OUR EYES ON YOU: Novemer 2007

Rita: Ahhh, November is here—time to kick back, throw on a coat you love, and get involved with your favorite cause. Lolita: So, you’re gonna get political on us? Rita: I like being involved with real people. It beats the hell out of sitting behind my computer all day talking with my fingers. Plus I like the touch of a human. Lolita: Sometimes after too many hours of work, I just want to kick back, relax, and do something illegal. Rita: You’re so bad. Lolita: No I’m not. People like you and I make up laws that affect others in harmful ways. Why the hell is pot illegal when alcohol is not? It doesn’t make any sense. People are in jail because they enjoy smoking pot. Smoking pot is a harmless act. Why don’t those who say pot leads to harder drugs consider other acceptable addictive drugs (caffeine, sugar?) and say the same of them? Eating chocolate might as well be against the law. Rita: Okay, calm down. Let’s ask our friends to tell us stories about the evil illegal weed.

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      Lolita: The view from up in this gigantic tree is amazing. Send our friends up to me and I’ll ask them to tell me a story that involves pot. Hey Dave! See if you can get as high as I am. DAVE PINO (Powerman 5000): When I was in high school I used to sell tape cassette cases packed with joints. It was awesome because teachers just thought my friends and I were trading music. *** DAVID AVERY (Powderfinger Promotions): When I was 16 my buddies took me fishing, and to my surprise, smoking. At first it was fun, but then we wanted to catch the flying ducks flying with our fishing lines. One of my friends accidentally snagged the other in the chest with the three fishhooks. When half his chest skin was ripped off and gushing blood, it became much less fun very quickly. In retrospect it seems funny, but then, we were all convinced that he was going to die and that our parents would probably kill the survivors. Fortunately, we all lived, though some with less chest hair than others. *** KAREN DiBIASSE (Girl On Top): One time Dave and his friends had two pounds [of pot] under the front seat of his old Dodge Challenger. Someone hit them from behind, and sent the car into a 180-degree spin. All of a sudden local police from Medford, Malden, Saugus, and state police surrounded them.  Dave and his friends were shittin’ bricks thinking they’re going to jail for life as the other driver approached their window. He was a cop and apologized for hitting them.  He told them to be careful; they were looking for a felon—that’s why there were so many cops around. *** ANDERSON MAR (Dark Sky Productions/NE PGM Fest): The funniest pot related story I can recall was when my Deadhead friend John, who had a bit of a “green thumb” so to speak, called me in the middle of the night in tears because his Maine coon cats had eaten every single one of his pot plants that he’d been tending diligently for months. I wonder if the cats had a serious case of the munchies thereafter? *** DAVE BALERNA (The Midway): We were having an event at the Midway when a local drug dealer ran through the club with the cops in tow. They ended up arresting him but never found his stash of cheeb—but we did.  Community policing—you got to love it. *** WALTER SICKERT (…& The Army of Broken Toys): Two years ago I lost a great friend to cancer. It was the fifth time in his life that it had returned. Being only 23, cancer had followed him his whole life. After scores of strong legal drugs pumped in to him, there was nothing that would let him eat and gain weight, and nothing to stop the pains and aches—nothing, except his baby blue two-foot glass bong. Pot gave him hope, acceptance, and the ability to eat a cheeseburger and not puke. Eventually he lost the use of his hand, but his friends were there to pack and spark and we had many wonderful days before we lost him. SO WHY THE FUCK IS IT ILLEGAL?? *** AJ WACHTEL (Boston Now): When Mickey O was booking Bunratty’s 20 years ago, he introduced me to a grey haired man with a young blond on his arm at the Beat around 3:00 am. There were drugs all over the place. I asked the man where he knew Mickey from; did he own a bar? They laughed and he pulled out his badge. He was an undercover cop. Soon after, the officer walks into Bun’s, pulls me into the waitress station, and says “I just pulled over a kid driving and he had this… and I thought of you,” and he tosses me a baggie with about an ounce of grass. Boston’s finest—supporting my drug habit. *** CHRIS PEARSON (Ekranoplan/ x-Green Magnet School): Recently a member of Spacemen 3 played the Middle East and my pals [names withheld for legal reasons] offered to get him baked.  We were in the alley behind the club, smoking the kind bud and conversing about the difference between U.K. and U.S. drug laws when lo and behold, Sonic whipped out these packs of methadone pills from his man purse, about 25 boxes or so, which would have quite a bit of value on the grey market. I honestly wondered how the hell he got that amount of dope through customs.  It was truly a surreal moment. *** LIZ BORDEN (The Liz Borden Band/ WAAF): I have many stories about pot. One is from my childhood and my mother reminded me of this story. She was trying to get me interested in other activities as a child in addition to music. She supported the music thing but thought I should have a few other interests. She tried horseback riding, painting, etc. and then she said one day I found my niche—gardening and taking care of my houseplants. She said I would take such good care of them and she was so proud. Until she took a closer look at the plants once they grew a bit. Then she knew why. *** CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMFO/ WMBR): You want me to tell you a story that involves pot? But pot makes you spacey and forgetful, so how am I supposed to remember a story? A good example is this year’s annual Freedom Rally which calls for the legalization of pot.  It took place on Boston Common on 9/15. But I am such a spaceshot, I thought it was 9/22, and booked myself for out of town work the weekend of 9/15. I usually cover this event for local radio news. To make matters more embarrassing, this year MassCann (the sponsoring organization) gave out awards.  I received the Best Indy Radio Personality award, but wasn’t even there to receive it!  Lolita: Congratulations! I hope you eventually got your award. They are real nifty looking modern trophies. We were surprised to receive one for best local magazine. It’s the first award we’ve received since Curve of the Earth gave us a Curvie (an orange eight track tape cartridge with sloppy handwriting on it) award for Best Zine, Longest Running Zine, and Best Band Featuring Publisher (Max).  *** LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Cosmic-Trigger):  A couple of years ago. I was smoking a lot of killer weed with my main crew in Woodstock, New York.  The six of us spent the entire day wearing these gigantic, fake teeth that we purchased. We asked people for directions, stopped people on the street, shopped at the grocery store, and bought movie tickets. We were in hysterics every time we watched another interaction in public. Pot encourages us to be unafraid and to be ridiculous at times. That is why I still love it sooo much! *** JOE COUGHLIN (The Noise): Providence Civic Center, Blue Oyster Cult, ’70s. Lit up a joint and this hairy bastard next to me says, “Gimme one of those.” Not, “Can I have a hit?” or even “Got any for sale?” I ignore him. He gets up and knocks my hat off. I step into the aisle and call him out. He suckers me hard, and I go rolling down the stairs full-speed from about three-quarters up in the loge all the way down to the floor. He gets away, but BOC was great, and my high-school sweetie thought my massive shiner was kinda bitchin’ the next day. *** SIMON RITT (The Darlings): This is a trick question, right? Lolita: Trick? You’ll have to meet me after hours for that. And bring a lot of money.

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      Rita: Maybe I’ll play a trick. Is this the real local rock news or am I just making it up?  CASEY DESMOND won the Vision4Music songwriting contest. She was handed $10,000, studio time in Nashville and online promotion tools. Plus she’s currently on the cover of the Improper Bostonian’s music issue. *** ANNA PRICE and MATT RHODES (The Silver Lining) became parents when Ethan Antonio Rhodes entered the world on 10/4/07 weighing in at 9 lbs. 9 oz. *** SAM BLACK CHURCH sold $1000 in CDs and another $8000 in merch at their reunion in September. *** JONNY P (White) was attacked from behind on Lansdowne Street and had his skull fractured. Keep an eye out for benefits on the myspace pages of Somacity and Tester. *** IAN ADAMS (Rock City Crimewave) landed a job on a DANE COOK movie, Bachelor No. 2, and was pleased with the amount of money he could make. Days later he was involved with some light horseplay at a Beatings/Black Helicopter show at the Middle East and upper arm bone (humorus) popped into two pieces. Say goodbye to the fun, good-paying job. A benefit is being put together for him at Great Scott in late November. *** American Laundromat Records out of Stonington, CT, is releasing Dig For Fire—A Tribute to Pixies (CD and 7” colored vinyl) that includes 20 different artists. Go to alr-music.com/shop.php if you’re interested. *** Rolling Stone’s 2007 Hot Issue features a two page spread saying that “Boston’s BANG CAMARO has crafted a boundary-breaking line-up that is sure to secure a long lasting place in the music scene.” *** DAVID GINSBERG is no longer the program director for WBOS.  You can read his final blog at wbosprogramdirector.blogspot.com posted on October 17. *** HOORAY FOR EARTH was featured in October on Fearless Music TV performing the song “Take Care.” *** DAVE WELLINGTON (WBCN) is looking for a new host for the station’s local music show—Boston Emissions (Sunday night 10:00-12:00). *** The Paul Green School of Rock was founded in Philadelphia in 1998, and now there is a branch located at 120 Elm Street in Watertown (617-923-3434). Kids from eight to 18 are welcome to learn how to rock. *** Photographer ALLAN TANNENBAUM has put together a coffee table book called John & Yoko A New York Love Story. Tannenbaum was scheduled to meet John and Yoko for a photo shoot on the day that Lennon was shot to death. *** If you want a book that is more local—try BRETT MILANO’s Sound of Our Town.It’s a complete history of the Boston music scene. *** Musicians looking for a deal should note that Mr. Music in Allston is selling a lot of goodies at discount if you bring in the coupon from their ad on page 11 in the print version of this issue. ***APOLLO SUNSHINE toured the U.S. with DR. DOG in October, playing 21 shows in 24 days. Rita: Wow, that’s a lot of traveling. I wonder if they had any problems on the road. Lolita, gather answers to what was your worst travel experience?

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      Lolita: What? I can’t hear you. If you want me to ask another question, send people over here. I’m under my car fixing my muffler. ARTHUR FREEDMAN (Boston Music Chronicler): I was on a flight over the Pacific, returning from being chased by bulls while I was looking for ’shrooms. The plane hit turbulence and banged me right out of the seat. This went on for an hour or longer. I was so stoned on Maui’s best that I couldn’t find the hotel I had parked at and had to pay the driver from the totally wrong but similarly sounding hotel’s parking facility. I got my van back… and had a swell ride home on Rte 66. *** AUDREY RYAN (Audrey Ryan): While touring solo in the U.K. I was sandwiched between two cock rock bands in a smelly club outside Manchester. After my set, sausage rock men swarmed me trying to get a piece of the American. At first it seemed nice that they wanted to buy my CD, but then it became clear that one wanted to ravage me in some dark pit of the basement. I fled the club after calling him a fucking douchbag. At the bus station I waited ’til 3:00am for a bus back to Manchester but none came. Moral of story: don’t go to Manchester, U.K. if you are a female alone. *** TIM FARRELL (Miskatonic): Hmmm… so many to choose from, and they all involve airlines! I’d have to say it was when I was coming back from DC. We got delayed three hours in the terminal, then two more on the tarmac, with the toilet overflowing! I was lucky enough to be in the back seat next to it. Lovely aroma. Then the stewardess announces that even though we don’t know when we’ll be taking off that we’ll have to hold it until we get to Boston, because they’ll cancel the flight if we have to go back to the gate to use the bathroom. Nice! *** JASON HALOGEN (The Luxury/ Mad Science Studios): On the first Halogens East Coast tour, we played a mind-blowing show in what at first appeared to be a family-friendly restaurant in Virginia, but by show’s end had turned into an orgy of “lesbian lip-lock” and “underwear modeling” contests (with a noted absence of actual underwear), followed by a fantastic after-party. We finished the tour the next day in New Jersey, following one of the worst bands ever (www.wheresmary.com), where we literally played for the doorman, bartender, and one friend from New Jersey. We didn’t talk much on the way home, but most of the talking centered around how we clearly should have gone straight back home after Virginia. *** SHADY (The Crushing Low/The Noise): A few years ago I had to go to Europe for work—I was completely psyched ’cause I had never been. My plane was delayed for 10 hours at Logan—an hour at a time. By the time I got to the U.K., it was 8:00am, so I had to go directly to the office. Sleep? Maybe an hour on the plane. Good times. *** SEAN MURRAY (Jake & the Jakes): On my way to visit friends for Thanksgiving in Chicago, I was on my twelfth hour of driving on about two hours sleep. I decided to pull off and get some rest in a dive motel. When I got to my room I almost immediately passed out from being exhausted. Two hours into my coma rest I heard a car speeding in the parking lot—it hit parked cars then SLAMMED into my side of the building two doors down. After all said and done that was the only two hours of rest I had for the night. Nobody died. The driver was arrested. *** JIMMY FOX (Poverty Line Old Time Band/ Nazzcar Rain Delay): We had an afternoon gig in Buffalo and wanted to relax but were without a plan. We noticed a dude standing beneath an apartment building window on his cell phone and suddenly something would drop down. He’d pick it up and walk away come back and call again. We talked to him and bought a $20. Unfortunately he sold me sugarcoated oregano. We were bummed, but had to play our gig. As we were loading out the guy comes strolling by us. He didn’t recognize us, but when he did, we got our money back after a good chase! *** GAIL RUSH (New Alliance / Curve of the Earth Records): We were trying to return a Budget rental car before our flight out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Although we were running two hours early, the map supplied by Budget led us to a new condo building instead of their agency, plus their phone number was disconnected. We were forced to go to the airport and follow their bus back to the location. “Old map” we were told—apparently YEARS old. We missed our plane and were forced to wait six hours for the next flight to Chicago, then a few more hours in Chicago. They gave us a $25.00 voucher for future car rentals for our discomfort. *** DJ MATTHEW GRIFFIN (The Noise): My family went to New York City for Christmas Eve in 1982. We sang in a men’s and boy’s choir and my brother and I sang a duet of “Silent Night” in German at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Nerve wracking enough? On the ride back there was a snowstorm. The car was on its last legs and my father had ropes tied to the clutch and brake pads. Every time he needed to shift gears or break, he had to pull one. The windshield was freezing over and my mother would press her hands to the glass to try to thaw it. *** GENE JOHNSTON (Splint):  Even though my fear of flying can only be surpassed by my wife, Sheila, we decided to vacation in Cancun.  Things were dandy until we got on our connecting flight in Florida and got a heavy turbulence warning over the intercom from the pilot. Next thing we know, the plane is flipping through the clouds like a fallen leaf. Then the oxygen masks dropped down, things are breaking, Sheila is crying, attendants are crying, barf bags are hitting the floor and the pilot is again on the intercom talking about a turbulence related death in Japan.  Good times. *** STIX SIGMA (The Allstonians/The Hammond Group): Two Allstonians incidents come to mind—the 17 hour van ride to Philadelphia during a major blizzard where we finally arrived at the club only to be greeted with “well, the local band didn’t even make it tonight but why don’t you set up and play anyway?” And the East Coast tour where our guitarist at the time had borrowed Nigel’s prized Rickenbacker electric, only to leave it at the club in DC. Two weeks later on the day of the final drive home we had to wait around for hours for the club to open in order to claim the guitar. *** EMSTERLY (The Noise): Although I suppose I should consider myself lucky that this is the worst thing that has happened to me throughout my travels: the worst travel experience I can remember is going to Italy with my dad two summers ago because everyone kept thinking I was his wife. Eww!  *** MIKE DIPLOMAT (The Flashing Reds): After falling asleep in the back seat for a few hours with my previous band while returning from Quebec, I wake up and see ocean.  Now, I don’t recall salt water between Quebec City and northern New Hampshire.  I tell the bass player/ asshole/ driver that I need to be back for Monday to take a test— so he pulls over and asks some lumberjack directions.  From the car I hear that annoying French laugh.  If anyone is curious as to what is north of Quebec City, you guessed it—nothing.  I made it back late Monday in just enough time to flunk the exam and break up the band. *** FRANCIS DiMENNO (Wrong Hero/ The Noise): I’ve criss-crossed the United States several times by bus and train, but the first time I was ever on a plane was in 1971, on Northwest Orient to Minneapolis/ St. Paul. I was seated between two chain-smoking sailors who told me never, never, under any circumstances, to join the Navy. It wasn’t a very pleasant ride, but it was eminently sound advice. *** IAN JAMES (Ian James): My worst travel experience was in 1998, on a trip to Mexico City alone. I had just turned 21 and didn’t have a credit card yet. The palace that I stayed in didn’t accept travelers’ checks as a method of payment, so I went there with $1600 in cash for my expenses. Three days before I left for the trip, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about Americans being kidnapped in Mexico City and tortured for ransoms. Needless to say I was paranoid as soon as I landed with all that money in my pocket (one U.S. dollar equaled eight pesos). Plus I didn’t think it would be safe for me to eat there. Everything turned out fine for me, but it was the scariest trip of my life. *** ROBIN UMBLEY (The Noise): I don’t have bad travel experiences—I work for an airline, so after all, I cause them! I have the exalted power to create bad weather, air traffic snarls, lines, understaffing, bad government policies, pay cuts, and low morale. I can even send luggage through warps in the space-time continuum. I control that mysterious force that causes perfectly sound airplanes to have mechanical problems and make pilots call in sick. And it was my idea to make people walk barefoot through the metal detector just for the sheer amusement of it all. I must, ’cause so many passengers have told me so. Lolita: Thanks for fessing up, Robin. Now I know who to blame everything on.

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      Rita: People love to blame others for things like bands breaking up. But when bands break up, new bands are formed from those who find themselves free agents.  Here’s what’s happened with some of those free agents. THE DOOM BUGGIES are now a quartet with the addition of x-Moving Targets/Golden Arrows guitarist CHUCK FREEMAN. *** DAVE PINO has been on tour with POWERMAN 5000 who will have a new album out soon. *** PETE CHVANY (Lylac Ambush) has a solo project called DIRIGIBLE EGO. *** CHIPPAH has replaced I-MAN on bass in WILDZERO. Although I-man has moved to New York, he’s still in the band—he’s now playing second lead guitar. *** JASON MARCHIONNA (Fluttr Effect) has joined up with MEandJOANCOLLINS on drums. *** PROGZILLA includes members of SPECIMEN 37, SUTRA, FUNF, THE RUDDS, BRETT ROSENBERG PROBLEM, VOODOO SCREW MACHINE, LARRY BANNILOW, and THE BUCKNERS. *** BRIAN VIGLIONE (Dresden Dolls) is touring Europe with JESSE MALIN. *** JOSH BOUGHEY has a new solo electronic music project called PHINEUS. Lolita: I bet Josh’s project would expand if he would just try to let others play with his Phineus. *** BEN HEDLUND isn't sitting behind the drum set for THE RUSSIANS anymore. *** ANDY BROOKS (Mittens) has a side project that’s called ANDY MENUDO. *** CARTER TANTON rarely plays with TOWNSHIP now because he's focused on his other band, TULSA, that was recently reviewed in Rolling Stone (the one with Hunter S. Thompson on the cover). *** East Coast session man, MATT SMART,has joined up with TOWNSHIP on guitar. *** THE TENAFLY VIPERS need a bass player. If you think louder is better, go to myspace.com/thetenaflyvipers. Lolita: If you try out for the band and they ask you something—respond with, “What?” They’ll be very impressed that your ears are blown out.

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      Rita: Blown out, thrown out—no, let’s just get the troops out. We need a good solution to what is going on in Iraq. Lolita, ask everyone what should be done about that Bush-of-a-mess. Lolita: Okay, let me throw on my fatigues first. TIM MUNGENAST (Tim Mungenast & His Preexisting Conditions): Iraq? Here’s what I’d do: immediately begin a phased pullout with an unannounced timetable of about six months, and give our troops some much-needed rest. Then I MIGHT redeploy in Afghanistan, if a sober analysis actually shows that we could help for real. Blowing up bad guys is not enough by itself… it never was. With the money and lives we save, we may actually have a functioning National Guard again, just in time for the next category five hurricane! *** JIM SULLIVAN (Phoenix/ http://jimsullivanink.com): Well, we found the WMDs and totally destroyed the terrorists, so that’s good. I hear tell we’re beatin’ up on the Iraqis pretty good now, and should have the country conquered and safe for democracy in another dozen years or so. The only problem is we need to start another war with that other Ira- country over there, Iran, and are we going to have enough cannon fodder—I mean soldiers—to do so? Perpetual war is a bitch. At least it keeps our tax dollars away from those pesky poor people who are always asking for handouts here in America. *** ADAM AUFIERO (Shööt The Möön): What can you do? This war, and all others, is based on an instinctual level. This is the way the planet is at the moment… in time we will realize that, as a whole, when we evolve, that war is not what suits our best interest as a human race. If everything is as it should be, then nothing can be done… this is part of a step we take in evolution. This happens to be a very long step for us. Lolita: Adam, I like your attitude of acceptance but please don’t equate our “planet” with “the human race”—our planet is doing it’s best to shake off all mankind and spin peacefully, free of the cancerous-like humans, in its orbit around the sun. *** NANCY NEON (The Noise): I agree with Governor Bill Richardson. I’m for TOTAL and IMMEDIATE withdrawal from Iraq with no troops left behind. To elaborate, this does set him apart from other Democratic presidential candidates. As much as I like my homeboy John Edwards from North Carolina, his exit strategy has a date of about 2013. Hillary Clinton is talking about 2017. I don’t know what date Obama is working toward, but Bill Richardson is the only one talking about ending the war and bringing home ALL the troops IMMEDIATELY. On that issue alone, he should be seriously considered as a presidential candidate. *** JOSH BOUGHEY (The Blind King/ Phineus): When the U.S. was fighting in Vietnam my Dad got so pissed he moved us all to Canada.  Though I’m mad at our government too, right now I mostly just feel awful for the families who are losing their children and sisters and brothers and mothers.  Wow, “sisters.”  “Mothers.”  Before (in this country at least) all the dead heroes were boys.  When I was 18 only us guys had to sign up for the draft.  My cousin did ROTC and now he’s a doctor with kids.  So much has changed and I’m not even that old yet.  What exactly is it about Iraq, anyways?  Oh, yeah, the oil.  Fuck Bush.  And build a hydrocar. *** DICK TATE (The Prime Movers/ Middle East): I think the U.S. government should cancel or postpone all major league sporting events until our troops are brought home.  Maybe then Americans might realize there’s a fucking war going on. *** CLAY N. FERNO (Wild Zero): Just like bad, uncomfortable sex with a stranger, or an abusive four-year relationship, the best advice is to PULL OUT. *** STEPHIE PEEKA (Stephie Peeka & The SeeKing 7): If I knew what to do about this mess then I would be the first woman president. Another Vietnam?! Lolita: I’m not sure why you think being president has anything to do with knowing what to do. Seems to me just the opposite is true.

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      Rita: It’s natural for your life balanced with joys and woes. So after the woes of war, get yourself out and see a local band. It’s the best deal you can get on live entertainment. Here are some shows we recommend. THE DOOM BUGGIES’ CD release party is at Great Scott on Saturday, 11/3. *** Saturday, 11/10, is a benefit for STEPHEN FREDETTE (it’s also the Middle East 20th Anniversary Party) with HALLELUJAH THE HILLS headlining—and yes, it’s at the Middle East. *** Same night, same club, but downstairs, CHAUNCEY plays a reunion. *** On Saturday, 11/17, JOHN HOVORKA (x-Turbines)will be in town with his DAWN OF MECHANIZED FARMING at the Cantab. *** BEATLEJUICE plays all Beatles at Johnny D’s on Friday and Saturday, 11/23 & 11/24. *** On Friday, 11/30 the Cantab features a show with all female lead bands—APPLE BETTY, LIZ BORDEN BAND, GIRL ON TOP, and THE CELLO CHIX—and although he’s not female, T MAX will be there too with a medley from the show Why Do We Go To War? *** WILD ZERO celebrates the release of the new EP at O’Brien’s on Saturday 12/1. *** Same night THE SPRAINED ANKLES release their CD at the Abbey Lounge. *** After a whole lotta touring, MOBIUS BAND celebrates the release of Heaven at the Middle East Downstairs on Sunday, 12/2. *** The anti-war project that brought 44 of Boston finest singers together is releasing the End War Now DVD on Saturday, 12/8, at the Abbey Lounge.

      Rita: Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for winning the World Series. We want to thank them for a great season of entertainment. Big hugs and kisses to Papelbon, Lowell, Beckett, Ellsbury, Youkilis, Varitek, Ramirez, and Ortiz—okay, Kielty you too! Lolita: If you baseball heroes are looking for more than hugs and kisses, email me. And as for the rest of our readers—see you in December!  I love that song.

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