OUR EYES ON YOU: Summer 2008

rita_lolita.gifLolita: Here’s a green tip! It’s now acceptable to pee in the shower—think of how many flushes you will save. Rita: You know you don’t have to flush after every pee. Lolita: Unless it’s a dreaded asparagus pee. Wooo—that stinks. Rita: Yeah, a lot of things stink, but let’s try to take a positive angle with out first question of the month. Since this is our patriotic issue, let’s ask the rock ’n’ rollers of Boston to tell us something they appreciate about the United States of America. Lolita: Who would have thought that peeing in the shower could lead to positive things about America? Okay, okay, I’ll go ask that gal with a camera.

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NICOLE TAMMARO (Nicole Tammaro Photography): I appreciate the members of the constitutional convention, writing the Bill of Rights, with my two favorite amendments—one and two. *** PETER SUTTON (Temper): That the emerging technology of cloned meat has been embraced here first… we may run out of oil, but we’ll never starve. *** DICK TATE (The Prime Movers/ Middle East): Our sense of humor. After all, we’ve been run by clowns for the past eight years. *** AJDA THE TURKISH QUEEN (Black Fortress of Opium): The lack of a caste system or strict social classes that cannot be transcended. The ability to rise from nothing to something, and from utter nothingness to significance. Lolita: Yes, that’s right—look at me and Rita—27 years ago we were eager young gossip columnists willing to work for nothing—now we’re experienced gossip columnists—who still don’t get paid. *** TIM MUNGENAST (… & His Preexisting Conditions): The thing I like most about the USA is that we have not had a civil war in about 150 years, as compared to too many countries where there is nothing but turmoil, gang rapes, kidnappings, people getting hacked to death with machetes for no apparent reason, mothers selling their kids into sexual slavery, and trucks full of AK47-toting pre-teens looking for trouble. I’ll take America, thanks: in spite of its many faults and its dark, violent history, it’s still a great place to live. *** STEPHIE PEEKA (… & the Seeking 7): One thing I appreciate is that I can go down the waterfront in Plymouth, where I live, in the summer and hear accents from all over the world. It’s quite cool… and I appreciate laughing at the tourons (that is, moron tourists). Lolita: Down on the Vineyard they say, “Summer people, some’re not.” *** MARK BRYANT (the Noise): I am thankful we have a form of government in place where no elected official can solely dictate the actions of our nation. To live in a land where our president has the knowledge, grace and wisdom to be the voice of the people and is always willing to listen to and consider opposing views. He would never invade another country without reason or lead us into unnecessary battle. He would respect our privacy as individuals, and treat all men and women equally. Oh wait! That has nothing to do with the United States. Okay… baseball! *** MIKE LANGLIE (Twink): We don’t ever have to eat toad in the hole, bangers and mash, or jellied eel. Rita: Is Twink is going XXX on us? Lolita: I have a feeling we’ll be hearing his toy pianos on porn flicks now. Rita: If that’s true he better pick up a wah-wah. *** RUBY BIRD (Bird Mancini): The United States is my home, and despite my feeling that our government could and should do better (a lot better!), and lacking space to mention here all the freedoms that I take for granted far too often, the thing I love best is that it’s my home. I am truly blessed and deeply grateful for it. *** BOB GOBRON (Shakyfoot): What I appreciate most about the United States of America is that this nation was founded on the principle that the rights of every individual are inviolate. The notion that people are “endowed with certain unalienable rights” and that these rights supersede the power of the government was in 1776 the most radical concept put forth by any society in all of human history. It takes tremendous courage to live free and to this day not everyone is up to the challenge. So while our nation is still yet to completely fulfill the ideals of the framers, these ideals are still our guiding principles and the foundation of America. *** NANCY NEON (the Noise/the Varmints’ manager): The one “thing” I appreciate most about living in the USA is my hubby, Billy Borgioli. The first night I met him, he was dressed all in black like me. We were walking in Chinatown and I said, “It’s nice out tonight!” Billy said, “So I guess I’ll keep IT out!” I thought, “This is one DIRTY guy!” It’s been seven years and I haven’t stopped laughing yet. Other than humor, my biggest turn on has always been talent and Billy’s always working on a song or painting. He’s shared his family and his home with me, which is an art gallery with a million dollar view. Lolita: It’s amazing that windows coated with motor oil are now worth that much. *** CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMFO/ WMBR): One thing I appreciate about the USA is the Bill of Rights. Use ’em or lose ’em I always say. Unfortunately, many of these basic rights have been eroded over the past seven years. It’s up to we, the people (oh wait, that’s the Constitution) to be vigilant and demand these rights be reinstated. *** PETER MOORE (Count Zero): Our entertainment is generally “better,” pound for pound, than any other nation’s. For what that’s worth. Also, I’ve been noticing that the US is more handicap-accessible than most other countries. *** MR. CURT (Mr. Curt Ensemble/ Urban Caravan): Once upon a time, say mid-1800s, my ancestors came from Germany and settled in Boston. Through the years they suffered discrimination, hostilities, and economic struggles, as well as bouts of opportunity, friendship, and success. Much later in 1968, I met the wonderful daughter of a similar Italian immigrant family who also settled here in the early 1920s. We have lived freely and happily ever after in this melting pot. What a country! Lolita: And for those who don’t know, Mr. Curt is talking about his true love, and one of the twin go-go dancers for the Urban Caravan, Ms. Donna. *** MARK LIND (…& the Unloved): I appreciate the fact that we have a maximum of two terms for a president so the idiots of this country can’t re-elect this buffoon. Again. *** SAMMY MIAMI (Shööt The Möön): “America, land of the free, there ain’t no other place that I’d rather be. America you are the best, thanks for taking us under your wing into the comfort of the freebird’s nest.” This country is amazing! Where else can a homeless man become a star, an actor become a president, a cartoon become a religion, and the moon become a billboard?! The possibilities are endless here. Lolita: Sammy, thank you for mentioning the projection we did on the last full moon. For those who missed it, it read—“The Noise, the only magazine left that isn’t government controlled.” The timing of our moon projection was a little off, but we now have a ton of subscribers from the eastern hemisphere.

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Rita: And now that the Noise is so popular on the other side of the world, we’ll have to keep up on our worldly news—THREE DAY THRESHOLD is part of the U.S. military’s 4th of July celebrations and will be touring Army bases in Honduras. *** APPOLO SUNSHINE is off to the UK to play on the 4th of July. Rita: I don’t think that country celebrates July 4th in the same way that we do. *** MUCK & THE MIRES are now endorsed by Vox Amplification. *** AIMEE MANN is playing at the Berklee Performance Center on Saturday, 7/26. Aimee dropped out of Berklee before she won the 1983 WBCN Rumble (in ’Til Tuesday at the time). *** CLOUDS are touring our great country in support of their latest CD, We Are Above You. The tour ends in the Middle East (the club, not our oil suppliers) on Friday, July 11. *** SALVATORE BAGLIO (Urban Caravan) was commissioned to write a song for someone who was turning 80. He was given five days to write and record the song. Mission accomplished. *** Bands interested in getting a song on the Stomp Out Cancer Indie Musicians Fight Ewing’s Sarcoma, Volume 2 compilation should visit StompOutCancer.com. Ewing’s Sarcoma does not have a special fund allotted by the American Cancer Society, and is also underfunded for research and support. *** Cantab downstairs will book bands Thursday through Monday soon. MICKEY BLISS and MARTIN DOYLE are working together and now calling it Club Bohemia Underground. *** A Bunratty’s Homecoming is planned for July 27 at the original site of Bunz (186 Harvard Ave., Allston). *** Looking for a custom guitar? Or maybe you need to repair or restore your current guitar? Check out Becker Guitars out of Attleboro, Massachusetts. *** Just back from Liverpool, BIRD MANCINI’s “Holly” from their CD Funny Day is included on the 11th International Pop Overthrow compilation being released this month at the Los Angeles IPO Fest.

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Rita: We may think the price of gas is expensive, but in the UK right now the price translates to over $9 a gallon. We should get some stories from bands on the road—soon only the wealthiest of bands will be traveling. Lolita: Sounds like a good time to start paying attention to the bands that live in your area. Rita: Lolita, stop gabbing and go ask your friends to tell you stories about being on the road. Lolita: Ahh, there’s my favorite centerfold, umm, I mean big shot, from last year—I’ll find out what Jim’s done on the road. JIM HEALEY (We’re All Gonna Die): We are used to touring in a van, playing small clubs and sleeping on couches when we tour in the States. We toured Ireland last summer and we expected to do the same. We ended up playing a fucking castle and the promoter put us up in very nice hotels ever night, not to mention the five star one in Dublin: turndown service, robes, slippers… needless to say, that was a great tour. *** BILLY BORGIOLI (the Varmints 2008): While in Sydney, Australia, working for the Ramones on their 1980 world tour, the kids at one of their shows were going mental and climbed onstage as usual. Working Johnny’s side of the stage, I had to keep it clear of any kids. When I was throwing kids offstage as fast as they were climbing on, I was pulled into the mob. I remember looking up as I laid on the floor. The kids spread out in a circle, surrounding me. I thought the mob was going to attack me. Instead they helped me up and back on to the stage. The band was mad when my experience overshadowed them in the show’s review in the paper the following day! *** RUSSELL CHUDNOFSKY (Lori McKenna/ Guitarzan/ Skypaint). On the road with Amelia White and Laura Veirs, on Route 5 near the California/Oregon border by Mt. Shasta on two hours of sleep, we hit a rest stop, which was a diner in the middle of nowhere. As I entered the restroom, I gazed upon a mangled bloody mannequin lying in the tub. I nearly screamed my head off. It looked as real as I’d imagined. I looked closer at this twisted ketchup- splattered piece of sickness and was dumbfounded who’d put this here in a place of business. As I left the restroom, a bunch of the local clientele, burly looking biker dudes, must have saw the paleness in my face, ’cause they were all laughing at me. It hit me that this what they did for fun in these parts. Frightening the bejesus out the folks from out of town stopping for a pee, and having a good laugh at their expense. *** MICHAEL EPSTEIN (The Motion Sick/ Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling): At about 3 am, after a show in Madison, Wisconsin, we were unloading our stuff for the night outside of a friend’s house, when a VERY drunk woman staggered by holding a bunch of flowers. She started mumbling incoherently and walked toward me with open arms as if to give me a hug. I just kind of stood there and let her approach. Instead of hugging me, though, she whacked me in the face with the flowers and laughed. She started chasing me around with the flowers as I ran away and screamed like a little girl. The rest of the band stood around laughing. I woke up the next day with a bit of swelling on my eyelid from the impact. *** SUSAN SCOTTI (Last Call Agency): When I tour-managed 90-year-old blues legend Honeyboy Edwards, we’d finish with a show and you’d think the man would be tired, but no! Up all night in the hotel room, drinking Jack Daniel’s straight from the bottle, smoking, playing music, telling stories of his incredible life… I’d stumble to my room when the sun was coming up and within a couple of hours Honeyboy would call—“Baby! Time for breakfast!” And then we’d do it all over again every night throughout the tour. Honeyboy is a rock star. *** ERIC BAYLIES (Baylies Band/ Temple of Bon Matin): In Europe for a two-week tour in Temple, a guy hands out acid like candy. I love candy! It’s been awhile but the band did it, except our singer, who didn’t notice! Later, I heard music from the toilet. I realized a band had started in the club below. I fell down the stairs and limped outside past the row of prostitutes lingering by the door. Lost, tripping, and only speaking English, I somehow found my way back an hour later as the band was tuning up. Time to play! *** PREACHER JACK (Preacher Jack): Many moons ago in a far off land called Vancouver, Canada I had the wonderful opportunity of playing a few dates with Mr. “Illegal Smile” himself—Jon Prine. The year, my young friends, was 1979—I was touring on my first Rounder release and Canada was a barren and music starved country. With little to do after each performance in this land of hockey, hockey fans, and hockey rinks, we’d retire to the nearest roadside motel, settle in for the night, play a few songs to amuse each other and light up the holy herb. Oh Canada, God bless your wonderful clean air, spacious skies, and of course your VERY Holy Herb. *** NICK BLAKEY (The In Out/ Church): I did three tours as drummer with the In Out between 1998 and 2000 and I have scattered memories of some of the following: airport landing lights being placed directly behind me on stage in Berlin…kids backstage in Copenhagen who didn’t believe we all had day jobs…getting paid in books in Connecticut…freezing my ass off on a floor in Pittsburgh… Italian promoters giving us tons of food and booze and pats on the back… Cheater Slicks’ Tom Shannon making supreme coffee. *** MERRIE AMSTERBURG (Merrie Amsterburg): An offshore show: part of the pay was a free overnight on the island, which ended up being a stay at the club owner’s place. A wine collector and hot tub enthusiast, he wanted us to stay up all night listening to his Japanese imports of Hall & Oates live… Musing on the good luck of having such a place, he explained that he had once worked at a large corporation and was injured at a company picnic in a bizarre human pyramid accident; he got a huge settlement. We did not get in the hot tub. *** DAVE MIRABELLA (the Rationales): Driving to Chicago just after a blizzard hit Pennsylvania. Semis littering the sides of the roads. In Scranton after sitting at a dead stop in traffic for an hour and finding nothing on the PA radio but right-wing talk, I, oddly enough, stumbled onto the faint signal from WBZ in Boston. There I learned interstate 80 ahead was closed for at least a day. Not wanting to spend the next day(s) stuck I drove two miles backwards on the shoulder to the previous onramp. Took an extra eight hours through PA on local roads but I made the show. *** GENE JOHNSTON (Splint): We once had a Boston to Florida tour booked. Just before our Florida dates, Hurricane Wilma crushes the area. Our singer insisted “everything is cool bro—were gonna rock it.” After pleading to back out, we arrive and find out that our hotel is a pile of twisted metal and bricks and power is still down. We drove hours looking for rooming. The constant sight of twisted wreckage made us totally slaphappy and we started screaming “Boom!” at the site of every leveled structure until we lost our voices. Fortunately, the Hard Rock Café had generators and the crowd was pretty cool. Still didn’t get paid! Yeeehaaaaa! *** WALTER SICKERT (…& the Army of Broken Toys): D.I.Y. touring across the USA, I found myself in the grasslands of Montana where I came upon a beautiful vista. There was no one for miles, just myself and a bizarrely quiet sea of plant and animal. Engrossed in the serene silence I grabbed my guitar and started playing with the whistling of the grass, singing birds, and a faint baby rattle sound that came in and out. After an hour I made my way back to the car where I noticed a little sign that read “Rattlesnakes Spotted Beware”—and that’s how I played my first gig backed by a rattlesnake. *** FRANK ROWE (Classic Ruins): About fifteen years or so ago the Ruins went on a mini-tour that found us in a club in Allentown, PA. The club owner took me aside after our set, and said, “I heard you say you were from Boston. The guys playing tomorrow night are from Boston too, and they’re supposed to be these wild punks. Do you know them? Will they mess up the polyurethane I just put down on the stage?” He showed me the flyer: G.G. Allin and the Urine Dogs with a crotch angle shot of G.G. in a cowboy hat guzzling Comfort. “Oh,” I said, “You’ll be glad you’ve got that urethane down there…” *** MICHAEL BLOOM (Tim Mungenast & his Pre-existing Conditions/ Peace Chorus): When I was with Cul de Sac we did a West Coast tour that was lots of fun and almost even profitable. And there was enough wiggle room in the schedule that we could indulge our collector impulses. We visited a dozen amazing guitar, record, and book stores—the place in Tacoma that was a virtual museum of stomp boxes, the bookstore in Seattle that had literal catwalks above the racks, etc. My big find was an art book of surrealist painter Remedios Varo, which even impressed Glenn. We had to FedEx stuff home! *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): Even after five European tours and a 1000 plus shows in the US, its still not uncommon for Three Day Threshold to have the very unfortunate Blues Brothers experience of having our bar bill be more than we made. And the kicker is, we make good money. *** SKINNY MIKE (Coffin Lids/ Almighty Terribles): Everyone knows what happens on the road stays on the road. Lolita: I guess we can assume that all these are answers were just made up.

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Rita: We could make up a lot of new bands and report it to you but we wouldn’t want to lose your trust. So, here is the latest movement of musicians that we painstakingly researched so you’d be able to impress your friends with your knowledge. JASON BERUBE (Scallywags) is now on bass with ANGELINE. *** Drummer NANCY DELANEY plays her last gig with the CELLO CHIX on Thursday, July 10, at the Lizard Lounge. There may also be a final final gig at the Plough & Stars in September but that’s not definite. Nancy is currently playing with the LIZ BORDEN BAND. *** MICHAEL EPSTEIN (The Motion Sick) has coupled up with SOPHIA BLISS (Blitzkriegbliss) to do a minimalist garage art-rock thing they call DO NOT FORSAKE ME OH MY DARLING. That name might sound strange if you weren’t a fan of The Prisoner. *** VESSELA STOYANOVA and VALERIE THOMPSON have a new project called GOLI that will have an EP by the time you read this. *** HEIDI SAPERSTEIN (Snowleopards) has brought together JOEL READER (the Fatal Flaw), NAOKO TAKAMOTO (That Handsome Devil), and JEFF HARRINGTON (Snowleopards) to create BALLS. *** SLUTS have changed their name to DEFEATER, traded their 15-passenger van in for a veggie oil powered van, created Greencore, a non-profit volunteer-based environmental awareness program, and recorded a new album entitled Travels. *** TRAVELS includes members of VICTORY AT SEA and METAL HEARTS. Lolita: Will Travels complete the mirror image and release a CD titled Defeater?

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Lolita: Before we get to listing the shows, I’d like to offer some tips on how to approach strangers when you want to talk to them. I asked some friends to tell me how they do it. Here are their tips: LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus): When I want to talk to someone I don’t know and am feeling brave enough, I take a deep breath, and walk right up to them, stick out my hand and say exactly what I find interesting or compelling about the person, i.e., “Your Bird of Paradise tattoo is AMAZING! Linda Viens, nice to meet you!” *** IAN McCARTHY (Conservative Man): After 26 years, I still haven’t figured this one out. Perhaps that’s why I hide behind a band name, and write songs. Can you say “chickenshit” in this publication? Ever see those movies where one character is a figment of another character’s imagination? *** MARTIN DOYLE (Undeground Control): I don’t, usually they approach me. *** RICK BERLIN (herself): If just talking is all it is, no charge on the encounter, should be a snap. If however there’s some hit-on angle, that’s another ball game, and there? Like a friend of mine said, “The only strategy is no strategy.” *** NIKI LUPARELLI (the Steamy Bohemians): I try to bum a cigarette. I don’t even smoke, but it gets people to talk to you. Asking people to go have a cigarette outside is like a magical way to get them to hang out with you for five minutes. It doesn’t have the same effect if you just ask them to go chat outside for a few—they’ll think you’re psycho. But, “Wanna go smoke?” usually initiates at least a conversation. And if they’re really cool, maybe a special cigarette… Rita: Now that you know how to approach strangers, here’s where you can try it out. DAVE TREE is part of a triple art reception at Zuzu on Monday, 7/7. *** DROPKICK MURPHYS and THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES play LeLacher Park in Lowell, MA, on Thursday, 7/10. *** On Friday, 7/11, ANDREA GILLIS BAND hits the Cantab downstairs. *** Shaun & Suzi’s 15th annual Bastille Day show fires up the Lizard Lounge on Saturday, 7/12. *** NEPTUNE takes the stage at the Middle East on Thursday, 7/17, and makes a lotta noise. *** TEMPER plays the Abbey Lounge on Friday, 7/18. *** Same night there’s a Joe Strummer Tribute at the Midway. *** Saturday, 7/19, has MUCK & THE MIRES at Great Scott. *** GUT brings the barbeque to the Midway on Sunday 7/29 at 3:00 pm. *** On Monday 7/21, you can catch BRENDAN BOOGIE BAND at T.T.’s. *** On Tuesday, 7/29, Johnny D’s hold a benefit for Soldiers For Peace. *** EXTREME plays the Bank of America Pavilion on Thursday, 7/31. *** [MUNK]’s CD release party is celebrated at the Middle East on Friday, 8/1. *** On Saturday, 8/9, rockabilly legend SLEEPY LaBEEF plays Johnny D’s. *** Sunday, 8/10, features THEA HOPKINS at Club Passim. *** 30 bands over three nights—UNNATURAL AXE celebrates 30 years of Boston punk with the release of a tribute album for the band. Thursday, 8/21, and Friday, 8/22, are at Church, and Saturday, 8/23, is at the Middle East Downstairs. Rita: Have a great summer! Lolita: Do something naughty! Tell us about it. Then read about it in September. Enjoy every moment while you’re alive.

RIP: JACK ROOTOO (guitarist for Lou Miami/ Girl on Top) died on June 14 of esophageal cancer.


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