Mr. Max’s Message March 2008


Most people are aware of my musical efforts against the war, but this month something is happening much larger than my group’s performances. On March 13-16, Iraq Veterans Against the War are gathering in Washington, D.C. to tell the nation what is actually going on in Iraq—and it won’t sound like the censored evening news. In relating this event to the past, a similar action took place during three days in January 1971, when over 100 Vietnam Veterans Against the War gathered in Detroit to speak out about the all-too-common atrocities of the Vietnam War. Keep an eye out for this event—I’m telling you about it because it probably won’t get big news coverage.

And then there is my group’s performances…on Saturday, March 22, Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus performs two sets at Perks Coffee House in Norwood with a set by Michael Bloom sandwiched in-between. We’re also in the studio with Mr. Curt at the board. We’ve almost finished recording “Military Men”—and as soon as it’s done it will be available for listening and downloads at Another dozen songs are waiting to be recorded, too. All this material will eventually be a part of Why Do We Go To War?

I was lucky to be invited to be a part of Urban Caravan. It’s a group of solo to trio-sized groups that do evenings of entertainment together. Sal Baglio (this month’s feature story) is the man behind the concept. He runs the show with a gentle hand and is one of the nicest men I’ve met in a long time (and his talent blows me away). Other members of this traveling troupe are Bird Mancini, Mr. Curt’s Ensemble, and Jon Macey & Steve Gilligan. It’s quite a variety of music and I hope you’ll make time to check out a show. For more info, go to

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