5/10/15/20 March 2008



by T Max and Joe Coughlin



March 1988 Issue #71

Cover: Bullet LaVolta
Bands: Think Tree, The Bags, Gang Green, Blake Babies, Dharma Bums, Mark Melocarro, Two Saints, Scruffy the Cat, Slaughter Shack

Other Stuff: Bill Tupper is the subject of the beginning of the gossip column. This local music scenester had the qualities of a WWF manager. He’d frequently jump on the stage to rile up an audience and demand an encore from a band. Well, he learned from some of the best managers of their day. I attended many matches with Bill, as far away as The Meadowlands in New Jersey. Always an experience, to say the least. (And damned if he didn’t get those encores every time. Some of these rants have made it onto records.) And let’s not forget the short-lived Tupper Crust, with their wonderful cover of an obscure song called “Ridin’ With Johnny Black,” done as a tribute to our local hero of the same name. Last I heard, Bill was in upstate New York. *** The Question of the Month has rockers sharing their accomplishments outside of rock. Juanita (WBCN) won a Rhode Island Junior Miss Pageant; Larry Bangor (The Zulus) was the head altar boy in charge of funerals; Ken Field (Skin) replaced a hose of his car engine; Dennis McCarthy (The Slaves) won an award for wrestling alligators in spiked pits; Crispin Wood (The Bags) touched a moon rock; Richie Parsons (Newbury Comics) was president of his senior class. *** Bunratty’s starts courting bands other than their mainstay of metal—only they book the likes of The Slaves, Slaughter Shack, Maelstrom, and The Well Babys. Props to The Well Babys for wearing diapers made of American flags and other things, and their bitchin’ cover of “Both Sides Now.” I’m proud to say they sprang from the jam nights I ran at Green Street Station, and almost won the Rumble. Props also to Maelstrom for one of the great, hokey metal song titles, “Let The Fury Be The Jury.” I had just seen Metallica when I first caught them, and thought they were easily just as good, for real.



March 1993 Issue #126

Cover: Tackle Box, Piss, “Boston…Who Cares?”
Bands: Dinosaur Jr., Powerman 5000, Moving Targets, Cobalt 60, The Vouts, Mung, Pooka Stew, The Barnies, Trojan Ponies, Tomato Monkey—allegedly named for an embarrassing incident at the zoo during which singer Richie Parsons’ dad felt the need to steer his son away from the sight of a chimp scratching his large, red ballbag. “What kinda monkey is THAT, dad?” “Er, a tomato monkey son, let’s go.” Seriously.

Other Stuff: The guy in the middle of the cover is Skeggy—who is now father to two of the young musicians in Who Shot Hollywood. *** Jesus Christ Superstar is being performed by a bunch of local stars so Rita and Lolita talk about the scars you get when you’re crucified. Hey, why did Jesus cross the street? ’Cause he was nailed to a chicken. Thank you, good night! So the Question of the Month has our local rockers talking about the scars on their body. Martin Doyle (Middle East) was smashed in the face with a bottle and got 144 stitches; Pat McGrath got a scar when he tried to make love to his family’s dog. He wouldn’t show us the scar; It took three operations to try to fix John (The Accidents) Totaro’s knee after he smashed in into the floor of the Channel’s stage; Mikey Dee (WMFO/The Noise) had a scar on his knee from trying to “see a saw;” John Garelick (Boston Phoenix) has a scar on his right hand from a guy who cut him while robbing his house; Mark Sandman (Morphine) said he had a scar two feet long, but wouldn’t tell us where it was. I think he was implying that a private part of his body was two feet long. I can make mine a foot long. I just fold it in half. Thank you, good night!



March 1998 Issue #179
Cover: The Syphlloids, Abunai!, The Electric Logs (my first-ever Noise article, and it’s been downhill ever since!), Purple Ivy Shadows, Elektrafire
Bands: Dropkick Murphys, The Shods, The Upper Crust, Baby Ray, Pete Weiss & the Rock Band, Quintaine Americana, Delta Clutch, Roadsaw, Neptune, Roger Miller, Mile Wade, Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple, Lockgroove, 8-Ball Shifter, Permafrost, Fuzzy, The Gravy, Boy Wonder

Other Stuff: The gossip column starts with Mikey Dee’s infamous photo of him holding up an issue of Spin with Marilyn Manson on the cover. Thing about the photo is Mikey is done up to look exactly like Marilyn. *** The gals ask, What kind of animal are you most like? Rick Berlin said he had been told he looks like a cat taking a piss in a box; Brett Milano was clever and said Eric Burdon; Evan Shore said a cloned sheep; Karen DeBiasse (Girl on Top) thought she was like a bunny rabbit; Mark Sandman refused to answer because he made a new year’s resolution to not answer any hypothetical questions. *** Aimee Mann marries Michael Penn—same thing happens between Kay Hanley and Michael Eisenstein. *** E.U. Wurlitzer files a Chapter 11. *** The Causeway (previously Chet’s Last Call) reopens. *** The Syphlloids interview has more tongue in cheek than a lesbian orgy—or so it says in the title of the story. Remember when a Syphlloids ad in The Noise, featuring a porn star, caused certain stores to boycott the mag? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. The stores, I mean. What was the logic behind banning a mag from one’s establishment where people might buy the records they had read about? It’s not like a lotta the records themselves were “correct” in the first place. Sheesh!



March 2003 Issue #229

Cover: The Charms, Carmelita, The Downbeat 5, Mr. Airplane Man, Sugabomb
Bands: Morphine, Robin Lane & the Chartbusters, Neptune, Gigolo Aunts, Cul de Sac, Pure Fiction, Kristen Forbes, Jon Macey, The Acro-brats, Gein & the Graverobbers, Jake Brennan, Mappari, The Kenmores, Tiger Saw, Triple Thick, Kicked in the Head, Chicken Slacks

Other Stuff: March is Woman’s History Month so the gals ask, Who’s your favorite local female rocker? Brett Milano picked Ellie Vee (The Charms); Shaun Wolf Wortis would like to see Suzi Lee, Robin Lane, Chilly Kurtz, and Leah Callahan start a band that involves stuffed animals and dance moves; Gene Dante (Hedwig) chose Josi (Chelsea on Fire) because she had the best biceps he had seen in months; Roger Miller (Binary System) noticed Mary Timony because she plays guitar the same way he does; Nancy Neon preferred Margaret and Tara from Mr. Airplane Man; Linda Viens turned us on to Emily Grogan—the rock star waiting to happen. *** Candace Avery sells Nemo to Chip Reeves and Scott Burnstein. *** Brett Milano announces a fall release of his second book, Vinyl Junkies. For those who don’t know, Brett’s latest book is The Sound of Our Town: A History of Boston Rock and Roll. Hey T, we need an article on this one! *** Jennifer Tefft’s “Apology” will not only air on TV, it will be sung by one of the characters of One Life to Live—presaging the daily soap opera the Noise Message Board would become.

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