Mr. Max’s Message: February 2008


What I call the peace show is coming together. Currently we’re recording “Military Men,” a song/skit that reminds me of something Monty Python would do. It’s a military hymn with rap and beat poetry mixed in. It’s a song that always gets a reaction when we play it out. We’ll be performing excerpts from the show again when the temperature starts rising (March 22 at Perks, April 11 at the Cantab, and May 9 at Middle East Corner). From the media coverage you’d think that the war in Iraq has ended, but there are still people dying everyday. Let’s get together and remind everyone that this is something that should stop—right now.


I’ve joined a group of solo artists (led by Sal Baglio of The Stompers) that will gig together, play our songs individually, and accompany each other with vocal join-ins when the spirit moves us. I’m looking forward to it. The first show I play with them is Monday, Feb. 4, at T.T.’s (The Other Side of the Bear’s). Then we’re at the Listening Room in Arlington (299 Broadway) on Saturday, Feb. 16. The Listening Room is at the headquarters for Right Turn—an organization founded by Woody Giessmann that offers support and rehabilitation services to New England artists and entertainers who've been affected by alcoholism, addiction and psychiatric issues.


Personally I’m dealing with a knee that I screwed up from just swinging at a high-and-inside pitch. I’ve got a bucket-handle tear on the posterior horn of my medial meniscus (for the benefit of those fledging medical students). I’m having orthopedic surgery in early February. There’s only a one-in-12 chance that the surgeon will be drunk that day and accidentally amputate my foot.


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