OUR EYES ON YOU: February 2008


Lolita: It’s February and by mid-month everyone will be sending me chocolate, hearts, and kisses. Rita: What about it being Black History Month? Lolita: Yes, all races send me chocolate, hearts, and kisses. Rita: But, I mean let’s focus on it being Black History Month instead of the month that includes Valentine’s Day. Lolita: Well, if it means anything to you, I do prefer dark chocolate. Rita: You’re impossible. Think of a Question of the Month that will let people honor their black heroes. Lolita: I prefer the ones that send me the most chocolate, have the biggest hearts, and the deepest kisses. Rita: Well, snap out of your daydreamin’ and go ask our local rock ’n’ roll friends to tell you about their black heroes. There’s Liz getting on a bus—grab her before she gets to the back of the bus.

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Lolita: Hey Liz, in honor of Black History Month, who’s your black hero? LIZ BORDEN (The Liz Borden Band/ The Velvets): Rosa Parks is my hero. She was a very brave woman. She had several things working against her. (1) She was black. (2) She was a woman. (3) The unequal laws for blacks and whites and the time she was living in. She was so brave to get on that bus, sit in front and refuse to move. She stood up for all people that were not treated equally. She is very lucky that she lived to make a place for herself in history. There are so many other brave people that were killed for their efforts. I actually have a photo of her hanging up in my house. It reminds me of the struggles and the bravery that all minorities had to go through. We still have away to go but we are getting there. *** ADAM VON BUHLER (Anarchy Club): My black hero would be Prince. Even though he’s been phoning it in for about the past 20 years, it still seems like he sneezes and out pops another completed funk masterpiece. Today’s music is shot through with his DNA. Or maybe Jimi. The fact that he could play all that heartfelt stuff while tripping his face off astonishes me. *** LINDA VIENS (Angeline): I sure have a ton of black heroes but on this day I’m gonna go with George Clinton who uttered the immortal and truthful words: “Free your ass, your mind will follow!” *** SHAUN WOLF WORTIS (Gato Malo): Too many to name! Louis Armstrong, Alan Toussaint, Jim Brown, Jackie Robinson, Muddy Waters, Sam Cooke, MLK, Ellington. I guess if I had to pick a hero it would be a sports guy, so going withJim Brown who was a fantastically epic figure to me as a kid. *** RAY FERNANDEZ (Triple B Studio/ The Atlantics): I have two black heroes, and they are Mr. Lif and Akrobatik. Aside of having the privilege to work with these great artists in the studio, they’ve become two of my closest friends, and have enriched my life in ways I find hard to put into words. *** KAREN DeBIASSE (Girl On Top): Jimi Hendrix, of course. *** FRANK D (WBOS HD2): Jim Rice, because once he showed up on the scene things started shaking up for the Red Sox, he became the terror of the American League! And because he flew on so many flights all those seasons and never crashed, I carry a Jim Rice baseball card when I fly, which has always been let on the plane with me. Other than that I’d have to say, “sweet Christmas it’s Luke Cage, hero for hire!” Can I add in Jon Butcher to represent in the local rock scene? I even have a copy of his Fayva Shoes radio ad! *** MAX HEINEGG (MaxHeinegg.com): Garrett Oliver, the brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery is my American beer hero. As Joseph Campbell said, to paraphrase, everyone can be the hero of their own lives if they follow their bliss. He was a BU guy with a real interest in filmmaking and rock music, but fell in love with beer and instead of ruining him, it turned him into an artist who happens to create beer. *** DAVE MIDWAY (The Midway): Bill Russell (the Celtic great) is my hero. He was a large black man who had second-to-none skills on the basketball court and in the game of life. He could win championships for Boston fans but couldn’t eat in “their” restaurants or feel welcome in “their” communities, but he did not let that ignorance run or ruin his life. Bill was quoted in the Globe saying, “If you become embittered by anything, you’ve just given up any chance of being happy. And I owe it to myself and to my family to be as happy as possible.” That’s what heroes say. *** KRIS THOMPSON (The Lothars/ Concord Ballet Orchestra Players): I could say somebody cool musically, like Arthur Lee or Sun Ra or King Tubby, but I’ll go with someone who may seem predictable—Martin Luther King, Jr. He had a brilliant mind, eloquence of speech, and a realistic vision of a better world. Most of the problems he identified (like the profit machinery of war) are still so frustratingly true today. *** ARTIE FREEDMAN (Artie Freedman's Boston Archives): In honor of Black History Month I choose Rudy Ray Moore as hero. From producing, directing and acting in the films Dolemite, The Human Tornado, The Avenging Disco Godfather to his stand up comedy routines. He is a true artist and genius. *** MIKE RODRIGUEZ (As Built PR): Jimi Hendrix because he’s the fucking man. *** ANNA PRICE (The Silver Lining): Definitely Aretha Franklin, Etta James, and Ella Fitzgerald—my three favorite female singers of all time. All three have amazing technique and are untouchable craftsmen, but they also know how to get inside a song and inhabit it emotionally. They bring such life to every song they sing. *** JONATHAN GREENE (Nude Black Glass): One of my black heroes is a man named Greg Wells. He is a fellow devotee of the guru Adi Da Samraj and sets a profound example of what a life of self-understanding and transcendent service should be—a truly humble man. He has some wild stories from back in the day, too. *** LEONID (The Noise): Through Martin Luther King Jr.’s charisma, incredible ability to speak to a crowd, and overwhelming intelligence he united the African American community and gave them the strength and confidence to fight for their rights. Lincoln freed them but MLK Jr. united them into a powerhouse that accredited their entire race. He accomplished more for his people in one decade than everyone in the prior century. The Montgomery bus boycott gave them respect. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 provided everyone with true citizenship. His final vision, the Radical Redistribution of Wealth scared White America enough to assassinate him thus seizing and later poisoning his progress. *** MICHAEL BLOOM (Tim Mungenast & his Preexisting Conditions): When I was a kid and wanted to be a scientist, George Washington Carver was one of my heroes. But now, all things considered, I’m casting my vote for Shirley Chisholm, who in 1972, scooped both Obama and Hillary as the first black and female candidate for president. *** STIX SIGMA (The Hammond Group/ The Allstonians): Speaking for The Hammond Group, I have to say that our black heroes are numerous: Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., Angela Davis, Ralph Ellison, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, etc. If you don’t know who any of these folks are, don’t just nod your head and pretend you do—look them up. My personal hero is Angelo Moore—he plays a mean bass sax, sings like a possessed sparrow, and he’s not too shabby on the theremin either. Here’s to Black History Month! *** AD FRANK (…& the Fast Easy Women): Paul Robeson is my all-time hero of any race. No one did more to leverage his artistic abilities to try to change the world. And that voice… *** SAMMY MIAMI (Shööt The Möön): The late great Curtis Mayfield. His sound, style and persona are beyond inspirational. He sang from the heart and demanded your soul be uplifted by the truth in his words. Even his paralyzing accident that condemned him to a wheelchair did not break the man’s spirit. He never once drew attention to his ailments and always remained focused on raising youth awareness regarding the struggle for brotherhood and peace for all mankind. *** DEEK (Age Against the Machine—Rage Tribute): Among many (more historic and legendary) others, I’d have to give a nod to Rocky George, guitarist from Suicidal Tendencies—the man has laid down some truly sick guitar work over the years, and from what I understand, he’s undoubtedly been yet another inspiration to future and current “minorities in metal.” Jimi Hazel from 24-7 SPYZ (hell, the whole band) has always blown me away as well. *** LIZ ENTHUSIASM (Freezepop): I own (and actually read) the Mr. T autobiography; I guess that makes him my hero. *** JIM COUNTRYMAN (Lovewhip): My black hero is not black but whoever thought up the awesome idea of a wigger. Lovewhip gets to travel to places not as forward thinking as Boston and it is amazing that white kids haven’t caught on to the hipster tight pants look yet, but are still rocking poopie pants like it’s 1995. Don’t they know that rap is on the way out (except for white hipster tight pant wearing crunkrap!). Please pull up them drawers! Besides that, I will forever love Mr. James Brown. *** JOHN BEAUDETTE (Destroy Babylon): Hopefully someone already said Frederick Douglass, because I gotta say Augustus Pablo; anyone who can take a silly instrument like the melodica and make it an integral part of a whole genre of music is a hero! *** CRAZY EDDIE NOWIK (Bentmen): Gee… I have so many! I’m going to go with guitarist Pete Cosey (Miles Davis)—a Les Paul through a ring modulator! Need I say more? He’s an incredible out-there guitarist! *** ERIK LINDGREN (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic/Arf Arf Records): My good pal and Atlanta bass baritone Oral Moses, who recently collaborated with Birdsongs on our Extreme Spirituals CD and definitely lives up to his regal name. Although I’m an agnostic bastard, Oral’s belief in a supreme higher being almost makes me think there might be an ounce of credibility in the incredibly destructive scam that human beings created called Christianity. *** JIM CURRAN (Jim Curran Photographer): Bill Russell. He wasn’t the first. He may not have been the best. But he endured all the racist bullshit this city had to offer during the ’60s and led the Celtics to eleven NBA championships. According to Wikipedia, when Russell tried to move from his home in the Boston suburb of Reading to a new home across town, neighbors filed a petition trying to block the move. Other black heroes: Dick Gregory, Miles Davis, and Willie O’Ree. *** DIANE ANDRONICA (CCTV): I love baseball. My black hero is Jackie Robinson. He knew he was going to have to deal with a lot of abuse from players, fans, the press, in addition to the inequalities of being an African American in the United States at that time. He had to promise not to fight back no matter how he was taunted, except with his bat. He won Rookie of the Year and proved that black people are just as good athletes as whites and opened up the opportunity for integration of baseball. Sadly, the Red Sox were the last team to integrate. *** KEVIN FINN (The Noise): Buck O’Neil. I’ve always loved hearing stories about Negro League baseball, and this man might be in the handful of greatest storytellers who ever lived. There were two things I really loved about Buck. One, he wasn’t one of those cranky old-timers always yapping about how things were better way back when; he loved baseball and people regardless of era. Two, he fought selflessly to make sure that the great Negro League ballplayers got their due, never seeming to care about his place in history. His getting overlooked by the Hall of Fame is nothing short of disgraceful. *** BEN MADDOX (Farm): John Coltrane because his race is rarely if ever considered a qualifier for his greatness. *** ANDY MILK (The Vital Might): My black hero is a guy I grew up with named Brian Morrison. He and I were like brothers when we used to hang around Kalmus Beach in Hyannis while our parents worked. I grew up with two sisters so he became like my big brother. When he got older, not only did he grow be a huge man in size, but an even larger man in character. He serves as a police officer and served three terms in Iraq for the U.S. Army. In between those campaigns he managed to win Big Brother of the Year in Massachusetts. What a guy. *** CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMFO/WMBR): My black hero? Does it have to be only one? And does it have to be American? I mean the first person that comes to my mind is Nelson Mandela. That man overcame amazing odds and transformed a country. But I guess there is no Black History Month in South Africa. As for American blacks overcoming, there is of course Martin Luther King. The federal holiday softens his true radical anti-war stance that he had in his latter years of activism. We always here “I have a dream,” a great concept indeed, but if he were here today, he’d be in the streets demanding troops out of Iraq. I’m probably running out of space, but Harriet Tubman, the great anti-slavery activist of the 19th century is also worth noting. True history comes from hearing all perspectives. *** ROGER MILLER (Mission of Burma/ Alloy Orchestra): Jimi Hendrix. I saw him in Ann Arbor, Michigan in a club the size of the Rat. He came out of the dressing room smoking a cigarette with one hand, and playing an astounding raga/feedback solo with his other. He was able to be avant-garde, primal, sexual, and transcendentally cosmic simultaneously. His like will not be seen in this world again. Rita: You got that right. Jimi did for the guitar what Martin Luther King did for colored people’s rights. Lolita: What’s with “colored people”? Rita: That was the correct terminology in the early ’60s—funny how it changes decade to decade.

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: And it’s funny how there’s always new news to report. Life just keeps happening. SHAWN “WOLF” WORTIS became a dad when his wife Ingrid gave birth to the 7 lbs 5 oz Isabella Charlotte Wortis on December 2, 2007. *** Besides winning two Boston Music Awards (Outstanding Rock Band and Local Song of the Year), BANG CAMARO landed a feature in the January issue of Spin Magazine. They’re also in an episode of American Chopper. These guys don’t stop—their video of “Pleasure Pleasure” includes the cast of OCC and MTV/Harmonix’s star game, RockBand. *** If your band gets a show in Burlington, VT, you can get airplay on the Radiator (WOMM-LP 105.9fm) if you send your CD to P.O. Box 428, Burlington, VT 05402. Contact Jim at jim@bigheavyworld.net or (802) 865-1140. *** MARTIN DOYLE has partnered up with MICKEY BLISS for booking the Cantab, which has turned into Central Square’s latest hot spot. *** SHRED is back in town booking Friday nights at Oliver’s/Cask n Flagon, 62 Brookline Ave. Boston, MA. Learn more here: www.myspace.com/thecask *** On December 10, 2007, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences nominated twenty-one Berklee alumni and three faculty members for a total of 26 Grammy Awards. *** The Draft Bar & Grille (34 Harvard Ave. in Allston) features live original music (rock, funk, pop or indie) on Thursday nights. For more information or booking, please email info@cncmusicproductions.com. *** You can watch an animated video for “Sci Fi Pimp” from RUSSELL CHUDNOFSKY’s Skypaint at www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1351358676. *** JOSH BOUGHY (a.k.a. PHINEUS) has been not only dabbling in electronic music but inventing an instrument to play it. His Stribe got featured on the Create Digital Music website. *** MARTIN DiLIEGRO (Mystery Tramps’ drummer) broke his arm when he was young and it never healed correctly—so he had it fixed while the band was busy waiting for him to heal. *** “When I say Patriots you say touchdown”—Pats fever swept Egypt when the WACKASS EGYPTIANS delivered their Patriots anthem. *** OEDIPUS is getting married on March 18 and asked if we’d come to his wedding. After we said, of course—he let us know the wedding would take place in Bangkok. Lolita: We love you Oedipus but it would take me at least a week to hitch hike to Bangkok.



Rita: While Lolita contemplates faster ways to hitchhike to Bangkok, I’ll go down to the airport to ask a new question. Oh, Susanna, that cello looks like it would be troublesome to get on an airplane. Have you had any trouble getting anything on a plane? SUSANNA PORTE (The Cello Chix): Yes, my mother (she has separation anxiety). *** AUDREY RYAN (Audrey Ryan): I was in Europe this fall on tour and took about six flights and on the last one I got busted for having a small container of cover-up because it was supposedly over 100ml of liquid. They told me it had to “be in a plastic bag” so I had to go back to the place where they check your passport and buy a plastic bag for a couple euro in a vending machine and then wait in the security line again to go through the metal detector and have my cover-up in a plastic bag. Took about an extra half hour and I almost missed the flight with that setback. They even take your toothpaste! Watch out for that liquid! *** CASEY DESMOND (Casey Desmond): One time I had this shriveled up septuagenarian scrooge of a flight attendant demanded I take my instrument and get off the plane immediately. Security was called, my guitar was taken, and one hour later we took off for Boston. Arrival was even worse as I received my Gibson with a fresh crack in the wood, and my pedal board was nowhere to be found. I hurried to my soundcheck in a fit of unspeakable rage. I despise airlines. Buy ATA! *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): I was in Omaha meeting my cousin who had just driven up from Brownsville, TX. In he walks with a huge bull skull, complete with horns measuring four feet from tip to tip. He said “Kier, the instant I saw this, it reminded me of you.” I’m still not sure what he meant by that, but when it came time to go back home, the airport refused to let me board as they called my cow head a weapon, so I missed my flight and had to make other arrangements to get back. How I made it back with the bull head is another story for another time. *** WILL DAILEY (Will Dailey & the Rivals): Yes! Me. I have no love for US Airways. Three cancellations while sitting on the runway. Lost bags. Stranded in airports. Ticket errors. Won’t let my guitar in as a carry on. Official boycott of US Airways starts now. *** DANIEL PAUL BOUCHER (Neptune): The first UK tour Neptune did I was questioned and had my carry-on desecrated by a creepy, intrusive explosive-detecting wand. The razor sharp security persons thought my drum key to be quite suspect. They looked at me in that leery authoritarian way and I offered, “It’s like a wrench… for drums, you know?” Just before me Mark breezed through with some truly questionable homemade devices in his bag which included an old alarm clock with a contact mic epoxied to it and a duct-taped box that had switches, dials, and exposed wire all over. I was like, what the fuck? Keep the damn drum key, but go get the guy with the fucking bomb in his bag! *** LARRY DERSCH (A.K.A.C.O.D./ Binary System): The hardest thing I’ve ever tried to get on a plane is my butt at 5:30am. And why are all these people so damn chirpy? ***JAKE HALL (The Self Righteous Brothers): The only time I’ve ever had trouble getting something onto a plane was when I was 13 years old and my older Colombian cousin… we’ll call him Jeff… asked me to bring a half kilo of cocaine back to the states. Of course I was happy to do my cousin a favor but unfortunately I had to bring it in three tied off condoms that were inserted into my rectum. I didn’t receive any suspicion from airport employees, but it was still very difficult to walk through the airport without wincing. That is the only time I’ve ever had trouble getting something onto a plane. *** PETER RINNIG (QRST’s): True story: Many years ago when I was traveling in the South Pacific. I flew into Sydney, Australia (coming from Tahiti). I was dressed in all black, smelled from not taking a shower and not having any sleep. Basically, I was disgusting looking and smelling. Well, in hindsight, you should NOT go through airport security like that. I was taken aside, strip searched down to my skivvies and read the riot act. Thankfully I had nothing to hide. It took about one and a half hours for this process. From then on, I always take a shower and wear clean clothes! *** JUANITA (WBCN): I had trouble getting myself onto an airplane. A couple of years ago, I was traveling with my mom, and as I was handing the ticket counter person my license, my mom looked at my picture and said, no joke, “That doesn’t even look like you. You look like a terrorist!” Needless to say, we both got pulled out of line and had every inch of our luggage searched, and almost missed our flight. *** KEN CMAR (Wonderdrug Records): Yeah, myself. I was actually born in Tripoli, Libya (on an American air force base), so my passport says, “birthplace: Tripoli.” You can imagine the field day the customs agents have with that one (it seems by scraggly beard doesn’t help, either). I’ve almost missed many a flight coming back into the U.S. being interrogated. Although being stranded in Amsterdam does not sound like too bad of an idea. *** MIKE PIELH (Reverse/ Tim Gearan): No, in fact the summer after 9/11 I flew from Boston to Albuquerque and missed the connecting flight in Denver. Early the next morning, I go through the metal detector in Denver with my courier bag (same bag I walked on the first plane with in Boston) and they found: a nail set, miscellaneous nails and screws, a box cutter and a second E-acto knife. So I had all that crap with me when I walked through the metal detectors at Logan! *** JOHN EYE (One of Us): Yes, I had the hardest time getting a pair of handcuffs on to a plane headed to Key West, but I finally convinced them, heh heh. *** KEN FIELD (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic/ Revolutionary Snake Ensemble): On one of Birdsongs’ three tours to Hawaii, we packed much of our gear into a huge, heavy road case (that had, as I recall, once been owned by Aerosmith). We called it the hell box. We were advised by our travel agent that by tipping the skycap generously we’d have no trouble getting it on board. That worked in Boston, but after our west coast gigs they didn’t let it on the plane to Hawaii. We had to ship it airfreight via a later flight at a huge cost. Well worth it though; the tour was great! *** DAVE WESTNER (Woolly Mammoth Sound): I’m a pilot. The hardest thing to get into an airplane was one of my ex-girlfriend’s mom. She was so fat, I had to say no when she asked me if I would take her flying. She wouldn’t have fit in the seat, and the plane would have been overweight with the two of us in there. Is that too harsh? Lolita: Harsh! I can’t believe you would mention my mom like that in this column and not think it would get me upset. I didn’t hear you complaining about her weight when you named the studio after her.

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Rita: Speaking of heavyweights in another way—COUNT ZERO has picked up HARI HASSIN (Quitter/ Roadsaw) as their new drummer. *** DAVE SMITH (x-Jaya the Cat/ Ragged Old Flag) has a new band called DAVE SMITH & THE COUNTRY REBELS. *** VARSITY DRAG features BEN DEILY (Lemonheads). *** THE VELVETS include LIZ BORDEN (Liz Borden Band), TAMORA GOODING (Ziaf/ Axemunkee), and brothers SEAN MURRAY and JEFF MURRAY (both Jake & the Jakes and both Liz’s cousins). *** JOHNNY ANGUISH (x-Calender Girl) has a group DIRT MALL and they’ve got a CD out—Got the Goat by the Horns. *** MARINA STORM (from Vancouver, Canada) is the new lead singer for JADED. *** The new FIGHTING COCKS have added PETE CASSANI (The Peasants), CARL BIANCUCCI (Classic Ruins), and TONY SAVARINO (World’s Greatest Sinners). *** THE CHARMS are no longer. *** REEVES GABRELS has played with David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne, The Cure, The Bentmen and now he ads CLUB d’ELF to the list. *** CHRIS MASCARA is not thumping the bass in Meandjoancollins now. The band is currently looking for a new bassist. *** THE THROWAWAYS were mostly thrown away from THE MARVELS. They include STAFFY on vocals, ZIMMY and CHRIS on guitars, DENNY on bass, and DAMIEN on drums. *** ERIC SCHMIDER (Molly Coddle) has a new unnamed band with FAITH SOLOWAY (electric piano), MATT TAHANEY (bass), JAMIE ANDERSON (drums), and FRANK MAROTTA (guitar). *** IZZY MAXWELL (Count Zero) has a new band in the Nine Inch Nails vein called DEATH OF THE COOL. *** JOSEPH SCHWARZ now sits on the drummer’s stool for US VERSUS THEM. *** LITTLE GUITAR features SEAN STAPLES (octave mandolin/ vocals), JIMMY RYAN (mandocello/ vocals), JOE KESSLER (violin), and BILLY CONWAY (drums). Rita: Lolita, remember a long time ago when you were on the beach with Billy Conway and he got in a lot of trouble because of it. Lolita: I remember that time fondly. I’m sure he’ll be sending me chocolate, hearts, and many kisses.

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Rita: Let’s see what others think about the mid-February, made-up holiday for lovers. Lolita, go grab Tim—he’s just about to buy that tacky, pink heart-shaped box of chocolates. Lolita: I’m not going to stop him—he’s probably buying it for me. I’ll wait ’til he comes out of the CVS. Excuse me Tim, I couldn’t help notice that you were just thinking about me, so I wanted to know—what are your feelings about Valentine’s Day? TIM MUNGENAST (… & His Preexisting Conditions): Sure, Valentine’s Day may be a scam to sell cards and candy (and SUVs, if you believe those stupid, stupid TV ads), but honestly, we guys often have a mental block about actually telling our women how much we love them, and if it takes a Madison Avenue phony-baloney holiday to jump-start us, that may not be such a bad thing. But I swear if I see one more TV ad where some moneybag eedjit gives his woman a gift-wrapped SUV (in that fashionably ultra-boring silver, no less), I will puke like a guy who went jogging after five Southern Comfort eggnogs. Lolita: I’m so pleased that Tim is considering buying me an SUV supplied with a lot of Southern Comfort. But someone please hint to him that I’d prefer a hybrid full of Jack. *** FRANK ROWE (Classic Ruins): Since the ’80s I have prepared an elaborate valentine for my Chosen Valentine. It’s a rebus—a sequence of pictures of objects that spell out a message. Example: a bunch of polka dots, followed by an arm, followed by a moray eel spells, dots-arm-moray:’ That’s Amore.’ Denise said they had to be more elaborate each year, and her last few were carved on pieces of furniture I built. Now I’ve toned back. So, anyway, to me the approach of Valentine’s Day means it’s time to begin The Project. *** CHRIS MULVEY (Muy Cansado): To be cheesy and quote a movie, “Valentine’s Day is a holiday made up for greeting card companies to make people feel bad about themselves’’ (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). I haven’t had a girlfriend the last three years and unless something miraculous happens I won’t have one this coming Valentine’s Day either. I have no problem with that, but Valentine’s Day still sucks. It’s a reminder that other people spend the day with “someone special” and you go home alone and wonder if that girl you used to date is still single. Fuck it. *** STEPHIE PEEKA (…& The SeeKing 7): Valentine’s Day is bloody rot. I feel like throwing up just thinking of it. Even if you are with the one you want, it’s horseshite—like a holiday for fifth graders. Enjoy it kiddies before it gets vile. And you buy into the big machine perpetuating crap. Bloody rotters. *** MR. CURT (Mr. Curt Ensemble/ Peace Chorus): Next to our birthdays, this is the most magical of personal celebrations, never forgotten and always attended to. When you’ve truly been in love as long as Ms. Donna and myself (yikes–almost forty years!), it’s a positive must. *** MIKE MYLES (Rude Toys): Invented by Hallmark to make a buck… like they didn’t get enough at Christmas. *** CHRIS BRAT (The Acro-brats/ The Throwaways): People are always giving me candy and expensive gifts and asking me out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, so I guess it’s all right. *** DOUGLAS DESPRES (Douglas Despres Photography): This is a day that is all about one thing. Forget romance, this is an excuse to pamper your mate and have a mind-blowing baby-making fun time. Blast the music, bring on the wine, and don’t forget the chocolate. *** NANCY DELANEY (Temper/ The Cello Chix): Call me a romantic but Valentine’s Day is a way for Russell Stover and Hallmark to generate sales. If you really love someone you don’t need a special day to prove it. When it comes to amorous February holidays I prefer Mardi Gras. *** MICHAEL EPSTEIN (The Motion Sick/ Okay Thursday): I think that Marnie would be overwhelmed by the redness of the decorations, that those candy hearts are chalky, and that few romantic comedies are even watchable. *** TREVOR GRAHAM-WILCOX (Hundred Years War): Valentines Day was more fun in elementary school. Back then we were annually instructed to express romantic love for our whole class. Now we are told to focus those feelings on a specific person on February 14th. But don’t we have the rest of the year to do that? Maybe I’ll bust out my 4th grade yearbook, make a list and send everyone a candy heart that says “miss you” or “hug me” or some crap. *** MISS LYN (Boston Groupie News): I hate Valentine’s Day because I see all these guys running around with flowers in their arms, on the way to their girlfriends to profess their love! Or, as I walked down the street, I have to see couples out on dates, walking around hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm bein’ lovey-dovey and me, I’m perpetually ALONE! And it sucks. I try to stay home and hide from the smiling happy people… grrrrrrr. *** AARON SINCLAIR (Frank Smith): Sure would be nice to have some. *** MIKE SERRA (Build A Machine): My feelings about Valentine’s Day are a mixed bag. For those of us out there who have a true loving relationship, it is a most excellent holiday because you get all macked out, put the moves on, and get some sweetass lovin’ at the end of the night. You make your girl feel like she’s the queen of the world. But, for all the single people out there, it can make you feel like the loneliest, unloved, pathetic excuse of a human being. That’s why you gotta go get very drunk with your closest lonely, unloved, and pathetic friends. *** DAVID KIRKDORFFER (UNDO): Champagne, chocolate, and a bit of a sqweeze with the missus checking out her soft-centre—what’s not to love? *** JORDAN VALENTINE (World’s Greatest Sinners): Baby, every day is Jordan Valentine’s day. *** CARL BIANCUCCI (Classic Ruins): I’m in favor of any day that might result in me enjoying coitus or chocolate. Lolita: A man of my dreams. How ’bout we combine the experiences?

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Rita: And here’s where to find some other fine experiences. Club Bohemia moves their Mardi Gras over to Ryles (212 Hampshire St., Cambridge) with CHICKEN SLACKS SOUL REVUE leading the charge on Friday, 2/1. *** On Saturday, 2/2, SHAUN & SUZI celebrate Mardi Gras at T.T.’s where THE VUDU KREWE MARDI GRAS BAND backs JOHN POWHIDA, PETER MOORE, HOLLY BREWER,CHRIS MASCARA, JORDAN VALENTINE, etc. *** Last issue’s cover gals, THE CELLO CHIX, release their debut CD on Friday, 2/8, at the Lizard Lounge. *** That same night STATIC OF THE GODS release their “Peluche” video at the Enormous Room. *** ROCK BOTTOM gets Johnny D’s rocking on Friday, 2/15. *** On Saturday, 2/16, TIM GEARAN holds his CD release party at the Lizard Lounge. *** Same night HALLELUJAH THE HILL entertains at the Middle East Downstairs. *** Sunday, 2/17, to Sunday, 2/24, DARKBUSTER throws up at Harpers Ferry. *** FLAVORHEARD delivers hip hop reggae to Zuzu on Friday, 2/22. *** The Noise presents LADY COP, LOVEWHIP, BONEGUNN, and TRADES at Church on Saturday, 2/23. *** On Wednesday, 2/27, THE MOTION SICK releases its second CD at Church. *** HOORAY FOR EARTH celebrates their new CD at the Middle East Downstairs on Friday, 2/29. Rita: We’ll leave you with the wise words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.” Lolita: And remember, our March issue is on-line only!

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