5/10/15/20: Summer 2008



by T Max and Joe Coughlin


July 1988 Issue #75
Cover: Heretix, Heyday, Jon Bernhardt
Bands: Bullet LaVolta, Dredd Foole & the Din, Galaxy 500, Mission of Burma
Gossip & Stuff: In the comic strip the Beeheads say they can’t accept an invitation to the Rumble because it will screw up their rehearsal schedule. *** Green Street Station announces the battle of the booking agents. The booker who brings in the biggest crowd wins. *** The Question of the Month is what is your least favorite food? Linda Price (now Linda Viens) says alfalfa sprouts make a funny feeling in her nose. She did actually put them in her mouth, right?; Shred doesn’t understand guacamole; and Jon Bernhardt [WMBR] declares processed American cheese to be an insult to cheese all over the world. I’m not feeling too well myself. I think it was someone I ate. *** It had nothing to do with the question, but two girls from the Bristols were force fed pizza by Angus Young (AC/DC). *** Joe, it says that you’re affiliated with Big Daddy Kool & the JP Flames. Who was that? A rotating crew doing some unlikely covers and created for playing Green Street Station when there were Monday holidays, short-notice cancellations, etc. Club owner Doug Mellen was the singer, there were occasional “theme” shows and slight band name changes. Some of the after-party stories are legendary. We also played some backyard parties, and weird gigs like the Ranch House, where we made $7.00 and the booker still insisted on his ten per cent. We paid him in nickels and pennies. *** Five years after they won the Rumble, ’Til Tuesday breaks up. *** Four years after they won the Rumble, Down Avenue breaks up. *** Rita and Lolita hold a “Vacation with Rita & Lolita Contest.” The winner is whomever sends them the most money. I wanna hear the rest of this story!

July 1993 Issue #130
Cover: O Positive, Smackmelon, Dreams Made Flesh
Bands: Lemonheads, the Barnies, Sam Black Church, Wheelers & Dealers, Gingerbutkis, Orangutang, Dambuilders, Wild Stares
Gossip & Stuff: The Question of the Month is about brushes with the law. Brett Milano teaches us that if you’re a passenger in a taxi, and the driver gets pulled over and detained, you cannot leave the vehicle. I wonder if they enforce that law on the Fung Wah bus, especially if the vehicle is upside down and on fire in a ditch; Scott Getchel (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble) enters a highway via an exit ramp; Terry Donahue (Alloy Orchestra) gets arrested for not giving money to a guy on the street in Tijuana; Tracey Stark (WZBC) does 95 in a 55 zone and doesn’t get a ticket because she says she misses her parents in Kentucky. *** Jay Potts is reported to be the only musician to have been in two bands that won the Rumble—Big Catholic Guilt and Cobalt 60 (C60). *** Think Tree (Peter Moore’s pre-Count Zero band) breaks up. *** Ed “Moose” Savage (…& His Litany of Complaints) conducts over 500 kazooists in Tiger Stadium (Detroit).

July 1998 Issue #183
Cover: Lockgroove, Ken Cmar, Sameasyou, the Ghost of Tony Gold
Bands: Ramona Silver, the Pills, Trona, Scissorfight, Cheerleadr, the Sheila Divine, Helicopter Helicopter, Francine, Quick Fix, Dirty Doctors
Gossip & Stuff: For some reason Lolita is doing a hard sell of Ted Nugent’s beef jerky. Like everything he does isn’t jerky. She also asks the question, “What is your idea of a summer vacation?” Answers: Allen Bush (Stratosphere) likes to sit on Newbury Street and offer foot massages. Thus inspiring the phrase “booty call.” So if the massages were free, is that footing the bill, or did he take it on the shin? Is it true he also drove a toe truck? I always knew that guy was a heel! Sorry for being so, uh, corny here; Chris Mascara (Mascara) prefers to shoot Tequila and smoke gold under a palm tree in Mexico; Jeff Conolly (Lyres) chooses Singing Beach; Peter Choyce (WMBR/ WZBC) rides lawnmowers; Evan Shore III (the Nines) hangs out next to the lagoon with a big tropical drink; Larry Dersch (Binary System) plays beach blanket bingo, baby. *** The Pills win the Jim Beam National Spotlight competition in New Orleans. *** Mark Hamilton takes over hosting WFNX’s Boston Product. *** Eric Marco is booking Mama Kin. *** Expanding Man signs with Polydor. *** Rustic Overtones has a deal with Arista. *** The Noise holds its first Sycophantic Summer Séance at the Middle East.

July 2003 Issue #233
Cover: Kevin Stevens (the Shods), Warren Zanes, Zsid, the Jumblies
Extra Features: The Crush, Drugless Douglas, Bonescrew
Bands: Lovewhip, the Rudds, Ho-Ag, Kay Hanley, Loveless, the Collisions, the Unseen, Milligram, the Arrangement, Young Sexy Assassins, the Kieran Ridge Band, Kenne Highland & His Vatican Sex Kittens, Mappari, We’re All Gonna Die, The In Out, Freezepop, Red Chord, Tunnel of Love, the Charms, Scamper, Barry & the Remains, the Gentlemen, the Hidden, Jake Brennan
Gossip & Stuff: Joe, remember this issue?—on the cover I renamed the Jumblies “the Jublies.” Sure do. As well as the time Sugabomb was renamed “Subabomb.” Time to up the salaries of your copy editors, Bub! But notice that the #233 cover reproduction on this page now reads “the Jumblies.” It’s never too late to try to fix something you screwed up. If only Photoshop could work on personal screw-ups. *** Rita thinks the earth is creating bad weather because we bombed Baghdad—Lolita thinks it’s because Clay Aiken didn’t win American Idol. *** Well, things haven’t changed much—Brett Milano outlines the political conditions five years ago—“A few corporations buy everything, and the media gets flooded with endless fluff stories about a few bad TV shows, while a fascist takeover of the government goes unnoticed.” Maybe now a few more people are aware of this, but how do you stop it? *** Hey, this was 2003—the Red Sox hadn’t won a world series since 1918. Pete Sutton has a fantasy of the Sox getting past the first round of the playoffs. Little did he know what would happen in 2004. *** Sleazegrinder (one of the Noise’s better writers) gets into the record business by releasing a compilation called Cock ’n’ Roll: the World’s Sleaziest Rock Bands. What ever happened with his label? I don’t see any mention of it on his site. Still good reading, though.

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