Mr. Max’s Message: October 2007


I recently sang in Bleu’s choir at the Bank America Pavilion. Pictured above are four of the handsome male members of the choir. It was a WFNX Distorientation event and Bleu made the most of it with 50 people on the stage at one point (all decked out in tuxes and evening dresses). Besides the vocal choir, he had a 15-piece guitar choir! Most people know that Bleu has moved out to L.A.—he still gets coverage from The Noise because he made his name here before he left. Usually bands from outside New England don’t get coverage in The Noise.


The End War Now DVD will be available soon—just in time to stuff those stocking. It includes coverage of our big recording date at Hi-N-Dry, rehearsals, interviews with participants, and the music video of “End War Now” produced by Tim Casey. If you’re interested in acquiring a copy, contact Tim Casey.

I’m working on the material for an anti-war cabaret. It’s sounding good so far. If you’re interested in participating please contact me. I’d like to gather a lot of vocalists.


Everyone should know that the letters for the Incoming Mail section of The Noise are taken from emails to me, or my staff, and from the Readers’ Respo™ section of If you have something to say about the Noise or the local music scene, get it off your chest.

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