zuzu. *** BONE GUNN plays 11 shows in 14 days in Japan from 10/12 to 10/28. Rita: I hope they all fit in their capsule hotel room. Lolita: They better—I’m invited—and I expect to play human terrarium with them. Rita: Hey we have to run. I hope to see everyone on Friday, 10/4, at the Noise 27th anniversary party at the Cantab. Performances include the artful and aptly named 27, the beautiful and talented ANGELINE, and SGT. MAXWELL’S PEACE CHORUS with special guests cameos by JOHN POWHIDA (the Rudds), FRANK ROWE (Classic Ruins), RANDY BLACK (Limbo Race), KELLY KNAPP & SIMON RITT (the Darlings) and DAVID MIRABELLA (the Rationals). And if the Sox win the World Series, all your furniture is free!!!

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