5/10/15/20: June 2008


by T Max and Joe Coughlin


June 1988 Issue #74
Cover: Maelstrom, Galaxie 500, Thya (WZBC)
Bands: Titanics, Hullabaloo, Treat Her Right, Men & Volts (back together and playing out again, thank God), Condo Pygmies, Joe (no relation), the Dharma Bums
Other stuff: The Rumble is coming together with the preliminaries at the Paradise (starting on June 13) and the finals at the Orpheum. Heretix took the tiara (that didn’t exist back then)—some of the losers: Think Tree, the Lemonheads, the Incredible Casuals, Bullet LaVolta, and the Titanics. Jeez, no wonder some people think the Rumble is fixed. *** Doug Mellon, owner of Green Street Station is pictured with a big shiner on his right eye. I’d hate to see the other guy—Doug was a black belt. *** Juliana Hatfield wants to get Billy Ruane a TV show so the world can see him. That woulda been great. However, Billy did appear on a recent episode of Dancing With The Floor. *** Dredd Foole & the Din break up when their tour falls apart. *** An observer writes in pleading with us to stop kissing up to the Phoenix and WFNX. The writer shoulda worried more about who the Phoenix and WFNX kiss up to. They also seem to think that the reason we write a lot about Throwing Muses is because the band kisses up to the Phoenix. Maybe it was someone laid off by the Phoenix. Or, not laid by Throwing Muses.

June 1993 Issue #129
Cover: Cobalt 60 (Rumble champs)
Bands: the Jigsaws, the Barnies, O Positive, Willie Alexander, Twig, Instant Folk Death, Jeffrey Gagnon, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the Dirt Merchants, the Accidents, Smackmelon (not to be confused with smacking Doug Mellon)
Other stuff: Boston Rock Opera is doing Ray Davies’ “Preservation Act II” and Ray Davies poses for a photo with BRO heads Mick Maldonado, Eleanor Ramsay, and me. *** Evan Dando (Lemonheads) makes People magazine’s 50 most beautiful people. Yeah, well, some people think that’s fixed, too. *** Martin Doyle is getting Chet’s up and running again as the Causeway. As many know, Martin is now booking lotsa stuff at the Midway and Cantab, and has given both rooms a real shot in the arm. *** Christine Elise (daughter of big time Boston record label owners Gail Rush and Alvan Long) has already been in four major motion pictures and is currently going out with Jason Priestly. *** The Patty Show (hosted by cigar-smoking Pat McGrath) is the hottest thing in town–or so says Rita Flange who is dating Pat at the time. *** I can’t believe it, I found misinformation in the pages of the Noise. You mean aside from all the rave reviews? We said that the longest day of the year happens in June and it’s call the equinox—wrong—it’s called summer solstice. And that’s not to be confused with Saltus—where we get the Noise printed up. *** Peter Prescott (Mission of Burma) and Yukki Gipe (Bullet LaVolta) unite to form Kustomized. *** Chick Graining (Anastasia Screamed) get Scarce rolling. *** David Minehan (the Neighborhoods) is working with Paul Westerberg (the Replacements). Prompting some to argue that Westerberg was more “replaceable” than Minehan.

June 1998 Issue #182
Cover: The Ghost of Tony Gold (Rumble winners), Vic Firecracker
Bands: The Sheila Devine, Chandler Travis Philharmonic, the Push Kings, Turkish Delight, Flying Nuns, Pete Weiss & the Rock Band, Inhale Mary, Yoke Shire, Big D & the Kids Table, Sayhitolisa, Johnny Black Trio (back in the studio shortly, stay tuned), Ray Mason Band, the Brothers Fizz, Mascara, the Electric Logs—the only local band I’ve ever seen to employ food-shaped maracas and do a cha-cha version of “Springtime For Hitler,” among many other strange and wonderful things.
Other stuff: Ten years ago the Noise was thriving—it’s a direct connection to a Democrat being in the White House. Ahem. The only connection here is all the hummers in the office. *** Hey, I was in this Rumble. I believe my band Max came in fourth on our preliminary night. (Okay, maybe the Rumble isn’t fixed after all. Just bustin’, T!) Coming in fourth can’t be that bad because ten years earlier I came in fourth in the US Open (chess), and that was a major accomplishment. And I still hear people singing “Ride the Dove”—okay, maybe I’m the only person who remembers how it goes. *** Tom Devaney (Betwixt) and Joel Simches (Max) admit to being Rumble three time losers. I’d still rather have the Rumble curse than the Irish curse. *** Less than five percent of the musicians in this Rumble are women, and only one makes it to the semis—Julie Chadwick (American Measles). Is there a female equivalent to the Irish curse? *** Rock School deals with the animal kingdom in the music business—from roaring lion singers, pig bass players hitting on gals, and weasel club owners offering you $23 of the $100 guarantee. Good thing they didn’t get signed to Rhino.

Issue #232 June 2003
Cover: Dresden Dolls (Rumble winners), Stereobirds, Stymie, Steve Nelson, James O’Brien
Bands: The Shods, Waltham, Lightning Bolt, Kenne Highland, B.J. Snowden, Francine, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Hip Tanaka, Yoke Shire, the Blue Bloods, Lincoln Conspiracy, the Nervous Eaters, Sugabomb, Gut, Read Yellow
Other stuff: This cover almost had just drummer Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls) on it. At the last minute I added “Tinker Bell”—a miniature Amanda Palmer on top of the hi-hat. They’re on the cover because they won the Rumble with the help of the Rumble Curse. *** Rick Berlin gets a call from Shelley Winters wanting to know why he calls his band the Shelley Winters Project. Coincidentally, one of Rick’s prior bands, Berlin Airlift, was named after a blimp too. *** There are some great Rumble photos taken by Charlie Pickett who is currently over in Iraq. *** Boston Rock Opera is performing Harry Nilsson’s The Point. *** The Brett Rosenberg Problem is at the top of the Noise Radio Chart. *** B.J. Snowden is pictured with Penn Jillette giving her a big hug. And next to the photo is a review in which the author claims anyone who doesn’t like B.J. is a complete asshole. That was you, Joe. *** Bleu is the centerfold (now known as the Big Shot) and he has a black eye. No truth to the rumor that he got it from Doug Mellon.

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