5/10/15/20 April 2008



by T Max and Joe Coughlin

April 1988 Issue #72

Cover: Treat Her Right, the Bell People, Steve Barry
Bands: Think Tree, Erik Lindgren, Galaxie 500, What Now, Ex-15, Dr. Black’s Combo, T.H. & the Wreckage, 1.4.5., The Zulus, Big Dipper—playing April 26, 2008 at the Middle East!
Other Stuff: This is when Bunratty’s turned its reputation around from being a North Shore metal band hangout to booking bands like Moving Targets, Bullet LaVolta, Gigolo Aunts, Busted Statues, and Anastasia Screamed. And the credit rightfully goes to Mickey O’Halloran. They also snagged a lotta touring acts, such as Cows, Meatmen (a show which devolved into a riot), and the first area appearance of Oasis, although the club name may have changed at that point [to Local 186]. But the most amazing thing I ever saw at Bunn’s was when the band Harlequin broke up right in the middle of their set, during a song. One by one, the members walked off stage and out the door, never to play together again. I’ve never seen a soundman laugh so hard. *** Who do people plan to vote for for president? Billy Ruane, Todd Rundgren, Spuds McKenzie, Jesse Jackson, Pat Robertson, Dole, George Bush, the Duke. *** A youthful Brett Milano wearing an XTC T-shirt is pictured in the gossip column. Given his experience, Brett appears to be aging better than most of us. *** It is written that Galaxie 500 moved here from New York City just so they could quality for the coveted Cassette God trophy. *** Billy West worked at WBCN—his most memorable experience there was being on stage with the voices of Rocky (Bill Scott) and Bullwinkle (June Foray). Bill Scott died shortly after. Billy West went on to be many TV voices you’ve heard on Ren & Stimpy, Family Guy, Dilbert, Futurama and many many more. Billy also did the best (and maybe the only) impression of Larry Fine [the Three Stooges] I’ve ever heard.

April 1993 Issue #127
Cover: Malachite, Harmony Rockets, the Feldmans, Grind
Bands: Lyres, Stompbox, Gigolo Aunts, Cul de Sac, Common Ailments of Maturity, Tree, Helium
Other Stuff: I bet many don’t know that Justine Covault of Malachite (the one on the left) is currently married to that guy who creates the Rock School strip—Crispin Wood (The Bags), who happens to include in his strip this month that Hillary Rodham Clinton is on the band’s guest list. For some strange reason, Kenne Highland always referred to Justine as his niece. She’s not. And it’s too bad that her prior band, Grand Theft Auto, never got the props they deserved. Some of the finest shows I ever saw, and at least one killer live radio broadcast. *** Coolidge Corner Theatre is advertising in the Noise—and they’re showing some classic Looney Tunes—with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck—voices that Billy West would end up doing. *** Boston Rock Opera’s performance of Jesus Christ Superstar features Julie Woods (Rick Berlin—the Movie) as Jesus and Doug Thoms (Fleshflower) as Judas. *** The Satanics plan to eat a three-year-old child to help publicize the release of Speak of the Devil on Limited Potential Records. That’s a step up from WZBC’s No Commercial Potential. *** GG Allin is out of prison and is planning his Terror in America ’93 tour. I caught the shows in Atlanta and Chicago on this tour, and somehow lived to tell. Sadly, GG did not.

April 1998 Issue #180
: The Moors, Binary System, Star Ghost Dog
Bands: Babaloo, Quintaine Americana, the Irresponsibles, Popgun, Rustic Overtones, Wheat, Kevin MacDonald Band, Missing Joe, Scissorfight, the Nervous Eaters, Johnny Black Trio, Purrr, Kenne Highland Clan, Heretix, The Dineros, Boy Wonder, Burning Sensations. One of the great “lost” acts in Boston history. One St. Patrick’s Day weekend, they played six sets and only repeated one song. They backed up the late Tiny Tim magnificently at the Middle East with no rehearsal or set list, and may also be the only local act that once made a dog throw up when they started playing. Ringleader Allan Sheinfeld has the best gig stories of anyone I know, including the time an obese feminist physically attacked him onstage for singing a blues song about a murder, and a biker party which involved the decapitation of a live pig with a machete in front of the band while they were trying to play. Al is currently in talks to make a record with legendary pro wrestler Abdullah The Butcher—for real. Stay tuned.
Other Stuff: People are asked what the phrase “perfect mate” brings to mind. Dave Gibbs (Gigolo Aunts): Coffee; Cynthia von Buhler (Castle von Buhler): Two grasshoppers copulating; Tracey Stark (WZBC): A fantasy; Randy Millman (T.T.’s): Every gay man I know; Larry Dersch (Binary System): Trouble; Ken Lafler (Baby Ray): The perfect mate holds down a dull job so you don’t have to. *** Speaking of perfect mates—Kevin Coombs (Permafrost) and Lisa McColgan (Boston Rock Opera) plan to get married in September. They are currently still married! *** The Syphlloids have one of those ads with porn stars doing unnatural things. It’s only unnatural if you hide it from the public. *** This cover of the Noise is one of my all time favorites—shot by Kim Genereux.

April 2003 Issue #230
Cover: Officer May, Toxic Narcotic, Elcodrive, Cancer to the Stars, Dashboard Jesus
Bands: Voodoo Screw Machine, the Humanoids, the Darlings, the Downbeat 5, Coffin Lids, Tunnel of Love, Muck & the Mires, Munk, Reverse, the Halogens, Awakening Stick, Heavy Stud, the In Out, Scissorfight, Raymond, the Peasants, Sugabomb. Speaking of mates ’n’ marriage, congrats to Sandy of Sugabomb and Ray Neades of Beefy/DC on their marriage and recent relocation to L.A. I even heard a rumor that Sandy has picked up the bass again.
Other Stuff: Hey, I just recognized Sammy Miami on the cover for the first time ever. This happens to be one of my least favorite covers because there’s just too much going on—five bands and text going in every different direction—I prefer the simple covers. *** Oral Sex 101 is being advertised—that’s a rock opera that never got to the stage—I wrote it. At least it was fun gathering research. *** The opening photo in the gossip column is of Superchick and Vikki Sixx—Vikki seems to be posing like a blow-up doll the way her mouth is open and awaiting something. Oh, calm down, it was probably just a beer. *** Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses released CDs simultaneously. I can’t figure out the logic in that. *** Bleu writes us a letter describing the highs and lows of his tour with Toad the Wet Sprocket and Wheat. As far as Toad goes, the lows ain’t hard to figure out.

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