Mr Max Message April 2008

MR. MAX'S MESSAGE – April 2008


When I was in high school there was this guy, Charlie, who was in my circle of friends. He was a visual artist. He also played piano, clarinet, drew comic strips, and was a great cook. I learned something very basic from him— artists can wear all types of hats. So I've never hesitated to dive into any area of art. Most people know me as the guy who does the Noise, so most put a big simple label on me—"fanzine editor." It's true that I do all the layout and graphic work for the fanzine (and the business stuff too, but that's no fun to talk about). I also do photography. It comes natural to me because I like working with images. I set up a makeshift studio in my kitchen. So it made sense for me to shoot the promo shot for my latest music project, Sgt. Maxwell's Peace Chorus (photo above). Yeah, that means I know how to play a guitar, sing, write songs, and direct a choir too. I also care about the state of this country and the mess we are in over in Iraq. I'm doing everything with my creative skills to get people to talk about war and do something about it. It's important for everyone to get off their butt and work for something they care about. Almost forgot to mention—come see Sgt. Maxwell's Peace Chorus at Lolita's Lovefest on Saturday, April 12, at the Cantab.


Getting back to my friend Charlie. He's getting married this summer and asked if I would conduct the wedding ceremony. Wow—I thought immediately—I could be the Pope. I went right over to visit Otto at Gumshoe in JP (local music icon Hilken Mancini works there too) to see if he had a Pope outfit. Before Charlie had even told his other friends about the wedding, they knew that I was conducting the ceremony as the Pope. Maybe I got over excited about it, but I eventually heard back from Charlie that his religious family might have a problem with me Pope-ing it. So Charlie made other plans to have an official type person do the ceremony. So of course the Pope outfit needed to be used elsewhere. See Michael Bloom in the photo of Sgt. Maxwell's Peace Chorus (second from the right)? He sings "Ministry of Oil"—a perfect song for a Pope.


When I go to Charlie's (and Becky's) wedding I'll be playing music with the groom and another old friend, Duane. The three of us played together (1969-1979) as Mr. Timothy Charles Duane in New York and later we relocated to Martha's Vineyard. We still get together to play now and then, usually down on the Vineyard, where we still have a draw. So, do you think I should go to the wedding as the Pope anyway? I could rename my old band—Pope Timothy Charles Duane.

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