OUR EYES ON YOU: March 2008

Rita: Welcome to our second annual March online-only issue. It’s this cold winter month that we choose to save a tree by sparing the paper that goes into making a print issue of The Noise, and advise our business supporters to look at the numbers that this site (and thenoiseboard.com) generate. Getting your news online makes sense ecologically, but will the feeling of opening your newspaper at the breakfast table ever really disappear? Lolita: Normally I don’t wake up ’til lunchtime and I prefer to read interesting facts listed on my calendar. Rita: Before we get to Lolita’s interesting facts, let’s find out other websites that our readers like to go to. Put down your calendar and go ask our friends where they surf. Look, there’s Linda with a surfboard, find out where she’s going.

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Lolita: Hey Linda, where are you headed, I mean, what’s your favorite website? LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Cosmic Trigger): One of my all time fave websites is www.disinfo.com, which is THE subculture search engine and a fantastic resource for all things “fringe,” subcultural, underground, politically radical, and just plain… out there! Lolita: Hey this is interesting, you can pick up 50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know Volume 2 for only $9.95 and have it just in time for Christmas 2004. *** JOSH BOUGHEY (Phineus/ The Blind King): I build electronics as a hobby. With the right music playing, the long hours of repetitive soldering send me into a Zen-like meditative state, aka “flow,” where time essentially stops. Lately I've been listening almost exclusively to www.percussionlab.com—it features dozens of streams and MP3’s of full-length mostly live sets of some really unique experimental and electronic music. I click around 'til I find a style I like, then I’m set for the next 45 minutes to an hour plus, to listen to something completely new while I get all Zen. *** SUSANNA PORTE (The Cello Chix/Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus): CommonDreams.org. Best progressive news source. Rita: I did learn there that President Bush will veto any bill that states that waterboarding is torture. Maybe it should be tried out on him for all the lying he’s done. After all, it’s not torture. *** MIKE LANGLIE (Twink): My current favorite obnoxious cab company dispatcher blog is The Blank Top Chronicles (blanktop.blogspot.com). Where the customer is always wrong. I wish it were a radio show. Lolita: This is an entertaining read, but it doesn’t sound to me like the customer is always wrong—more like the customer is always crazy or irrational. *** ROB MORRIS (Vivian Darkbloom): Objectiveministries.org might be the best hoax website ever. At first glance, it appears to be a legitimate creation science website. The essays and features are content-rich and extremely well-written (though patently absurd). The site contains numerous links, and it is very easy to get lost. But this is intended, and is part of a pretty well wrought satirical device. Eventually you find yourself laughing at genuine content that wasn't meant to be funny. To my knowledge, no one has claimed credit for this site, but I definitely smell The Onion. *** BILLY CARL MANCINI (Bird Mancini/Sgt, Maxwell’s Peace Chorus): Preyinglizardmusic.com is my favorite site for listening to the best music I've never heard. It's startling how many great artists are out there with first rate recordings that somehow remain under the radar. You can stream a variety of shows or download them to your iPod. Preyinglizardmusic.com is reportedly the number one podcast worldwide, so getting your tunes on this is terrific exposure. DJ Les Lewellyn does the occasional interview as well, and is amazingly supportive. In his own words, “very cool.” *** CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMFO/WMBR): I can’t say I have a “favorite” website per se. There’s so much out there, it can sometimes seem daunting. Being the political animal that I am, I check out www.barrycrimmins.com for the latest in satirical commentary. A friend, Dr. T., has a very artsy site with cool original photos, videos and music at www.foryourhead.com. I look forward to seeing how others answer this question. *** SCOTT MATALON (Monolith): www.nlop.com—you can play Texas Hold ’em poker for free against other players live in real-time, from quick sit-n-gos to full tournaments—and you can win cash and prizes by playing. The National League of Poker is a local company (Framingham) and perhaps the only U.S.-legal poker site where you can play for free and win money in America. Lolita: I’m confused—is it a poker site or a poke-her site?

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Members of SGT. MAXWELL’S PEACE CHORUS have been spending time in the M*A*S*H unit. Drummer SHAWN MARQUIS (The Church of Flying) underwent a tonsillectomy in January. SGT. MAXWELL (The Noise) tore the posterior horn of his medial meniscus. Knee surgery commenced on 2/7 (the eighth anniversary of MIKEY DEE’s infamous heart surgery). CHRIS MASCARA (Mascara) tripped coming off Shawn & Suzi’s Mardi Gras stage and twisted his ankle so badly that he needed to walk with crutches for weeks. After healing, the three warriors against war will be back on the front lines. *** JONNY P (White) had a near death experience when someone pulverized his skull in front of Bill’s Bar on 9/29/07. He has since healed—and he believes he is fine. *** In the where-are- they-now category, HARVEY WARFIELD (x-WAAF) has produced a video for MOG (New England’s longest lasting father/son band) of a remake of “Immigration Man,” the Crosby/Nash hit from ’72. *** AARON TAP (Layne/ x-Paula Kelley Band) made his network TV debut on the Conan O’Brien show on 1/30/08. *** PETER C. JOHNSON received permission from Universal Music (A&M) and Sony (CBS) to release a limited edition of Peter C. Johnson: 1978-1981, a CD that includes guests NILS LOFGREN, CARLENE CARTER, BONNIE RAITT, and MARK SANDMAN (and the Sandman Project will benefit from all sales). *** A rare 7-inch test pressing by BOBB TRIMBLE (who was number-one on last month's Noise radio chart) has just sold on ebay for $1,975. The acetate was donated by an old high school friend of Bobb's, who showed up with it at his record release party at River Gods. All proceeds are going to Bobb, who's currently unemployed. *** On 2/10/08, ten Berklee alumni and three faculty members won 13 Grammy Awards. Berklee alumni have now won a total of 162 Grammies. *** EMBRIONIC (JAMES BRYAM and SIOBHAN McCAULEY) has two songs airing on MTV’s Real World – Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet III. *** HUMANWINE bought a big old school bus and rebuilt it from the bottom up. It now runs on waste veggie oil. They intend to tour with their gas expense equaling zero. *** MARK HAMILTON will be running the 2008 WBCN Rock ’n’ Roll Rumble. *** CBS radio, owner of WBCN and WZLX, has axed 15 of their employees. At first we heard JUANITA lost her job, then we heard she was moved off the overnight shift to part time weekend status. CBS claims, “With these actions, we continue to build on our strategy of deploying our assets to best grow our ratings and monetize the results.” It's called addition by subtraction. Lolita: That’s kinda like peace through war. Rita: It’s more like it’s all about the buck.

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Rita: Lolita, let’s get back to the interesting listings on your calendar. Lolita: It’s just basic stuff so I know what to wear—like March 17, the day the Irish celebrate Saint Paddy’s Day—I know to wear a short pleated skirt. Rita: I thought it was a day to wear green? Lolita: Maybe it is, but the short pleated skirt gets me more attention. Rita: I think you better ask people for some St. Patrick’s Day stories. You need to learn a little more. Lolita: Okay, there’s Nick—he goes to church so much, he must be Irish. Nick, tell me a story about St. Paddy’s Day. NICK BLAKEY (The In Out/Church): When I was still working at Bauer Wines on Newbury Street, we particularly feared St. Patrick's Day owing to the sheer amount of drunkenness that began quite early in the day. One St. Patrick's Day I was not wearing any green (I don't celebrate the holiday), and a guy walked up to me at the shop and said, "Why ain't you wearin' green?" I replied, "Because I'm not Irish." To which he answered "WHAT ARE YOU… FUCKIN' RACIST?" I wasn't wearing any orange either, but he didn't pick up on that. *** LIZ BORDEN (The Liz Borden Band/The Velvets): St. Patrick's Day? Is that the day that there is an annual feast that celebrates St. Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland? The day where a parade goes through South Boston, people run crazy in the streets, drink green beer and get arrested? I know it well, but can't remember a single one… hmmm, maybe this year I will remember and have a story for next year! *** JOHNNY ANGEL (Thrills/Blackjacks): Thrills played a St. Paddy's Day gig in either 1980 and 1981 with The Rings at the ’Dise. I wore all orange and didn't drink—just to see what would happen, which was, of course, nothing. Once again, the blabber-mouthed local sons and daughters of Eire let me down. *** JOE COUGHLIN (The Noise): I had in impromptu party at an old Southie address, and a certain local “straight edge” rocker showed up and got completely shitfaced. *** JOHNNY STUMP (Three Day Threshold): Last year was a good St. Patrick's Day since we essentially played music all day long. During the day we played a couple of sets of Irish tunes and even that song about the unicorn at The Asgard in Central Square. After that we headed over to The Paradise to play a show that night. All in all, many pints of Guinness and lots of music makes for one hell of a great St. Paddy's day. Hey… let's do it again this year! *** JOHN SPEZIALE (John Speziale): Years ago my trio was gigging at the Ground Round in Waterbury, CT. For the St. Pat's gig I got the bright idea to play some clichéd Irish chestnuts. Halfway into a sluggish “Danny Boy,” the audience let us know it wanted no more of our bogus Irish shtick. “More Joni!” “More James Taylor!” Then some crazy drunk guy with very few teeth jumped the stage, commandeered our keyboard and led us through a bumpy yet rollicking version of The Doors’ “L. A. Woman.” It sucked, but it brought the house down. I still have those unused lyric sheets around here someplace. *** BRENDAN MURPHY (The Autumn Hollow Band): I spent one St. Paddy's Day in Las Vegas at the New York casino. Every half hour for the entire day there was a St. Paddy's Day parade that would come through the casino floor complete with midgets dressed like leprechauns banging on cymbals and singing Irish songs. After about six hours of continuous gambling and drinking, the leprechauns started to freak me out and I ended up losing my concentration on the roulette table and losing all my money. Lolita: Yeah, blame it on the leprechauns. *** AARON GUZIK (Andy&me): A few years back Hot Rod Circuit (R.I.P.) had a show over St. Patty's weekend in Boulder, CO. The lass that was to be my date ended up going out with another bloke that night. The show was amazing and afterwards I found a keg of green beer—perfect for drowning my sorrows. With the penny whistle of HRC still ringing in mine ears, I arrived back at my dorm too pissed for my own good, and the green beer needed to go. My bowels Riverdanced my then green insides into the dorm floor sink and clogged it! *** SHAWN MARQUIS (Afriendinouterspace/Sgt. Maxwell's Peace Chorus): In my early Boston years I lived above a seedy Irish pub called The Shamrock in Brighton Center. St. Paddy's Day was never a holiday that I looked forward to. The entire day would be set to a soundtrack of drunken gang sing-alongs of “Born in the USA” and “Hotel California,” occasionally punctuated by a poor lad's retching stomach. Venturing outside was like walking on to the set of Night of the LivingDead…weaving your way through the sea of fellow Brightonians zombified by strong drink, while keeping a keen eye to the ground. *** ERIN HARPE (Lovewhip/ Erin Harpe): About 1,001 guys yelling “Erin go bragh-LESS” at me! Happens every year! ***BOB BEAUMONT (Guns of Navarone): I have been to probably three or four years of The Dropkick Murphys at Avalon. As I age and sober up I have come to see things in a different light than I have in the past. I respect The Dropkick Murphys and own of half a dozen of their recordings. However, the general vibe of these St. Patrick’s Day shows does not leave me with a good feeling. Drunken frat-boys and tough-guy skinheads seem to have overrun the occasion. I do not enjoy being shoved around by drunkards with no concept of common courtesy. Nor do I enjoy seeing young women being groped by disrespectful brutes. This sort of behavior is what many kids wanted to disassociate themselves from when they got involved with punk. Perhaps this is not an interesting St. Patrick’s Day story but it is a social commentary on what unfortunately exists. Let's evolve, shall we? Lolita: I agree. I’m ready to revolve—just give me a spin. Rita: Bob said, “evolve” not “revolve.” Lolita: That’s just like you, Rita, to think the world revolves around you. Other people have their own ideas—you’re not right all the time.

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Rita: While Lolita is still spinning, let’s see who’s revolving in and out of the doors that lead to the bands in our area. ADAM von BUHLER (The Countess) and KEITH SMITH (C60) have taken their addiction to Kung Fu and Asian underground cinema, video games, and classic muscle cars and created ANARCHY CLUB. Their release party for A Single Drop of Red is at Church on Friday, 3/7. *** DENNIS McCARTHY (Prime Movers/ World Greatest Sinners) sits behind the kit in TERRITORIES—and we have word that he doesn’t try to play like Keith Moon. *** ERIC SCHMIDER’s new band is called THE MERKINS. Eric’s on vocals/guitar, MATT TAHANEY is on bass/vocals, FAITH SOLOWAY plays Wurlitzer piano, JAMIE ANDERSON hits the drums, and FRANK MAROTTA handles lead guitar/vocals. If that’s not enough, Eric is also leading a jazz band with horns called VAN LUXE. *** THE AUTUMN HOLLOW BAND is Brendan Murphy (Dirt Floor Records), Scott Marucci (Millis Pride), Todd Sampson (Lorntell), Noel Coakley (Bow St. Band/Girls Guns & Glory), and Mike Burke (Patrick Dunn Band). *** HACKMAN features guys from both LAMONT and MILLIGRAM. *** MATT SAMOLIS and PETER WARREN have taken to bowing cymbals and tuned steel rods in their drone project that goes by the name BOWED METAL MUSIC. Lolita: Just to show you readers that we are trying to keep up on our coverage of metal music. *** JOE FAULDER has taken over the bass stringin’ for I HAVE EARS—who have been asked to be part of Lolita’s Love Fest (4/12 at the Cantab with The Rudds headlining). *** GOZU features members of WARGASM, SUPERHONEY, and TRIP HAMMER, with MARC GAFFNEY on vocals. *** SUPERKOLIDERhas decided to disband after eight years of making music. *** Bassist MARC FRIEDMAN has joined BURNT IN EFFIGY. The band's debut gig is 3/16 at All Asia. *** THE DAISY SMITH PROJECT (dedicated to their daddy, Chip Smith) consists of Daisy Smith, Chipper Smith, CJ Smith, Wood Chip, Uncle Smitty, Chocolate Chip, Chip Away, and Po' Chip. Daisy looks a lot like LAURIE SARGENT. *** Bassist DAN CHASKES plays his last show with AWAKENING STICK at Dodge Street in Salem on 3/15. *** ASHERS features members of UNSEEN and CRASH & BURN—catch them at the Middle East on 3/3. *** SCAMPER is gone but their family tree is already branching out with most of the members in the BRENDAN BOOGIE BAND. *** TAB THE BAND includes TONY PERRY and ADRIAN PERRY (sons of Aerosmith guitarist JOE PERRY), and BEN TILESTON. They’ve got a new CD out called Pulling Out Just Enough to Win.Lolita: That old pulling out method doesn’t work all the time.

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Rita: We’re always looking for new bands that deserve attention. So while Lolita is practicing her old pregnancy prevention method, I’m going to ask some friends for advice of what local bands deserve more attention from The Noise. LENNY LASHLEY (Darkbuster): Pretty much every local band deserves more attention than us in The Noise but The Welch Boys and The Sprained Ankles really, really do ’cause they're awesome where we're kinda not so much. *** MIKE CANN (MassCann/ NORML Freedom Rally): Superpower because Dave Tree will always rule and the band will rip your face off. Also Prospect Hill, because they are young, nice, and write extra catchy songs. Tony Rombola (Godsmack guitarist) recorded a song with Prospect Hill for their upcoming, soon to be released CD. *** GEOFF MORSE (Prophetless Productions): I think The Noise needs to cover a little more death metal in general but at the very least it should take a look at Sexcrement. This XXX death four piece is one of the best bands in Boston in any genre. You might be mortified or you might get exxxtremely turned on but either way you will definitely get your money's worth from one of the best live performing bands around. *** MARK LIND (Mark Lind & the Unloved/Ducky Boys): Definitely Death & Taxes. In a just world they'd be getting more attention on both a local and national level. Hell, maybe even international. But the music business in 2008 doesn't reward honesty, talent and greatness. They honor fashion and punk-by-numbers bullshit. Maybe a band like D&T can bring it back. Lolita: Well, The Noise hasn’t totally missed them—you can read their story in the October 2007 issue. *** NICOLE TAMMARO (Nicole Tammaro Photography): The Noise needs to pay some attention to Bryan McPherson. I have caught Bryan a few times. This kid blows everyone away when they catch his act. His performance and CD remind me of Dylan/Neil Young-e Vedder storyteller—lyrics of frustration, beauty and darkness. *** JASON MARCHIONNA (Fluttr Effect/ MeandJoanCollins): The Cassavetes. That's the only drummer I've seen in Boston hit the drums as hard as me. Oh, and they write great tunes and rock the shit out of them. Guys, I play banjo if you're ever looking. *** DAVE WESTNER (Woolly Mammoth Sound): Tim Gearin. He's been playing every Monday night at Toad for something like eight years. *** ANDERSON MAR (Dark Sky Productions/School of Rock): I'm throwing my support behind a relatively new entourage called Uncle Lefty (www.unclelefty.net). My doubts that punk, blues, and Southern rock could be successfully blended have been utterly erased at their advent. Besides, who couldn't love a band whose motto is, "Music for Free-Thinkers and Beer-Drinkers"? I can totally identify! *** PREACHER JACK (Preacher Jack): I love the Clydesdale Cowboys and believe they deserve some space in the wonderful Noise magazine. I had the pleasure of playing with these fine lads (and gals!) at The Cantab recently and I was SOO impressed with their professionalism and their wonderful vocal harmonies. God bless J.R. Clydesdale and his lovely sister, Kitty; they turned The Cantab into a smoky old roadhouse on a lonely stretch of highway way down in Hank Williams, Sr. country. Lolita: Well, I’ll have to find out where those cowboys are playing. Rita, can you help me with that?

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Rita: Yes, Lolita, I’ll look up your cowboy band. Here’s what else I found interesting going on. RAY CORVAIRE TRIO reunites at The Plough & Stars on Saturday, 3/1. *** At O’Brien’s on Wednesday, 3/5, you can explode with WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE. *** JONATHAN RICHMAN plays The Middle East on Thursday and Friday, 3/6 and 3/7. *** Also on Friday, 3/7, are THE STEAMY BOHEMIANS at The Lizard lounge. *** Gotharama fills the Middle East Downstairs on Saturday, 3/8. *** That same night, cover boy SALVATORE BAGLIO plays The Cantab. *** DENNIS BRENNAN is at The Lizard Lounge on Wednesday, 3/12. *** LENNY & THE PISS POOR BOYS are at The Middle East on Friday, 3/14. *** Same night THE CLYDESDALE COWBOYS impress at The Cantab—and remember they’ve got a stamp of approval from PREACHER JACK. ***ALLOY ORCHESTRA performs their live soundtrack to Underworld on Saturday, 3/15 at the Somerville Theatre. *** Same night THE BROOKLYNS (from Boston) play The Midway. *** THE LUXURY are in the middle of the bill at Great Scott on Monday, 3/17 (St. Patrick’s Day). *** On Thursday, 3/20 ALOUD drops their latest CD at Great Scott. *** Same night SUPERPOWER headlines the Allston Rock City Music & Style Show at Harpers Ferry. *** Friday, 3/21, has STATIC OF THE GODS at Bill’s Bar. *** CHARLIE FARREN (Joe Perry Project/Farrenheit) returns to Club Passim on Saturday, 3/22 for his first solo performance since the release of his most recent CD, Old & Young. *** BLACK FORTRESS OF OPIUM has their CD release at The Abbey Lounge on Thursday, 3/27. *** PRESSURE COOKER brings their lively reggae to Johnny D’s on Friday, 3/28. *** The Noise brings Lolita’s Love Fest to The Cantab on Saturday, 4/12 with THE RUDDS on top of the orgy. *** MUCK & THE MIRES release a new 4-song 10” vinyl EP on Friday, 4/18 at the Middle East. The EP is called Doreen (the title track) and contains songs from their forthcoming CD produced by KIM FOWLEY for Dirty Water Records (London). TOP HEAVY releases their CD at that same party. *** BIG DIPPER reunites at The Middle East Downstairs on Saturday, 4/26. Rita: That’s it. Hope you catch at least one of these shows. Lolita: And let us know what you think about our March online-only issue. See you back in print in April.

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