5/10/15/20 Feb 2008

by T Max and Joe Coughlin

February 1988 Issue #70

Cover: The Bags, The Slaves, Joanie Lindstrom—Joanie’s still at it, and deserves more props in this town for her knowledge, perseverance, and always-entertaining radio shows.

Bands: Cavedogs, Nova Mob (not to be confused with Nova Mobs featuring Julian Cope or Grant Hart), Throwing Muses, Big Dipper, Rich Gilbert, Dharma Bums (named for a Jack Kerouac book and, unfortunately, not Buck Dharma), Galaxie 500, The Bell People, The Wild Stares, Barrence Whitfield, Raindogs, Salem 66, Blood Oranges, Jerry’s Kids, Bim Skala Bim, Big Barn Burning

Other Stuff: The Bags told me after this issue came out that the photo I used of them on the cover was that of Swamp Oaf—a side project of theirs. I didn’t realize that the T-shirts pulled over their heads combined with the goofy facial looks represented a different band. *** Chet’s Last Call closes down and the Question of the Month asks for memories of the beloved club. “Getting paid one dollar.” “I get all choked up about Chetstock.” “Some girl was trying to kiss my boyfriend while I was holding his hand.” “I fell off the speaker column and busted my head.” “Rick Barton having sex in the back room that didn’t exist.” “Walking into the bathroom and seeing Chet bowing to the porcelain altar.” “Seeing Mr. Butch & the Holy Men who are like the Three Stooges on dangerous drugs.” That silver and gold disco wallpaper was worth the price of admission no matter who was playing. If you couldn’t afford to get drunk, you could just stare at that and get the spins pretty quickly. If that didn’t turn your stomach, there was the night Kenne Highland’s kilt came off during a Johnny & The Jumper Cables set (prompting Johnny Black’s infamous line, “Highland, you just killed The Cables.”). But perhaps the greatest contribution to the scene from Chet’s was the peanut machine. That grubby thing probably kept more musicians and fans alive than Pizza Pad and Buzzy’s combined.

February 1993 Issue #125

Cover: Flying Nuns, Improv Boston, Poll Results, Mikey Takes Manhattan

Bands: Orangutang, The Moving Parts, Dambuilders, United States, Chandler Travis, Tackle Box, Gigolo Aunts, Seka, Heretix, Cobalt 60, Fighting Cocks, The Magnetic Fields, Ken Chambers, Swirlies, Swinging Steaks, Thinner, The Peecocks—One of at least two bands featuring drummer Matt Burns in drag and playing largely dick-centric material!

Other Stuff: Yes, The Flying Nuns are actually flying over Boston on the cover—no Photoshop tricks—these guys could fly. *** Jerry LeHane (Dogmatics) poses with Madonna in the gossip column with his hand touching her breast. Was this during the highway-cone bra era? He’s lucky he didn’t lose an eye. *** The Moving Parts (2/3 of Mission of Burma, with Erik Lindgren and Boby Bear) lead off the CD reviews with a photo of them all in jumpsuits. *** The story about the Maxie Award ceremony and poll results boasts a photo of Pat McGrath turning away in disgust from Mikey Dee on stage smiling with just his jockey shorts on. *** The Question of the Month was about your brush with fame, but the famous people mentioned were like D-level stars. I guess famous people don’t hang out in the underground music scene. Why be upstaged by a guy with a missing kilt?

February 1998 Issue #178

Cover: The Flying Nuns, Ultrabreakfast, Poll Results, Nemo, Keith Bowniece—Ah, good ol’ Keith, king of the onstage Flounder Flop.

Bands: Veronica Black Morphius Nipple, Lyres, Orbit, Half Cocked, Alloy Orchestra, The Gravel Pit, Talking to Animals, Chucklehead, Purrr, Girl on Top, Slide, Kenne Highland Clan, The Red Telephone, The In Out, The Darlings, Willard Grant Conspiracy

Other Stuff: The Flying Nuns are not flying on the cover. *** Injuries are the topic of the Question of the Month. Roger Miller’s back was in constant pain so he grew a beard to let the hairs draw out the pain. After a month the pain was gone, so he shaved. Albert O (WBCN) was kissing concrete after a Camry tried to mount him while he was riding his bicycle. Corin Ashley (The Pills) took two hours to pass a kidney stone—he named it Shari. On New Year’s Eve Brett Milano slipped on a meatball and fell head first into a case of Jagermeister. *** The Boston music scene gets a four-page spread in Billboard. It took that many to include all of Kenne Highland’s package. *** Morphine receives a Grammy nomination. *** Paula Cole receives seven Grammy nominations. *** I count four pairs of bare breasts in the issue—it’s Mardi Gras time! The best part about that was, you could save a shitload on beads, because the girls would flash for a handful of peanuts from Chet’s.

February 2003 Issue #228

Cover: Helms, Upper Crust, Muck & the Mires, Grubsteak, The Kenmores, Poll Results, Noisers’ Top 10

Bands: The Charms, The Good North, The Model Sons, The Girls, The High Ceilings, Dave Aaronoff & the Details, Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Jabe, The Crybabies, The Marvels, Tunnel of Love, Ms. Pigeon, Quick Fix, The Real Kids, DMZ, The Downbeat 5, James Montgomery Blues Band, Bentmen, Holy Cow, Ad Frank, The Gentlemen, Beefy DC, Classic Ruins, Violet Nine, Random Road Mother—One of the all-time great song titles: “Yousuck.com,” and the singer was rumored to vomit after every show from nerves.

Other Stuff: Moby calls Peter Rinnig (the T-shirt guy) on the day of his show at the Paradise and wants T-shirts for that night that say “cover band” on them. Moby’s band wears them for their encore (which is all covers). Peter and his entire staff get free passes to the show. And in an obscene miscarriage of justice, Mission of Burma neglects to ever sue Moby for butchering “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver.” *** Rockers talk about their pets: Scott Janovitz (Dragstrip Courage) has a tapeworm that keeps him trim and sexy. Anngelle Wood (WFNX) has a 150-pound pussy cat that she feeds pig ears. Ken Cmar (Wonderdrug) has a pet fish he keeps in his freezer until it’s ready for beer-batter and hot oil. When Peter Moore (Count Zero) was growing up he slept with his bleeding Dacshund named Shirley. Ayal Naor (27) built a special vinyl coated room for his cat Tick who liked to think outside the box. Tim Mungenast (…& his Pre-existing Condition) had a greyhound, Crystal, that was his songwriting partner. Nancy Neon’s mom nursed two squirrels back to health. They fought all the time, so Nancy named them Noel and Liam after the famous fighting pair from Oasis. The squirrels also gave more intelligible interviews than Noel and Liam. But in their defense, they stored more nuts than Kenne Highland.

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