5/10/15/20: October 2008



by T Max and Joe Coughlin


October 1988    Issue #77
Cover: The Well Babys, Hullabaloo, Tim Riley. I’m proud to say the Well Babys came to be as a result of the weekly open jam I used to run at Green Street Station, and not much later almost won the Rumble. I’m not as proud to say I once had to shove singer Jeffrey Gagnon off the stage at another show I was playing there because he kept jumping up and fucking with my pedals.
Bands: Willie Alexander, the Mr. Butch Show, Big Barn Burning, Danny Mydlack, Johnny & the Jumper Cables, GG Allin & Bulge
Gossip & Stuff: WBCN wins Best Major Market Station in Billboard’s Radio Awards, Album Category. And Oedipus takes the honor of Program Director of the Year. What a cool superlative. I’d love to win Something-of-the-Year.*** The Noise 7th anniversary party rocks Green Street Station. The bill includes Galaxie 500, Danny Mydlack, and Willie “Loco” Alexander. And if it’s the one I’m thinking of, Billy Ruane barfing onstage while accepting his “Male Personality of the Year” award, sending more than a few patrons off screaming. And I always enjoyed Mydlack’s performances. He did a skit once where he covered his bare chest in shaving cream and drew things into it with one finger, then smearing it over to do others, according to the soundtrack. It was like a human Etch-a-Sketch. Some guy was heckling him, and he wrote “FUCK YOU” in the shaving cream. The place went nuts.  *** Lolita reports that she gleefully jumped into a huge pile of leaves, only to find a surprised pair of lovers under there. Um… can this be true? *** Birthdays! Woody Geissman (Del Fuegos) is 10/23; Billy Ruane is 11/10; Jim Janota is 11/2, and Alvan Long is 11/16. Happy birthday, guys! *** Richie Parsons replaces Al Rosen in the Condo Pygmies. *** Francis DiMenno interviews local writer Tim Riley, who is about to publish a book called Tell Me Why: The Beatles: Album by Album, Song by Song, the Sixties and After. *** In a GG Allin record review, the writer mentions that Tipper Gore won’t like the lyrics. In another article, it’s reported that WERS management pulls the plug on live shows because Slaughter Shack’s lyrics were offensive.


October 1993    Issue #132
Cover: The Barnies
Bands: Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Deb Klein, Smackmelon, Nisi Period, Dambuilders, Merang, Klugman, Miles Dethmuffen, the Flying Nuns, Lou Barlow, Tomato Monkey, the Showcase Showdown, Dirt Merchants, Butterscott, Mistle Thrush, Clem Snide
Gossip & Stuff: There’s a picture of GG Allin with a Nazi helmet but it’s his glorious penis that draws your attention. The documentary on his life, Hated, is released. The director of which, Todd Phillips, went on to create such unexpected (considering) flicks such as Road Trip, Old School, and Starsky and Hutch, of all things, and was nominated for an Oscar. Hated is amazing for how it plays the story straight down the middle. Fans and detractors both loved and despised it for this reason. GG liked it very much, just by the way. *** John Dragonetti (Jack Drag) and Paula Kelley are in Hot Rod. *** Bill T. Miller’s studio project, Kings of Feedback, plays live for the first time. *** Joe Bonni (x-Carnal Carnival) starts a side project with Elaine Walker (DDT) called Anathema. *** David Champagne (x-Treat Her Right) forms Super 8. *** Pat Lynch (the Flying Nuns) once circumcised his finger off when he had a job as a meat slicer. *** Sharon Paice (the Moors) once had someone throw a knife at her head while she was a waitress at a coffee shop. *** Joe Gittleman (Bosstones) got stabbed in the chest when he confronted a bootlegger who was selling illegal Bosstones merchandise.


October 1998    Issue #185
Cover: Cherry 2000, My Favorite Relative, 8- Ball Shifter
Bands: Baby Ray, Verago-go, Chin Ho!, Señor Happy, the Sheila Devine, Morphine, Godsmack, Frank Black & the Catholics, Tugboat Annie, Half Cocked, Lifestyle, Ed “Moose” Savage & His Litany of Complaints, the Crank-Tones, Ducky Boys, Dreamchild, Auto 66, Kenne Highland Clan, Doom Buggies, Ray Corvair Trio, Angry Salad, Push Kings, the Titanics, Joe Harvard, Chapter in Verse, Toxic Narcotic, the Unseen, the Big Disappointments
Gossip & Stuff: Roger Miller replaces Caleb Sampson in Alloy Orchestra.*** Jim Haggerty and Mike Faughan (both ex-Rayloves) join Todd Spahr (ex-Cavedogs, ex-Merang) in his new project, the Gravy. *** Green Magnet School breaks up and forms Black Helicopter with members of Kudgel, Luca Brasi, and Daviess County Panthers.*** Photog Kim Genereux’s idea to put Leah Blesoff in the front of the cover photo is wise. *** The Real Kids have a reunion show. So does Pooka Stew. *** The Meltaways break up. So does Bad Gravity Day. *** Boston Rock Opera performs Preservation (written by Ray Davies, the Kinks), a morality play about the corruption of all political figures. It’s always a choice of the lesser of two evils. *** Aaron Tap (then of Betty Goo, now the brains behind Stop Pop & Roll Records) wins first place in the USA Songwriting Competition for “Buzz.” *** Warner Brothers drops Jen Trynin. As Wikpedia.com accurately states, Trynin released a critically acclaimed (yet publicly overlooked) book entitled Everything I’m Cracked Up to Be in 2006 about her experience in the music industry.” *** Planet Records in Kenmore burns down.*** Tony Schinella, the guy who now throws together the Noise Top 30 Radio Chart, runs for Congress. *** The Sheila Divine releases their debut EP. Remember how Mikey Dee was that band’s loudest, tireless, most enthusiastic cheerleader? One could argue he was almost solely responsible for their success.


October 2003    Issue #235
Cover: Apollo Sunshine
Bands, The Model Sons, the Information, Consonant, Jeffrey Simmons & the Symptoms, Kevin MacDonald Band, Moose & the Mudbugs, C-60, Thaddeus Hogarth, Jay Allen, Valhalla Kittens, We’re All Gonna Die, the Real Kids, the Charms, Loveless, Caged Heat, Triple Thick, Fritter, Awakening Stick (now, more or less, Vogon Poets), The Collisions, Ho-Ag, Tanya Donelly, Kristen Hersh, Juliana Hatfield, Aaron Shadwell, Gary Cherone, Helicopter Helicopter. When Darkbuster followed their set at the Rumble (which they later won), singer Lenny Lashley introduced the band as “Darkbuster Darkbuster.” Maybe ya hadda be there.
Gossip & Stuff: This is the infamous issue that displays photocopies of my and Lexi’s buttocks in the letters column. I got more disgusted feedback from those photos than I ever got on anything in the Noise. Are you talking about mere buttocks or your actual colonoscopy photos? Because that was definitely fucked up.  These were plain old sit-on-the-scanner-buttocks photo—nothing internal. We’ll deal with the colonoscopy photos when it comes up in another issue. *** WMFO puts a plaque up that officially changes Studio D to Studio Dee in remembrance of Mikey Dee, the hardest working promoter of local music of all time. *** Since this was a Halloween issue, on the cover I transformed the photos of Apollo Sunshine to make them look like monsters. *** David Kirkdoffer wants to know if getting three reviews in the same issue is a record. He got reviews for little a, UNDO, and Super-Cannes. *** In the Our Word column, Liz Stahler (looks like a gal from Revere) gets billing over Gary Cherone. We treat everyone equally here. Joe, did you see we had a review of the band Boston in last issue? You have a magazine??

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