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Top Tens

When The Noise does a poll, the results show the average of everyone’s opinion. That tends to make people complain about their little corner of the scene not getting the attention it deserves. This year I chose to skip the poll and go with individual top tens. This way you get to really see what each individual loves.


FRANCIS DiMENNO Eclectica: Top Ten CDs of 2007
1. Erich Groat's Found Missing Volumes 1 and 2
2. Rotary Club, Vis a Vis
3. Willie Alexander & The Fisheye Brothers, Fisheye Brothers
4. Incredible Casuals, World Championship Songs 1980-2007
5. The 2X4s, Compilation
6. The Vinyl Skyway, From Telegraph Hill
7. Peter C. Johnson, Yaka Yaka
8. My Own Worst Enemy, Total Action
9. The Self-Righteous Brothers, In Loving Memory Of…
10. Girls, Guns and Glory, Pretty Little Wrecking Ball

KIER BYRNES Top Ten People who make the Local Music Scene
10. Carmelita (WAAF) and all the lovely Boston Rock ’n’ Roll Social gals
9. Matt Lambo & Cisco Brewery; 2008 is the year of Triple 8!
8. Sooz, John Black, and the Boston Now crew.
7. Shred – Sad to see him go, glad to see him back!
6. David Duncan (WFNX); Fellow NH boy done real good.
5. Winifred Chane, PR wizard, media-vixen, CMJ guru and all around hottie
4. Jay Miller of The Patriot Ledger, bringing the word on the streets to all the South Shore
3. Adam Arrigo and Ashley Willard; putting together some really cool things with Northeast Performer
2. Mike Marotta and Kerry Purcell – Boston Herald’s dynamic duo of rock!
1. T Max; thanks for being such a steadfast supporter of the local music and art community.

Toppermost of 2007
1. Best live show: Lyres at the Cavestomp, November 4, NYC
2. Best live show by new band: Red Invasion at the Ace of Clubs, NYC
3. Best rock ’n’ roll designer: Angela Z. (Mode Merr)
4. Best new booker at a new club: Nick Blakey (Church)
5. Best booker/bartender/host who’s the most: Martin Doyle
6. Best scenester birthday bashes: Bob Colby and Lisa both at the Cantab
7. Best deja vu moment: Dancing with Robert to My Own Worst Enemy’s “Redondo Beach”
8. Best performances at Brett Milano’s book party: Willie Alexander and Andrea Gillis
9. Best DJ: Joey Boy at the Alchemist, Baseball Tavern, Cantab, etc.
10. Personal best: getting promoted to Noise associate editor and having the My Own Worst Enemy interview make cover story

JOEL SIMCHES Top Ten Bands/ Things That Made My Soul Happy in 2007
10. The Doom Buggies
9. Dagmar
8. Birdwatchers of America
7. Ad Frank
6. Axemunkee
5. Count Zero
4. Bang Camaro
3. End War Now-Dreamers Wanted
2. On the Town With Mikey Dee
1. Donating to the Jeannie Connolly Fund (T.T.’s Bartender)

Top Ten of 2007
1. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones reunion
2. Tiger Saw’s insanely catchy “Kick and Snare”
3. The Downbeat 5’s live CD sounding as good as I remember the show at Q Division being, which is no small task
4. The Dents’ last show at The Abbey
5. Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donelly playing a set of Throwing Muses songs at The Brattle
6. The Raging Teens X-Mas Party
7. My favorite local record of the year: Death & Taxes’ Tattooed Hearts & Broken Promises
8. Showcase Showdown putting their Christmas tunes up on MySpace.
9. All the cool people I’ve met doing this.
10. Not every musician I like has moved to L.A. yet.

SLIMEDOG Top Ten Burning Giraffes
1. Cutest Guitarist: (tie) Kimi Hendrix (Killer Abs), Amy (Darkbuster)
2. Cutest Drummer: Cindy Lou Spoiler (The Spoilers)
3. Cutest Scenester: Kara Jeanne
4: Grumpiest Drummer: (tie) Chris Dimwit (The Dimwits), (Mike Mahoney (Thunderhog/ Tenafly Vipers)
5: Nicest Punk: (tie) Joe Zippo (& the Raiders), Fred (x-Over the Edge)
6. Favorite Day of the Year: Slimefest
7. Club to make me forget the Rat: Abbey Lounge
8. Best Music Writer: Joe Coughlin
9. Most Congenial Bandleader: Jeff Connolly (Lyres)
10. Most beloved messageboard owner: T Max

1. Best summer party that I got tossed out of: Mark Lind’s
2. Best place to kill a sat afternoon, blowing dough and hangin’ w/Boston punks: Horror Business
3. Most badass rock chick: Jen (The Downbeat 5)
4. Best show in 007: Unnatural Axe at Zuzu @ John Nikolai’s photo show
5. Best rocker/softball player: Jay (Ducky Boys)
6. Craziest punker: Mark Doherty
7. Angriest punker: Steve Confront
8. Best band w/little to no press: Jason Bennett & the Resistance
9. Hottest rocker: Geno (Splint)
10. Best photographer: me

FRANK STROM Top Ten “Gosh-Wow” Stuff 2007:
10. Royalty treatment from Mickey Bliss
9. Huddling for warmth in the arctic cold outside the Kirkland with Chris Horne
8. Coffin Jay—Atomic ruler of all bass players!
7. Nancy Neon Nights
6. Lyres shows and lots of ’em (see #7)
5. Myra Ghoul’s speaking voice
4. Kevin and Kevin delivering the goods behind the Abbey’s soundboard
3. Space-holder for a Michelle Paulhus reference (can’t think of anything, but how can there be a “Best of” list without one?)
2. The Downbeat 5!
1. For two years running… Andrea Gillis’ striped halter. Why doesn’t she wear it EVERY day?

Top Ten Songs from his radio show Rock Around Boston
10. Mission of Burma – “This Is Not A Photograph”
9. Moving Targets – “Babble”
8. Jake & the Jakes – “The Rockah”
7. Unnatural Axe – “They Saved Hitler's Brain”
6. The World’s Greatest Sinners – “I Don't Want No Mama's Boy”
5. La Peste – “Lease On Life”
4. Unnatural Axe – “Tonight We Fight”
3. Nervous Eaters – “Loretta”
2. Classic Ruins – “1+1<2”
1. The New Frustrations – “Changed My Mind” (Harp Remix)

GLENWOOD Top Ten Dude Singers, in no order, but with a note: any singer list that includes punk singers is a best voice list (read: tone) and not a singer’s list.
10. John Powhida (The Rudds/…International Airport)
9. Chris Pappas (Everyday Visuals)
8. Rodrigo Van Stoli (Bang Camaro/ Noble Rot)
7. Aaron Perrino (Dear Leader)
6. Brad Parker (Aberdeen City)
5. Tim Gearan – this guy is amazing…
4. Will Dailey (Will Dailey)
3. Jason Dunn (The Luxury)
2. Mike Nastri (Harris)
1. Thom Moran (Bon Savants)

Top Ten
10. Dreamchild – best live gothic act from Boston.
9. Bedlam (Providence, RI) – best fetish/industrial/gothic clothing store in New England.
8. ‘Terri’ Niedzwiecki – best bartender in Boston.
7. Joey Boy (Red Invasion) – best hair and cheekbones.
6. Anderson Mar – person most to deserve a vacation, due to hard work.
5. Miss Non-Stop Nancy Neon – guru-celebrity-scene queen extrodinairre (in patent leather stiletto boots).
4. Chris and Cathy Cah (Musclecah) – best Rock ’n’ Roll couple.
3. Jenny (Midnight Creeps) and Jami (the Sleazies) – best rock ‘n’ roll couple (second runner up).
2. WDOA.COM – biggest letdown of the year, WDOA ends their transmissions.
1. The Time Beings Journey To Tyme (Dino Rec.) – best CD

DOUG DESPRES Top Ten Photographer Tips
10. PBR Tall – Best Photo Warmup Tool
9. Britt Lightning – Most Organized Musician
8. At Sea (Emily Grogan) – Best Album Cover
7. TT’s – Most Bend-able Floor
6. Earplugs – Most Important and Continuously Ignored Safeguards
5. Nikon FM & Hassy 500C – Best Cameras To Shoot Live Music
4. Ilford Delta 3200 – Her Majesty
3. “Way To Stage, Please Keep Clear” – Most Missed Sign (LL)
2. Paradise Rock Club – Most Picture Perfect Lighting
1. Lizard Lounge – Best Venue to Shoot

T MAX Top Ten Enjoyments of 2007
1. Emily Grogan’s CD At Sea
2. John Powhida’s voice/personality
3. Peter Moore’s songwriting
4. Brett Milano’s book release party
5. Three Day Threshold’s CD release party
6. Dennis Brennan’s performance
7. Andrea Gillis’s voice
8. Angeline’s mix of beauty and talent
9. The Cello Chix – classical classics
10. Dana Colley’s sax and Roger Miller’s strangely tuned guitar, together with all who took part in “End War Now”

LOLITA FLANGE Top Ten Sexiest People in Boston
1. Monique Ortiz (A.K.A.C.O.D.)
David Minehan (The Neighborhoods)
2. Erin Harpe (Lovewhip)
Chick Graining (Scarce)
3. Anderson Mar (Dark Sky Productions)
Bo Berringer (Meandjoancollins)
4. Cheryl Etu (Angeline)
Jose De Lara (Protokoll)
5. Susan Fielder (Cambridge Music)
Nat Rogers (Scamper)
6. Sarah Rabdau (Sarah Rabdau)
Dana Jee (I Have Ears)
7. Kelly Davidson (Liz Borden Band)
Billy Conway (Twinemen)
8. Hilken Mancini (Shepardess)
John Powhida (The Rudds)
9. Sarah Korval (Okay Thursday)
Dana Colley (A.K.A.C.O.D.)
10. DJ Swan (BeastWith2Backs)
The Franx (the Middle East)
Honorable mention: Kelly Knapp (the Darlings), Michelle Paulhus (Andrea Gillis Band), Mickey Bliss (Cantab), Anngelle Wood (WMFO), Pete Cassani (The Peasants), Jen D’Angora (Downbeat 5), Boby Bear (Classic Ruins), Britt Lightning (Jaded), Marlene Silva (Marlene Silva Photography), Ruby Bird (Bird Mancini)

Top Ten Role Models in Boston
1. Liz Borden (Liz Borden Band)
Nabil & Joseph Sater (Middle East)
2. Cheryl Wanner (Dreamchild)
Kier Byrnes (Three Day Threshold)
3. Laura Wilson (WMBR)
Pat McGrath (Wheelers & Dealers)
4. Sue Minichiello (My Own Worst Enemy)
Ayal Noir (27)
5. Robin Umbley (The Noise)
Carl Biancucci (Classic Ruins)
6. Linda Viens (Angeline)
Billy Conway (Twinemen)
7. Kelly Knapp (The Darlings)
Dennis Brennan (Dennis Brennan)
8. Valerie Thompson (Fluttr Effect)
Mr. Curt (…Ensemble)
9. Jordan Valentine (World’s Greatest Sinners)
Chandler Travis (…Philharmonic)
10. Lexi Kahn (Low Budget Super Hero),
Alvan Long (New Alliance)
Honorable mention: Pete Sutton (Temper), Shilo McDonald (Intelligent Records), Karen DeBiasse (Girl on Top), Evan Shore (Muck & the Mires), Billy Beard (Sessions Americana), Ken Cmar (Wonderdrug), Carol Namkoong (Take You higher), Brett Milano (Phoenix), Nancy Delaney (Temper), Bill T. Miller (OBE)

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LINDA VIENS (Angeline) Top Ten Live Musical Moments of 2007
1. Andrea Gillis and her killer band reaching all time, maximum rock crescendo moments during their version of “River Deep—Mountain High” (I’ve seen it happen in every club when they’ve ever played that song!)
2. Sarah Rabdau and Peter Moore singing around the piano with friends and a fire blazing at their Christmas party
3. Matt and Holly from HUMANWINE adding their timeless musical authenticity to a melancholy set by Beat Circus at the Zero Arrow Theatre
4. Asa Brebner, Kevin Shurtleff, and Andrew Mazzone as the backup band to beat all backup bands, rockin’ steady all night long behind Boston’s rock ’n’ roll royalty at Brett Milano’s book release party
5. Gabrielle Agachiko singing the shit out of Nina Simone songs at the Lizard Lounge
6. Dennis Brennan singing, anywhere, anytime, any night of the week
7. E. J. Labb gettin’ every single body in the house up and jumpin’ to their infectious hip hop at the Paradise Lounge
8. The Twinemen playing a bittersweet and soulful set for friends and family at the closing night party for the old HI-N-DRY/Morphine loft
9. Bad Art Ensemble’s joyous Wednesday night jams at the Plough & Stars, especially when the crowd joins Max at the top of their lungs on the theme to the Mary Tyler Moore show, “Love is All Around”!
10. The Dresden Dolls ambitious music/theater piece, The Onion Cellar, at the Zero Arrow Theatre: cathartic and brilliant!

(Shoot the Moon) Top Ten
1. The life and music of Brad Delp
2. Carmelita celebrates twenty years of Bay State Rock
3. Alan Petitti and David Herlihy of O-Positive reunite for two live performances
4. Tuesday nights in April at the Abbey
5. Boston Rocks Reunion Show sells out the Paradise
6. Tom Hamilton is declared cancer free
7. Sooz Kaup of Exploit Boston takes a stand to save free Internet radio
8. Toxic Narcotic reunites for sold out West Coast tour
9. Jaded makes miraculous comeback with new vocalist Marina Storm
10. Thirteen years after calling it quits, Flash Addict signs with Suncity Records to release retrospect compilation

(Cantab) Top Ten Club Bohemia Events (of all time)
1. Opening night at the Kirkland (6/25/03) —To my delight people actually showed up, including local celebrities T Max, Carmelita, and Suzi Lee.
2. Bohemia ’94 Extravaganza (1/20/94)—The first show that Mikey Dee brought to the club and the one that really put Boho on the map.
3. Club Boho second annual Mardi Gras (2/24/95)—Dali catered and Slide’s masquerade costumes were magnificent.
4. Kenne Highland’s 40th Birthday Bash (4/2/96)—Kenne invited every band in town to play the show. Even Mr. Butch showed up.
5. Lolita’s Love Fest (7/27/96)—A real ’60s style happening and T Max donated the gate receipts towards new PA equipment for the club.
6. Rattleheatre’s “Live at Studley’s” Show (11/11/95)—Al Janik duked me $50 to introduce his band and I managed to announce the wrong act.
7. Helanie Saad’s 50th Birthday Bash (9/29/96)—Keith Bowniece got punched out on stage mid-performance and, as a direct result, stole the show.
8. Noise X-Mass Party (12/21/96)—The sold out crowd demanded dozen of encores from the larger-than-life rock star Mick Mondo.
9. Big Ray & the Futuras’ CD Release Party (6/14/97)—the club’s best CD release party ever. Big Ray even parked a space ship outside the door.
10. Kirkland Kissoff Memorial Meltdown (5/26 + 5/27/07)—with much assistance from Nancy Neon, we put together a regular two-day Woodstock to commemorate the Kirkland closing
And here are the top ten bands to ever play Club Bohemia. 1. Slide, 2. Rattleheatre, 3. The Strangemen, 4. Big Ray & the Futuras, 5. Sugar Twins, 6. The Allstonians, 7. Lyres, 8. The Varmints, 9. Max, 10. The Ken Clark Organ Trio

(Church/ The In Out) Top Ten Local Artists I Had Never Heard Before 2007 Who Blew My Mind in 2007 (in no order)
1. John Haydon
2. White Horses
3. Cropduster
4. Mike MacDonald & The Widow Makers
5. The Whiskey Giants
6. Jason Bennett & The Resistance
7. Bryan MacPherson
8. Ara Vora
9. Padded Hell
10. The Doug MacDonald Band

(T.T.’s) Top Ten
1. The Jeanne Benefits
2. Bands with chicks that rock: Andrea Gillis, HRT, Superhoney, Snowleopards, Charms (R.I.P.), Scarce
3. “The Meanest Of Times” from Dropkick Murphys
4. Kevin Stevenson (& all The Shods) back on T.T.’s stage
5. “Collective Psychosis Begone” from Hallelujah The Hills
6. Ed V (Gentlemen, The Gravel Pit) & Jen’s (Downbeat 5) super fun rock ’n’ roll wedding
7. Caspian’s CD Release show 10/19/07
8. Halloween @ T.T.’s w/ The Luxury as Def Leppard, The Motion Sick as Poison, Sidewalk Driver doing Ziggy Stardust, and Red Red Rockit doing Hendrix
9. Our friendly goth/fetish crowd continuing to make T.T.’s their temporary adopted home until Manray relocates
10. “Things Will Look Up” from The Everyday Visuals

JOHN POWHIDA (The Rudds/…International Airport) Top Ten (plus one) Things to be Grateful for from 2007
1. The Ed Valauskas/Jen D’Angora wedding; the Tony Goddess/Samantha Wood wedding (a tie)
2. Nellie McKay at the Paradise. To witness this freak of nature live was humbling and disturbing
3. Billy Beard!
4. That booze cruise with The Gentlemen—New Year’s Eve with The Upper Crust (tie)
5. The Brett Milano book party was the show of all shows in 2007
6. That prog nite they did at the Abbey Lounge
7. Eric Laws fotos!
8. Hammel on Trial residency at Toad
9. All those Neighborhoods shows
10. Thanx to Asa Brebner’s kindness getting to play with Peter Wolf.
Plus one: The End War Now peace choir recording-partay!

(Dark Sky Productions) Top Ten Creatively Controversial Acts of 2007
1. Beaglepuss
2. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys
3. The Scallywags
4. Voodoo Screw Machine
5. Graveyard BBQ
6. The Boston Babydolls
7. Sasquatch and the Sick-a-billies
8. It Will End In Pure Horror
9. Wretched Asylum
10. The Shadows Smile

(Count Zero) Top Five—I was out of the country half of 2007
1. Billy Ruane’s birthday party upstairs at the Middle East and seeing a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in clubs since the early ’90s.
2. Seeing Wings of Desire at the A.R.T.
3. Freezepop record release.
4. Chris Mascara: (a) Getting him a mo-cap gig modeling rock moves for Harmonix’ Rock Band game. (b) Seeing his alter ego as bassist in MeandJoanCollins. (c) His haircut.
5. Thomas Dolby at Harper’s Ferry.

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