OUR EYES ON YOU: June 2008

rita_lolita.gifTAX REFUNDS
Lolita: Summer is here. I love the freedom from clothes. Rita: And as the flowers blossom, people create new exciting projects with new energy. Lolita: Yeah, I noticed stores are coming up with creative ways to pocket your tax refund dollars. Rita: That’s not the kind of new exciting energy I was thinking about. I say donate your refund dollars to an organization that puts pressure on our government to stop the war and helps promote peace. Organizations that are worthy of donations are United for Justice and Peace, Peaceworks magazine, Massachusetts Peace Action, and Veterans Against the War. They’re my favorites. Lolita: Heck, I’m spending my money on new clothes. Rita: I thought you enjoyed wearing no clothes. Lolita: No, totally naked isn’t as good as just a little bit of clothing. Rita: Enough of this talk about what to do with money—you know Father’s Day is June 15—let’s find out something about our friends’ dads. We can offer people a place to say something nice about dad. Lolita: Okay, but I still think readers would rather hear about my creative limited wear—okay okay, I’ll go ask everyone to tell me something about their dad. Rita: There’s Holly—I bet she has a cool dad.

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Lolita: What do you tell people about your facial tattoos? HOLLY BREWER (Humanwine): I was 16 when I got it done and there wasn’t much hubub in the U.S. about the Maori people then, so I didn’t actually have anyone mention the name Moko or Maori until I was about 19. By that time I was getting sick of hearing about it and not knowing who these people were talking about, so I did a little research. I learned that there were many tribes all around the globe who have women with facial tattoos on the chin. Since the Maori exhibit hit Boston, it seems as though everyone and their parents are now experts on the Maori people of New Zealand and they come up to me with their factoids to show off their newfound knowledge. It’s not that I don’t appreciate their learning; it’s just that it has nothing to do with me. People that are from New Zealand are the only people so far who can tell it’s my own design. Lolita: Oh, I was supposed to ask you about your dad. HOLLY: My Dad is from Laconia, N.H. and is an active member of the motorcycle community up there. When I was eight he took me out for a spin on his most prized Indian. I figured I’d dress up in my black jean jacket and matching skirt and when he came to pick me up at the house, he had already been riding around for a bit so the pipe was HOT and when I was climbing up I burned my right leg. Instead of taking me to the hospital or inside to get a bandage what does he do? He tells me, “Lemme see it, no, that’s alright” (because it really was just a little nip) and he drives me down to the beach bar where all his buddies were and he holds me up saying, “She got her first burn! She got her first burn! What a champ!” My bought me an ice cream, I forgot all about my leg after that. *** PETE CASSANI (The Peasants/ Beefy DC): My father fought for what was right. First he refused to die. At eight years old he got rheumatic fever. They put him in the death room at the hospital. Others died. He hung on. The fever destroyed his body, his heart, but he lived. Grew up, got married, had SIX kids!! Then he became a teacher and fought for teacher’s rights. Went on strike a lot. Also brought his Black friends to look at houses in the Lily-white suburbs. Helped them though the banks, the government and the people were racist. He never did what was safe or easy. He died at 48 from his damaged heart but he lives on in his kids and grandkids!! He also encouraged me to play guitar when I sucked! *** ERIK LINDGREN (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic/ Arf Arf Records): My father was known as “Big Bob” and was a big man in every respect. Very respected individual, straight shooter, and, boy, did he sure know how to use a grill. *** NICK BLAKEY (The In Out/Church): I currently don’t know where my father is, and frankly, don’t care to know either. *** DYLAN J. METRANO (Tiger Saw): My father was a rock critic back in the ’70s, and he met a lot of his favorite musicians. I was named after Bob Dylan, but the night before I was born, Dad was hanging out in Boston with Leonard Cohen. Thanks, Dad, for not naming me Leonard. Lolita: Leonard is not that bad—if you took to wearing dresses you could easily shorten it to Leona. *** MONIQUE ORTIZ (A.K.A.C.O.D.): My dad is an incredibly cool guy. He bought me my first bass when I was 12. We used to jam with his friends and record it to his TEAC 1/4 inch reel-to-reel. He’s an amazing Latin percussionist, vocalist, and can still move like James Brown. He got me into professional motocross racing when I was young—yup, I raced motorcycles ’til I was 18. And he restored my ’56 Chevy and my ’72 Beetle for me. He’s an inspiration. I love him so much! *** TIM MUNGENAST (Tim Mungenast & His Preexisting Conditions): My dad, John E. Mungenast, was warm, funny, eccentric, and a fucking genius engineer. His background spanned everything from steamboat mechanic to guided-missile technician. He was well loved by his egghead peers, who named an engineering award after him. When the East Coast had that big power outage a few years ago, the Department of Energy called my mom asking for him. They said they wanted to talk with him about how to avoid future recurrences. Unfortunately, he’d lost his battle with cancer a few months before. *** DAVE WESTNER (Woolly Mammoth Sound/ Tori Pyne): My dad can fix just about anything mechanical. If I crashed a plane in the middle of the desert, my dad could probably make the damned thing fly again using only duct tape, a coat hanger and pieces of a mechanical pencil. And I would actually trust him to fix it enough to actually fly the thing again. Lolita: Like father, like son—I hear that you’re very good at “fixing it in the mix.” *** SIMON RITT (The Darlings): My father was born in Ottawa, Canada where as a child he was photographed by Yousuf Karsh and went to summer camp with Leonard Cohen (“…little Lenny from Montreal”).*** DANA JEE (I Have Ears): I’m a better dad than he was. Lolita: Give it time—you still have a lifetime to go.

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Rita: Speaking of dads—Noise radio chart guy TONY SCHINELLA and wife had their second baby—Dominic Anthony on 4/16/08. He was 7 lbs. 3 oz. *** BONE GUNN appeared on Fox’s Fearless Music with a live performance of “Mother” that can be seen on YouTube. *** How many T-shirts does your band get printed up? HARRY & THE POTTERS ordered 4818 from QRSTs for their summer tour. Their order is down from 7,500 last summer. *** SCOTT JANOVITZ played two shows on the night of his Rumble finals. Beside the competition gig with THE GREAT BANDINI he played keys with THE FIGGS at the Paradise. *** ED “MOOSE” SAVAGE’s long time drummer, PAUL DIONNE, was lured out to California by his future wife. Paul’s last show was at Ed’s birthday party. *** Vanessa Cintamani Piehl is the second child to call drummer MIKE PIEHL dad. She weighed in at 6 pounds 7 ounces at 11:32am on Wednesday, April 23. *** BIRD MANCINI (as part of SAL BAGLIO’s band) opened for PETE BEST then hopped the pond to play at both the Cavern Club and the Cavern Pub in Liverpool, UK. *** ROBBY ROADSTEAMER has gone from hating art bands to working with them in his latest project—a musical! It’s a reenactment of Kurt Russell’s musical Big Trouble in Little China that is titled Big Trouble in Little Allston. *** Five musicians who performed with their bands in the Rock Showdown at TCAN won scholarships to Berklee. They were DEAN STEVES (Red Rock), BOBBY SCOTT (The Advocates), SAM SILVERMAN (The What-Cha-Ma-Call-Its), WILL SELIGSON (Spare Change), and NATHAN LATTA (Deadly Styles). *** There’s a new club in town called To Ad (1912 Massachusetts Ave.) in Porter Square, Cambridge. It’s nice to see AD FRANK getting the attention his talent deserves. *** On the day that REVOLUTIONARY SNAKE ENSEMBLE release their second CD, Forked Tongue, it had already charted at #1 (jazz) and #11 (overall) on Ontario alternative radio station CFRU. *** WALTER SICKERT (…& the Army of Toys) was caught using Elmer’s roll-on glue to keep his mustache erect for up to four hours. *** PETER PRESCOTT (Mission of Burma) went to see BIG DIPPER’s reunion and was turned away because he forgot his ID. Just a lesson for everyone to remember your ID. Rita: Your age is not the point of carrying your ID. It’s so when the police raid the place they know who they’re throwing in the pokey. Lolita: I always thought that they just wanted to look at a sexy photo of me. Peter must have gotten fed up with that.*** At DAVE WESTNER’s debut gig with TORI PYNE he donated $1 for every line of lyrics that he sang incorrectly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. He had three judges and asked his audience to match his donation dollar for dollar. He raised over $200 with 15 accidental lyric revisions. *** And sticking with the charity subject, photographer KELLY DAVIDSON rides her bike to Providence to raise money for multiple sclerosis. If you’d like to sponsor Kelly go to myspace.com/etchedonfilm. *** [MUNK] was featured in the May 10 issue of Billboard. *** TWO TON SHOE has found success in South Korea. Their new CD is being released on FarGo (Korea) and the band plans to tour Seoul again later in the year. *** CASEY DESMOND has been asked to play for Navy troops on July 4 in Naples, Italy. *** The Boston round of the U.S. Air Guitar Championships is at the Middle East Downstairs on Thursday, 6/5. *** A used car dealer found a CD in an abandoned car. He played the CD, loved it, and sort out the band. Abandoning a car may be an expensive way to get one fan at a time but it’s working for TOKYO TRAMPS. *** BOB GALLAGHER (Jesse Gallagher’s dad) sings lead on the final track of the upcoming APOLLO SUNSHINE CD. Lolita: Right back to dads—do we have more of those dad answers?

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Rita: Yes, in fact we do have more dads to talk about. I like this one… CHRIS PEARSON (Ekranoplan): My father was in the Navy, and in 1952 was assigned to a fleet task force that was at the very first hydrogen bomb test (Operation Ivy Mike) in the Pacific. He was about 20 miles from ground zero, and he overheard a few scientists worrying about whether the fusion reaction would eventually ignite all the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. I guess it’s a good thing they were wrong! The 10-megaton blast produced a mushroom cloud that rose to over 20 miles high! It’s pretty wild to hear him talk about it to this day. Lolita: And they’ve proven that more pollution came from Ivy Mike than the exhaust from one day of driving a 2008 SUV—but not much more. ***JOANIE LINDSTROM (WMBR): How many fathers could name the members of Uriah Heep? *** TINTERN (Necktie Party): When I was about eight, I heard this racket coming from my parents’ bedroom. I ran upstairs and to my horror, found my dad singing and playing “Lady of Spain” on accordion with one foot propped up on the bed like Henry Rollins, playing (and singing) with a similar intensity. This was years before I knew what punk was and now every time I see someone propping a foot on a monitor I chuckle and think of my dad, who has no idea how hardcore he is. Happy Father’s Day Dad! *** JON MACEY (Foxpath/ Urban Caravan): My father’s father (my grandfather) was a professional country singer in upstate New York in the ’40s and ’50s. He actually continued to perform until he was around 75, doing mostly square dance calling by then. My dad saw up close the life of a musician and, when I was young, tried to discourage me from that life, causing big problems between him and me. Now that I am older, having lived through the many ups and downs of my music career, I can see why he felt that way. He was just trying to protect me, even if it was misguided. *** DEEK McD (Age Against The Machine): My father’s a very laid back guy, who certainly passed on that trait, while also teaching me that you don’t need a shitload of money to be very happy—which is completely true, as some of the most miserable people I’ve ever known are loaded! *** JIM HEALEY (We’re All Gonna Die): My dad is the reason I started playing music. He always had an acoustic guitar around the house even though he couldn’t play a lick. After years of beating around on that, he finally got me my first electric guitar at 12, and it was all downhill from there. *** SAMMY MIAMI (Shööt The Möön): My dad is an all-American bad ass with a heart of gold. He’s the proud owner of ’52 Panhead, ’32 Ford, ’32 Packard and ’22 Durant with wooden spoked wheels! He’s an honest man and one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever known. He tells it like it is and if you cross him he’ll make no bones about grabbing you by the neck. His charming ways with the ladies is undeniable; in fact he scores at more Shööt The Möön shows than the band! *** DAVE PINO (Powerman 5000): Next time you drive into the Callahan Tunnel, take a look to the top right. You’ll see a giant chip in the tunnel entrance. My dad made that. He accidentally hit it with a back hoe that was loaded on a trailer he was towing a long time ago. If that’s not “leaving your mark” on the city of Boston, I don’t know what is. *** BILL GOFFRIER (Big Dipper/ Saucer): My father is 83 but he has taken up with an older woman since their respective spouses both died. I could not be more pleased. He is truly an inspiration, and I look forward to my next half-century. Lolita: She may be an older woman to you but I bet your dad considers her a youthful beauty.

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Rita: Old, young, new, ancient—we’re all here temporarily so make the most of your life. Here are the changes that people are making in their lives and bands. JAKE & THE JAKES reform for one show on June 7 at the Brewery Exchange in Lowell with Fox Pass, The Rationales, and Brendan Boogie band (featuring members of Scamper). *** CELLO CHIX have been seen with three cellos lately. SHAY RUDOLPH has been a special guest. *** EXTREME will be returning this summer with new drummer KEVIN FIGUEIREDO (Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party). *** Lead guitarists ALEX “GUMBALL” GARRIDO left SIDEWALK DRIVER to live in LA. *** A band of Boston music veterans looking for lead and rhythm guitarists to play in a psychedelic/ pop band that pays tribute to the hits from Nuggets and Pebbles. Call (781) 391-0904 or email wayoutz@gis.net. *** SAD MARVIN reunited for one show on May 25 at the Middle East with original members ADAM LEITER and MATT DOYLE. *** BAD ASH & KILLING STAR features members of WALTHAM. *** LOCK & KEY played their final show—and released a CD at that show. *** After seven years on the Boston scene and a brief national tour, SEPTEMBER TWILIGHT has parted ways. The decision was made almost a year ago after drummer, KEVIN “BAM BAM” GALLAGHER left to become a full-time firefighter. The band played their last show on 5/27 at the Middle East. *** KAREN TSIAKALS and DEBORAH BERNARD of UV PROTECTION (who are on permanent vacation) have joined up with DAVE KILO (The Juliet Kilo) to form THE SECRET SEA. Lolita: What secrecy is within the secret sea?

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Rita: Is it any secret who owns the most impressive guitars? Let’s find out. Lolita: Okay, I will steal guitar secrets from my friends and share them with you, so there will be no secrets between us. LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus): The most impressive guitars I know are the “art guitars” lovingly crafted by the multi-talented Asa Brebner; each with it’s own theme—hand-painted, encrusted with glitter, jewels, plastic army men, and Barbie doll heads! *** NICHOLE CLARKE (Orange Nichole): I am fickle about guitars so it’s hard to choose ONE that’s been the most impressive. But recently I’ve been impressed with Charlie Chesterman’s black Rickenbacker 381, which may be the loveliest guitar ever—and my friend Rhys’ Roland G707. It has a handle! *** JEN D’ANGORA (Downbeat 5): JJ Rassler has a ’61 Les Paul Junior that he’s owned for over 30 years. There were other models of Juniors in late ’50s and in ’60s that became the Juniors we know now, but the design of his guitar is the design that became the SG. It features one P-90 single coil pickup. He got it around ’75—it had been owned by Billy Cole (the Real Kids/Nervous Eaters.) When Lenny Kaye and Patti Smith came to see DMZ at the Rat back then, Patti jumped on stage with them, and Lenny jumped on JJ’s back, and strummed this guitar while JJ made the chords. *** MIKE PIEHL (Reverse/ Tim Gearan): My father always told the story of being stationed at Fort Knox in the early ’60s: On leave, they went into a little diner. One of the guys in their group was black and they refused to serve him. All the soldiers were bullshit! And it turned into a huge scene. “This guy’s fighting for your country and you can’t make him a fucking sandwich?” He told me that when I was very young and because of it, I’ve never been a racist prick. I’ve been other kinds of pricks but not racist. *** JASON SANFORD (Neptune): The most impressive guitar is owned by Terry, from the Ex. He bought the guitar when he was 16, and he has played it for all 30 years that the Ex has been making music. At some point it became a five-string when part of the headstock and the high-E tuning machine snapped off during a rowdy show. I have never seen a guitar more worn and scarred and imbued with the aura of a lifetime of punk. *** SCOTT PITTMAN (Frank Morey & His Band/ The Shods): My brother, Rowie, is a fantastic craftsman of anything wood, metal, electronic, or anything. He made his first guitar absolutely from scratch. The Glingtone sounds better than the best Tele, but the custom woodwork and metalwork makes it look like nothing else. Plays perfectly and effortlessly and is weighted to perfection. It pisses me off, because I wish he had this idea years ago; but also because Kevin and Manimal of the Shods, and Amy from Darkbuster got on the list before me to get one—I’m his brother and I have to get serial number five?! *** FRANK ROWE (Classic Ruins): The most impressive guitar I’ve ever seen was Eric Rosenfeld’s ’51 Fender Broadcaster, one of the first Fenders ever built. It was scarred, it was battered, it was worn, and when he played it in the sun with Catfish Black on a Sunday free concert on Cambridge Common, it made sounds that can’t be explained. It got stolen long ago. Whoever has it now is sitting on about fifty thousand bucks. Lolita: There still are guitar secrets. Who has that ’51 Broadcaster?

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Rita: What should the Democrats do, if anything, about the race between Clinton and Obama? CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMFO/WMBR): Obama and Clinton… it is a dilemma. Personally, I don’t put too much faith in electoral politics, but I am for Obama. To me, he represents real change looking ahead. Clinton? Yeah, she’s a woman, but she’s so 1990s. *** NANCY DELANEY (Temper): Since our votes are not accurately counted in presidential elections I like what Hillary Clinton proposed at a press conference on April Fool’s Day. There should be a bowling match between her and O'Bama to decide who gets the Democatic nomination. Both are equally bad at bowling so it would be the only fair way to decide the outcome. Americans don’t know how to vote anyway so why not make things at least a little entertaining? *** PETER MOORE (COUNT ZERO): Refuse to donate any more money to either campaign until one of them bails or the two of them agree to be on the same ticket. Their coffers can't take more draining, as they will be needed much more this autumn for the championship bout. *** DICK TATE (The Middle East/Prime Movers): I thought we weren’t supposed to mention the “race” issue anymore? It will probably come down to superdelegates cutting backroom deals and further eroding our fading belief that democracy actually works in this country. Benevolent dictatorship anyone?

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Rita: Let’s get right to the shows… THE CELLO CHIX play the Plough & Stars on Thursday 6/5. *** TRANSIT leads the all-ages show on Saturday, 6/7 (1pm) at the Middle East. *** Later that night the ME & JOAN COLLINS wedding is at the Abbey Lounge. Lolita: I hear the wedding gown is breathtaking. Rita: *** Sunday, 6/8 has SCARCE back at T.T.’s. *** THE CLYDSDALE COWBOYS round ’em up at the Cantab on Friday, 6/13. *** THE RUDDS hit Johnny D’s on Saturday 6/14. *** MISSION OF BURMA performs Signals Calls & Marches on Friday 6/13 and VS. on Saturday 6/14, both at the Paradise. *** On Saturday, 6/21, you can find 27 at Great Scott. *** Every Thursday night in June the Goodtime Emporium has the Battle of the Guitar Heroes. Rita: Hope to see you at a show! Lolita: Support the musicians who live and play around you.

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